Confusion Clarification: Is Russia Stopping EU Gas Transit Through Ukraine?

This is additional info and clarification of my original article: Bombshell! Russia to Stop Transit of Gas to EU Through Ukraine! For the complete picture make sure you read both!

I see a lot of confusion surrounding this issue. Therefore, I will clarify a few things here:

1. The statement by the Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller was made. This is not fiction. It is another question whether his statement was misinterpreted – intentionally or not – taken out of context, or intentionally exaggerated by the EU and Ukraine, who are customarily trying to shift the blame to Russia for all their sins, as I wrote in my above-referenced piece.

2. Materials have been published, among other things, on the site. I went back to, and so far I’ve been unable to find the two pieces I relied upon in my article.

3. Some small counties, Bulgaria and Croatia, to name a couple (both entirely under the US and Brussels thumb), plus the EU Commission (also headed by a Croatian national, as far as I can see) panicked and started yelling “Russians are coming” – or rather… “Russians are leaving.” Well, since ‘Russians are coming’ is bad and ‘Russians are leaving’ is also bad – what are the Russians to do, I wonder?

4. Ukraine, for its turn, also jumped on the bandwagon of blaming Russia to conceal its usual stealing of Russian gas. The immediate impact was exaggerated by Ukraine on purpose escalating the panic. For years, this is all Ukraine does. The moment any of their many self-made disasters backfires – it is immediately blamed on Russia, while Western MSM and politicians gladly give them the platforms to do so. Same happened in 2008 with Saakashvili of Georgia.

5. Re-read my article, those who didn’t do it carefully the first time – and notice my careful wording. The announcement by Alexei Miller is meant as a geopolitical and economic warning. In the article, I say specifically that at this time EU has no alternative to Russian gas.

Also notice my predictions (see article link above, and more below), in which I say there is still some time to go. Frankly, I hardly remember any time when my predictions didn’t come true, down to the exact timing of the events. It appears it may be right on the dot this time as well. More PREDICTIONS.

6. The materials related to Miller’s announcement were first published by in Russian exactly how I phrased it in the beginning of my original article. I omitted the links to the source, as the two small pieces were in Russian, and perhaps, I shouldn’t have.

It appears the Daily Mail article was taken from, plus, from some hysterical statements by EU, Croatia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. At this time, I cannot find the link to the original articles – it appears the pieces have been relegated to archives. The event was also confirmed by some Russian analysts.

It is not true that RT didn’t run the story, as some suggested. Here is a very carefully worded RT story.

Therefore, it appears Russians, as usual, try not to rock the boat too much. Perhaps the warning was judged to be sufficient at this point. See more on that below.

7. I don’t have the complete information on all the details of how exactly Russia/Gazprom have acted in this case, and why. No one does – everything is pure speculation. Of all people, only Putin has the complete picture and full information, based on which the decisions are made.

What I see and foresee: the situation is VERY MUCH IN A FLUX right now, and for the foreseeable future; decisions are being made in live mode, in response to challenges as they come up.

I want to stress again: we are living through a massively revolutionary EARTH SHIFT on all levels. Putin, Russia, Gazprom have a lot of very serious maneuvering to do every day.

However, here is what is set in stone: 

Gazprom/Russia will soon transition out of Ukraine completely. All of Ukraine’s annual transit 63 bln cubic meters of Russian gas to the EU will go exclusively through Turkey. The new Turkish Stream pipeline is being built as we speak.

My predictions regarding EU starting to experience gas shortages will come to pass sooner, rather than later… unless EU snaps out of its fearful submissiveness to the US, multiplied by EU’s own ulterior motives towards Russia. I am also warning that the way EU acts, when it does finally see the light, it may be too late. 

What is happening around the world, including violence, confusion, crisis, disasters – will only escalate. I will eventually have full predictions for this decade and beyond as a separate EARTH SHIFT REPORT on Stay tuned!

IF humans are still interested in keeping the world as we know it intact, then they should pay close attention and support what Russia does. Keeping your perspective and wits is also a very important thing. I will continue to inform and guide on this blog, YT channel and

8. Incidentally, when breaking the news, Russians fully realised this would create a storm in the EU/West, and the howling would start anew. Again, this is just a warning, a heads up, so to speak: ‘Hey, EU we have plenty of leverage over you too, not just the US. If you disregard our interests to this degree, here is what can happen.’ Of course there is no intention of freezing the poor children in Bulgaria.

Notice the big paragraph in my article (can’t miss it – it’s huge) about all the most recent abuses by EU/West/Ukraine against Russia and Donbass? I put all that in there on purpose in order to remind people what Russia has to deal with daily, and therefore, how well justified any action by Russia would be.

9. Any announcement by Gazprom always has huge consequences. It is possible that Alexei Miller’s wording was partially misinterpreted because of wishful thinking. Let’s face it – many people all over the globe are sick and tired of the blatant piracy by Ukraine and blatant lies of the EU. Ukraine and EU – being guilty of massive lies and transgressions they perpetrate daily against Russia – also secretly, in their heart (if there is one available) know Russia can pull the plug at any moment. Many people all over the world are hoping Russia would do so to end this vicious cycle of predatory Western all-permissiveness and ukro-nazi crimes.

Notice, Miller’s statement was left intentionally ambiguous.

ADDED: Found some links! The following posts from contain additional info: Мечты сбываются, или Ультиматум “Газпрома.” Also: “Газпром”: “Турецкий поток” – единственный маршрут для поставки российского газа в Европу and “Газпром” станет крупнейшим игроком в Турции. Keep in mind, this site, despite its name, is NOT a pro-Kremlin/pro-Putin publication. Actually, often quite the opposite. That said, information in the above posts is accurate.

10. All the above added to the confusion. To wrap this up, here is what I wrote as my original reply to the reader questions. My notes below reflect my original reaction to the Gazprom news by Daily Mail, before I saw additional materials on As usual, my original instinct was correct, and as usual, the original reaction contained the concentrated seed of truth. This is the verbatim exchange from a recent post:


    • I have a question about PCR’s post this morning:

      I can’t find anything mentioned in our MSM-mediash*t about this, but the article in the Mail does exist!

      • I’m not sure this info is true, although it’s wishful thinking of some. Even Americans and Europeans are getting angry for their govts’ actions in Ukraine and start wishing Russia did something re. gas.

        On some level it would have been the right thing to do to cut this Gordian knot, to ensure US is left in the cold politically, but Russians are very careful not to disturb even more than what has already been disturbed. They also don’t want to create any bad blood with Europeans. I think they are rightly careful as rabid beast called US has shown it takes no prisoners.

        Besides, Turkey’s terminals aren’t ready yet as far as I know (Turkish Stream pipeline is also just being built – LR)

        Although floating this kind of hoax as part of infowars is a very good idea, whoever it’s coming from. Keeps Brussels and Berlin on their toes. Gas closure would affect mostly central EU: Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria. Also Italy and Greece. This could tip them over decisively against Merkel and US.

        Overall, I like the idea, but it’s very risky. Ukraine has been stealing gas as usual, but Russia would either shut it off if it became unbearable, or more likely as political pressure on Kiev not to attack Donbass and for EU to help Russia restrain Kiev. For that purpose I think it’s a swell idea. I’ll see what I can find out about it from my sources.

        Also, a lot depends on the EU’s overall behavior.
        It appears EU is ready to start removing sanctions and they are lingering only because they are mortally afraid of the US and vassals (UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, Baltics). Problem is US and Ukraine completely lost it and are too dangerous; they can concoct another false flag in a jiffy. This worries me most.


      • A small correction:
        “the natural gas will no longer go through Ukraine. It goes to Turkey. If Europe wants it, Europe can build the pipeline from the Turkish/Greek border.”
        This is what Miller basically said yesterday, and the EU commissioner said it took him by surprise. Miller said that once the Turkish Stream is built, Ukraine will no longer be a transit country as the risks for Europe are too high – they are even very high this winter.
        Miller further said that Europe can build the pipelines within the EU as they see fit. As far as I understand, one of the previous problems with South Stream was that EU wanted Gazprom to build the pipelines in EU, but then give the control over the pipelines to EU. Now EU gets all they control they want, once they are done building it.

        Lada Ray

      • That’s not a small correction – it’s a completely different story, Nemo! Thank you. Now it makes sense.
        As I said in my reply to Christa, the way it was presented in Daily Mail (isn’t it a borderline yellow press in the UK? I don’t really follow that junk), it didn’t make any sense.
        Of course they would want to create as much hysteria as possible.
        I am sure Ukraine is also trying to do everything to create anti-Russian hysteria in the EU, so they will be making statements that aren’t only false, but also extremely volatile. Their nazi junta is crumbling, the only way they can prolong their pathetic existence is to blame everything on Russia.
        They learned well from their masters – the US.


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  1. The thing is, the story was picked up by Zerohedge and some references to a past cut-off during the gas wars years ago. Who knows? It might have been a test. Just today, there were stories on Twitter and elsewhere about a Chinese missile hitting an American Naval vessel. Now they say things were hacked, but it could have been a US infowar test. The Sony – North Korean story seems to have been a total scam, with a Sony executive being from the Rand Corporation and various other dubious angles. In other words, we are living in an age of the infowar.

    By the way, you might want to discuss how the gas situation got to where it is one of these days. A complicated story, to be sure, but the South Stream issue and the Ukraine are really part of the same story. It is about the control of Eastern Europe. If Russia hadn’t had gas that wasn’t easily replaceable, the West would have put incredible pressure on Russia years ago.

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  2. Thank you very much Lada, for clarifying this further! Will be interesting to follow the developement of this story and how things will work out!
    Have a great weekend everyone!

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  3. Thanks for the really good reporting, Lada. We would not have a clue as to what is really going on over there if you and only a couple of other sources were not manning their posts!

    I might suggest that you send some type of greetings with your current report on Gazprom’s intention to re-route the gas thru Turkey…to Mike Adams of Natural Mike suffers from the arrogance of ignorance when it comes to his reporting (quite a large audience, by the way) on matters involving Russia. He seems to grab things from mainstream and simply parrot it on his site which is wrong, wrong, wrong. This in my personal opinion makes anyone in the news or investigative journalism a “Witness”. The laws of witness according to God are very clear…if a person falsely accuses (reports) they assume the position of the accused and must pay for the crime. If you falsely accuse someone as in a killing (how about mass killing?) you also become guilty of murder. A very good reason for a journalist to take a lot of precaution in reporting a story. It is not a matter of just getting a good story put together…it must be a true story. Let your nay be nay and your yea be yea because in the abundance of words lies the snare of a man. Mike is very good and instrumental in reporting on a lot of things but he tends to be a sensationalist in my opinion. Your article and coming from you just might open his eyes to his error and stir up his tenacious Texan spirit to get it right with his readers. Sorry I don’t know the man personally or I would tell him myself.

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    • Very welcome.
      Unfortunately, the majority in the US have zero idea what is happening in Russia, Eurasia, or even EU, but as you said, they arrogantly extrapolalate their limited local understanding onto areas of the world they know nothing of, and assume they know everything. It’s not my place to tell them anything, but any of my readers are welcome to send links to my articles to anyone they deem necessary. The more people read the truth and well-weighted analysis (not to mention my predictions), the better.
      Unfortunately, too many of those mentioned run on their egos instead. It would be very beneficial if they began putting the interests of the people before their egos while reporting.

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  4. Solid explanations, Lada.
    Lo apreciamos mucho.
    Wow! Everybody’s getting’ very excited!
    I am lovin’ it!
    Did he say it? Did he say something different?
    Has the gas been cut… or is he just talking about cutting it?
    Well, either way, I’ve been excitedly waiting to see his next chess move… and El Señor Don Vladimir Vladimirovich hasn’t let me down! 
    Get an eyeball load of this:
    Is that dead cool, or what?
    I imagine the Greeks must be doing a lot of Cossack-style dances on tables, around bottles of Russian vodka, this evening 😉
    I certainly would if I were they.

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    • Yes, I hear the Greeks are seriously discussing leaving the EU, but there are too many neocons in govt there to sabotage it. The Greeks should do what’s necessary and join Russia-Turkey alliance. Cyprus should too, asap. They really did a number on poor Cyprus. Geopolitically these 2 leaving EU will be a Hiroshima for the US, but I’d be careful celebrating just yet. False flags are possible, but the more of pressure points, the harder for the US to react everywhere.
      NATO/EU is starting to show cracks, but it will take some time. Germany’s desire to sit on 2 chairs with one as* may backfire seriously. But more is going on in the world than that. Putin and his people have quietly created the network last year. US in the end will be the biggest loser.

      More in EARTH SHIFT REPORTS soon!

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  5. Hi Lada, thanks for the clarification. I stand corrected on zero reporting of Miller’s speech on RT. I nornally don’t read RT’s website but get all of the RT videos in my email and there wasn’t any mention of the cutting off of gas to Ukraine. I think Russia is just biding its time until the pipeline to Turkey is completed. The situation is very fluid and as you say things can change on a day by day basis so Russia could possibly cut off the gas to Ukraine even before the pipeline to Turkey is completed depending on the hostility of the Kiev regime and its western backers. I think Miller left it ambiguous on purpose but let it be known that Russia holds all the cards so central and western Europe better be careful. By the way the Nord Stream is functioning just fine and it brings gas to Germany from Russia.

    Yes I am also frustrated by reporting in the alternative media regarding Russia. Many news outlets seem to take any bs anti-Russian propaganda as truth and splashes it in bold headings. Top story, Russia cuts off gas to Europe, little old ladies and children will freeze to death. Top story, Russia has invaded Donetsk according to “eye witnesses”. Top story, Russia is facing an imminent collapse to its economy on account of the double whammy of 50% cut in oil and 50% cut in the Ruble. Russia is not in trouble and is in very good shape financially and economically. For Russians the 50% drop in the Ruble along with the drop in oil prices means that Russians are paying the same for petrol. No change. The only change is probably an increase in imported items but Russia can handle that. They’ve survived much worse situations. Zero Hedge, who I like a lot, should at times be taken to the wood shed for some disciplining regarding Russia.

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  6. Southeastern Europe should consider leaving the EU and joining with the Eurasian Union. However, this is much easier said than done. Romania has no interest, as she is generally an opponent of Russia. Greece doesn’t really want to leave the EU; it just wants a better economy from not paying the banksters and being under German and French control. Cyprus is hurting, too. Again, though, many have been bought off, so who will offer the billions? Russia may offer better business deals, but the elite don’t care about that so much. You have to bribe those in high places and propagandize the masses. If the EU runs out of money, then everything can change.

    Bulgaria will probably go wherever the money is. Modolva is under Romanian and EU influence, and Russia would probably only move there if Odessa comes under Russian influence.

    The other thing in this discussion is that Eastern Europe has been deindustrialized and the young people have moved to Western Europe. If the EU cut off their visas, it would be a tremendous catastrophe for their countries. EU policies have been bad, if not downright evil.

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    • True, but there are some serious nuances to this.
      By the way, the future is changing as we speak.
      These were always the areas to swing with the wind, or as they used to say in the old Soviet joke, with the party line 😉

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  7. Risto Lahnalampi

    Tanks Lada Ray ! You are my window to see the big picture in Finland. We have people just tinking WW II time and hate our eaten nabur. Veda – Razputin – Putin. I love that ❤

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  8. Off-topic, but highly-relevant to what is happening right now:
    Paris false flag. Nikolai Starikov (with English transcript of the video)

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  9. While we were looking the other way, to Paris, the EU seems to have adopted the following resolution:;jsessionid=D4B1321363A1FC8B2EAB665B72B2E25C

    Found the Dutch version here:

    I cannot find an English version at the moment, but this is very scary to say the least! When and where will they stop?


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    • They’ll stop when people of the EU finally tell them ‘no more.’
      For as long as they can swindle millions into ‘unity marches’ while sneaking in resolutions like this, nothing will change. Someone’s pushing people’s buttons, and they as usual fall for it. The moment protest rallies against US/West’s aggression against Ukraine and Russia gathers 1mln people in the EU, the moment they unelect corrupt US puppets out of Europarliament – all this will stop. They can only do all this for as long as people allow them to do it.

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    • I can’t believe my eyes! The magnitude of lies, riddled with fear-mongering, hypocrisy, and upside-down logic!

      Truly, the EU Parliament went all out in telling the biggest lie possible in the hope that it would pass for truth!

      And in the meantime, in Latvia, it is now prohibited to speak Russian in public places and offices:
      While Latvia and Lithuania publish instructions on how to behave once they are occupied by a foreign power (read: Russia).


  10. Christa,

    That is an absurd document; it reads like it was written by American neoconservatives. Well, maybe it was.

    However, this is really the problem of how the EU has evolved. It has become an imperial system, with imperial thinking. They cannot imagine a different world. They really think that Russia must bow down to them. They cannot even recognize the tragedy in the Ukraine as being largely of their making.

    The EU logic for a long time is that they must integrate more and get bigger. So they will do anything, no matter how bad, to do this. They needed to get better, not bigger, a long time ago.


  11. Not sure if your saw this Lada!!! it should not be missed!!
    Blessings! Johanna
    The fourth wave of forced conscription in Ukraine is going very poorly for obvious reasons
    Town of Velikaya Znamenka speaking against the war –

    Published on Feb 6, 2015
    —The video above is a fairly typical instance of the same; while in big cities, anti-war activists are sometimes jailed for “treason”, such tactics in smaller, tight-knit communities can lead to the conflict spreading to the rest of Ukraine; therefore, the government seems to be content just grabbing those that don’t resist and leaving the rest alone, which obviously provides an incentive for more villages and small towns to refuse conscription.
    —The most extreme case as of yesterday was in a small town by Odessa, where local ethnic Moldovans were enraged by a recruiter showing up with armed soldiers – hundreds of enraged locals surrounded the three soldiers, took away the Kalashnikovs, and burned the conscription papers, while the recruiter was narrowly rescued by local officials.


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