Why Lukashenko and Belarus Are Cozying Up to the West?

Визит В.Путина в Белоруссию

 Interesting body language during Ukraine peace talks in Minsk (2014). President of Belarus Lukashenko (center left) inviting Putin to proceed, while subconsciously blocking Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine and Katherine Ashton of EU. 

See more about the telling body language in Lada Ray Predictions Coming True; Mind Control in Ukraine; Putin, Gorbachev, Poroshenko.


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Bonus: Lukashenko’s Bluff


From the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, Belarus has been playing a role of a moderator between Ukraine and EU on one side and Russia and Donbass/Novorossia on the other. This culminated in the Minsk accords and ceasefire in E. Ukraine, which admittedly, aren’t being observed very well. But many still believe it’s better than nothing. It is definitely some kind of a start on the way to peace desperately needed by the poor citizens who live under constant threat of bombings. The most important thing Minsk can do is provide a neutral, friendly to both sides, platform in case there is a sudden need in a meeting between warring parties in Ukraine. Play Switzerland, so to speak.

Make no mistake, for little Belarus, this is their star hour. Since 1994, when Lukashenko first became Belarusian president, he’s been labeled the ‘last dictator of Europe’ and tyrant. Belarus has been on and off under sanctions; the beginnings of the newly independent post-Soviet republic were very humble. All this happened because, unlike most, Belarus refused to forget the Soviet past and refused to give up their economy to please the West.

I wrote previously that in the early ’90s, Ukraine was touted by the West as the MOST developed of the USSR’s three Slavic republics (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) – even more so than Russia. Starting in 1990-91, with its educated population, spectacular agricultural soils and developed tech industry (built by Russia during Soviet times) Ukraine was trumpeted as ‘most likely to succeed’ among all post-Soviet republics.

Western ‘experts,’ with some Russian neo-liberals and oligarchs jumping on the bandwagon, predicted that Russia would turn into a no-man’s land, and slowly disintegrate all by herself. Just goes to show how inept and little-minded Western and neo-liberal Russian ‘experts’ are. Needless to say, none of these ‘predictions’ came true.

For real predictions that actually do come true, read my PREDICTIONS.

At the same time as Ukraine was given prime time, Belarus was either neglected and laughed at in the West, or maligned.

As an aside: it is now crystal clear WHY the West praised Ukraine in the early ’90s, while putting Russia down. The plan was to put as big of a wedge as possible between the two closest people – Russians and Ukrainians, and to make Russians feel inadequate and incapable of resistance in the midst of the wholesale demolition of the Russian economy. Something similar, but accompanied with a civil war, is happening now in Ukraine. Note, the Kiev coup and violent overturn of Yanukovich took place after Yanukovich refused to sign the EU association agreement that would rob Ukraine blind.

The above strategy towards Russia worked for a time, while Yeltsin was in power. But the moment Putin came to power, the tide changed dramatically. I observed Putin since the moment he appeared on world stage in 2000. Unlike American ‘analysts’ and talking heads, I knew from the very first moment that a massive change was about to begin. Putin was very smart to lay low for a while, until he gathered enough allies and strength to start acting, while US elites for 2-3 years labored under a misapprehension that he would be just as easy as Yeltsin.

I wrote about Putin in my mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER (character’s name is President Dobrov). I will discuss Putin in detail in the upcoming THE PUTIN ENIGMA Report, which you will find soon at LadaRay.info. Also, a great piece to read is: FREE Earth Shift Report 1: Is Putin Part of NWO?

While the West was concentrating on Russia, Ukraine and other strategic locations, Belarus remained in the shadows. Lukashenko, when he came to power, became that tough leader who managed to keep the country together and provide stability. This allowed Belarusians to slowly build on Soviet platform, developing what we now understand was a rich and profitable inheritance. While Russia was being looted by oligarchs and their Western backers, while Ukraine was also looted by oligarchs, falling at the same time deeper and deeper into its self-inflicted delusion and mass psychosis, Belarus kept its head down and worked very hard. Belarusians are very hard-working, friendly and rather low-key people.

During the Russian Empire days Belarus was one of the poorest territories of Russia. They survived on potatoes alone and were to the 19th century Russia what Ireland was to Western Europe: a tucked away on the western-most outskirts and poor like church rats territory no one was interested in. Perhaps that memory of extreme poverty and obscurity is what made Belarusians both cunning and hard-working. Without any oil, gas, or any other natural resources to speak of, Belarus managed to pull out in much better shape than once much richer neighboring Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania (latter two – EU members).

Most post-Soviet republics squandered their formidable Soviet inheritance, resulting in decimation of industry, mass exodus of population, and other catastrophes. Ukraine is the best example of that – I write about it here: FREE Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History.

Next to Belarus, another example of being able to preserve their heritage despite all odds is the unrecognized Pridnestrovie (Transnistria). More about it here: Moldova Explosion Coming 2: Coalition “Moldova’s Choice-Customs Union” and LRL2: Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria – Eurasian Union vs EU.

Despite sanctions and constant fighting with the West, Lukashenko did several pretty brilliant things for his country and people:

1. Unlike most post-Soviet republics, he preserved the Soviet industrial and agricultural inheritance – and built on it.

2. Kept the country stable.

3. Managed to stay friends with Russia.

4. As a result of a special relationship with Russia, Belarus managed to receive the world’s lowest price on Russian gas and very favorable Russian loans.

5. Let’s not forget: Belarus, together with Kazakhstan and Russia is one of the three founding members of Eurasian Union.

Eurasian union 2

Right to left: Putin of Russia, Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and Lukashenko of Belarus – founding members of Eurasian Union

All the above factors, but especially the cheap, cheap gas paved the way to the so-called ‘Belarusian miracle.’ Belarus pays something to the tune of $165 for its gas, which is about the same as heavily subsidized internal Russian price. Compare that to $350-400+ EU pays. The new price for gas for Ukraine is about $385, however, they don’t pay that either. Such gas price makes Belarusian economy extremely competitive internationally. Obviously, without Russian almost free gas and Russian subsidies Belarusian miracle they are so proud of would have never happened.

The above is an illustration of how Russia robbed herself to subsidize other republics, and some other poor countries, during Soviet times. Some readers asked me how Russia could have disengaged in the ’90s from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and other republics, which allowed the US/West to infiltrate them resulting in color revolutions and anti-Russian pro-NATO states on Russian borders. Of course, it was a bad geopolitical decision to disengage. Yet, it can be understood: Russia always paid disproportioned price for supporting others, at her own expense. This made the core Russian population resentful.

Presently, Russia is attempting to balance own interests with the necessity to support allies.

What is Belarusian miracle?

Belarus preserved all of the industrial factories Russia built on its territory during Soviet times. And then, Belarus expanded and modernized them. Today Belarus exports its machinery to over 100 countries; its busses, tractors and heavy trucks are world-known. Belarus is also well-known in the garment industry. They make clothes for export and Belarussian cheap labor (compared to Europe) is often used by Italian designers. They produce much higher quality stuff than China. Traditional Belarusian agriculture also developed well and became quite efficient. Today, Russians go to Belarus to learn agricultural management.

Roads in Belarus – the transit country between Russia and EU – are BETTER than in the EU. The country is incredibly clean everywhere. This is how I remember growing up in the Soviet Union: everything, everywhere was very clean. This heritage Belarus also preserved.

As I mentioned before, there are no oligarchs in Belarus; there are rich people, but fewer than in neighboring countries. At the same time, average citizens feel more protected by the state. Pensioners get decent state pensions and subsidies, feeling secure. Inflation is high, but so far it’s manageable. Utilities and communal (housing/yard maintenance, water, gas, heat) payments are a fraction of what people pay in Russia (where they are not high either), and especially in the EU. All education, including college, is free. Students get paid stipendium for good grades. This is another Soviet heritage that Belarus preserved. Compare that to recent announcement by Ukraine that school pupils after 9th grade will have to pay to attend 10th and 11th grades if they want to complete secondary education.

In the summer of 2014 I visited Belarus. Everything I describe is from personal experiences. Of course there are problems – which country doesn’t have them. But overall, there are undeniable achievements.

Sly fox Lukashenko and international relations

Throughout the years, there were certain disputes and gas price disagreements between Russia and Belarus, as well as attempts by Belarus to capitalize on Ukraine and EU’s pressure on Russia. There were attempts to blackmail Russia due to gas transit. 20% of Russian gas to the EU goes through Belarus. Belarus often plays on Russia-West differences in order to get what they want (like a child of the divorced parents, who would play mom and dad). These games are relatively successful. It’s a balancing act for everyone involved, to be sure.

A reader once asked me about the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. My opinion of him hasn’t changed: he is an old sly fox. Lukashenko isn’t stupid; nor is Belarus likely to turn into Ukraine.

Read my article about US lifting sanctions against Cuba: Weakness or Cunning? Why US decided to End 50-Year Standoff with Cuba Now. I said that small and in-between countries can benefit during this era of mega-clashes among the giants, if they are smart. One could make a case for it being manipulative, just like the aforementioned spoiled kid playing divorced parents against each other.

Lukashenko is doing just that. He is using a conflict between Russia and EU/US to cozy up to the West.

Belarus smuggling

Presently, A huge problem with Belarus for Russia is that taking advantage of Russia’s sanctions against the EU agriculture imports, Belarus has become a massive smuggling center. They would bring in tuna or oysters, usually imported from France or Italy, and slap their own labels to re-export that to Russia, trying to pass it as their own product. Considering Belarus doesn’t have a sea…

Other things they re-appropriate and re-export this way are fruits and veggies they never grew, fancy French cheeses they never made, and even things like jeans. While Russia is trying to crack down on Belarusian smuggling, Russia still needs Belarus. So, I don’t see this conflict going very far. Basically, it’s akin to an argument in the family – eventually the family will gather for dinner again, as if nothing happened.

Why does Lukashenko need Western love?

Several reasons:

1. Lukashenko desperately needs loans. Belarusian miracle doesn’t come cheap. Belarus is due to pay out $4bln in interest soon.

2. Elections are coming up. Lukashenko always cozies up to the West in such periods to try to prevent a color revolution they always plan around such dates to attempt unseating him. After the elections everything returns back to normal.

3. Lukashenko, being the sly fox that he is, uses any conflict between Russia and the West to get as much preferential treatment from both as possible, while it lasts. There is also the issue of pride and self-importance. Belarus has been customarily passed over for attention. The result is a burning desire to play a bigger role on world stage. Can’t blame them.

4. Belarus is trying to position itself as a moderator and go-in-between transit country between EU and Russia. AND THEY WANT TO CHARGE THROUGH THE NOSE FOR THAT. What else is new? Hence investment in the best roads possible.

5. Opening a joint Ukraine-Belarus TV channel is done for the same purpose: ‘See, how good we are as a moderator and peacemaker.’ It’s a good will demo of sorts. It must be understood that this neutral moderator position of Belarus is equally good for both Ukraine/EU and Russia/Donbass. There must be neutral grounds to discuss matters of war and peace.


My assessment is that the cunning Lukashenko, in his own way, is contributing to pulling back together what in Russia is called ‘the three brotherly nations – Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians.’

Based on the opening of the joint Belarus-Ukraine TV channel and other signs some read as worrying, a reader has asked me if I saw Belarus as turning into another Ukraine.

No, I absolutely do not. While Lukashenko is alive, he won’t let that happen. Belarusian citizens looking at the mess across the border, are very happy they have Lukashenko.

Of course, there are other objective reasons, as described above:

1. Belarusian economy is in an incomparably better shape than Ukrainian. In big part, maidan and Kiev coup took place because of the disastrous, pre-bankruptcy state of Ukraine’s economy and its wholesale looting by local oligarchs and foreign interests.

2. Unlike Ukraine, Belarus doesn’t have oligarchs, therefore, no one internally to finance and sustain a color revolution. Of course, external pressure remains. US and EU still do everything to unseat Lukashenko every time there are elections. Rioters get bussed in from Poland and Lithuania to incite violence. But Belarus KGB (yes, it’s still called KGB – talk about preserving Soviet heritage!) is on top of it.

Incidentally, there is censorship in Belarus.

3. Lukashenko is real leader and he won’t do what Yanukovich did in February. Incidentally, Lukashenko has many times announced how he feels about Yanukovich and his inadequate actions during the Kiev coup. He said publicly that Yanukovich was supposed to stay and fight, that he needed to be more decisive in countering the coup, and that he should have died fighting, like a captain of a ship. As we know, Yanukovich escaped from Ukraine barely alive. By making such statements, Lukashenko isn’t simply expressing his views on Ukraine conflict – in fact, he is letting Belarusians and the West know what he will do should such situation arise in his country. This is basically an announcement that if anyone attempts this scenario in Minsk, they won’t get very far.

After the above assessment of Ukraine deposed leader’s actions, after being buddy-buddy with Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, Lukashenko still manages to stay friends with Yanukovich and his family, which is a testament to how cunning and shrewd of a diplomat he is.

Many dislike the fact that Belarus isn’t helping Donbass, or that Lukashenko hugs and shakes hands with the Kiev junta leaders. I would say it’s a useful stance even if it seems a bit unsavory. Diplomacy and maneuvering may often seem this way to an outsider. But without reaching a compromise, peace and conflict resolution is rarely possible in our highly polarized world.

In short – no, Belarus has no chance of following Ukraine, although attempts to unseat Lukashenko will continue. Lukashenko, for his part, will continue maneuvering between Russia and the West, Russia and Ukraine.

Belarus is well-positioned in the EAU. That said, of course Belarus will exploit its transit country status and its status of the only country located between Russia and the EU that is capable and willing to be a bona fide go-in-between. Same goes for Ukraine. Belarus will milk for all it’s worth the Ukraine conflict to raise its international status as the country-moderator. 

What is EU up to?

The above notwithstanding, I received news that EU is trying to slowly correct the anti-Russian sanctions disaster by going broader. Will that have an effect remains to be seen. There are indications that EU is courting Belarus and Kazakhstan trying to distance them from Russia. If that kind of behavior continues, this won’t bridge any gaps. All it will do is create even more distrust.

EU now attempts to reach out (read: seduce, entice) these other Eurasian Union members. The idea is to get an in with Russia/ or influence Russia through them. It’s a very convoluted and complex game. German VC recently spoke about that proposal. French president Hollande recently paid a surprise visit to Kazakhstan for secret talks with Nazarbayev. On the way back from Kazakhstan, Hollande made a surprise stop in Moscow and met with Putin. Hollande admitted that it was in fact Kazakh President Nazarbayev who encouraged him to stop in Moscow for a chat with the Russian President. The new Belarus – EU warming up also plays into this scenario.

All in all, I can absolutely say that both Lukashenko of Belarus and Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan are solid leaders, and right where they are supposed to be. Their role is to serve as vitally important links and help the Russian leader Putin in the re-formatting of the world system. More about that in future Earth Shift Reports. 

France Russia

Putin and Hollande in France, May 2014

Understandably, EU is trying to find ways of a round-about compromise with Russia.  If this is sincere, Russia would welcome that. In my opinion, Russia has to be very careful not to fall into a new trap, if it turns out EU’s real intention is to distance Kazakhstan and Belarus from Russia. Of course this is also happening at the same time as US and UK are escalating the conflict, which isn’t encouraging (I’ll have more about that soon).

In the final analysis, the courting of Kazakhstan and Belarus won’t go very far. EU has to be careful not to burn even more bridges than they already have. I’d be cautiously optimistic about the EU move. It’s high time constructive and reasonable forces prevailed in the EU.

I wanted to end on an optimistic note, but I simply have to add this. Unfortunately, I have come to a conclusion that for as long as Merkel is in power, there will be no meaningful movement towards cooperation and dialogue. After giving Merkel a lot of benefit of the doubt, I have become convinced that she is a secret russophobe. She has been that all her life, but being a politician, she has been hiding it very well. I wrote about my assessment of how she grew up in some of my previous articles.

Merkel 2

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

In addition, Merkel has been compromised by NSA surveillance. There is no doubt in my mind that NSA has very damaging dirt on her, therefore pulling her strings as necessary. For these two reasons a meaningful dialogue with the EU will be very difficult for Russia, until the change of guard in Germany.

A supremely interesting and reveailing discussion continues in the comment section! Remember to check it out!

Read complete report!

IS PUTIN PART OF NWO? Astana KZ – New NWO Capital?

Bonus: Lukashenko’s Bluff




Added 9/28/15:

Related new post: Putin’s Full Speech at 2015 UNGA: Do You Realize What Kind of Monster You’ve Created? This post includes my translation of Belarus President Alexandr Lukashenko’s new speech at the UN General Assembly 2015.


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  1. Thank you Lada Ray for this information on Belarus .Information we don’t get in the West.
    My best regards to you and may you have a very good peaceful Christmas holiday.

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  2. Part of the EU and Russia have been looking for compromises for some time. The issue is that ignores Kiev and Washington. And then Merkel is anti-Russian.

    So we are probably back to the idea that it will take a long time to resolve things.

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  3. There was a significant meeting today in Moscow – EEU starts working from the 1st of January. Armenia joins it on the 2nd of January and Kyrgyzstan is ratifying all documents, planning to join before the 9th of May. And Lukashenko gave a strong, if rather eccentric speech, which underlines what you wrote in this article: he is here to stay and is not afraid of outside pressure.
    Big things are afoot. Pity that the Western media treat it as a non-event.

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  4. Another great commentary by you, Lada. Lukashenko’s a smart cookie but don’t forget that Putin’s equally smart. I think the two of them understand each other really well and understand the role that each country plays. I think Russia actually can learn a lot from the experience of Belarussia since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Imagine if Russia would have followed in Belarussia’s footstep and not thrown the baby out with the bath water after the Soviet Union collapsed. Russia would have been ten years advanced compared to where they are now. Oh well in the end Russia will be fine. If Lukashenko can pull off a miracle and reunite Russia, Ukraine and Belarussia, then that would be terrific. Let’s hope he does. Your analysis has really raised Lukashenko’s prestige in my eyes. By the way Lada how different is the Belarussian language from Russian. Is it more different or similar than Ukrainian.

    I completely share your understanding of Merkel. Without a doubt she’s the most anti Russian German leader I think since Konrad Adenauer during the height of the cold war. Even Helmut Kohl was better than she is. The sooner the Germans get rid of her the better. They desperately need another Schroeder, Schmidt or Brandt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lukashenko is good (perhaps very good) for where he is and what he does, but please let’s not compare him to Putin. Putin is a completely different level. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • Belarusian language is VERY similar to Russian, in fact, closer to Russian than Ukrainian. Belarusian language didn’t exist – it was a dialect of Russian before 1917, then Lenin/ Bolsheviks decided to make it into a separate language. I wrote about that under Forbidden Linguistics. Long term this strategy leads to a harmful separation and denial of roots, as we see in Ukraine.

      Belarus has now also started introducing words that are designed to highlight its separation from Russian. It is the same process as in Ukraine, but much milder.Ukrainian (Malorussian) and Belorussian were dialects before 1917, not recognized as separate languages, although Ukrainian had more claim as a language.

      P.S. Spelling of the word Belarusian is a great example. The correct spelling is ‘Belorussian.’ Guess what, my spell check marks that as incorrect, recognizing ‘Belarusian’ as correct – with two mistakes in fact. I decided not to fight the city hall and allowed that spelling. Apparently, this is what Belarus wants?
      Another example: Belarus – it was traditionally “Belorussia.” To me it’s splitting hairs, although some Belarus nationalists get offended when you say ‘Belorussia,’ not ‘Belarus.’
      We’ll see how the language evolves from here.

      P.S.S. I haven’t finalized my decision yet as to how to spell Belarusian. If you see me spell it differently in the future, it’s because to me the language is now in a flux and is unsettled, like so many things in our contemporary world.
      Till further notice, for now I consider Belarusian, Belorussian, Belarussian as all permissible spellings. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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    • Coming originally from Moscow, I sometimes watch Belorussian TV. I often have to strain to hear if they are talking Belorussian or Moscow dialect of Russian 🙂 For example, in Moscow dialect: Moskva is pronounced as [maskva], Belorussija as [belarusija]. IT they want to say Belorus, fine by me. Russia can also be called by its historical name of Rus. Remember the line from Puskin’s “Ruslan and Ljudmila”: “Там русской дух… там Русью пахнет!” – “There is the Russian spirit, there it smells of Rus”

      Lenin did a great deal of damage to the nation, not only back then (some historians attribute at least 1.5 million deaths/executions to Lenin’s orders), but also for the decades and maybe centuries to come, by setting a wedge within the greater Russian nation, by arbitrarily creating borders and states. But nothing different was to be expected – Lenin was one of the bigger russophobes of the time, and with a personal grudge to boot.


      • Lenin, and Stalin in a different way, were acting for 2 reasons: 1. the communist party ideology; 2. geopolitical gain. It was far from emotions, I’m afraid. At that time all they did was judged beneficial for the USSR, communist future, and the betterment of relations between parts of the country. Part of it was bribes to opposition within Ukraine. I understand the political expediency of their decisions at the time. Unfortunately, it all backfired long-term. But Russia’s life wouldn’t have been any easier if they didn’t make such decisions. All this has much deeper karmic roots and has to be addressed regardless. I might include more in my future Earth Shift Reports.

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  5. I know you are not the biggest fan of links to other articles, but perhaps this one is worth reading. It is about how Russian oligarchs are a threat and problem for Belarus. Perhaps the Ukraine was 100% under the oligarchs; Russia 50%, and Belarus 10%. Even the US, with all its problems, still has a functioning military, legal system, civil service, and higher education. All these things limit the power of the American oligarchs to some degree.


    Just food for thought, but one can easily see that the move of EU oligarchs into Eastern Europe has been a disaster for most countries and citizens, and the Russian oligarchs very much want to do the same thing to Belarus. To loosely paraphrase the old Greek philosophers, “It is the nature of oligarchs. That is what they do.” Fortunately, Lukashenko seems pretty cunning and even wise.


  6. In fairness to Lukashenko and other leaders, such as Nazarbayev, they are facing a terribly difficult situation. The US is determined to get rid of Putin and really to break Russia’s will to resist, no matter what the cost, so there will likely be tremendous pressure and threats put on them. One mistake and it could be all over. Nazarbayev has China’s support for Russia, so that might make the decision easy, but Lukashenko has many enemies on his borders, and the US would be glad to sacrifice Lithuania or Latvia in a fight with Belarus.

    It is entirely possible that the US hasn’t really put that much pressure on Russia and the EU yet because the strategy has been to try to get the Russian elites to get rid of Putin. The strategy hasn’t been to attack Russia that much because that might cause the elites to unite behind Putin.


  7. The picture truely shows a lot og different things. One is that Poroshenko appear dressed in dark and red, representing the jesuits dark agenda, which means he represent The Black Pope.

    I just read that Russia has made a “Nazi Law”:
    The proposed new “Nazi Law” being written by the FC, this report continues, would specifically forbid the sale of Russian natural gas, oil, oil by-products (and other such natural resources of the Federation) to any nation, or military alliance of nations, that:
    1.) Has failed to support the United Nations resolution condemning attempts to glorify Nazism ideology and denial of German Nazi war crimes;
    2.) Has used Nazi torture techniques against POW’s and/or civilians; and
    3.) Has conducted mass executions of unarmed civilians.
    Very simple: if they do not understand (information are suspended), they must feel it. I think that is the right lesson for the sleepy Westeners.
    To wake up within a criminal gang emptied of false illusions has to be an uncomfortable situation, where nobody know the next.


    • I haven’t heard of this new law you are describing, but I like it. It’s difficult to implement in our interconnected world, so I can see how hard it may be to pass it through Duma. But I think they should go for it.
      Of course this is directed against Ukraine, as US and Canada don’t need Russian oil or gas – perhaps certain other natural resources. I actually think Russia MUST implement these measures as another way of imposing sanctions.
      Actually, if the West is into playing the sanctions game, Russia also needs to hit Poland and Baltics with more sanctions to discourage them from active meddling in Ukraine they are doing now.

      I’ll see if my sources confirm this law is indeed being considered.

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    • Dear, he wears dark and red because these colors suit him.

      I just want to caution everyone against attacking anyone based on colors someone wears, or based on numerology. Especially, if you have no idea what you are talking about.
      As internationally certified Feng Shui Master I can tell you what you say has nothing to do with reality. A big part of feng shui is about color and element combinations; the ancient wisdom of numerology is a big part of what I do as well.

      I recently deleted comments claiming number 8 was evil.
      Having no time to respond to ignorant statements about red and black, or number 8, I’ll just say that I personally like red and black combo too. So??

      Number 8, incidentally, is the luckiest number in feng shui, and has noting to do with Hitler, as some silly people would have you believe.


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  8. Wishing you, Lada and all the readers here, Merry Christmas!! Have a great time, enjoy!!



    • Christa, as you know – and I want all readers to remember – that I usually do not look at the links people post in discussion. I don’t know what is said in the link. I allow all credible enough links so readers can check them out for themselves and decide if they like the info.

      BUT I do know the real story – and yes, a new secret witness came out, whose identity is so far hidden for reasons of personal danger. He confirmed Ukraine shot down MH17. I’ll have a post about that.
      Held off posting – thought Christmas Eve was not the right time for this kind of info.


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  9. Although understandable emotionally that Ukrainians and to a lesser extent Belorussians, in wanting to assert their individual identity, differentiate their language from Russian, the original sin was creating artificially these two nations. In a very dogmatic and short sighted decision, the bolsheviks created what were regions in Russia into independent nations. So because of short sighted political expediency we are now gifted with this horrible situation with Ukraine (former Malorussia). Giving Belorussia and Ukraine their own country is like giving West Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky and Alabama their own nation just because they have a different dialect or a twang. Maybe there should be a satire done on this. West Virginia could play the part of Ukraine, Kentucky the part of Belorussia and the rest of the United States the part of Russia. We should never fool with mother nature.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I second the satire idea about US states asserting their independence based on language differences. That would be fun to watch.
      And just imagine what claim for independence the two parts of Canada would have, or Belgium… or UK. Oh, my. The list will be long indeed.

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  10. Great article, very insightful, indeed. It’s obviously a matter of survival to be sly fox like Lukashenko, Most other ex communist countries had gotten their political puppet theaters, to catch attention with petty shows, such as opening shopping malls and glorifying returns of previously suppressed religions, whilst countries were nicely robbed under the guise privatization, and other economical and monetary “adjustments”.

    In the meanwhile, Russian Peacekeepers are going to Donbas by the end of this month. How interesting. With NATO troops landing in Harkov, Zaporozhie and Dnepropetrovsk airports, I can only come out with one conclusion, that they arrived to prevent above mentioned areas to raise. They will attempt full population control. Otherwise, I cant imagine them confronting Russians directly.

    What you wrote about Merkel, I think she’s just scared for her life or her family.
    Dangerous times, my goodness.



    • Merkel: intimidated – yes, but it’s more than that.
      I read her aura, it’s the same as during 2008 Georgia crisis – she is genuinely mad at Russia for Crimea, and as a result she can’t think clearly. She is tying it with her childhood GDR experience and views, based on what her father secretly taught her. You can search for my article on this blog where I talk more about that.
      She isn’t the only politician in EU whose mental processes work that way and it’s the result of info wars portraying USSR during cold war as aggressor, while in fact US was THE aggressor after WWII. This conditioning was absorbed by some europeans with mother’s milk and it’s almost impossble to flush that out.

      It’s an encoded knee-jerk reaction that surfaces every time they think their deep-seated view is validated. Actually, Merkel is way too predictiable, that’s why it’s SOOOO easy for Americans to manipulate her.
      Merkel is more messed up than most can imagine. She puts a very good front and fools lots of people. Some Germans are starting to get it I think.

      Where did you hear about Russian peacekeepers?

      I would agree NATO planes in Kharkov, Zaporozhie and Dnepr are as much against locals ready to rise as they are against Donbass.
      Very dangerous move, but it will only convince more people in Ukraine they should overturn the present junta.
      Next 2-3 years in Ukraine will be super-interesting.

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    • A possible source of the information on deployment of Russian peacekeepers:


    • And an official statement from OCSE, saying that RF will NOT be deploying peacekeepers:
      I don’t really know what to believe. (Lada, you may as well remove both of my comments.)


  11. Oh, and I forgot … Merry Christmas 🙂


  12. By the way, it isn’t simply Merkel; she is not that unusual in German circles today. Here is an excerpt of something:

    In his opening speech at the SZ Economic Summit, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier appealed to business heads to support Germany’s rise to be a world power.

    “Germany should ‘lead Europe to lead the world’, ‘Europeanise Russia’ and ‘multilateralise the US’”, Steinmeier demanded, citing an essay that has been featured on an official web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for months. He added, “No small task!”

    The implications of these words are unmistakable. Germany’s return to an aggressive foreign policy runs along similar channels as followed in the first half of the 20th century. The German elites once again see it as their “task” to dominate Europe in order to become a world power. Today, as before, this programme of German imperialism means conflict with Russia and the United States.

    To “Europeanize Russia” means nothing other than to subordinate Russia to a Europe controlled by Germany. To “multilateralise the US” means to contest the role of the United States as the world hegemon. In other words, German foreign policy in the future will develop increasingly in opposition to the two powers against which it has already waged two world wars.



    • That’s interesting signs, Paul.
      In the short to mid run I’d say what he says is positive for the world, not negative – as long as Germany HELPS to contain US.
      Russia of course needs to be prepared for longer term threats, but that’s some years away and it’s being done.
      Presently Germany isn’t at all in the position to challenge either of the 2.
      In reality, you have to read between the lines: Germany is scared. I might write more about that in my ES reports.

      Right now the harm and danger comes from Merkel who is completely under US, not Steinmeier, who, in case you didn’t notice, is at odds with her. She should really retire.

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  13. @ Lada, links about Russian Peacekeepers:

    Most of the politicians are useless, they are just appointed to perform their ceremonial and administrative duties within the system which in reality doesn’t work in best interests of their countries. Germans even more so. I couldn’t find the source that use to be available by Google search, about alleged document called ‘Chancellor Act’. The following link can be of some help instead – about how Germany is still de facto occupied by US forces, with chancellor officially obliged to follow US directives, because countries never signed peace treaty after WWII



  14. I trust your predictions, which is the reason why I like your blog. 🙂

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  15. Lada, this is not on topic, but is a very significant event, that you might not be aware of, but which is in tune with your predictions/analysis.

    Descendants of the White Emigration wrote an open letter against the blatant russophobia in the Western MSM and among the European political leaders.


    I have translated the open letter in my post above, and gave some historical perspective comments. The original letter can be found, following the links below.

    Letter in Russian: http://www.russkymost.net/spip.php?article71
    Letter in French: http://www.russkymost.net/spip.php?article70
    The letter and interview with Prince Shakhovskoy: http://www.rg.ru/2014/12/25/pismo.html

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  16. Lada, I received this message from a friend. It is not a hoax. Please do what you to help prevent this planned atrocity. (We’re those 2 earth angels that have been bothering you)

    The children are meant for a ritual sacrifice to either Moloch or Marduk? Not sure which one of those two but one of the two. The plane, it’s intended target is most likely Ukraine, the Jesuits are planning on using it to create a HUGE nuclear explosion in the area, as they are planning on using that to escape via the tear it would cause in the quantum field / fabric of space-time-reality. One more sacrifice, and then head for the hills. My guys are doing what they can already to prevent this, but we need some real boots on the ground kind of interferences.

    For background info, Veronica Keen posted this recently:

    “Everyone needs to read and understand what you write Bradley. The Jesuits arrived on Earth by force 2000 years ago from deep outer space, they had curly horns but adopted a human form to take control. Some still have that form, they came here to try to frighten me. Few realise that the Vatican is “Jewish”. Their Jesus, Mary and Joseph never existed…… Yes there was a CHRIST not born of man, he was not put to death on a cross, he just dematerialised when the time came for him to leave. “They” need Ukraine as that was one of their ENTRY POINTS AND THEY WILL NEED IT TO BE ABLE TO LEAVE EARTH. If they try to remain on Earth they will just decompose in the Light. We have to take responsibility, prepare for their departure and start to salvage what is left of our world. “


  17. Do you remember when Merkel’s helicopter fell? The US does more than just listen to phone calls.


    Experts told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag that sabotage has been ruled out.

    A police official told the weekly paper: ‘It’s a precarious situation when both engines go out at the same time. The crew acted just as they were supposed to and got the engines going again.’

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    • Yes – that; it appears the helicopter had US-made electronics, just like Russian rockets that had failed in the last few years. I wrote about that. This seems to have been one of the warnings.
      Russians have dealt with their rocket failure problem already – I’ll write about that in the 4D Warfare report.

      Plus, there is German gold. Plus, Germany also recently had some very mysterious explosions at the chemical plant and syber-sabotage at an undisclosed iron plant, which according to German announcement caused damage to the plant facilities.

      We are in the middle of a new type of war. Sure, it’s all part of intimidation/warning campaign. Has to be expected.

      Point is, Merkel isn’t doing what a leader in her postion is supposed to do. She caves in from fear.
      All leaders today get intimidated if they try to conduct independent policy of any kind. The world has allowed Anglo-American elites to gain too much power and now we are ripping the consequences on all levels.
      Merkel thinks she can sit it out and be a yes girl, like she was all her life. Her inaction and lack of real character is what served her well for years.
      She won’t be able to get through this the same way as before. Courage is one of the necessary qualities for real leaders in this revolutionary period.
      We are out of the fat and quiet times, and different leaders are required.
      If she can’t handle the pressure, the wisest thing for her and best thing for everyone is to step down. Unfortunately, there is no other leader in Germany right now who is ready and willing to fully take the challenge and who’s popular enough. Perhaps in a year or two.

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