Lada’s Geopolitical Primer: Ukraine as Heir to Poland’s CIA Torture Prison Program. Nuke Waste, Shale Gas, Gold

Lada’s Geopolitical Primer:

Ukraine as Heir to Poland’s CIA Torture Prison Program.

Nuke Waste, Shale Gas, Gold

Quote from RT: “The damning report into CIA torture has led Poland to finally admit that it DID host a secret American prison – after years of denying it. It’s the first acknowledgement by a foreign country to hosting such a site.”

Video: RT Interviews former Polish President 

After years of denying the obvious and as part of a fallout from the CIA Torture Report, Poland is forced to finally admit it has hosted a secret #CIA #torture prison, but says they had no idea torture was used… Yeah, riiiight. Of course they didn’t…

It’s like saying: I had no idea someone was raped in my own house. Oh, you mean all those screams I heard at night weren’t a manifestation of joy and happiness – they were in fact calls for help? I had no idea!

Reminds me Clinton, too: ‘I never inhaled, and there was no penetration either.’ Of course not, Bill… We all believe you.

Oh, and weren’t there MULTIPLE torture prisons in Poland, according to independent investigative journalists?

In case you were wondering where said torture prison(s) moved from Poland after the EU-wide scandal… look no further – it’s Ukraine!

Remember I wrote several months ago about the wholesale looting and, what I would call, raping of Ukraine, as a result of the February coup? As a consequence even worse oligarchs, ukro-nazi thugs, and even greedier and more incompetent politicians came to power. Ukraine, the country that during Soviet times boasted the world’s TENTH LARGEST economy, that had some of the world’s highest high-tech, scientific and human resource potentials – all thanks to what Russia and Russians built there in the 20th century – is now being quickly turned into the contaminated DUMP for the West.

These are some of the things I revealed at various times this past year:

1. As soon as #Yatsenyuk was installed by US State Dept’s #Nuland as Ukraine’s PM, he immediately shipped most of Ukraine’s gold reserve to the US. This is at the time when most countries are trying to retrieve their gold reserve from the US (admittedly, not very successfully).

The gold reserve scandal – one of the many recent Ukrainian scandals:

Recently, it has been discovered that part of Ukraine’s gold reserve stored in Odessa was in fact gold-painted tungsten. Surprise!

Ukraine’s Central Bank chief is lamenting that 90% of the country’s gold reserve is gone. She says that no one knows where it has disappeared. Oh, really?

Lada’s HOT TIP!

Dear, um… naive Ukraine’s… um… Central Bankster:

Look for it on the other side of the Atlantic.

You’re welcome.

2. Ukraine also contracted with US and Canada for shale gas extraction, mostly in Donbass and Eastern Ukraine in general. Some believe it in fact was the reason for the Donbass bombings and ruthless destruction of its infrastructure. The area was sold (literally given away to exploit) to Western fracking companies and needed to be freed up from population for future shale gas extraction.

As many of you probably know, I wrote many times that I believe the reasons for the Donbass tragedy are deeper and more complex than that. The driver of global conflict presently is not economy but GEOPOLITICS. IF you own the world, money and profit will follow. This is the real agenda and primary objective of the Anglo-American elites at this time: STRUGGLE FOR GLOBAL FULL-SPECTRUM GEOPOLITICAL DOMINANCE. Those who understand this basic premise fully, can understand the processes and struggles that take place in the world, including, Ukraine, Russia, US, EU, China, BRICS, and more.

Incidentally, I’ll have several super-interesting interviews on these important topics early next year. See more below. 

The above only reinforces why the shale gas, supposedly located in E. Ukraine (and W. Ukraine too) played a role in the extermination and vilifying of the staunchly pro-Russian Donbass. Understanding geopolitics and the global dominance doctrine properly, WE are then NOT shocked at all when an announcement is made that, oh, surprise – as it turns out… very LITTLE to NO shale gas is in fact confirmed in E. Ukraine, making Western companies withdraw – but only after devastating war has destroyed most of the infrastructure, driving the most productive population out.

3. Ukraine also promptly contracted with EU and US to serve as a dump for nuclear waste for both. This is also a great idea, but only if you want to kill off the population.

The idea is to use the Chernobyl area, already contaminated. Dumping properly and securely any nuclear waste is a very expensive and highly technological procedure. Ukraine possesses neither money nor expertise to do it right. Their idea is to simply dump hardly protected waste in the Chernobyl wastelands, thus multiplying and prolonging the catastrophe.

Without proper precautions, they are sure to cause the water table contamination. On the contrary, through a very active, professional and complex system of measures, USSR in 1986 did everything to avoid the water table contamination – and they succeeded. Water table was never contaminated. This water table is connected to major underground and above-ground rivers flowing into the Black Sea. By contaminating them, Ukraine may severely damage the delicate ecological balance of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, creating a widespread international catastrophe.

And incidentally, Chernobyl is located not too far from Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. Could the increased radiation have accounted for the incredible and surreal zombifying and dumbing down of young generations of Ukrainians (who were born and grew up during and shortly after the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe)? After all, these young Ukrainians are largely the ones who, through maidans and various crazy actions, are destroying their country with their own hands. It’s worth considering as a contributing factor.

However, in reality, of course this goes well beyond Chernobyl and is based on Ukraine society’s systemic corruption and consequent breakdown factor. It is the manifestation of a continuing struggle between the East and West. All this is happening due to the intrinsic dual yin-yang nature of our 3D/4D world, of which I wrote in my Predictions as well as discussed in my YT videos.

4. And the latest news: Ukraine has agreed to host a massive CIA torture prison. This happened as a result of Poland’s CIA torture prison scandal. After Poland had to close down their cozy CIA operation, Ukraine immediately jumped on the opportunity to make some ‘easy money.’

This is how the gruesome Ukrainian version of combining business with pleasure works:

The new CIA torture facility will house (or likely it already does) captured ISIS fighters and various ‘Islamic terrorists,’ well, according to CIA anyway. As part of the official announcement, this prison is also designed to confine and torture captured self-defence Novorossia/Donbass fighters as well as any anti-junta activists and critics.

At least in Poland they were embarrassed enough to keep the existence of such prison secret. In Ukraine they proudly and openly announce it.

The proper and soooo democratic, hypocrite EU elites insist on NOT noticing the mind-bogglingly flagrant abuses taking place daily in Ukraine. Why would they – they brought the present nazi junta to power, after all. In all fairness, they don’t notice the daily worldwide abuses of their biggest buddy, USA, either.

But back to the long-term perspective and reality:

My readers know that my long-standing prediction since January-February, 2014 is that Ukraine will NEVER become a member of the EU (or NATO for that matter). In fact, EU residents and many sane politicians are rather appalled and disgusted at the monster their elites had created in Ukraine. See PREDICTIONS, as well as early articles under ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Predictions 2014’ categories on the side bar, for much more.

For a more complete picture and better understanding, you may also want to re-read the following articles and watch video:

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  1. Lada Ray,

    I am an American. That doesn’t mean I support or agree with ANY of the actions and policies ‘our’ government has taken, for quite a few years now. Nor does it mean that an ‘average’ American citizen has any more say than the ‘average’ Russian citizen, especially regarding our governments.

    I recognize and appreciate your education, information and willingness to share your gifts through your writing. I feel you are right on with your assessments. That includes your assessments regarding the US and what the ‘US government’ is doing and funding world wide. Your message is pretty clear. I also very much respect Putin, his actions, and his speeches at the various world meetings. His desire to act in cooperation with other countries VS threats, intimidation and invasion are like fresh air.

    Although I appreciate your information and views, I tired quickly of your never-ending desire to sling mud personally at many of the US politicians. One can get a message across without shoving as much off-color, negative remarks as one can get into each sentence.
    One example:
    Reminds me Clinton, too: ‘I never inhaled, and there was no penetration either.’ Of course not, Bill… We all believe you.

    I did follow you for a while, because you have a lot to say and in an educated way. I stopped reading your information because of your constant catty remarks that I felt hurt your message.

    I say this because you have a lot to share. You can’t share it if people stop reading your postings.

    Laura Monfore

    Liked by 1 person

    • I want you to know that I consider yours a manipulative, ignorant and uncalled-for comment. Seeing that I mentioned a natural drop in readership due to holidays, you latched on to that to try to make me feel bad. You are anything but sincere.

      I am glad you unsubscribed. Good riddance and I sincerely hope my other subscribers are very much UNLIKE you.

      I know that GOOD and HONEST Americans understand very well what I am talking about! And most people can actually tell the difference between a joke and mudslinging. Mudslinging and character assassination is what US politicians (and some politicians in the EU and Ukraine) do to Putin and Russia.

      Incidentally, the majority of my readers ARE Americans, Canadians being also numerous. Then go British, Australians and Europeans. So eat your heart out.

      Incidentally, you are dreaming if you think I have nothing better to do than to make ‘catty remarks and do mudslinging’ personally at US politicians. They are simply not worth my attention. So many times people actually asked me to address US politicians, including Obama – and I said I didn’t find that interesting.
      But I see they are a big part of your world. Poor thing.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Hi Laura, I too am an American, and your comment makes no sense, you come across as a political troll. You say you agree with Lada’s message, sharing her insights to educate us on what’s really going on, and yet you criticize her “constant catty remarks” according to you. Lada never gets personal about politicians as you claim, she’s being a bit sarcastic and poking fun of our corrupt politicians- but very mildly in my opinion. Our sold-out representatives in Washington can’t even hold a candle next to a real world leader like President Putin. Instead we have political power hungry greedy whores, presidential puppets, and corporate interests in office – that’s who Washington really represents.

      You mentioned Lada’s “much off-color, negative remarks” and mudslinging towards our US politicians… and that offends you? Are you for real??? Have you heard what Dr, Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura say about our “beloved” politicos. US politicians are an integral part of the problem, our whole system of governance, so called democracy for the people is a farce, corrupt to the core. Our representative spit on the constitution, Obummer behaves like a fascist dictator, passing illegal executive orders on immigration, “Emergency Powers” Executive Orders, sidestepping Congress in declaring WAR, upholding the American legacy of committing war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria… the criminality goes on and on. So you’re blaming Lada for exposing the truth about corruption and our rotten political system? It seems you are contradicting yourself Laura or are you truly confused, or a paid shill?

      I have been following Lada’s work and she has opened my eyes, no more illusions about US propaganda. The truth hurts, I became disgusted with US policies implemented around the world in the name of “Democracy”. That’s funny, everyone I know and speak with DO NOT CONSENT to the endless wars, torture, covert CIA arms deals, CIA cartel drug distributions, prostitution rings, human trafficking and pedophilia all perpetuated by our wonderful gov’t – IN OUR NAME! This is the time of truth and unity of the people, everything is in the process of being revealed, and all the corruption and cover-ups disclosed are just the tip of the iceberg. I personally appreciate whistleblowers, truthers, and geopolitical analysts like Lada who are not afraid to expose the lies and business as usual attitude that has become an integral part of our system of government for far too long. If “we the people” don’t step up, learn the truth, and start cleaning house… then we deserve the future we get.

      Thank you Lada for WAKING US UP, and creating real change for ALL of humanity. Keep up the awesome work, you have my admiration and support. BTW, for those not already brainwashed by our idiotic MSM, I think you are way too soft on our so called “leaders”. Keep spreading your light, I love what you’re doing with calibrations and your call to higher consciousness work, how exciting! Many blessing, and keep giving them hell Lada.♥

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    • Dear Laura

      You are not an amarican. Most people in US dirived from another continent. When you declare yourself as an american, it is false. You are acting as a strawman, which makes your comment untrustable.

      But you are situated as a problem in America, since you are residing on stolen soil – much like the situation in Ukraine.

      And please note, that I do not blame you personaly – I just inform you and your Earthfellows reading this blog.

      If you are serious, tell us about a solution to harmonize people on this planet? Please.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just wrote this in to the White House:
    “The last time I contacted you, in 2009, I demanded that you prosecute the torturers who have ruined the Untied States.
    “What did you do? You said we had to “look to the future.” Well, here we are! And the same (I can’t use the word that comes to mind) are still smirking at all of us. For crying out loud, do something! You said, “Make me.” So what do we have to do–waterboard you? Does Cheney have information about you? Is that the problem?
    “I am ashamed of being American! I can see why you made it expensive to renounce American citizenship. That way, only the rich can do it. And all they are interested in is lower taxes! I could just scream.”

    I also noted I would post my message on-line, so it can be considered an open letter. (Good Heavens! I just realized I wrote “Untied.” It was a mistake–but a good mistake.)

    Lada, I will be out for nearly five weeks starting Tuesday, and while I will try to check in now and then, I’ll mostly be far away from computers. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ll try to get an article to you (more likely a series) on Japan when I get back.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Thank you, Patricia.
      I am just curious: you liked the comment by that woman who said she unsubscribed from my blog because my ‘comments about US politicians were mudslinging and catty.’ Does that mean you agree with her?
      Just curious because you seem to also say that you are ashamed of being an American.
      Either there is a confusion here, or… what is it?

      This whole conversation is taking on the turn I don’t like. Frankly, I don’t know what to think.
      If my readers have such strange opinion of my writing, perhaps IT IS a good idea to stop sharing my knowledge for free after all, if it’s not appreciated.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Lada, I hit the “like” button after reading the first two paragraphs. I expected the rest to be just as nice. Oh well. (You know what I think of you.)

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Catty, eh? If that was catty then I say keep meowing, Lada. ;o) Did you tell any lies? No! This is your blog and you can express yourself your way. I thought your post was excellent and quite amusing. All of them are. I guess some folks just don’t appreciate a finely tuned Russian sense of humor! I DO. (Lol, must have been Russian in another life.) Keep on keepin’ on dear Lada. I am LOVING what you do. Everything is so spot-on. You’re just brilliant. To me you are a breath of fresh air and sooooo appreciated! Do not be concerned. about your readership. It will improve. You’ve got something unique to share ~ YOU ~ all you know and all you are! Sent with love from your loyal fan.

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  4. Laura is over-reacting, unknowingly, or otherwise. I frequent other blogs where Americans assume the same over-sensitively to criticism of their country, politics, etc. My perception of them, (and my nickname for them), is ‘America-firsters’. They’re so steeped in their sense of ‘exceptionalism’, that their myopia, and bias are imperceptible to them.

    Don’t let it get you down. (Could it be that you are responding with an evolved, and heightened sensitivity, though differing in kind, and quality?). People, possibly even posters here, probably overestimate their level, and degree of evolution. And for the naysayers, and detractors, I don’t. I am cognizant of my marked failings in this regard.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Makes sense. I’m still human too, you know. 😉 Emotional interface is turned on in all of us, but we can use it for good or evil, just like any tool.
      P.S. Like ‘America-firsters.’ So right on. This same thought came to my mind immediately as well.

      Liked by 3 people

    • I wonder what percentage of Americans are touchy about criticism of their leaders. I never used to encounter it much. You go into politics in America, you get mud slung at you constantly. It isn’t that Americans have suddenly developed refinement and tact.

      Since it looks like Laura has burned her bridges and probably anticipates every one of us here piling on, I’ll go ahead and let loose (my Japanese sensibilities of 30 years have me side-stepping such puddles delicately most of the time). We really are assuming that her name is actually “Laura.” I reckon anyone shilling for the US government is on their payroll. Astroturfing is getting to be a way to stay middle-class (my condolences to her on losing the respectable, helpful job she probably once had).

      Lada, keep blasting away at these guys. No, we haven’t managed to shoot any of them down yet, but you do provide comfort to the people they have betrayed, and that is primarily American citizens, but extends to people across the world, inasmuch as they are aware of what is happening.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Oh, great. I like your thinking, Patricia. 🙂

        I am really, really looking forward to your pieces on Japan. I want to post them on both blogs. I think it will be so interesting to so many people. Japan has a beautiful culture, marred here and there with extreme opposite of beauty. Ah, well, this is how our yin-yang extreme-contrast-world often works – with beauty comes ugliness as a full package.

        P.S. I am now listening to a speech by the former Japanese official and former IMF VP fr. Japan Daisuke Kotegava at the Moscow Economic Forum.

        He is making suprisingly lots of sense. He says: why are Russians panicking so much about the sliding ruble? Yen lost much more between 2012 and now, and this isn’t considered the biggest problem at all. Russia has small debt and stable situation in most industries. He says – we are putting currency speculators in jail and consider them them enemy, it’s a war. We announced jail sentences for speculators and attacks on yen stopped.
        There is Glazyev present, Vasserman and others. Russians look at Kotegava, like, sure, we announce we will put speculators in jail and the howling from the West will never stop that Russia is un-democratic.
        Also, of course Russians are over-reacting to the ruble slide because the memory of their savings turning into nothing when USSR collapsed is still fresh. Such trauma lasts a while.

        So, that’s the difference between Russia and the West – past crisis and collapse is too fresh and insecurity is still palpable in the society. The West had at least 50, in some cases, over seventy very good, stable years. For Canada and US it’s since 1940s.

        Yeah, thought I’d share my thoughts in this comment since it was on my mind. Not so much for your benefit since I’m sure you know this :), but for the benefit of readers in general.

        Anyone in the US who wants to really know the truth, should always keep the above in mind! The superiority of the West is simply in the fact that the monetary system based on fractional reserve and dollar as reserve currency allowed the West to remain stable at the expense of the stability of the rest of the world. 2-3 centuries of colonialism helped too.

        But this is going to change soon. This could be part of the reason some in the US cannot accept it and start panicking, trying to kill the messenger.

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      • Patricia, have a wonderful vacation and happy holidays!

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    • Great point Moe, America-firsters sounds “exceptionally” brainwashed by MSM. I call them suburban hens confronting their sacred cows… or perhaps suburban cows henpecked by Washington!

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  5. It is not permitted to take all your marbles and go home in a huff.

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  6. Lada, I’m one of your mostly silent readers (i.e., I don’t comment much). I’m sure there are many of us. Please keep up the fantastic work that you’re doing. I truly appreciate all of the information and analysis you put out on your website/s. The quality of what you produce is mirrored by the intelligent comments by many of your readers. Yours is one of a handful of websites that I regularly read. Again, thanks!

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  7. I support and love your posts, it is my daily read list. I am a man of few words so I rarely ever post comments on any site. Don’t take that as a lack of interest. Keep up the great work!

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  8. Dear Lada,
    As I already have told you, your work means a lot to me. I have very little money, and can not afford to pay for news or media. Still I do contribute to one single news source on the Internet – a monthly donation to you, Lada! The only book I actually bought this year was “The Earth Shifter” e-book. This is how much your work means to me!
    It saddens me to read about how you lose your spirit about all negative remarks. Remember all your followers who can not wait to read you next post! I’m highly anticipating all the goodies you have promised coming soon.
    Please don’t think and write about all the negative people and comments. Even if only a small number of people really appreciate your work, one of them might still be able to change the world thanks to the knowledge and inspiration they gained from your work!
    Might I suggest you doing as David Wilcock? David says he has someone editing the comments sent to him before he reads them. This way he is somewhat protected from negative attacks!
    By the way, how many percent of the comments do you delete due improper content?
    With Love from Sweden,
    Yours, Emil

    Liked by 3 people

    • Emil, what you say is very valuable. Please know that your small contribution (I saw you sign up for monthly donation) means EVERYTHING to me. 🙂 It’s the thought and spirit that counts – and I treasure it.

      It’s just my nature (I think I described it earlier in the year on FT when we had a similar issue) and the nature of my lifestyle, that makes it important to have feedback from people. If my feedback is lacking, I amy assume wrong things.

      So, please indulge me when I ask for things like that. 🙂

      You will see from the upcoming interview with the Time Monk Radio, and my future articles/videos what I mean.
      Your heartfelt comment really clarifies a lot and helps me focus correctly. 🙂

      I could have spammed the referenced comment, but I really need to see what others think/feel about it. Otherwise, I have incomplete info on what people need and want.
      I still appreciate more feedback, so anyone wanting to post additional thoughts – please do!

      I don’t have anyone at this time to edit comments. Alas, this is one of those tasks I can’t delegate for a variety of reasons. But it is a great idea and I’ll think about it for the future.

      I hardly ever get any trolling comments attacking me personally – this may be the very first ever such comment, or second at most. This is a rare occurrence, that’s why I’m so surprised. This woman clearly has serious blind spots and personal issues.

      Sometimes, but also rarely, I delete comments containing too many links, or comments that are hateful to a group or nationality, or comments that are pushing a manipulative agenda, or contain known to me false info (with links especially). I used to get more comments like this before, but it appears publishing my Blog Rules and enforcing them helped a lot, so this is rare now as well.

      Hugs and love

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      This is for the benefit of all readers: I didn’t plan to dedicate so much time to that original comment, which started it all.

      But I thought it would be very helpful for all readers to refer back to my 2 videos and posts (do a search on FT or go to my YT channel) about the Universal Scale of Consciousness and Calibrations of Human Consciousness.

      I think it’s very helpful to review the Calibrations and Chi level at play here, which will explain everything.
      Personal calibration of Laura (the commenter in question): 180 – pride, Chi: 150 – anger. Calibration of her comment: 110 – fear, Chi of comment: 150 -anger.
      Now we all know the reason I disliked it so much: this comment, loaded with lowly emotion, contains little higher TRUTH.

      For more on how this works, see my videos. The upcoming vid: ‘What is Chi Kinesiology’ will explain even more.
      My Chi Kinesiology system is extremely useful to orient us in our world.

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  9. I have seen the two calibration videos (nice!). I can hardly wait to see your next one, learn more about your system and see how to do the calibrations. It should provide much food for discussion for us when we learn more about it. Thank you so much for sharing and teaching!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. At one time I knew a practitioner, now passed away, that performed ‘calibration’, in addition to Reiki, massage, and Reflexology. I was surprised at the accuracy of Reflexology, and Applied Kinesiology. I’ve briefly read the debunking of this latter methodology, i.e., Ideomotor Effect, and laughed at the conclusion. None of my responses to Kinesiology were the result of suggestion, as I am quite rational, and skeptical. I am reminded of the debunking of the practice of firewalking I read after actually experiencing a firewalk; what unadulterated BS! Subsequently, whenever a person would question, or belittle the reality of the firewalk, deeming it fake, etc., I would volunteer to light a fire, and challenge the detractor to walk across the hot ashes. Not a single soul ever took me up on my offer! (Which demonstrated the shallowness, and ignorance of their opinion).

    Those events occurred some twenty years ago during an exploratory stage. I learned a few things. One, have great skepticism regarding ‘New Age’ practices, and theories. Two, psychic phenomena are real, but unimportant in the greater scheme, and some practices are potentially dangerous. Three, this field is full of misguided, though possibly well-meaning, individuals, and the fraudulent. Four, the world is presently controlled/dominated by evil personages, corporeal for sure, not certain about the incorporeal.

    And I have a favor to ask of Lada: would you perform a ‘calibration’ for me? I know my request is untoward, but you will know by your response if it is suitable. I am aware that this is not generally possible for you to perform on any scale, and I request not your indulgence, but your perception of appropriateness.


    • Hi Moe, thanks for your interest in calibrations. I will have a paid service – personal skype consultation (or possibly a pre-paid email consultation too) – announced in the beginning of January. I will be doing Calibrations/Chi and Chakra readings in conjunction with advice on how to increase your vibrational calibration leading to getting unstuck/breakthroughs/life change and more. This service can also be used for the outside world.
      I will also be announcing personal feng shui consultations again. There is much more to the story – stay tuned.


  11. I awoke this AM to find the last comment to be mine from the previous evening. That is well, as it occurred to me to include a fifth finding of my exploration of religious impulse. This is a latter day observation, and the most important, IMO.

    There appears to be a concerted effort in the West to secularize all institutions, and thought, public, and private. Initially, I wasn’t alarmed by this, as critical evaluation of our religions is necessary to escape their prejudices, and erroneous theories/ideologies. But now I am concerned that secularization has been implemented, not to escape the many errors of various religions, but to disconnect humans from the concept of God.

    For several years I extensively read Alice Bailey’s work, and found that many precepts she postulated had a major resonance with me, (and resonance was the criteria I applied as discernment of truth). But many truths can be told to disguise the ‘One Big Lie’, and Bailey’s ‘One Big Lie’ was the importance, ascendance, and mastery of the physical plane by Lucifer. The trust established to publish her books was even named Lucifer, eventually shortened to disguise the intent, to Lucas Trust.

    Now in hindsight, I can see Bailey’s precepts expressed in many ways throughout our culture: via entertainment in general, movies, sports, music, and also religious practice, and government policy, especially education.

    Humans appear to be infinitely capable of either good, or evil, but are primarily guided in their motivation, and action by external forces, and not internal. Our goal should be to strive for internal development, and not to depend on the guidance of a depraved, and possibly demonic Western institutional, educational, and political leadership.

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    • Moe, very important observation, IMO. When Arch Druid John Michael Greer called what you have described here “the civil religion of progress,” I gained sudden insight into serious problems–stubborn blind spots–in the people around me. My dear father was an adherent, and he schooled me well in its thought. On the other hand, he schooled me in Zen Buddhism as well, which he liked because “gods are optional.” A few years ago, I managed to explain Shinto (a form of Shamanism) in terms where he could see its value. But I grew up being told, and believing, that Shinto was nothing but a bunch of myths (it’s a lovely bunch of myths) that had led the Japanese zombie-like into World War II. What most people still fail to realize is that there were all kinds of political shenanigans going on in the background, like we’ve seen very well illustrated in the Ukraine. (I was never really forced to observe when it was the Balkans, for example, because I don’t know anybody there, but now it is personal.)
      The Japanese leaders were very well aware that the “game” in that age was colonization, and the only way to counter it was to be an aggressor themselves. (You will also always find ambitious young men.) They rationalized it as being kinder toward the Chinese et al. than westerners would have been. They had no idea what a tar-baby they’d just picked up.
      The leaders saw that western religions were being used to gather and motivate invasive armies, so they tried the same thing with Shinto, rather cynically. They didn’t even consider it a religion themselves. Officially, it was merely traditions and culture, but they used it to disseminate official propaganda, and closed shrines that refused to cooperate. This is just Tyranny 101, but they failed to realize that Shinto lends itself to this sort of thing almost as poorly as Buddhism, with which it has traded ideas for millennia. When you have “8 million gods” you don’t have to follow official dogma, except at gunpoint. The Japanese sense of honor, which derives from Confucianism (in Japan a purely secular religion), is what made them such formidable fighters.
      I seem to have gotten myself off track here. The religion of “Progress” has simply replaced old abuses with new ones that look really similar, because human nature cannot be changed merely through admonishments. People adhere blindly to this faith just as they do to any other, refusing or simply unable to see the clay feet of their idol until it winds up dashed against the rocks of time. Most people are just followers, but the leaders really believed we could conquer the universe if we would just be rational, and they put forward a really persuasive argument.
      I had my eyes suddenly forced open to the hocus-pocus nature of our currently favored dogma when I encountered a huge body of research on the biological effects of radiofrequency and other non-ionizing radiation. Scientific evidence is supposed to be the key to making progress, but you cannot mention EMF bioeffects without invoking the ghost of Edward L. Bernays. Ridicule is the first line of defense–we are called “Luddites” and “technophobes.” Everyone thinks we’re getting our information in the check-out lane from the tabloids. (In case anyone is curious, here is a summary of a paper I translated while corresponding with the Ukrainian authors–who I hope are okay! )

      Anyway, rational? Smashonal! We are heading for a train wreck. As the followers see their idol failing to deliver, many of them will redouble their attacks on non-believers as (to them) the obvious cause. Just like 500 years ago, you might find that you’ve got to pay lip-service to the prevailing pernicious group-think.


    • PS I also agree with you on the spiritual side of this, outside of a narrow sphere, I tend not to discuss that for obvious reasons (and the Arch Druid does similarly).


  12. Lada, don’t let negative/trolling comments get to you. If anything, they are an indication that you are going the right way, that “someone” notices what you do and is becoming afraid.

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  13. You are spot on, as always, Lada. Yesterday, there came an announcement that American Chevron will not be prospecting for shale gas in Ukraine. There goes that American promise of riches and of turning Ukraine into gas-exporting country…


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