HAPPY NEW YEAR! Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015!

Ded Morozs and Snegurochkas

As the Year 2014 draws to a close, I want to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to all my followers and readers!

Taking stock and making peace with the Year 2014

2014 Year of the Horse

In January 2014 I wrote Feng Shui Predictions for the Year of the Wood Horse 2014. I said:

“A positive this year is that we have the so-called LAPCHUN, or the proverbial “spring.” Therefore, new shoots, new beginnings will take root.”

2014 World Events Prediction: Due to the volatility of the Wood Horse combo, events in the world will tend to spiral out of control. Tempers, ignited by the fire multiplied by wood (wood burns = intensifies fire), will flare much too easily; fights may be gloves off and very ugly.”

Read more in PREDICTIONS. Full Chinese New Year of the Horse Predictions by Feng Shui Master Lada Ray.

This year was as volatile as I predicted. The violent February coup in Kiev, civil war and brutal nazi takeover of Ukraine; ISIS in the Middle East; killing of the blacks by police in the US; increasing society polarization and various global protests/violent clashes; gloves-off fighting in cyberspace and real life between opposing points of view; Malaysian airliner catastrophes; oil and gas wars; sanctions wars between Russia and the West; unprecedented attacks on the Russian ruble and Russian economy (Special report on this coming in the beginning of January); strange failures of American and Russian space rockets; significant drop in gold and silver price. All these are manifestations of the highly volatile energy of the Year of the Wood Horse. These events are also typical of this entire decade.

At the same time I said that the mystical Lapchun, which I can best describe as ‘the presence of spring and growth chi,’ would allow for the new shoots to take off. And this is exactly what happened: I have written much this year about the re-branding and decisive pivot of Russia to the East; groundbreaking Russia-China gas deals; creation of the Eurasian Union and pre-announcement of the new Eurasian currency Altyn; new mega-deal between Russia and Turkey (gas pipeline and building of the entire new energy sector for Turkey); new massive deals Russia has signed with India, Latin American countries, and more.

Russia started decoupling from the dollar, and the new revolutionary financial system is showing first shoots. This is happening in birth pains, as the resistance of the old system is brutal. But it’s happening nevertheless. The process cannot be stopped and as the presence of Lapchun indicates, the new shoots will be successful (report on the humble beginnings of the new revolutionary monetary system is coming in January).

Ne Year 2014

The Year 2014 has been undoubtedly one of the most important and breakthrough years in recent history.

For me, 2014 was full of shocks, discoveries (both inner and outer), hard work, creation and important revelations.

I was very pleased to see how well the Russian team did at the Sochi Olympics and how beautifully the games were organized. I was shocked to see how far Ukraine has gone in the direction of violence, destruction and madness. As many of my readers know, I was born in Moscow to a Russian father and Ukrainian mother, and grew up in Odessa, presently Ukraine.

My nature has always been extremely non-confrontational. Before 2014 I was very hesitant to share all the world predictions I had in my head and all the geopolitical knowledge I had accumulated over the years of study and observation. I didn’t share my knowledge for fear of offending someone.

All my life I was an overachiever in my studies, career and other areas of life. I jetsetted the world, trailblazed different professions, quickly becoming successful in each. When I first arrived to the US 20 years ago, I became a celebrity in the Russian emigrant circles after becoming one of the first ‘straight off the boat’ Russians to land a lucrative career on Wall Street. Later, having left Wall Street, I became one of the first certified and classically trained in the East Feng Shui Masters residing in the USA. Being an overachiever in all that, I was utter under-achiever in something that I truly held dear to my heart, such as, coming out of the closet and speaking the truth for the whole world to hear; developing and widely sharing my Earth Shift System; creating my own brand of predictory mystical futurism.

Books HD

Instead of saying what I deemed important straight out, I first decided to camouflage my ideas as fiction. For millenia thinkers did just that: they wrote something revolutionary disguising their dire or important predictions and ideas as fiction. So I wrote my three novels: The Earth Shifter, Gold Train and Stepford USA, and two short novelettes: Catharsis and Green Desert. See more in BOOKS. Four of  my books had made Amazon/kindle bestseller list and/or top-rated list. I expect to release more fiction in the future.

LR blog banner

About 3 years ago I started Lada Ray Blog. The blog was created to talk about Russia and the world, share my love for world cultures, beauty, nature, animals, photography, as well as my books. Lada Ray Blog performed beyond expectations. As of today, it has over 16,000 followers and nearly 190,000 visitors.

However, I realised that unfortunately today people didn’t read fiction to educate themselves like they did in centuries past. Today’s fiction had become yet another tool for mindless entertainment, of worse, zombifying of the population. I realized that whatever I wanted to say, I needed to say straight.

In my videos about Calibrations of Human Consciousness I talk about Courage as the first life-affirming calibration. We can be destined for great things, we can have great talents, but until we conquer our fears, until we muster courage, we won’t be able to make a breakthrough to the necessary level of energetic vibration, which will make our accomplishment possible. I needed to find that courage and to let go of my fear. (More about Calibrations here, here and here. )

In 2013 I started FuturisTrendcast Blog with the intention of doing just that – sharing my wisdom, knowledge and predictions, opening people’s eyes, warning of dangers and helping them see the future. However, my non-confrontational nature didn’t allow me to go all out at first, and the blog sat basically idle for several months. By February 2014, the blog had 2,000 visitors and 10 subscribers, until… Ukraine happened and I understood, like Tolstoy once said, that I ‘cannot keep silent’ any more. At that point, fear became unimportant as I understood that something else, namely ‘the truth,’ was much more important than fear.

FT Banner HD

I watched with incredulity the craze happening on Kiev maidan, provoked deliberately to coincide with the time when Russia was preparing to host the Sochi Olympics, and it was clear to me that the West made sure Russia couldn’t interfere in Ukraine on any level for fear of the Olympics boycott. The ukro-nazi coup was timed and pushed through during Sochi Olympics for the same reason. Meanwhile, politicians from US, UK, Poland, Brussels and other EU countries flocked to Kiev maidan, where they called for violent overturn of Yanukovich and promoted hatred against Russia. People who disagreed in Kiev and western Ukraine were beaten, driven out of the country and killed. Russian language was initially banned and people speaking it prosecuted and intimidated in the country where the majority used to speak it every day. Openly fascist parties started dictating Ukraine’s policies and direct CIA assets usurped power in Kiev. In two or three short months Ukraine turned from a relatively normal place into a cesspool of the darkest and most violent kind. At the same time, the vilification of Russia and character assassination of the Russian leader reached the point of no return. Seeing all this I did what I do best: started writing to tell the truth and open people’s eyes.

FuturisTrendcast visitation and subscription exploded. Turned out, people all over the world craved knowledge and truth. Less than a year later, FuturisTrendcast boasts nearly 250,000 visitors and thousands of subscribers.

I learned a lot in the past year.

I learned that during the time of millennial revolution old ideas one grows up with and comforting childhood memories don’t work. The world is changing fast. I remembered Ukraine, and Odessa where I grew up, as a quiet, sunny, friendly place. With all my predictive powers, I never imagined ukro-nazi takeover, violent civil war, burning people alive on square through which I strolled growing up, midnight nazi marches through Odessa’s beautiful Pushkinskaya Street, bombings of peaceful population in Donbass, and shamelessly open foreign takeover of the country.

But in the midst of extreme violence and injustice, people start waking up and shoots of the new start peeking through mud and sleet. Oftentimes it’s something most people don’t expect and don’t see until after the fact. But those who have a keen, clear eye and sharp mind (and I think my readers are in this category) – those of us can glean quite a lot.

Ours isn’t an easy world, nor comforting time, but it can be very exciting and rewarding if you have the right perspective and vision.

Dear readers and followers, I am here to help you gain the right perspective and to guide your vision!

The above is a good lesson for a lot of my readers in the West. Don’t hang on to the old! The revolution is coming to your town, whether you want it or not, as the world around us changes and evolves. It’s much better to ride the wave of the new than to be shell-shocked holding on to the old.

We are living through the time of major change. We all chose to incarnate in this time of great EARTH SHIFT for a reason. We all chose our destiny. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!

In the year 2014 I reached deeper inside than I ever had, and I discovered that I had more creative potential, wisdom and revelations ready to come out than I ever realized. I knew that it was too late to hide out in my cozy and secure little world. I had my destiny to live!

Dear readers, 2014 was just the beginning – stay tuned for much more to come!

Preview of the Year 2015

Hello and Welcome, Year 2015!

Later in January, I will write my Feng Shui update for 2015. In Chinese astrology it is the year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat).

What you can expect in the coming year:

FuturisTrendcast will continue growing. Remember to follow us via email or, if you have a WordPress account (we recommend you open it), follow us via WP! How to do it

Lada Ray Youtube Channel will grow as I post more spiritual, feng shui, Project Earth Shift and geopolitical videos. Subscribe!

Also, new and very interesting interviews are coming! The topics we will discuss will be breakthrough and revolutionary at best! All interviews will be posted on the INTERVIEWS page.

The main attraction of 2015: EARTH SHIFT REPORT

I am planning at least 10-12 Earth Shift Reports – all to be available from LadaRay.info site for a donation. These reports will become available throughout the year. The first several reports will come out in early to mid-January, or as they are finished.

ES report HD

More information will be posted on the EARTH SHIFT REPORT page at LadaRay.info.


Video call snapshot 78

Announcing: Consultations by Lada Ray

Starting in January 2015, I will be offering written and Skype global consultations. This is a preview.

FENG SHUI Consultations:

1. Personal Feng Shui Consultation – written or Skype.

2. Year Ahead Feng Shui/Eastern Astrology Consultation – written or Skype.

3. Also will be available: Full Property (Home or Business) Feng Shui Consultation – Skype (includes written personal Success Charts).


These consultations provide a combined approach based on my Earth Shift System, including: Calibrations of Human Consciousness, Chi and Chakra study, Kinesiology, Shamanism, Eastern Wisdom, Astrology and Feng Shui. Certain types will be available as written document, others, as Skype consultation.


In the course of your private personal consultation I can answer questions related to alternative and real investment/wealth advice, including metals, oil, gas, real estate, currency, alternative currency, etc. (note, I do not offer specific stock recommendations), best global relocation destinations advice, country by country predictions, career, destiny, and more.

GEOPOLITICAL/GLOBAL PREDICTIONS Consultations will also be available to individuals and organizations.

Details and fees will be posted on CONSULTATIONS page at LadaRay.info. 

P.S. Don’t miss: there are more breaking news and important info in the comment section!


Russian New Year in pictures:

c novim godom

NY moscow red square

NY celebrations in Russia

NY tree Russia

NY St Pete

NY Red Sq snow

NY Tree party in Kremlin

new_year_Russia_2013 winter bathing

NY troika ded moroz

A child plays with sparklers during New Year's celebrations at Red Square in Moscow


Welcome, 2015! Dazzling fireworks light up sky over Red Square in Moscow


About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is the creator of the EARTH SHIFT AND GREAT REBALANCING TEACHING, AS WELL AS QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS & MULTIDIMENSIONAL TEACHINGS! Author of several books, multiple Webinars, Quantum Reports, and more! ** Lada has extensively written and spoken on global events, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and higher consciousness. She is world-renowned for her accurate predictions, which are currently materializing one by one! ** The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe to Lada's blogs, SM and Patreon, to stay ahead of the curve and to learn the REAL DEAL! ** Main sites: LadaRay.com - ALL WORK, BOOKS, FREEBIES, BUY WEBINARS & REPORTS! ** LRP: Join long-term monthly subscription: Patreon.com/LadaRay - regular reports and articles, advanced intel, analysis, predictions ** Twitter @Ladatweets ** Blogs: FuturisTrendcast.wordpress.com - geopolitics and predictions - huge archives LadaRay/wordpress.com - books, writing, world cultures - big archives ** YouTube: Lada Ray Channel

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Looking forward to an exciting 2015 with you and the geopolitical arena. See u in Brighton! 😉

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  2. Thank you for all your posts, I always enjoy them.

    Happy New Year

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  3. Happy new Year

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  4. Dear Lada,
    I very much like to study all aspects of your work / reports: both the geopolitical side and the metaphysical side. All your reports are extremely enlightening and mind-expanding in various different ways. Your explanations of the “Universal scale of Consciousness” is particularly revealing.
    I wonder could you make a quick comment or report about the current protests taking place in Moscow.
    Thanks for all your info about Russian culture in general, and for the very positive pics of Russian “Happy New Year 2015”.
    I look forward to your predictions for 2015.
    Happy New Year 2015 to you, and to all your readers.

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    • Thanks for the good words.
      Moscow ‘protests’ is a non-event. Navalny is utterly unpopular and hated in Russian society and has no chance of making anything meaningful happen. He’s an oppositioner on US payroll who was given suspended sentence for embezzlement and sent home. He still gathered some paid supporters to go to unsanctioned demonstration to protest his non-existent imprisonment(???). Navalny was there in person as well. It’s all a farce for show to give an opportunity for west’s MSM to take some pics to later lash out at Russia’s human rights. It’s suspected many of the 1,500 who were there were Ukrainians, not Russians – some Ukrainianas living in Russia may be sleeper terrorists or easily blackmailable into illegal actions. I’d be very vigilant if I were Russian authorities re. revenge attacks by Ukrainians. This worries me much more than protest itself. I wrote about that possibility before in articles about Total CEO plane crash and Metro train incident in Moscow. I suspect Ukrainians were behind both + their friends.
      Good news: anyone who showed up is now on FSB radar.

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  5. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Happy New Year to you too, Lada!
    And to all of you!
    (By the way, have you seen Hamzan Kadirov “putting his Special Forces at Putin’s Disposal”? Very touching, I thought. He’s quite a character…
    Also encouraging to see people finally waking up: A Czech veteran wrote an open letter saying he wants to return his NATO medals, now feeling “ashamed to have served mmcriminals”:
    December 30, 2014 – http://rt.com/news/218719-czech-veteran-nato-medals/
    And Russia has donated 50.000 tonnes of grain to North Korea: they had a bad harvest.
    And Putin has changed his mind and will no longer insist Ukraine pay their dues and bills in advance of any fuel deliveries: he has practically donated fuel + power to broke and broken Ukraine, ignoring the anti-Russian hate, etc., and thinking only of preventing people from freezing to death.
    Storing up merits in heaven (or good karma, c’est selon…) and giving good examples to those whose eyes are open.
    We’ll still waiting for your article: you said you’ll post it “next year” – and that’s from tomorrow!

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  6. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    By the way, I see Oleg Deripaska has received the “Philanthropist of the Year Award”.
    This news led me to his website, and I note he’s quite patriotic:
    “I firmly believe that it takes just 100 people to drastically change a country for the better provided that these 100 people are driven professionals capable of creating something new. I am confident that in Russia there are far more than 100 such people, so let us join forces and work together.” http://www.deripaska.com/about/
    Wow! Putin’s scolding really had an effect!? (“Vladimir Putin Rage”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjrlTMvirVo)

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  7. Didn’t want to put THAT in the main article. Just by way of letting everyone know and to anticipate any reader Qs:
    Breaking news – radiation 17 times the norm is detected at the largest in Europe Zaporozhie nuclear station in E. Ukraine supplying 50% of nuclear power of Ukraine. One of the reactors was shut down, Kiev authorities lie about it.
    Plant is going through retooling – they are refusing traditional Russian parts that are compatible with equipement and are buying incompatible US parts. Specialists have been warning for a year this would lead to disaster. (This is also in line with Year of the Wood Horse and this decade’s energy). Very worrying – this station has been suspect in mismanagement for a while.

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  8. Thank you for all your hard work this year Lada. It is so appreciated! New Year’s Blessings to you and yours and to all our sisters and brothers worldwide. May the brightening energies of the new year of 2015 enlighten us and strengthen our resolve to continue creating the loving and harmonious world we all desire to experience. Hugs, and much love to all!

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  9. What a great post!! It is very emotional, sad and happy at the same time! Thank you Lada, I’m so glad I found your websites/blog and I am looking forward to continue on this trip together with you and the other readers/members!

    So: Happy New Year to All! May it bring Joy and Understanding to the People of our World!

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  10. Thank you so much for all you’ve given us this year Lada. Your consistency in the tone and feel of your blogging has been a breath of fresh air. Happy New Year!

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  11. A heartwarming youtube that was posted in an article in our biggest newspaper in the Netherlands, taken from the Siberian Times:


    This little dog’s owner died in this hospital and he kept coming back even if he had a new owner! Now the hospital/personel have adopted him and he will stay there forever!

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  12. Lada – A very Happy New Year to you, too. Again, many thanks for the analyses and links you post – and to the intelligent and nuanced commenters on your site. I only routinely follow perhaps half a dozen sites anymore (many have gone by the wayside) whose information I deem important and trustworthy – yours being one of them. In addition, it’s been very enlightening and expanding and has decreased the polarity/duality that we here in the U.S. have been subjected to for decades to see Russia, et al., in a totally different light. Love your work – Linda

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  13. Dear Lada,

    All the best to you for 2015. I’m so glad to have found your website in 2014. I can thank Paul Plane for finding you. You speak my language. You are the complete package of geopolitics, culture, finances and spirituality. I look forward in anticipation to any new entries into your blog.

    All I can say is if you think 2014 was volatile, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Fasten your seat belts, we’re going to have quite a ride. Everything that happened in 2014 will be magnified in 2015-2016. We may be seeing the endgame of the western ponzi financial system. The American-Anglo empire is going all out to defeat the new world system of Russia, China, etc. and this will be a no-holds-barred struggle to the end. The west will not compromise and this will be a life and death struggle for their system. Make no mistake about it, the western elite is at war militarily, psychologically, economically, financially, in cyberspace and in space with Russia. Russia and China better be ready for this. While I highly respect Russia’s peacefulness and infinite patience, Russia’s hand may be forced in the next year or two to launch what Paul Craig Roberts calls black swans in order to take down the western financial system which is their achilles heel. I know that Russia doesn’t want to do this but they may have to in order to save the world civilization from a worse outcome. Russia didn’t ask for World War II but they were forced to defend themselves and then through millions of Russian lives destroy Nazi Germany. I’m sure there will be fiery debates within the Russian leadership on how to respond to the west’s provocations. Some will consul patience while others will say the opposite.

    On the positive side one of my predictions is that more countries in Europe will peel away from the EU/Nato. 2014 saw a beginning of this with the Czech Republic and especially with Hungary declaring against the sanctions. Watch the beginning of a color revolution in Hungary for 2015. Serbia will be very interesting to watch.

    The most worrisome event could be a possible meltdown at the Ukrainian nuclear facility. Imagine this plant melting down but this time without the tremendous mobilization that the Soviet Union did during Chernobyl. Imagine the incompetent fools in Kiev dealing with it. Lada do you think it would be paranoid for me to think that US/Israel may actually be sabotaging this facility in order to create a crisis for Russia. If the facility melts down and explodes then Russia will be in harm’s way. This could be a sort of nuclear war with Russia. Watch this development in 2015. A meltdown/explosion could be a justification for Russia to intervene if only for reasons of Russia’s safety.

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  14. Reblogged this on The Way of Love Blog and commented:
    For me, 2014 was a time of getting to know more about Russia and its people. It is a journey well worth taking, especially for those who have been taught to think in terms of Russia as “enemy.” As Lada Ray relates her personal story about her blog, we find confirmation that the world is waking up and wanting to know Truth rather than the lies we have been fed. It is with joy that I share Lada’s latest blog post because until I found her, my concept of Russia–based on the little we hear in America–had been a dreary, cold country where the people were oppressed and suffering. I’m sure there is poverty in Russia, but I’ve also sensed that the Russian people do not view material possessions as the focus of life. Enjoy seeing Russia through the eyes of a highly educated, world traveling Russian/Ukrainian woman!

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  15. I reblogged this post at http://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/12/31/happy-new-year-goodbye-2014-welcome-2015/ with this comment: For me, 2014 was a time of getting to know more about Russia and its people. It is a journey well worth taking, especially for those who have been taught to think in terms of Russia as “enemy.” As Lada Ray relates her personal story about her blog, we find confirmation that the world is waking up and wanting to know Truth rather than the lies we have been fed. It is with joy that I share Lada’s latest blog post because until I found her, my concept of Russia–based on the little we hear in America–had been a dreary, cold country where the people were oppressed and suffering. I’m sure there is poverty in Russia, but I’ve also sensed that the Russian people do not view material possessions as the focus of life. Enjoy seeing Russia through the eyes of a highly educated, world traveling Russian/Ukrainian woman!

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  16. Happy New Year to you, Lada, and to all your readers! All the best wished for 2015!

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  17. all the best for 2015 from BC Canada—am very fortunate to have found your insightful posts
    earlier this year when i watched the tragic events unfold in Kiew and realized the wicked forces behind the seemingly spontaneous protests and the ensuing events—am referring friends to your blog so they can get some balanced info to counter our biased MSM press which to me has become every bit as propagandized as the press in any authoritarian regime one cares to compare it to:(north Korea,Nazi germany etc.)
    keep up your excellent work!
    much love!

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  18. Happy new Year 2015…Hopefully embarking on a more & more visible shift of what constitute this “earth”! A positive one that is….
    Health & Happiness and Peace to you Lada & keep up the good work!

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  19. Dear Lada,

    Thanks so much for your interesting predictions and points of view. It really opened my eyes and made me understand things so much better.
    I wish you and all the people on this blog a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

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  20. Best wishes for the New Year. It is definitely shaping up to be a year of major change.

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    One of beautiful collection from Lada…


  22. Have you seen this?
    Cover of The Economist mag. about the world in 2015.
    Wild stuff!
    It’s loaded with all sorts of symbolic imagery.
    With your rather strong intuition you might have an insight or three to relate concerning this image.


  23. This one is a bit of fun:
    I was really tickled by it 😉


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