My Interview: How Calibrations and Chi Work. Who are Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Empaths? Who are Earth Shifters and Earth Keepers?

This is part 2 of my interview with Cat’s Eye on the Future show on Time Monk Radio.

We discuss how Calibrations of Human Consciousness and Chi work. Who are Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Empaths? Who are the mysterious Earth Shifters and Earth Keepers?

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This interview has a unique audience participation format. If you found the material presented interesting and thought-provoking, and if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section, or leave a comment on YouTube. We will choose the best questions and create a show in which these questions will be answered. This show will be posted either on TimeMonkRadio, or on Lada Ray Channel (to be decided).

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  1. I finally found the time to listen to both of your radio discussions. I really like how you categorized and assembled the various levels of kinesis, feelings and degrees of empathy. I especially found your comments about humans originally started at 5D and we devolved down to 3D. That really rang true for me. It makes sense! Since I am in my early 70 years, I am losing faith that I will live to see this war-torn world return to 5D, but I hope it will for my grandchildren’s sake. I also am in total agreement with your wise analyses of Putin, having read the Cayce prophecy many years ago and not forgetting it. I thank you for all you are doing, and I am also looking forward to your additional books when they are released. I have your first 5 already, and love them. Blessings of Peace to you.

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    • Thank you very much for your kind words and a valuable testimonial, Barbara. 🙂
      Very happy you found my work useful.
      I really appreciate your feedback and finding the time to write how you feel.

      I will be expanding into more areas and predictions in the course of the year. Stay tuned to find out more about the future of humanity. 🙂

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  2. How do you calibrate someone who displays the stigmata (the 5 wounds of Christ on the cross) on the body, and lives without eating solid food? There have been a number of these throughout history. There is currently one living in Berlin, Germany: Judith Von Halle, who has published several books which are available from Amazon. Her primary book is “And if he has not been raised: The stations of Christ’s path to spirit man” Temple Lodge,2007.

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    • You calibrate anyone the same way – by assessing the intrinsic energetic vibration their aura emits (each chakra may be different by the way) cumulatively; and the Chi level will signify the universal numeric energetic level one is a match to. More in upcoming vids, and see future descriptions on Consultations and Earth Shift System pages of

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  3. Your section about the light workers really resonated with me. One of my bone of contentions that I have had with spiritual minded people (churches and new age) is their lack of, as you say, reality and the importance of taking on the power elite with their wars. They eloquently talk about peace and the need to meditate and pray but they don’t challenge the power structure with gusto. Your explanation regarding 5D light souls entering the 3D world but living in denial in this 3D world is right on. Here’s a case in point. We have a friend of the family who is a member of the Antioch orthodox religion where their members in Syria have been ruthlessly massacred by the US supported jihadists. I have continuously emailed him articles with very clear and unambiguous proof of US supported atrocities against their fellow brethren in Syria. I told him to take this up with his leaders and do something about it. Maybe a fast or something in front of the White House. But nothing happened. It just seems like most religious people just don’t want to get involved and/or don’t want to take sides and make waves even though their fellow members are suffering at the hands of their government. It’s really unbelievable. So even though light workers have good intentions, that’s not enough. You can’t pray or meditate your way to a peaceful world. Power must be challenged in the real world. However there is good news on the New Age front. Really intelligent people like David Wilcock and others who are spirituallyminded pull no punches about who the world villain is and really understand very well Russia’s positive role in the world. They are featured in talks in a wonderful online service called Gaiam TV. Another wonderful spiritually minded person, Steven Greer, is heavily involved in engaging establishment people in the movement to disclose the existence of extra terrestrials. So there is positive news on this front.

    I also found your section on karma very enlightening. Tell me if I’m wrong but since the United States has created a Mount Everest size pile of negative karma and since this has to be worked out (karma debts paid), don’t you think that there has to be a comeuppance for the people of the US. The United States since the genocide against the native people has done so much damage and caused so much suffering to fellow human beings that there will have to be karma debt payback time. Is this how the universe works or am I wrong.

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