The Russian Ruble Drop

These are my preliminary notes on the Russian ruble drop, since many people have asked me to address this developing situation. I am also getting questions regarding the oil price drop, OPEC actions and US involvement. I will either do a couple of articles, or possibly a donation-based Earth Shift Report on these topics, as they seem to be on everyone’s minds. Below are some of my preview thoughts on the subject of the Russian ruble drop.

Referenced is the latest Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ (PCR) interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog. Here is the complete interview: Paul Craig Roberts-US Government Most Corrupt on Earth. Quote: “No need for economics if US can rig everything.” I understood this 10 years ago, when I left my financial consultant position at Smith Barney/Citigroup.

PCR is discussing the ruble drop from his standpoint as top American economist and former U.S. Asst. Treasury Secretary in charge of domestic economy. PCR is a rare wise man among American economists and I always recommend my readers pay attention to his point of view; the link to his site is on my Resources page. PCR points out correctly that it is most likely the US government/FED, or a combination of the FED/US govt + hedge funds/Soros that has attacked the Russian ruble. My bet is on the latter combo. He also has some other most interesting insights into how the US government and hedge funds rig the markets.

PCR is also spot on regarding the fact that both Russian and Chinese government economic blocks are infested with neo-liberal, Western trained economists. This is what is dragging down and keeping back both Russian and Chinese economies. Russians in particular still adhere to a very harmful notion that they must have foreign investment to properly develop the economy. This is vestige of the Yeltsin era, the oligarchs that represented the interests of Western cartels, Rothschilds and others, as well as those Western advisors who screwed up Russian economy in the ’90s. There are more reasons, which I’ll discuss in future article.

PCR also correctly points out that when currency is fully convertible and tradeable, as Russin ruble is, the world reserve currency master (US) can do anything they want with that currency. This puts Russia at a huge disadvantage to the US and West in general. China is in a somewhat more protected position, but not for long. This folds very nicely into the topics I really need (a mental note) to discuss, such as the new monetary system and nationalization of the ruble.

Having been following closely the Russian press, political and economic analysis on various levels, as well as the Russian government and voice of the people, I will add this:

1. Both Russian (Chinese too) leaderships and people are sick and tired of the neo-liberals in power on the economic front;

2. The reason they are still there is because there is no alternative; in other words, you have to develop your own alternative concept and grow your own economists. Any science, including economics, is a system, which takes time to develop, test and implement.

3. Another reason is of course non-stop pressure and THREAT BY THE US/UK/WEST IN GENERAL on Russian and Chinese economies not to change.

Greg Hunter pressures PCR to say whether what US is doing is in fact an act of war against Russia. PCR admits (I respect his meticulous honesty) he doesn’t know whether and how this pressure on the ruble influences Russian economy, whether it has any effect or not.

Well, I do – and I plan to analyze all this in the future article(s).

Question for readers: Are you interested to hear more on these topics? Please indicate your interest by posting your comments:

Topic #1: Russian ruble and neo-liberal infestation of the Russian (and Chinese) economy.

Topic #2: What is behind the oil price drop/why OPEC acts this way/how Russia, US, UK and other countries are influenced by the oil price drop. I also have some predictions.

As an aside, I also received a question about the dire outlook by Evgeny Fedorov (ref: reader-posted video w. French subs in comments). I’ll touch upon that as well.

Dear readers, the more interest I get from you the better.

P.S. Incidentally, I hope you also take a good listen to my latest 2-part interview with TimeMonkRadio, Part 1 of which is posted here: Lada Ray Interview with TimeMonkRadio: 3D, 4D, 5D, raising consciousness and Earth Karma. Part 2 will come out next week. Even though the subject may seem different from the geopolitical and predictionary themes we usually cover on this blog, I assure you that they are closely related. Don’t be discouraged if at first it seems difficult to understand, although I made a huge effort to make it easily digestible. What we discuss in the interview offers a deeper understanding of our world and potential solutions on how to fix global problems, if people care to listen. For this interview we are offering an opportunity for the audience to ask questions – we are planning a follow-up show where the most interesting questions may be answered. Likes and comments are also very much appreciated both on the blog and YouTube.

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  1. Yes, the Ruble has been on my mind a lot these days, as is the price of oil, so I would love to read your view on both topics, Lada!
    I do not always have the time to listen to long interviews/videos, maybe an idea to curb the time to 30 minutes per video…… ;-))

    I do follow PCR, he is a wise man!

    Do not dispair if people don’t comment, I think there are more readers than you think…..look at the visitors counter, it has gone up a lot in my idea, I wrote it down a while ago and it was like ±153.000 or so……



    • You are so sweet, Christa :). Don’t worry about listening to the interview – you already are a huge supporter. Thank you for that!
      Those interviews usually run for over and hour each, but vids on my own channel will be much shorter.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Good assessment, there’s alot of manipulation behind the scenes of this currency war. WWIII is a 4D battlefield of mind and will. Love the PCR report, so true! Make no mistake this is an economic war against Russia, and the SWIFT credit system is part of the US monetary arsenal. Good to see that Russia is getting the kick in the pants to jumpstart their leadership role of maintaining balance in the world.

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  3. This is a good commentary too Lada and points out that the repercussions in the long term are not necessarily in the Western Alliances favour!
    Also can you include the alternative to SWIFT that Russia is trialling this month, with plans to launch in May
    and lastly The USA’a declaration of war is made clear in this article

    I can’t wait for you to address these issues Lada!

    The world is becoming a very interesting place!
    Keep the calibration high!

    Peace ❤

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  4. Of course, present further discussion on these topics. Modern banking, and finance are parasitic to the extreme, and impact all.

    Will be interesting to see if Putin can extract Russia from the bankers’ clutches. I wouldn’t take that bet…

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  5. I just started a repeating monthly donation. I love you work, I tell my family about all the insights from you and other sources concerning the truth on Russia, Putin, Ukraine etc… My Daughter routinely tells me how everyone at her school speaks negatively of Putin but she knows they are wrong.

    Keep up the great work!

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  6. Always interested to read what you have to say. So go ahead with theses two subjects.

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  7. PCR is the best economist to my mind. Another ex official of the Reagan Administration to listen to is David Stockman. His thinking is very much in line with PCR. These are two intellectual giants. I think this economic war (collapse of the Ruble) is the best thing that could happen to Russia. Russia needs a crisis like a kick in the rear to force them to change. I think it will clarify things for Russia and Putin. The central bank of Russia is no better than the other central banks. They’re all in cahoots together and must have graduated from the same western neo liberal universities. I also dislike Russia’s central bank’s attitude to Bitcoin by banning it. Russia should embrace it along with using the gold weapon. Russia just seems to lack that fighting spirit against the west. Even Lavrov’s comments that Nato is not the enemy really infuriated me. Really Mr. Lavrov. With Nato encroaching on your borders and using Ukraine as a third party terror nation against your people in a real war you say that Nato is not an enemy. Another long term problem is the Russian reliance on oil and gas for their income. They must change this or they will forever be bounced around like a ping pong when oil prices go up and down. They must diversify their economy out of oil and gas.

    So in conclusion if Russia can get its act together on currency and finances they can deliver that knockout punch to the international banksters. But they must clean house of the neo liberal stooges of the west.

    Thanks Lada for all you do. I’m looking forward to listening to your Time Monk interview.

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  8. It is about energy. Which one? Oil are limited compared to electricity. Inventions with electricity are still running faster, while oil based inventions are in a final state.
    The money-system is a control-system build to reduce and limite the human mind. Relegion is a part of it – it is not opposite.

    To limite, is to control. This is the reason investors money went to favorite oil. The use of oil limite our development, done by will by a syndicate. The syndicate, the money and the control are now cracking.

    Most of us are so limited, we think and hope it will rise again, since we only know this system. but it will not recover, because it is outdated. That make us (not the controllers) move to create ‘the next step’.

    The Rubel is a part of the crack money system, and I am sure Russia are aware it is. And ready to do new steps. When things change, it have a price. The syndicate, mostly representended by The West play their ’empty moneygame’ to the end.

    There exist only one way to go. The new silkroad. This road consist of many inventions and many people ready to use them and build up a healthy global culture together by shared information and open mind. Limitation and mindcontrol disappear then.

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  9. You are exactly right, Lada. You’re seeing the big picture. As to your English, I have seen comments about how you could be a better speaker and about how you could use a grammar lesson. I, for one, enjoy your voice, your accent, your delivery… it is a warm and likeable personality that comes across. As to writing, it is a system to convey knowledge and I have no trouble reading and understanding what you write. I consider it an honor to be able to read English with a Russian accent and come away both informed and smiling. You rock!!

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    • Thanks, dear. Big picture is my middle name. 😉 I really appreciate your words of encouragement and praise. 🙂
      One thing: I have Russian accent when I write? I don’t think Russians write in English the way I do.
      I like to think it’s my very own, unique, multi-dimensional accent, or style, if you will. 😉
      That was a joke – no worries.


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  10. Lada, why isn’t my comment showing here??


    • Hi, I don’t see your comment. I believe I just approved your reblog. Perhaps it’s a lag? I’ll check again soon. 🙂


    • P.S. Still don’t see your comment, but as I said, I just approved your reblog link. Frankly, I am a little concerned about this. I notice that this is WordPress problem. Unfortunately comments by some of the nicest bloggers here on WP go to spam instead of into approval folder. So sorry about that, although I have no control over WP.
      Would you like to resubmit your comment? Note, if you had a link in your comment that WP blocks (I have no info what links they usually block, but we have come across this issue with other readers), I won’t see it as WP will filter it out.

      This is for everyone’s sake:
      I want all email-subscribed readers and all WP bloggers who are following my blog to know I look through all comments and reblogs. Sometimes WP doesn’t make it easy. If you have a problem seeing your comment, you can always send me a note, and I’ll see what I can do.
      That said, when commenting please always follow Blog Rules on top navigation bar.

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  11. Hi lada, i thought i’d just chime in to tell you that i really appreciate reading your thoughts on ‘the great game’ being played today

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  12. Dear Lada,
    Yes, I will resubmit my message. I’m the reader who posted the French subtitled (dire outlook! Indeed…) video of Evgeni Fedorov. I am originally French so I can get and read a lot info. being censored in the “anglo-american” sphere. For example, even the Russian site “RIA novosti” cannot be accessed in English anymore; it’s being redirected to this disinformation site called “Sputnik news”.(but in French, no problem at all…)
    This came after it put out reports that American mercenaries were shelling the crash site of Malaysian airlines flight 17. This can only be described as an attempt by the American fascist regime to prevent the Europeans from finding out it was their supposed US allies who shot the passenger plane down.}
    Anyway; I also tried to find a good RT video of Putin’s press conference of yesterday, WITH English dubbing, but could only find it in French dubbing…So yes, I would be very interested in the rubble fall, and in your “summary” about that conference as well…
    Take care.

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    • Thanks for reposting.
      I’ll post Putin’s annual Q&A conference with eng. subs here.

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    • I’ve also heard that Sputnik should be disinformation (according to Benjamin Fulford), but to me it looks alright… Does anybody know for sure if Sputnik news is fake, and if so by whom and how they get away with it?


  13. Hi again Lada!
    So, yeah, it does seem that “WordPress” is censoring my comment (although I didn’t write down RIA novosti’s link address…) It looks like it’s still awaiting “moderation”!
    These are incredible times indeed…Wherever the spirit of George Orwell went after his physical passing, he must be laughing his head out!

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    Found the press conference with English translations! Wow…Hope you don’t mind that I share it on this blog…Thanks Lada.

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  15. Yes, please Lada! Someone above mentioned Bitcoin. Glad they banned it. It’s the same girl wearing a different party dress. If Mr. Putin wants to stop this nonsense all he has to do is put the ruble on the gold standard and convince China to join him by doing the same in their country and it will be all over but the crying for the so-called “petro-dollar”. Not to mention all the wars and insurrections all over the place. Cut the money off at the tap and it all stops when they can no longer pay for it. Mercenaries and murderers don’t work for free. Your thoughts?

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    • Bitcoin is finance outside the box and requires widespread 4D thinking for it to work. Right now it looks like an undulating Ponzi scheme but given time to evolve into its potential it could work.

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  16. Hi Lada again, I just watched Max Keiser who’s a financial journalist and has a great show on RT. He made some comments on the tact that Russia’s taking regarding defending the ruble. He says that Russia’s learning to play the Forex game. They’re just new to it.

    I’m sure there’s a struggle going on behind the scenes in the Kremlin between the Russian patriots and the neo liberal stooges of the west. I’m very confident that the neolibs are going down the tubes. I think the banking and financial arena is the last man standing for the neolibs and when they’re kicked out the west will lose their last bit of influence in Russia. They’ve been ensconced in these two areas since the Yeltsin era but they will be removed eventually. It just takes time, that’s all.

    By the way I’m very impressed with your English and have nothing to criticize about it. Your accent is charming and so is your way of expressing. You speak very clearly, enunciating every syllable and most importantly you get your points across very clearly. I think you speak English better than I do and I’m from here. Don’t forget English is a very difficult language because there is no logic at all. To me it’s a ridiculous language in that almost none of the words sound like they spell. You basically have to memorize all words.

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  17. Anglo-American Axis Wages Full Scale War Against Russia

    Weapons of War:
    Economic Terrorism and Financial Engineering
    Monetary Sabotage and Commodity Manipulation


    • Very informative link, that I recommend to read to understand the root of the problem of the global situation. The Vatican!
      The Vatican act as global street gang, and all they possess, is stolen from humanity. They miss a mind and act only by the gang mentality, where all members of the gang are simpletons.
      The increasing public focus on the gangs activities just panic them more and more untill they collapse totally.
      So actually the global situation is not about war and crises, but reflect the effect of a dying beast groping in blind rage. It makes a lot of unrest and miscontrolled reactions, but is not a danger, since most people understand a better world await, when the scene changes.

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  18. It feels good to see my thoughts validated with an article by the great Paul Craig Roberts at Boy the hits keep coming. In the article PCR says that Putin has all the cards and it’s in his hands to collapse the western financial system if he so wishes. He can 1. Delay paying any debts to western banks until the sanctions are removed and/or 2. Just stop gas deliveries to Europe until the sanctions are removed. Since the west is a house of cards just needing a wind to blow it over, any of the above actions would do the trick. Is it possible that these threats have been delivered to western leaders and could the surprise last minute stopover at the Moscow airport by France’s Hollande to talk to Putin been a panic response to this.

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  19. И то и другое, и желательно с мёдом 🙂 As Soviet Vinnie the Pooh would say: “Both this and that, and preferably with honey”. Lada, both topics would be very interesting to cover.

    About the currency value development in other countries. Norwegian krone has been on a down-slop since June, but took completely off, during the last days, in parallel with rouble, from 8.2 to 9.6 NOK/€. This is unprecedented and Norwegian tabloid VG had a cover article on how this hike will affect the everyday life of Norwegians…

    Someone mentioned Bitcoin. I see it in a positive light – it has all characteristics of gold and is the only other money currently in circulation, in addition to gold. Everything else is currency. Bankers would want us believe that what we have in our wallets is money. It’s not. Even the term “monetary policy” has become a misnomer. (Homework: readers should learn the difference between money and currency, it’s important). I find it interesting that Bitcoin draws so much ire from banking circles, even though it is only in its infancy. I would encourage everyone to learn more about it, it’s characteristics, like the deflationary type of economics, the emission cap, the protocol (not human) controlled emission rate, its divisibility. As far as I know Russia didn’t so much ban, as warn off Bitcoin.

    And now, a digression to Scythian gold, as it was a topic of previous posts. Argumenty i Fakty published an answer by the director of Tauridia Museum in Crimea, that Holland still refuses to return the exhibits they borrowed until the 31st of August. Moreover, the items were transferred by the Dutch from the museums, where they were on display under seals to some other locations, without involving the Crimean museums’ personal, which is a breach of contract. In connection with this, museums filed a separate lawsuit to a Dutch court.

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    • Yes, I saw the krone news and I expected that. I will cover it in my future writings or vids. I have a complete theory on all that, but I’ll prob be able to write about it only after New Year’s as time allows.

      Thanks for the Scythian gold update. I thought they would go to court soon. Unfortunately, it’s hard to count on the impartiality or fairness of European courts.
      This confiscation is an outrageous and blatantly illegal behavior. Clearly, Holland is acting on behalf of the US/UK, not in own interests. It’s a guarantee that Russia will never again send any art exhibits their way, and I’m sure many more relations will be damaged for a very long time. That I predicted as part of Russia’s unavoidable turn to the East.

      In this regard it becomes even clearer who and how benefitted from MH17 downing in Ukraine. It was done not only to spur EU to impose a new round of anti-Russian sanctions, but also by the way, to anger the Dutch so to remove any moral and other objections for holding on to Crimean gold.
      I can’t even begin describing how stupid and harmful this move by the Dutch is. The stupidity is of cosmic proportions – I see a lot of harm to trust in cultural and intl relations done as a result.
      Europe, by these cowardly and short-sighted actions, is getting itself into a trap of massive proportions.

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  20. Lada,

    Of course I would like to hear your thoughts on both topics. I am curious to what degree you think Russia’s neoliberal problem is simply the lure of the West, which has been so strong since Peter the Great. Some consider him the father of the move to Western influences, from the Bolsheviks to today’s lovers of fancy French food. And do you think that struggle is what happened in Kiev? Was it the lovers of the West in the Russian world (which includes the Ukraine) against those leaning East?

    To me, it seems that China has much more control of its finances and government than Russia. Why hasn’t Russia pressured its companies to do banking in Hong Kong instead of Britain?

    Finally, some are concerned that Putin is a neoliberal on economic matters. One can certainly make that guess based on his statements. What do you think? Is he biding his time and setting various traps, or does he actually believe in the stuff Harvard implemented in Russia?

    Oh, one last thing. Do you think that the West is playing a good cop, bad cop routine on Russia? So many of the Russian elite want to believe in Europe that it would be easy for the Europeans to say “it is the bad Americans forcing us to do this” when the reality is that, for example, Germany wants to dominate all of Eastern Europe. This may help to explain the perhaps unclear strategy after incorporating the Crimea. The Kremlin wants to work with Europe. The trouble is that you need a position of strength for that, not just words of friendship.

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  21. Dear Lada, I was wandering what would be your opinion on the fact that Verhovna Rada was seriously discussing to appoint George Soros to run Ukrainian Central Bank.
    Seeing this in news, I thought, – this is something more then sinister going on with Ukraine.
    The Soros the guy ho was able to brake the pound would be given entire country to speculate with. Implications can be many.

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    • Just proves that there is no Ukraine as a country. There is a miserable colony of the West – that’s all that is left, with severe slave mentality to boot. And they are not even hiding it.
      People are suppressed and intimidated in the territory known as Ukraine. The long-term result will be that people will rebel and there will be a Vietnam war scenario. The result of that war is well-known. Awfully sad, but people have no choice but to go through the waking up and cleansing process.
      More in PREDICTIONS.


    • P.S. Vietnam war scenario applies if Ukraine and US keep pushing the agenda of US, NATO, Soros, crawling foreign occupation of Ukraine.
      If they lay off, it will be possible to resolve it relatively peacefully an cooperatively. But I don’t see that possibility right now, unless EU engages fully and honestly, which EU is refusing to do. Or at least if EU stays neutral, which again, EU is not doing contrary to own interests.
      Presently, the entire game of US/UK/Canada/EU elites is based on continued escalation.

      They’ll reap the consequences.
      Regardles of what they do, end results of the Ukraine crisis will invariably be what I describe in PREDICTIONS and in my early Ukraine-related articles.


  22. One more thing. Lukashenko agreed to have TV channel in Belarus together with Ukrainians. You say Lada that there is no Ukraine as a country. Seems than soon there will be no Belarus either.
    Media is number one tool to mold public opinion. Ukrainian madness is meant to be spread, to particular countries like Poland and Estonia to create strong anti Russian sentiment. Belarus seemed friendly to Russia, however, Ukrainian TV program there, looks like the first obvious sign of imminent turmoils there. Remember Orwell saying “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable…”

    I’m frequenting your blog and reading your articles, because you are so positive. With so much wrongs going on, I appreciate your ability to view things from spiritual, higher perspective.


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