This is the Germany I Recognize: Anti-NATO, Pro-friendship with Russia Demonstration

People waking up.

Berlin: demonstration for peace and against confrontation with Russia in front of the Federal President of Germany Joachim Gauck’s residence.

Slogans, songs and speeches – main points: ‘We are against fascism; we are indignant that again houses are being burned in Germany,’ ‘No to NATO,’ ‘Peace,’ ‘Friendship with Russia,’ “Gauck, you are incapable of anything but war-mongering,’ ‘NATO was never what it was created for. After NATO lost its fake stated purpose in 1989, its true purpose was suddenly revealed: to promote USA’s hegemony over the world. We have no reason to stay as part of the union that so openly states its global goals.’ ‘No to war and confrontation.’


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  1. The Disclosure Lobby in the U.S. is catching on … people really do seem to be waking up. Several from Germany are working for Disclosure. I am feeling that 2015 is to be a transformative year for the entire planet!

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    • Yes, thank you – Sarah’s speeches were also on my list. Her last name Wagen-knecht, is very telling and characteristical btw, if you look at it from my Earth Shift System’s perspective.

      She is a typical Earth Protector in my system, or Knight in Doreen Virtue’s earth angel system. Interesting how names choose us.
      More about Earth Shifters/Protectors in the upcoming interview and videos on Lada Ray Channel.

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    • Sahra Wagenknecht is right on target! Had never heard of her, thanks for posting, very interesting person!! Looked at several video’s and I’m a fan!

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    • Here is the complete speach for who is interested, with English subtitles!


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  2. Lada,

    There is a story on that says that Ukraine is now setting up an army of 250,000 and is making 250,000 graves and that the US might try another false flag by detonating a nuclear weapon and blaming the Russians to justify starting a war with Russia. Do you have any insight into this.



    • Ukraine is amassing army – that is true and very worrying. Not sure they can find 250k idiots though to serve in it, which means they may hope, but it won’t turn out this numerous. Some of these announcements are made for show to hope they can scare. They are just desperate clowns.
      Didn’t hear about this particular false flag, but my prediction – it won’t work. Not that US won’t try something else instead – they are hard at work all the time, I’m sure.
      The solution to all these things is to expose them, make them as public as possible – that will make them scrap their ugly plans.

      I’ll add a couple of videos to the comment section – they will also clarify things.


  3. Thanks, Christa! I have posted the article/speech on my blog and on facebook. This should really begin to change our world!!!


  4. Wowwww, it’s finally happening… so good to see this!


  5. Hi Lada,

    Fortunately the Germans took the lead! Who’s next?


  6. Lada, I’ve just been made aware of a good resource for Russia-related articles, “Russia Insider”. And specifically the following article, which echoes what you wrote about on several occasions:

    There are other articles there, for example covering CIA torture centres in Eastern Europe.


  7. Hey Lada I got a couple of really intersting links to share with everyone. My analysis and just putting my ears listening to the news tells me that something major is afoot in the financial world, derivatives, banking and currencies. You can just feel the edifice of stability starting to teeter. Two events happening simultaneously, the collapse of the oil market and the ruble, are the proverbial straws that are breaking the camel’s back and Russia is thick in the middle of it all. The big un talked about elephant in the room is gold. The first article is about the four northern European countries of Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland requesting their gold back from London and New York (good luck with that). The writer suggests the irony of it all. After World War 2 these nations moved their gold to London and New York because fear of the Soviet Union invading. Why now, with all the talk of the Russian threat, are these four countries requesting their gold back from the UK and US thereby putting their gold reserves closer to those “bad” Russians. Could these countries now trust Russia more than the UK/US. What do these countries know that we don’t about where things are going regarding all currencies.

    The second link explains that, even though all fiat currencies are bogus as compared to gold, the ruble actually is a more solid currency than the dollar because while the reserves of Russia are more than 6% gold and has been growing the dollar is backed by nothing.

    Keep your eye on gold, oil and all the major currencies. This counts more regarding power than even the conflicts in the middle east or Ukraine. Russia with their military might and natural resources and China with their industry and currency reserves and both with their increasing gold reserves, will be dominant in the new world. Power goes to where gold goes and it is draining from the west to the east.


    • Great points, Gary. Thank you. 🙂
      I am probably going to write my own article w. analysis/predictions re. ruble and oil drop, when I get a moment. I just responded to another reader in another post about that.
      Stay tuned and thanks for the useful links.
      Happy Holidays!


  8. Intentional or not the US declaration of an oil and currency war against Russia may have detonated a financial nuclear bomb that may spin out of control. Depending on how the Russian government acts this attack may boomerang on the entire western financial system. Paul Craig Roberts has a youtube interview with USA Watchdog. It’ll be a humdinger of an interview. I’m really looking forward to your analysis on oil and currency.


  9. Dear Lada,

    My intention was to post the link below in ‘geopolitics’ but I didn’t manage to do so.
    So maybe this topic is the most suitable alternative. Please feel free to place it elsewhere if you think that’s more appropriate.


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