How US Invaded Europe with Its Army of Manchurian Candidates

The new, rabidly anti-Russian resolution by the EU Parliament is very educational, rather mind-boggling – and quite scary. Thank you, Christa, for providing the links!

“While we were looking the other way, to Paris, the EU seems to have adopted the following resolution. This is very scary to say the least! When and where will they stop?”

German version:;jsessionid=D4B1321363A1FC8B2EAB665B72B2E25C

Dutch version:

English version:

Big Picture and a Look Forward: 

EU Parliament’s Russophobia and an Army of US Manchurian Candidates

This, newly adopted, document has specific authors:

1. Western Europe neocons who are the US/NWO agents. They are the ones that definitely studied in the US during the period of the USA’s rise and thriving, as a direct result of the wholesale looting of the USSR. What went on during the 1980s-1990s made it seem as if the US could do no wrong, while Russia/USSR were wrong no matter what they did. It is only now that we are starting to fully understand the scope and depth of the multi-year anti-Russian operation conducted by the West/NWO, with the US being its pointman and primary beneficiary.

The psyche of the EU neocons was shaped at Columbia, Yale or Georgetown. For these feeble-minded, yet ambitious individuals, prone to trust fake but flashy things taking them for real gold, it was all the proof they needed: if the US is doing very well economically, while Russia isn’t, it is because the US is worthy and Russia isn’t. This philosophy of the slaves brings us to the condition the world is in today.

2. The second group consists specifically of Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian (the Baltics) deputies in the EU Parliament. These, I can assure you, also studied in the US in the same period, based on the US grants.

While we were all asleep throughout the 1990s, the US was busy creating an army of Manchurian Candidates to deploy all over the world.

We all remember how a typical Manchurian Candidate works, don’t we? A trigger of some sort, generated by any kind of psychic intervention that could be as severe as MK Ultra, or as common as the brainwashing at American Ivy League schools/bribing with numbered accounts, is embedded in the “right” human’s psyche.

The human in question, of course, had to be susceptible to bribery and suggestion, have loose or non-existent morals/inner compass, and inability to tell right from wrong. Such human also had to be super-ambitious, super-greedy and possess low self-esteem. Inability to THINK critically, conceptually and constructively was a must, as any thinking person eventually would have snapped out of the brainwashing. But a great ability to parrot propaganda was very necessary! Having a personal grudge against Russia was a plus, but hardly a requirement. That part would be developed as the Manchurian Candidate preparation progressed.

Based on my Earth Shift System, all the above features can be summarized as having a low calibration (you can find more on Calibrations of Human Consciousness herehere and here).

The above-described psychological profile, manifested as low (life-diminishing or life-threatening) calibration, would make specific individual thus selected prone to psychic attacks and manipulation. Once the trigger was activated (in this case, the anti-Russian agenda), they would become unstoppable US agenda machines. Typical representatives of this breed are former president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, and former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko.

To illustrate how useful and telling my personal calibration/Chi system is in identifying who you are dealing with, here are sample calibrations of the above individuals. Mikhail Saakashvili: calibration 100 (fear)/ Chi 150 (anger). At his low, during the Georgia/S. Ossetia conflict, his calibration was 89 (violent grief) / Chi 85 – same. Viktor Yushchenko personal calibration 85 (violent grief) / Chi 95 – same.

The primest of the prime examples! Current president of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, who started out as the USSR Communist party functionier, with father as KGB (NKVD) officer, and then went on to study at the Georgetown University, Washington DC. Her Wikipedia bio says it all! This is the bio of a text-book Manchurian Candidate! In fact, the entire Lithuanian cabinet of ministers are Russophobic Manchurian Candidates, boasting similar bios. Is it any wonder that Lithuania takes such incredibly active role in stoking the fire of conflict in Ukraine, down to sending mercenaries, authoring anti-Donbass, anti-Russia resolutions (Lithuania was behind this one), sending weapons and more.

Personal calibration of Grybauskaite is 150 (anger), Chi 185 (pride). See more about how my calibrations system works in links above.

The following also gives an idea of how naive and trusting Russians used to be before the Kiev maidan of 2013-14, and how much the events in Ukraine cured them of this naiveté. I remember in 2009, when Grybauskaite first came to power in Lithuania, the Russian press was writing: “Oh, great, finally we will have someone more even-handed in the Baltics. After all, she was a Communist party member, her father was an officer, she went to school in Leningrad (St Petersburg). We have common history, she understands us better… Hopefully, she won’t be as Russophobic as her predecessors…” Famous last words!

Fast-forward to 2013: Grybauskaite and her entire government became the driving force behind pushing Yanukovich and Ukraine into signing the EU association agreement; when Yanukovich bulked the last moment, they were, together with Poland, behind massive anti-Russian, pro-EU propaganda in Ukraine, behind massive numbers of Lithuanian mercenaries (in addition to Polish and others), and now they are the driving force behind all rabidly anti-Russian actions of the EU. There is so much subversive, spying, propaganda, trolling, sabotage, and other anti-Russian activity happening in all of the Baltics, Poland and other above-mentioned countries daily that it would take a large book to even scratch the surface. The Manchurian Candidate army in action!

Romanian, Croatian and Bulgarian EU Parliament deputies participate to a lesser degree, on average more quietly and reluctantly, or perhaps, they stay neutral. Hungarian, Slovenian, Czech and Slovak deputies have, to a degree, grown up. Consequently, it’s not as cool as before to be rabidly Russophobic in those parts. To that end, at least some of them (not all) by now grasp who is pulling their strings; therefore, in part they are out of the Russia-bashing game.

That said, there are pro-Russia, or at least reasonable, forces even in Poland and the Baltics, who are being silenced or shunned.

The sheer number of the post-Soviet camp deputies from various small, inconsequential EU countries is such that they overwhelm anyone more reasonable from Western and Southern Europe, or from their own countries. The weight and importance of these small countries is zero in the affairs touching the EU most directly. Therefore, they flex their muscles, showing they mean something, in these kinds of matters. Their usual justification is that they are fearing the Russian attack at any moment now. This is also the way they get US bases, financing and the large inflow of the US/NATO military hardware into their countries.

If they are small and inconsequential, they make up for it by yelling the loudest. Again, the countries we are talking about are primarily Poland and the Baltics, whom I collectively call the “US Trojan Horses in the EU.” They tend to usurp any resolutions regarding anything to do with post-Soviet space, and they are distinguished by a very definitive anti-Russian agenda. As Paul Plane, the host of The Plane Truth Show on the Time Monk Radio, noted very astutely in comments, the EU turned all of its founding principles upside down, having greedily admitted to its ranks anyone and everyone, just to take them out of the Russian sphere of influence and to fortify the new Euro-empire.

Ironically, these US Trojan Horses often create difficulties for the EU when EU’s economic interests lie in closer cooperation with Russia. What has been happening last year, including the anti-Russian sanctions, is a direct proof of how inconvenient the US Trojan Horses can become for the rich EU countries. It is also a very interesting illustration of the impossibility of sitting with one as* on two chairs, as Merkel, Hollande and others in the EU hypocritically are trying to do.

Clearly for ulterior motives, Western Europe allows the US Trojan Horses to take the lead in all post-Soviet space and Russia-related resolutions as a bribe of sorts. This way the small countries seem to themselves as indispensable, their lust for power is satisfied, their hysteria is expressed… and Germany and France get to make all the “important decisions.” This is the manipulation of the most disgusting kind. But it is also used by Germany and others to threaten Russia indirectly, while seemingly not being an active party to such resolution.

How does it technically works? The stroke is well-known. To convince the majority, the US Trojan Horses trade favors in the lobby and promise support to other deputies, more moderate or undecided, on those topics important to them, in exchange for voting in favor of any and all anti-Russian resolutions. That has a lot of takers in the marginalized countries I mentioned above, as well as with Western EU neocons. This is the technique they learned from the US, specifically from the US Congress, where all the wheeling and dealing is done in such way.

To be sure, an earlier, more aggressive version of this resolution didn’t pass.

To answer Christa’s question, when and where will they stop:

They’ll stop when people of the EU finally tell them no more! For as long as they can swindle millions into ‘unity marches’ while sneaking in resolutions like this, nothing will change. Someone’s pushing people’s buttons, and they, as usual, fall for it. The moment EU protest rallies to stop US/West’s aggression against Ukraine and Russia gather 1 million people, the moment they unelect corrupt US puppets out of the EU Parliament – all this will stop.

Things like that can only be done for as long as people allow them to take place!

For the full discussion see the comment section of Confusion Clarification: Is Russia Stopping EU Gas Transit Through Ukraine?



1. Grand Experiment Novorossia and the Birth of the New Revolutionary Monetary System.

2. Ruble Wars as the Beginning of the Death of the Dollar.

These two reports are being written as we speak and I will be posting them as they get completed.

The reports will be posted on my new site Stay tuned!


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  1. Thank you Lada, I totally agree with your vision! Besides, all these “trolls” are being threatened because they all have something to hide……

    I wonder if Donald D(T)uc(s)k studied in the US because he doesn’t seem to speak any other language than Polish…..seems to me it is very handy to have a EU-president that speaks so many languages, don’t you think? 🙂 I don’t know anything about his background except that he left his country behind in a mess….and is very anti-Russian!

    Something came to mind: It was said, that Lavrov was in the “ParisMarch”, but I have not seen him on any of the footage and photos of that day! Do you know if he participated in this “theatrical piece” and if so, why? Diplomacy perhaps, that wouldn’t be a bad thing though imho, then on the other hand……

    If someone here doesn’t know how “Machurian Candidates” work, there is a movie you should see: “The Manchurian Candidate”. There are two versions, one old one from 1962 with Frank Sinatra and a remake with Denzel Washington from 2004. See, it is all out in the open for people with eyes to see, they lay it all out before us and then act on it!

    BTW, I found an interview with Nikolai Starikov talking about his take on the Paris FF.
    it’s in Russian but has good English subs:

    Great Day everyone!

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    • Lavrov had to be in Paris as a diplomatic courtesy signifying that Russia still tries to work with France and understands the difficulties France is in. The equivalent of not burning the bridges – the only thing possible to do in this situation if invitation was received. It is Lavrov’s job as chief diplomat. Yes, he was at the farce march in the 6th row or so.
      Link to Starikov’s talk was already posted by someone earlier, thanks.

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    • Donald Tusk the “Duck” went to some program or other taught by US/UK/Canadian instructors, most likely in the US. They ALL did, without exception. You could not advance to that level unless you had a stamp that you went through US sponsored training. THEY ALL DID. Same is happening today in Ukraine – it is a well-known fact.
      More to the point, I added several very important paragraphs about Lithuanian president (and more) – hers is an exceptionally typical and extremely telling case! Don’t miss it. Her story gives an excellent picture of who is who in the EU, and EU Parliament! She is one scary ***. To me, it’s chilling.

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    • Chuckling, hmmm, maybe it was a typo and it was ParisMATCH that was meant Christa? Just a thought. Have a great day!

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    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Isn’t interesting how the trolls’ motion presents the situation in Ukraine in such wild manner, as compared to the motion by the GUE/NGL Group – the “Lefties”?
      Day and night!!!!
      The motion was tabled on behalf of the group by:
      Helmut Scholz (Germany, Die Linke),
      Miloslav Ransdorf and Kateřina Konečná (Czechia, Communist…),
      Barbara Spinelli (Italy, L’Altra Europe = Another Europe [is possible]),
      Patrick Le Hyaric (France, Leftist Front)
      Kostas Chrysogonos and Georgios Katrougkalos (Greece, Siryza).
      The group first presents an accurate assessment of the situation, denouncing the massive electoral frauds in Ukraine, the austerity measures (so-called reforms), oligarchs and neo-nazi stranglehold on the country, as well as the enlargement of NATO to the borders of the RF; it goes on to call for an end to the sanctions and a resumption of EU/Russia dialogue, and for a redesigned eastern neighborhood policy which takes Russia’s interests into account.
      Paras 3 through 6 must surely have been lifted from Russia’s own Foreign Policy Doctrine? They sound very putinian – or is it simply because they are based on a healthy view of international relations?


  2. For people interested in reading the EU-Resolution in their own language, if you follow the link in the article to the text in English you will see, in the above right hand corner, buttons to all the languages spoken in the EU.



  3. In this piece I found on PCR it is explained what Lavrov did when he was in Paris:

    Excellent article from a Russian-Jew!



  4. “If they are small and inconsequential, they make up for it by yelling the loudest.” Awesome!

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  5. Well. While this move is a seemingly very scary development, it comes as no surprise, does it Lada? We have already discussed here on your blog why the World Zionists felt they had to make the Paris false flag happen though we didn’t talk very much about their urgent need to get the world’s attention off their horrific satanic pedophilia ring coming increasingly into public view in Britain. It is still there. We do see that this latest is serving to bring events swiftly along, however! Every desperate and self-sabotaging move the Cabal makes brings them ever closer to their ultimate destruction.

    Now they are attempting to take our attention off several other developments that have occurred since Paris while they continue their desperate efforts push us into a hot (and suicidal!) war that will (they think) refill their empty coffers so they can maintain power over us. Not the least of which deflections is the Swiss having recently de-pegged their franc from the euro. That is already having deep repercussions, but we will probably not see the results hit the surface for a little while yet. That was a sure sign of something BIG beginning to happen in the financial arena. The moves planned by the Alliance to cut off the Cabal’s funding sources, if successful, will effectively end their game.

    It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the Chess master’s next move will be. He really doesn’t need to do very much openly right now. The Cabal keeps hitting itself in the face! He will, of course, keep quietly strategizing, building alliances, strengthening and training his military and infrastructure to counter any desperate and unprovoked attack from whatever quarter by the West, provide aid where appropriate to the folks who have awakened and are finding themselves caught in the middle of the battle, and urge the people by various means at his disposal to stand up and say “No more!”

    Urging by means of shutting off the energy supply lines through Ukraine and making plans to re-route said lines to Europe through Turkey was one of those moves. I notice that Mr. Putin always either ignores or deflects negative actions. He also urges by means of making an offer, as he did with Greece, that encourages moving in a positive direction. Those who accept are always generously rewarded. It is such a brilliantly simple and elegant strategy that even the mind-bogglingly stupid Western powers can see how well it works. But being sociopaths and psychopaths, they are completely incapable of understanding it and will never attempt to emulate it.

    When we see the people finally stand up for themselves, I can see something happening akin to the scene in the film “The Lord of the Rings” where the evil Lord Sauron’s enthralled minions are suddenly released from his spell by the destruction of the golden Ring of Power. We see the shattering implosion startle them out of their stupor, whereupon they drop their weapons and flee the battle as the Evil Empire crumbles into dust behind them.

    It feels so crass and insensitive to me to even think this way because so many people are suffering so terribly. Yet, as you say Lada, there is a karmic factor involved for the good people of our planet who have cowered and slept, doing nothing (so far) to save themselves. Somewhat perversely, and perhaps feeling a bit helpless to do anything more, I find myself wanting to say at this juncture bring the popcorn and have a seat. (Jeez, Aeyrie!)

    Yes. There is more we can do, energetically speaking, to help create a positive outcome for our planet, its creatures and our beloved brothers and sisters. I suggest we all continue working on holding the Light and surrounding our planet with it. Most importantly, we need to continue working every day on keeping the grids and power places lit up so the dark ones can no longer make use of them. As for the physical world aspects, we who are awake and working energetically can keep hope in our hearts, pray for en-Lightenment for those still in the dark and energetically support the Light Warriors who are working in the physical arena while they do the work they are best equipped to do.

    Dear God, strengthen and help us all as we each do our part to bring a quick and happy end to the nightmare and we begin creating a happier tomorrow. I know we must persevere to get to where we as humanity need to go to grow up, and thereby, win our freedom. We are so close! I pray that the inevitable happens soon as possible and the outcome is as painless as possible. Insh’ Allah as our Muslim cousins say. Blessings and much Love to you all!

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    • Lots of excellent points, my friend. 🙂 Like it!
      Especially, like your reminder of the pedophilia scandals in the UK. There is much more to the story, such as child sacrifice. And you’re right, they are all very afraid. This is the topic I don’t discuss as much, primarily because it’s too disgusting and too evil to write about. I leave that to specialists who have studied it in depth.

      Don’t worry, the ‘cabal’ as you call it, or NWO as some others call it, or whatever name anyone prefers, is crumbling – but as I said many times previously, this monster is attempting to drag anyone it can with it into abyss. Unfortunately, its moves indicate that, like any mosnter, it appears to think that by killing/damaging as many other countries and people as possible, it may survive. Won’t happen.

      After it’s gone, the most important thing for humans will be not to fall into the OPPOSITE TRAP, not to let the pendulum swing too much to the opposite side, thus creating another imbalance. It will be paramount to find the golden ratio, the dolden middle, which is the only way to proceed, and for this human civilization to survive. So far, the danger still exists based on such massive extremist and categorical views around the world.

      Consider this my warning to humanity at large.

      More in upcoming EARTH SHIFT REPORTS!

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    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Beautiful thoughts, Aeyrie.
      Indeed, we must do out best to support the Light Warriors.
      May I suggest this Invocation of Light, Love and Power, so that the LW may be strengthened in their work of restoring the Divine Plan in a world where so many things seem to have gone awry?


      From the point of Light within the Mind of God
      Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
      Let Light descend on Earth.

      From the point of Love within the Heart of God
      Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
      May Christ return to Earth.

      From the centre where the Will of God is known
      Let purpose guide the little wills of men—
      The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

      From the centre which we call the race of men
      Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
      And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

      Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

      The teacher who gave this Invocation to his students in 1945, explained that the negative forces that had been at the source of WWI-II had been defeated, but some specific circumstance connected basically with human selfishness, had “left the door ajar”, so that if humans fail to resolve their relationship issues through non-violent means, and continue to insist on wars, then those forces will re-enter. He did say a few words about these evil forces (the real ones, not their obedient “NWO” tools/puppets) but cautioned against focusing on them, but instead, concentrate on the good – just as you and Lada are saying:
      “These are forces which it is well for you to recognise as existing, but there is little that you, as individuals or as groups, can do about them beyond seeing to it that there is nothing in you which could make you […] a focal point for their efforts or an agent for the distribution of their peculiar type of energy—the energy of focussed and directed hate, of separation, of fear and pride. With them we who are connected directly(*) with the Spiritual Hierarchy have to deal, but you can aid more than you know through the regulation of thoughts and ideas, through the cultivation of a loving spirit and through the general use of the Great Invocation.” (
      (*) DK (Djwhal Khul – He’s “in a Tibetan body”) is a 5th degree initiate or Master of the Wisdom, so he and other senior Light Warriors have developed the required power and skills to deal with those forces. But anyone of these EU/US/NATO is a human, not a demon, and we can confront him/her not in hate, but in a fair battle – on the information front, for instance, as Lada and many of you are doing.
      The GI is a great tool, a Light-and-Love weapon.
      (Some Muslims use “The Mahdi” instead “Christ”, though most don’t change, since Islamic eschatology teaches that both will return together, with the Mahdi preceding His Brother in order to “clear the way” by defeating Dajjal/the Antichrist. A beautiful symbol!)

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  6. “Amen” to both Aeyrie and you Lada!


    • To answer your question Aeyrie, if “ParisMarch” was a typo, no it was not, although when I typed it, “Paris Match”, the French weekly, came to mind immediately!! ;-))))


  7. I agree with all you wrote, but think that Russia has failed to do proper ideological work. There is an American saying about how you make your own luck. If so many politicians went to American universities, how many went to Russian ones? Why not? Also, people are demoralized in many countries with the idea of going on the streets. Consider the US, where nothing changes no matter what.

    This isn’t being negative about the lack of ideological effort; it is meant as constructive criticism. A blog I like:

    is very detailed with all kinds of historical and current material, and from an Armenian point of view. You would like a lot of his articles. He argues that both the establishments of Russia and Armenia have gotten to the point where a crisis could occur in Armenia, like what happened in the Ukraine. Why? Because the Kremlin just thinks that it would be suicide for Armenia to not be pro-Russian, and the Armenian establishment wants to put its time on trying to get money from the West and not lobbying inside the Kremlin. Basically, both take the other for granted, but this ignores the reality on the ground, which is endless bribes, propaganda, and NGOs from the West. So the youth are enthralled with the West, and the leadership of just about every group is corrupt.

    By the way, the current crisis in Yerevan over the Russian soldier is suspicious. He was from a fringe religion with Western ties, or so it is said.


  8. Karma is catching up to Poroshenko, in Zurich, where he was bood and whistled at, when trying to talk about how he creates peace in Ukraine.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Meanwhile, in his own country people are largely still asleep, although they are starting to protest against mogilization (new term, instead of mobilization). As Nemo knows, no doubt ;), mogilization is a play on words that comes from Rus/Ukr/Slav ‘mogila’ = grave.

      There are protests even in Kiev against mogilization (what do you know, they finally woke up!), people are hiding and running away. Some prefer jail to being drafted. I have some striking eye-witness info. Will try to do a post!

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Worth reading:

    By reading the final part of this article, i.e.:

    If it looks like a war, acts like a war and smells like a war, it may just be a war. Everyone should be very concerned by these events, but especially European readers.

    It’s amazing that the average citizen in my (European) country doesn’t seem to be concerned that much. The US pushed it’s European NATO members more than once to investe more in defense. And of course they succeeded in convincing their European lapdogs and sold them their expensive JSF’s. Good for the US economy but bad for ours. And if all this leads to war it isn’t difficult to guess who’s expected to do the dirty work; after all we didn’t buy those JSF’s for nothing! God please bless our (grand-)children!

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  10. I just read that there is now a 400 euro fine for speaking Russian in Latvia. No fine for speaking English. Nice. It makes one wonder if Russia shouldn’t have stopped selling gas to the Baltic states and otherwise ended all trade with them once they joined NATO.

    Perhaps citizens in the EU and US will wake up when mogilization comes to their countries. As the military is usually composed of volunteers, it is hard for the average person to care. After all, it took the recent dramatic events in the Ukraine to get pro-Western Russians to wake up, so you can see how it has to be dramatic for people to put away their rose-colored glasses.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Latvia is also a country with an official population of 300000 non-citizens (these Russian-speakers bitterly call themselves from “niggers” – a play on the word “non-citizens” – “NEGRazhane”). Having been born and lived in the country all their lives, they have no citizen rights.
      I wonder how long before they, and those who speak Russian in Latvia, will be forced to carry an equivalent of the Star of David…

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  11. I read that you don’t see why there are not more “likes” for this very brilliant article. As for me, I am technically challenged and couldn’t figure out how to make WordPress work. But I kept at it because Lada is one of our national treasures. Like Like Like !!!


  12. A heads-up: the first hearing about the fate of the Crimean Scythian gold was in the district court of Amsterdam yesterday.
    It seems they want to politicise the matter and bring in Ukraine as one of the parties, even though this is a pure contractual case between the museums.


    • Thanks for the update, Nemo.

      A few thoughts:
      No surprises there. This is one of the many cases when Crimeans and Russians just have to clench their teeth and go through this ordeal, insults, humiliations, and all. What else is new. The West has been treating Russia this way since forever every chance it got.
      Someone asked me about the karma accumulated this way. What can I say, when it catches up to you, karma can be a bitch. It’s too late to cry later.

      But honestly, the easiest way to resolve all this is still for Russia and Ukraine to make up. It’ll happen eventually, but only when US is out of the way. It is in the best interests of the US to keep Russia and Ukraine at loggerheads. What is happening now is also against the interests of the EU. EU Manchurian Candidate army just does what US commands them to do.
      This is why Ukraine won’t survive as an independent state called ‘Ukraine’ in the present borders, or perhaps, it won’t survive at all, even as a drastically diminished country. Those dumb Ukrainians who are doing what they are doing are simply killing what’s left of their country with their own hands.
      Readers should read between the lines of this prediction… I might say more in upcoming ES Reports.


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