CATHARSIS, Legend of the Lemurians – New Book Trailer. Books by Lada Ray

CATHARSIS, Legend of the Lemurians, is a short novelette serving as prequel and companion to the epic novel THE EARTH SHIFTER. It is an alternative history cosmic adventure in which Karma can definitely be a beautiful maiden… or a bitch.

Presently available as ebook everywhere. Paperback to come out in the future. More novelettes in the Earth Keepers mini-series are projected.
Lada Ray Books (paperbacks and ebooks) are available worldwide on Amazon and Ebooks are also available at Sony, Kobo, Apple, Smashwords.

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Lada Ray is the creator of the EARTH SHIFT AND GREAT REBALANCING TEACHING, AS WELL AS QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS & MULTIDIMENSIONAL TEACHINGS! Author of several books, multiple Webinars, Quantum Reports, and more! ** Lada has extensively written and spoken on global events, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and higher consciousness. She is world-renowned for her accurate predictions, which are currently materializing one by one! ** The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe to Lada's blogs, SM and Patreon, to stay ahead of the curve and to learn the REAL DEAL! ** Main sites: - ALL WORK, BOOKS, FREEBIES, BUY WEBINARS & REPORTS! ** LRP: Join long-term monthly subscription: - regular reports and articles, advanced intel, analysis, predictions ** Twitter @Ladatweets ** Blogs: - geopolitics and predictions - huge archives LadaRay/ - books, writing, world cultures - big archives ** YouTube: Lada Ray Channel

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  1. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Ayn Rand’s birth name was Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum. Born in 1905, Saint-Petersburg, high school in Crimea, university studies in St Pete and Leningrad. Took the pseudnym Ayn (perhaps from the Hebrew word עין – ayin, meaning ‘eye’ – Wikipedia]. Moved to the US in 1926, where she lived as a writer until her death in 1982.
    Just before writing “The Fountainhead,” she her novella “Anthem” on the Soviet system:
    “It presents a vision of a dystopian future world in which totalitarian collectivism has triumphed to such an extent that even the word ‘I’ has been forgotten and replaced with ‘we’.”
    Actually, my favorite teacher, Djwhal Khul (‘DK’) says “totalitarian collectivism” was not the true problem of the Soviet Union: it was a well-intended, though poorly carried out, experiment in human progress towards sharing and caring. During the Aquarian Age, this idea of caring and sharing will be re-emphasised, and work out better – hopefully, for even a Master of the Wisdom like DK can only make predictions based on current trends and their greater of lesser approximation to a particular stage of the divine Plan for humanity and its planet.
    For DK, the real problem was cutting people off from accessing true information, both about their own country and about the rest of the world. Keeping people in the dark about what was happening.
    DK wrote this after WW2, and he thought that horrid war had awakened people to “true values”. But is this still the case, or have we regressed? We now have access to as much info as we want, but only in appearance, since most people really only learn what the current system wants them to known. A form of mind control and manipulation, much worse than totalitarianism much worse than the one castigated by Ayn Rand – ‘I’ will be replaced with ‘we’.
    Indeed, if we remember that humanity is really one “PERSON” or entity with 600 billion individual cells, then the time will come when ‘I’ will be replaced with ‘we’ – each for all and all for each. To each according to their needs, from each according to their means.
    That’ll be the day…


  2. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Thank you for this interesting discussion.


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