Hope for Humanity? #Illridewithyou hashtag takes social media by storm after #sydneysiege

After the 17-hour hostage-taking and siege of a Sydney cafe, which lead to 3 deaths and multiple injuries, the Muslim community in Australia and around the world has been worried about a hatred backlash. After #sydneysiege, instead, the following is taking place:


This hashtag used worldwide in support of #muslim community, against #racism, is taking social media by storm. See RT report.

NICE! There is hope for humanity yet. The sooner humans everywhere can rise above hatred and fear to extend a hand to each other in the face of the most adverse circumstances, the sooner we ALL can move forward. Our planet has accumulated very, very heavy unresolved karma due to humans’ irresponsible actions. The above hashtag is GOOD KARMA, which we as humans desperately need on our planet, and in time for Christmas and New Year’s. Let’s start the New Year 2015 right – by releasing old spites, anger, hatred, low vibration and ill-wishes – all that self-destructive debris and mud that is keeping us down and back.

The above is my wish for all those who suffered in Sydney; it’s also for those in Ukraine whose entire way of life, unfortunately, has become hatred and destruction. It is also for all those in the US, EU and NATO who continue wishing ill onto Russia and Russian-speaking community all over the world. It is for those who supply weapons to the Kiev junta – weapons that come spring are intended to be used to attack the long-suffering people of Donbass. This is also for those in the US and EU, or anywhere else, who want to harm/destroy Syria, Afghanistan, or any other country to fulfil their clandestine agenda.


Remember: “Karma can be a beautiful maiden… or a bitch” – it’s your choice. Karma is quickening to the point that today we can get what is called ‘instant karma.’ It’s up to each person how to use this energy!

Releasing NEGATIVE KARMA (see more about how to do that in upcoming interview and future videos) isn’t about closing your eyes to the injustices and wrong-doing in the world. It is about raising your own vibration, while keeping your eyes wide-open to the truth and acting to change those things that need to be changed. It’s also about harnessing GOOD KARMA to benefit the entire planet!


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In this interview for the first time I will discuss things I never spoke about, as well as expand on parts of my Earth Shift teaching. I will talk at length about how Earth Karma works and why each and every one of us is responsible for the entire planet; who are Earth Angels and Earth Shifters, tips on how to calibrate; forbidden history and who really are the Slavyano-Arians, and much more.

If you haven’t yet, please check out my videos on Calibrations of Human Consciousness, especially Part 2 (Life-affirming Calibrations) to see how the energy of Willingness, Acceptance, and especially LOVE, work.

Hashtag #Illridewithyou – Calibration: 510 (Love); Chi: 410 (Reason).

These two energies is what humans of Earth need to target (to vibrate at) in order to move forward!

Part 1 (Life-diminishing Calibrations) will give you a good idea of the energy responsible for the actual Sydney hostage-taking and siege.

Sydney hostage-taker – personal calibration: 85 (violent grief); Chi: 10 (near death)

Siege itself – calibration: 85; Chi 110 (fear)

Watch my eye-opening videos, which describe in detail the above calibrations and how they work. In the future, I will often calibrate various events and phenomena in my writing. This will give my readers a better idea of where certain events, humans, and their actions fit in the grand scheme of things, as well as how to interpret them.

Incidentally, starting in January, I will offer personal online Calibrations, Feng Shui and other consultations.

Stay tuned for pre-announcement! 

Much more in the upcoming interview and the following posts not to be missed!

Please stay tuned for:

YEAR 2014 Round-up: Taking stock and Peering into the future

Pre-Announcements for 2015  

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  1. Thanks Lada for the hashtag! It is with great sadness that I read about the desecration of graves in Australia, and then I had a friend ring me about the Sydney fiasco, as I don’t have TV. I have removed myself from a friend recently because of her rabid, abhorrent racist attitude towards Muslims and of course this will feed it. I don’t really know anything about the event and how it transpired but I was in a shop yesterday watching Abbott doing his bit, and he was loving it. It was too sickening for me to watch, so I will be joining in the hashtag for good karma. Everyday I ‘pray’ for good positive energy to engulf this planet and that it will be triumphant!

    Peace ❤

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  2. it’s campaigns like this, embodying peace, solidarity and love that make me so proud to be an Australian. we have a long way to go with racism and segregation, but it shows that there is hope for the future of my country, and our world! great post.

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  3. Like Llyrran, also choose not to have television, so I didn’t get all the details either. Being an internet news junkie I get a little more choice about what I will put my attention on with respect to news. Whenever I hear about a scenario like this, this time in Australia, I can’t help wondering if these incidents aren’t being staged by interested parties to keep fear and hatred simmering. It certainly suits their agenda and modus operandi. I didn’t feel the need to steep myself in the negativity of yet another incident like this but I did enjoy the compassionate response to the fears of backlash on the Muslim community. It did my heart good to see that. There is not very much the so-called Cabal is getting away with anymore, is there? Good on you, Aussies! I think there may be hope for us yet.

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  4. Yes, aeyrie, I agree with you, and that is what I told my friend who rang me all in a tiss. I point blank told her, ‘you can buy into the fear if you like but I refuse to. This is all a pantomime so Abbott can change our freedom laws!’ So lets see what he changes. I for one noted in his pre election promises that he was going to bring in a Homeland Security copycat! I can’t comprehend how this got missed by most. Anyway I prefer to be the more than 10% that change the level of consciousness (to higher level) of this planet and the cosmos respectively! So YEAH, what they reap so shall they sow etc etc……

    Peace ❤

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