World Beware! What is Really Behind Angela Merkel’s Subservience to the US?

I have repeatedly warned last year about the strange and incongruent position of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in regards to various issues, from NSA surveilance and the return of the German gold, to sanctions against Russia. In all situations, Merkel took position that was submissive to the US and directly contrary to the interests of her own country. In the old days, that would be called treason.

The German newspapers have been circulating rumors that the reason for Merkel’s position is the fact that she aims to become the new Secretary General of the UN. In 2016 Ban Ki Moon’s term expires and the next GenSec has to be a European. However, it is very well known that the only way a UN GenSec can be elected, let alone survive in this post, is when she is approved and in good graces with the USA.

As I wrote previously, there is more to the story than meets the eye and Merkel is also pathologically anti-Russian (something she has been hiding well throughout her life), as well as utterly compromised by NSA. However, the UN GenSec position for serving as a loyal US lapdog is a great reward. US puppets always tend to be rewarded lavishly as long as they toe the line.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a prime demonstration of the unprecedented corruption of the Western system, of utter lack of democracy and complete disregard for any laws and common decency – something both US and EU so love to point out in others.

Merkel has proven that she doesn’t want to retire and that she craves more power. As you will see below, she is being quietly, but insistently, exposed and pushed out of the German power structures. But that’s okay with her as the US is offering her a bigger prize in exchange for subservience and closing her eyes to blatant US abuses in the EU, Ukraine, Russia and Germany itself.

Related report in Russian: Эксперт: Ангела Меркель может идти на поводу у США, чтобы получить пост генсека ООН

As an afterthought: UN has become a completely corrupt and irrelevant organization. The sooner it is replaced, the better. However, this will only happen after the US empire is weakened sufficiently. And of course, the headquarters had better be moved from New York, somewhere far and away.

Related: US puppet, Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatsenyuk, a few days ago went to Germany where he gave an interview to Germany’s #1 TV channel ARD. In the interview Yatsenyuk said verbatim that: “Russia attacked and invaded both Ukraine and Germany.”

Merkel’s reaction? NO COMMENT! 

Эксперт: Из-за высказываний Яценюка о Второй мировой войне Меркель оказалась в неловком положенииby RT на русском52,083 views. Merkel has been put in a difficult position when Yatsenyuk announced that it was the USSR that attacked Nazi Germany. If Yatsenyuk is trying to gain support and sympathy in Germany this way, all this will achieve is the opposite effect as Germans know very well that the German Nazis attacked the USSR.

This is from The Voice of Germany I referenced previously: Germany must exit NATO and enter a union with Russia. 12/14 German author Peter Feist, interview to Quer-Denken.TV: “German government is acting contrary to German interests, including risking heat in our people’s homes during harsh winter, just to please the US. We have to regain our sovereignty, which we are losing fast. German government has made deals and is celebrating open nazis in Ukraine who are parading with swastikas around Kiev.”

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  1. I suspected that Merkel must have been compromised ,through NSA of more than likely.We will never know ,but with the business sector of Germany being against the sanctions on Russia ,why else would she tow the US /Nato line or as the Saker calls it the Anglo/zionist line.
    I would not be to quick to replace the UN completely ,though.For what it is worth from IMHO ,I would dismantle the security council,and let the general assembly decide on resolutions.
    I do believe that the UN as a world body can be salvaged and it should speak for all nations in matters that are global ,humane and sane.The UN is presently dysfunctional because the US rules with coercion and arm twisting etc. to get it’s way . No one nation should have that right . It is an insult to the remainder of the citizens of the world,as if we are less than.The US has proven , for the world to see , that it certainly does not deserve to be a beacon of righteousness and democracy (sic).
    I is heartwarming to know that Germany is aware of the treachery of Merkel. I just wish we could see this in my nation of Canada.
    On another topic entirely ,It is certainly painful to hear of the assassinations that have transpired in Paris ,no one should be assassinated for insulting another.That being said respect is truly lacking when words can trigger such actions.I would say that it goes much further than lack of respect to ignite such actions.
    I find it odd that at a time when Israel is thrashing about because the Palestinians have finally decide to join the ICC ,that we should see such violence by the fanatical Islamists.
    We nevertheless live in dangerous times,hopefully sanity will return soon with Peace breaking out all over the world .

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    Thank you Lada for the source info, gauging real German public sentiment, exposing the disinfo & cover-ups!


  3. You are my favorite site atm. Good luck with that tooth. Bye


  4. Yes, she is pushing a dangerous course, and has a bad vibe.

    I think you should give more weight to Germany’s interests, though. In fairness to Merkel, the US has seemingly given Germany a good deal in the EU. They get to take over all of Eastern Europe eventually. First, all the countries get deindustrialized, and then they become colonies of the EU, but largely Germany. And the US gets that all these countries join NATO and become anti-Russian. Eventually, Russia will be weakened and forced to give up her resources cheaply, so Germany will win in that scenario. Germany is fine with the Eurasian Union, but first wants to drive Russia out of Eastern Europe. If the EU could take over the Ukraine, Crimea, and Belarussia, then Merkel would probably be fine, as Russia would be in a very weak position.

    In other words, Germany is allied with the US in many ways. They both can see a great benefit in having Russia weakened substantially. Also, unlike the situation in the 1930’s, they probably think that their war can be done without armies. Instead, they use NGOs and pay locals to fight.


    • There is some truth to what you say and some in Germany do think that way, well, perhaps quite a few, esp. the anglo-american stooges and politicians/MSM fed by NWO.

      But long-term this isn’t going to work, as I have predicted before. I know waht they think, but as usual these power greedy b**tards are delusional. I think some Germans do understand that, and my thing is to show people the right way, which is to be friends with Russia.

      Merkel is very bad news, as I’ve been suspecting for the entire past year. New article is coming up about that re #donbass and France #falseflag connection.


  5. Paul is correct in the division of labor between the German and US Atlanticists. It was Germany who took the lead in sabotaging Yugoslavia and was the prime cause of the disintegration of that country and the ensuing civil wars. But Lada is right that Anglo-German Atlanticists are delusional in thinking that they can get what they want on the cheap, that is weakening Russia. Just wait until the western financial edifice comes crashing down with Deutsche Bank one of the casualties. Deutsche Bank and other too big to fail institutions are one of the pillars of the Anglo-American empire and when that crashes one of the legs to the stool will be gone. I do agree with Jim Willie (who was recently on Paul’s show) that Germany will pivot east but that it will just take time for things to work out and for pieces to fall into place. Merkel is a disgusting disgrace to Germany and the fact that she had no comment regarding Yat’s outlandish comments just shows to what depths of depravity she has fallen. Up until recently Hollande of France was on my #1 selection for US stooge but since he has spoken of the need to lift sanctions now Merkel is numero uno US vassal. Congrats Merkel on this feat.

    Lada I somewhat disagree with you that the UN is a completely useless organization. It’s worse than useless. The UN is trying to take away every nation’s sovereignty by forcing down their throats undemocratic laws that contradict each nation’s own laws like Agenda 21 for example. The UN is being used to attempt to create a dictatorial world government governed by corporations with no rights for individual citizens. Ban Ki Moon is a stooge of this cabal and I guess it’s fitting to have the stooge Merkel ahead of it. They deserve each other. Hopefully a truly democratic organization will replace the UN. US and Israel have destroyed the UN as a democratic consensus organization.

    By the way I finish with a couple of “coincidences”.
    1. Hollande comes out with the end of the sanctions talk and immediately the shootings take place in Paris
    2. The investigation into Flight MH17 was centered in Holland. The investigation gets nixed. Amsterdam gets its gold back.
    3. The president of French energy giant Total was in Moscow to discuss trade between them in non dollar terms and his plane crashes into a snow plow.


  6. Gary and Lada,

    Not much to add to that, but I recently read a transcript that was from a discussion between an aeronautical guy who had travelled around Europe looking at jet fighters and Stalin. Germany had the best fighters and the most in 1938 or so, but the USSR was catching up by 1941. The Germans thought nothing could touch what they had, and Stalin said something along the lines of “Arrogance is one of the Germans’ biggest weaknesses.” My guess is that most Germans, or at least successful Germans, look at Russia as a mismanaged and corrupt place with all kinds of problems. From that follows the idea that it should be easy to push Russia around.

    As far as America’s takeover of Germany goes, I think a lot of Russians are living in the past. They remember the 1970’s and 1980’s, when West Germany, France, and Italy were relatively pro-Russian. And many business leaders and politicians from those days are still like that. But those who are under the age of 70 have been living in a different world, a world where the US has actively taken over European media and business groups. If you are not anti-Russian, you will suffer. This article by Mikhail Delyagin goes into some of the techniques. I will spare you another lecture about how Russia’s diplomacy has been lousy over the last 15 years, and ignored serious threats, such as the current situation in the Ukraine. To think that Russia had not gotten the Chinese UnionPay system working when Russia had practically been at war with the West since the situation with Syria got started is amazing.

    Find it hilarious how many people in Russia still thinking in categories of a decade ago, is still considered “old Europe” Russia’s friend. And talk about that German business wants to extract from us the profit and because I say its weighty word, forcing politicians to normalize relations…

    Naive people, judging Europe Ahikam 90s! They just don’t know what American ambassadors (and even officials of lower rank) kicked open the door leading captains of European business, even in Germany. And intelligibly explain: do you want to cooperate with Russia – forget about profit from cooperation with America and the attraction of capital from global markets.

    And the business itself has seen: why work when you can just take anything you like? Enough not to interfere, but it is better to help the Americans to overthrow the “rotten Putin’s regime”. As stated by the Minister of defence of Germany, the weak and the poor Russia will be able to withstand sanctions only 2-3 years. Then, presumably, will be like in the 90s, and even in Ukraine: external control. Not only American, but German.

    Has changed and the situation in politics. Forgotten the possibility of friendship. Even the border guards and customs officials in Germany are looking wolves, and on the memory of my generation never did.

    It’s simple: Germany felt the mistress of Europe.


    • There is a lot of truth to this, although as you know I am not a Delyagin fan. But perhaps this excessively gloomy view of the world by him, Dugin, Fedorov, etc,. is necessary to wake up some Russians. If it helps them, perhaps, but I think it does more harm than good.
      I do agree about the extreme brainwashing of the EU and of some Russians.
      But this is actually the point of my blog and everything I do. I am trying to show people there is a better way. The situation was largely predetermined by the fact that Russia had to go karmically through hardship, accompanied by blindness, in order to really learn that lesson that will lead Russia to the rightful place and the rightful global leadership. Russia also can awaken Europe. But Europe has to to chose to do so. Unfortunately, so far I see some signs, which I am trying to encourage here, but not sufficient.
      See my newest post about the connection between false flags in France and Ukraine. Explains a lot.
      As always, it is the darkest before the dawn.


    • P.S. Nothing is black and white and EU isn’t homogeneous. There are forces and people in the EU, believe it or not, who are pro-Russian, or who are simply smart and pragmatic, as I have shown so many times in my posts.
      Besides, my role as I see it, is to unite, not divide, to shed light, not to make it more gloomy and dark. I’ll tell the truth though, even if it’s very unpleasant-sounding. But I’ll try to create a bridge whenever possible. The situation is difficult and it will continue being difficult – what do you want, the illness has gone too far. Saving the patient – and by patient I mean humanity – will take some huge shake-ups.

      Delyagin isn’t wrong in his analysis, but his doom and negativity doesn’t help and that’s why he is more and more marginalized. Keep that in mind.
      Suggest drawing conclusions NOT exclusively from him, Dugin and Fedorov, but also occasionally from me. 😉


  7. Yes, we need the bright side. I am not such a big fan of Delyagin, either. But I feel that Russians have been very blinded with their pro-Western views over the last 15 years or so. And the problem in the West is more spiritual than monetary. It feels like a negative virus has landed in the West and spread to different places, such as Kiev or Washington. After all, many of the supporters of the war in the Donbass are not actually going to profit from things. Big German and American cartels may, but some of the biggest warmongers are really more like they are from “The Dispossessed” than anything else.

    So please just take it as a call for a healing crisis. They are required.


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