Full Putin 10th Annual Press Conference (Eng/Rus versions) and Other Important News

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The most important events and noteworthy interviews of the past few days, accompanied with my thoughts and comments.

This event doesn’t need introduction – Russian President Vladimir Putin has conducted his 10th traditional annual live Q&A. As I stress every year it happens, I’d like to see any Western leader to pull a 4 hour live event, with un-anticipated questions directed at you. I can tell you with absolute confidence – none of them is capable of anything even remotely close. As it stands, ALL Western heads of state are terrified of direct and unsensored communication with their citizens and global public opinion. Just picture what would happen IF Obama, or Merkel, or…. fill in the blank – attempted this kind of feat. Would the whole world finally see that ‘the king is naked?’ You decide.

  •  Putin Q&A 2014 (FULL PRESSER) English translation

    RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air

    English transcript of Putin’s press conference can be found here.

    Итоговая пресс-конференция Владимира Путина 18 декабря 2014

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    Awesome summary, thank you dear Lada!


  2. Lada, I just tried to send you a 60 page PDF on a study I have had stored on my Mac for a number of years. It might be of interest to you.
    It is titled ‘Shale Gas and US National Security’
    The line up of companies involved in the study is telling, as well as it coming out of the Baker Institute in affiliation with Rice University.
    I am happy to send you a copy if you are interested.



  3. Lol! Easy fixed. Here is the link!




  4. “Sadly, US and its vassals have been allowed to take over the EU completely in the past 25 years. This is visible all over Europe, even in traditionally pro-Russian countries like Bulgaria, or in seemingly neutral ones, such as Sweden. This is the result of the wholesale demolition of the USSR and equally wholesale bashing campaign against Russia in the past 23 years.”

    The US wanted the creation of the EU, so it isn’t surprising that it turns out this way. The US wanted only one location (Brussels) that required the carrot and the stick, not dozens. And Sweden has historically been rather anti-Russian, so their neutrality was for tactical and business reasons, not out of principle. Also, Russia has gone from Communism to a type of Capitalism that the average Swede doesn’t care for.

    But how different is it inside Russia? Outside of Putin and a couple others, the Russian establishment has also been fairly anti-Russian. The financial, economic, and diplomatic spheres were structurally against Russia or at least dominated by pro-Western personnel, though the diplomacy has changed in the last year. Until 2012, I bet Russian media were pro-West. Actually, this brings up a point that you may want to discuss at some point: When did Putin go from a position of wanting to work with the West to feeling that it basically wasn’t possible?

    Of course, Russia has the explanation that it was put under an occupation government, and has never really gained independence – though it is trying. But if Russia can’t really break free from the banksters, then how is Bulgaria supposed to resist?


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