Stunning Turnaround! Donetsk Announces Mariupol and Debaltsevo Offensives, Refuses Poroshenko’s Fake Truce

The Head of DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Alexander Zakharchenko has officially announced that the DNR army started a major offensive on the important port and key city of Mariupol. Some other stunning announcements were made, signalling a major turnaround!

First, there was the terrorist act in Volnovakha, Donetsk region, as a result of which at least 15 people died and 20 were wounded. Then, on January 22, 2015, Ukraine’s subversive terrorist group blew up a trolleybus on a crowded Donetsk city stop, killing 8 and injuring scores of people.

How did a Ukrainian subversive group got into Donetsk? Based on Minsk accords, Ukraine and DNR regularly exchanged prisoners. There were many complaints of Ukraine swindling Donbass by kidnapping various homeless people and random private citizens in cities far away from DNR and LNR, and than exchanging them for ukro-nazis or Kiev military. Feeling sorry for the poor prisoners, the Donbass people accepted everyone, until in December they discovered that 7 out of 200+ prisoners being exchanged were actually ukro-nazi subversive terrorists, sent to infiltrate Donetsk. These seven were arrested. However, as it turned out later, the entire group numbered 16. The remnant of that group executed the Donetsk bus stop terror act.

In the beginning of January the Kiev junta president Poroshenko cancelled the scheduled Minsk peace working group meeting. On January 15, he also cancelled the Astana summit/peace conference, signaling that he didn’t want any peace negotiations. Since his trip to Paris, for the “Unity March,” Poroshenko declared mass mobilization and revived the brutal bombings of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as other towns and villages in DNR and LNR. Daily, dozens of peaceful citizens die, and houses, apartment blocks, factories, mines, water mains, power stations, gas pipelines, hospitals, museums, and schools are being destroyed.

Meanwhile in Kiev, Poroshenko, Nalivaichenko, Avakov, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and their cronies, resolved to restart a massive offensive on Donetsk and Lugansk, trying to retake the crucial Donetsk airport and other key points in both republics. Their other big goal was to cut off Donetsk from Lugansk completely.

However, the result was the opposite of what they expected. DNR and LNR (Lugansk People’s Republic) self-defence managed to quickly defeat the Ukraine army on all directions, despite the Kiev army outnumbering them 10 to 1. They retook Donetsk airport, several key blockposts and several villages and towns.

I have discussed what is happening in Ukraine in detail in my latest post: False Flag Alert; Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive; Ukrainians Refuse to Fight; Foreign Mercenaries and NATO Weapons.

Also read related:

Immediately after losing on all fronts, Poroshenko announced that he wanted to restart the peace process. Pretty much all analysts predicted Poroshenko would remember peace negotiations as soon his army started losing.

A week or two ago, the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, was fully committed to continuing the peace process, despite being criticized by many that he wasn’t being tough enough. Zakharchenko judged that if he could save the lives of more citizens, even a bad peace was worth it. However, the latest events proved that the truce was used by Ukraine to accumulate forces, both military and subversive, in order to kill more citizens. See the interview with Zakharchenko and Ukraine prisoners of war in the Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive article link above.

After the Donetsk terror act, Zakharchenko did a sharp turn-around. His new position, much tougher than before, is that DNR will consider no truce with Ukraine; DNR will enter no peace negotiations until after Ukraine vacates the entire territory of former Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts – now parts of DNR and LNR, under Ukraine occupation.

Here is Zakharchenko’s talk with students at the Donetsk University, in which he discusses some of that. Link. It’s a talk in which Zakharchenko, historian by trade, has shown his different side – that of a teacher. I will talk more about some interesting things he hinted on in the upcoming Earth Shift Report: The Grand Experiment Novorossia.

Also see this video – commemoration of the victims of the Donetsk bus stop bombing: В Донецке прошел траурный митинг по погибшим в результате обстрела остановки. Small boy’s sign says: “I am not a separatist, I am Misha.” Man’s sign: “I survived despite…” Also: “I am not Charlie, I am Donbass.”

I noticed that the timing of my predictions started accelerating dramatically since the end of 2014. I said in False Flag Alert; Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive; Ukrainians Refuse to Fight; Foreign Mercenaries and NATO Weapons that DNR may advance on Mariupol, Gorlovka and Slavyansk if Ukraine keeps provoking them – and here it is!

It is clear from some other announcements by Zakharchenko, made in an uncharacteristically somber tone, sweat on his brow, that he tried to work with Kiev, but that he is done with that. The conclusion being made is that there is no possibility of going back to any negotiations with the Kiev regime until DNR and LNR win this war, restore their territorial integrity, and prevail fully over the Kiev nazi junta. Only when DNR and LNR are strong enough must they negotiate.

Another possibility I see: under pressure from all directions, the Kiev regime may simply implode like a soap-bubble, as people in different parts of former Ukraine retake power. Of course, this would be a much preferred outcome. DNR now has a great chance to help themselves and everyone else.

Therefore, for the first time ever, Zakharchenko has announced a major offensive operation: the DNR army advancement on Mariupol. I previously spoke about the importance of Mariupol. It is the second largest city in Donetsk region with 400,000 population. It is also a major port on Azov Sea, connecting to the Black Sea, which would give DNR access to major international sea routes and transportation.

From thereon, it’s not far to Kherson, which connects directly to Crimea. As we know, Crimea is now cut off by land from Russia. Connecting to Mariupol and then Kherson will give land connection to Crimea to both Donbass and Russia. If I were the Novorossia geopolitical consultant (which I am not), taking Mariupol first and foremost would have been my advice.

The containment factor for DNR was that they refused to shell any of their cities, thus potentially endangering their citizens’ lives. This humanitarian restraint was what Kiev counted on since they occupied Mariupol, Slavyansk, and other areas of DNR and LNR. Back in May 2014, many unarmed citizens of Mariupol tried to prevent Kiev tanks from getting into the city, resulting in a horrible massacre on par with May 2, 2014 Odessa massacre. Many local citizens were killed, wounded and kidnapped.

It is a terrible choice: to bomb or not to bomb. But I am afraid DNR can’t get around taking over Mariupol, and – sadly – Kiev will do everything to make this as bloody as possible, out of spite and vengeance, and so later to blame any losses on DNR. Looks like they have already started doing that.

In the final analysis, the cancer of the ukro-nazi Kiev junta has already gone too far and is metastasizing into all parts of the dying patient’s body. There is no way to cut that cancer out without a major intervention. DNR must do it. Trying to minimize losses is also a tall order, but it needs to be done.

Zakharchenko’s announcement: Александр Захарченко заявил о начале наступления на Мариуполь. While commemorating the victims of the Donetsk bus bombing, he announced that DNR started advancement on Mariupol.

Zakharchenko also announced that the 1/24/15 bombing of Mariupol is a provocation of the Kiev regime. Self-defence, he said, has no artillery in that area.

Zakharchenko dropped another bomb: he said that the Debaltsevo cauldron (Rus: “kotel”), where by some reports are surrounded 8,000 Ukraine military, will be closed in 2 days. The Debaltsevo cauldron wasn’t advertised and sort of sneaked up on everyone. But it’s a major joint operation by LNR and DNR armies, which is the result of an opportunity stemming from gross incompetence and sabotage in the Ukraine army. Ukraine army’s goal was to cut off DNR from LNR, but another major defeat was the result. More in: False Flag Alert; Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive; Ukrainians Refuse to Fight; Foreign Mercenaries and NATO Weapons.

Novorossia map

Map of current military operations in Novorossia

The Debaltsevo cauldron is in-between two red arrows (with tanks) north of Donetsk in the center of the map; Lugansk is in the upper right corner; Mariupol is at the bottom left of the map on the Asov Sea shore (next to black tank).  

DNR and LNR have also announced that they are stopping prisoner exchanges due to the fact that among prisoners Kiev tries to sneak in their subversive terror groups.

My prediction: when the Debaltsevo ring is closed, this will effectively mean the beginning of the end of Ukraine junta’s army. As I said in my above-referenced article, people already hide and run away from ‘mogilization.’ Once another 8,000 troops get taken prisoner or worse, the entire army is likely to rebel.

Another prediction: once DNR takes Mariupol, it will be the beginning of the end of the Kiev junta as a whole. That’s why they are hanging on to it for dear life. Remember the documentaries and movies showing a hasty and humiliating evacuation of Americans from Vietnam after they lost the Vietnam War? Expect something similar in Kiev, once Ukraine implodes.

That said, don’t hope that US and Kiev junta will just give up. They won’t make it easy. First, they’ll continue bombings and attempts to blame their own atrocities on Novorossia. Also, as I said before, a major false flag in Ukraine is a very clear and present danger. If you thought MH17 was a shocker – rest assured they are planning something much bigger. For details refer to my above-referenced article.

There are many forces in the world that are working tirelessly to prevent some of the most outrageous false flags planned. There is hope that the worst nuclear disaster may be prevented. But we aren’t out of the woods by any measure.

And of course, US will keep trying to undermine Russian economy, economies of other Eurasian Union members, as well as bribing, threatening and intimidating anyone and everyone around the world who even slightly diverges from their viewpoint.

We are going through a tectonic shift of staggering proportions, and Ukraine, as the ground zero if this tectonic shift, as that fault line between the old and the new I mentioned in my previous piece, is the epicenter of the biggest battle.

This is the case of: just grit your teeth and get through it. There is light in the end of this tunnel.

On the note of manipulating, bribing and intimidating. The present attempts by Obama to bribe Cuba by lifting the 50-year-old sanctions, and especially Iran, by releasing $12bln in frozen Iranian funds (which US themselves usurped previously), plus ‘allowing’ Iran to have its own nuclear program, something US fought tooth and nail just recently, won’t go anywhere. These actions of Obama are an attempt to get back at Russia for the many defeats US suffered in 2013 and 2014. They demonstrate extreme desperation and the fact that US is grasping at straws. In fact, US is losing its grip not only on its adversaries, but also on its allies.

ADDED! Related: latest from Mariupol – as should have been expected!

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  1. Wonderful news Lada. I completely agree with your article’s spirit of hope but caution. I can 100% tell you that the US and Kiev regime will go down in defeat. I can clearly see the handwriting on the wall. No matter what the US/Nato do there will be blowback big time I can guarantee it. Please keep this information coming in. I also agree that unfortunately there will be civilian casualties in Mariupol but it can’t be helped. Just like there were millions of civilian casualties as the Soviet Union was advancing westward in defeating Hitler. My god how many millions were killed just at the battle of Berlin alone. But it had to be done to defeat Nazi Germany. The same with defeating the Kiev Nazi regime. If Novorussia can take Mariupol, then Kherson, then the linkup with Crimea it’s just a matter of time freeing Odessa. Also if I was Novorussia’s strategist I would concentrate primarily on liberating all of the Black Sea coastline. Novorussia could then deny the Kive regime any shipments coming by sea. Then Novorussia could linkup with Pridnestrovie which would break their geographic isolation. Boy would that be awesome.

    Regarding Cuba, Max Keiser said a very interesting comment. The US is only now beginning to break the sanctions on Cuba because they’re deathly afraid of the money pouring into Latin America by China and so the US has to compete now. This is a great example why it’s important to have world power dispersed instead of a unipolar world. As Russia and China advance in the world, the US, if they don’t want to destroy the world, will have to compete and show that they can do more than just bomb and destroy countries.

    Poor mother earth is beaten, ridiculed, spat upon by a dying decrepit system but in the end she will give birth to a beautiful new world. I can see it coming.

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  2. I forgot to add one thing. I really now understand why Russia did not and will not intervene directly to aid Novorussia. Ukraine has to liberate itself and only then will they be able to fix their country. If Russia liberates them then they will always depend on Russia for everything. If Ukraine can do it then they will be much stronger and won’t have dependency addiction. It’s kind of like a child growing up into maturity. Eventually the imbilicle cord has to be cut and the young adult has to start making decisions for itself. Russia wants a strong, independent and friendly Ukraine and not some deadbeat spoiled brat that Russia has to keep on propping up.

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    • Really glad you understood. 😉 I think you are ahead of many others, including even in Russia. I tried to convey this since 2014, perhaps I should have explained better.
      The inner life force of a country/culture/person has to come out on its own terms. If Ukrainians have become zombies, you can’t liberate them with an army. They’ll remain zombies and then they’ll blame you for freeing them. They have to find courage and energy in themselves to make the choice, to wake up and start acting. If they are unwilling or unable to – such culture dies.
      I’ve tried to explain that all the power we need is within ourselves – don’t blame NWO, aliens, reptilians. Access your power, raise your chi, your calibration – and nothing adverse can reach you then, or you can overcome it, once you understand the truth. That’s why I put together my Human Consciousness Calibration Scale.
      Donbass, Novorossia, Ukrainians, and to a degree, Russians as well, are now finding that out on their own skin. Eventually, Americans, Europeans and others will have to go through this same experience.
      Hopefully, one day more people catch on. 🙂

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    • Lol, poignant Freudian slip… yes Russia needs to cut that imbecilic/ umbilical cord with Ukraine. That’s the only way to wake people up and face reality firsthand, which is the main reason US foments war all over the world, because they don’t want to face the inevitable truth… the US financial (debt) system would implode if it did not exploit the wealth & resources of other nations via intimidation, coercion, assassinations, extortion, false flag attacks, rigged commodities market ie gold, currency manipulation/ derivatives and of course theft/ death by petro$$$. I’m sure this is just tip of the iceberg, only a matter of time when American citizens wake up, stop looking the other way and rise up against domestic tyranny. The collapse is coming. 😦


  3. You’re right that Russia also has to grow up. I don’t know in the hell why Russia is still dependent on western credit that the west can turn off in a heartbeat. This financial war imposed on Russia will also teach many in Russia. Russia has the strength of itself and they don’t need the corrupt west for credit. It’s about time they learn this. They have to start to realize who their real friends are (China, thirld world, etc.) and stop this infatuation with everything western. Many Russians also have to cut their imbilicle cord with the west.

    As I finished my last post I just received this video in my email. Large militrary caravan headed to Mariupol. Things are really moving fast.

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  4. Lorraine Willis

    Lada, I can’t thank you enough for your articles, very much valued and I am passing them on to whomever I can. Also starting to read your 3rd book, excellent. I do not do facebook, twitter etc. and therefore have not left any comments. However, I would like to see everyone not complying and going to jail, they can’t jail the whole population but I would expect them to shoot several to intimidate the rest to submit to being in their army. Keep up the good work, very much appreciated. Lorraine

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    • Very nice of you, Lorraine. 🙂
      About Ukraine, unfortunately, can’t give you good news: they already had shot many for non-compliance. Some dread the end of war because it is expected that mass graves of executed soldiers will be uncovered, those who refused to shoot at others. It is estimated that 30,000 or more may be uncovered. It’s too gruesome to write about. There will be international tribunals one day, I just hope the real masterminds will also be tried. Would be nice to see Nuland and Kerry there, plus those who pulled their strings – but those are pretty slippery.

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  5. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Your last 3 reports have answered a lot of Qs for me.
    Hope “our guys” get Mariupol… and more. I feel it would really be the correct development.
    Keep up the great work, Mr. Zackharchenko, DNR and LNR!
    And thanks so much to you, Lada – really fabulous job you are doing.

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  6. Lada, for me this is information and analysis that’s available nowhere else. It rings of the truth that’s hard to get anywhere else. Thank you.

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  7. Dear Lada,

    It’s been awhile since I’ve commented, not for lack of appreciation for your monumental efforts to keep us posted, but because of what I call emotional paralysis. So much incoming “news” spinning first in one direction here on this front, then an abrupt change spinning another direction on another front, and none of it ever seeming to be grounded in the truth. I know it’s intentional to keep us spinning with it, never being able to connect anything, never to find the truth, never have the time or energy to question what it’s all about, let alone why. As the chaos mounts and our minds and emotions take a beating, I find it’s time to just stand still in its midst and shut down the questions in the mind, and open the heart to listen for the insistent steady beat of love and truth. I can honestly say that your voice is that insistent steady beat that I tune my inner ear to. Thank you for being a voice of reason, truthful revelation, and forward-looking predictions. You have given us handholds along our road to steady our journey. Today’s truth leads to assurance for the next step into tomorrow, and your reliable predictions provide reassurance for our future beyond tomorrow.

    I’m very sure that you stated in one of your posts, that you are an intellect shifter (as well as earth shifter +). Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this is exactly what’s happening as your readers take in your posts first with their minds. There occurs a slow dawning in awareness, or a quick awakening to the truth, or an instant confirmation of what we already “know”. Then all shifts to the heart where wisdom and truth guide our attitudes towards making and creating positive change. What is there for us to say or do here — so many thousands of miles from the Ukrainian ground zero ?? We can take to heart that there are courageous people, our family of humankind, that are suffering and dying that we might “see” the truth in their sacrifices made daily. It’s a huge lesson for us, and we are watching it in real time. Soon it will be our time to stand for that which we love – our homes, our families, our freedoms, what few remain, and our country of beauty and bounty. Otherwise we will go down in shame, the scourge of the civilized world, the cowardly pleasure seekers, the willfully ignorant, and we will be devoured in our nightmarish sleep.

    Please keep us marching forward through the muck and mire and dung shoveled in front of our every footstep forward. We are achieving that vital change of heart, as you are lifting us to help change our minds — you, Lada the intellect shifter. It is our choice daily to keep reaching !!

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  8. I’ve been reading about the “White Ghost”… a famous female Russian sniper who in WWII took out a real bad German in Ukraine. What we need here is another White Ghost whom we could introduce to the pig Poroshenko. He needs a beauty mark right between his lying eyes.

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  9. Plenty of good news, but I would add that this may well just be the beginning of a long struggle, not the end. Not that the situation is exactly analogous, but the Nazis were doomed practically two years before Berlin fell.

    By the way, looking at the map, you can see that a great advantage for the rebels is mobility and their supply lines. Many argue that the rebels will not try to take Mariupol; their goal is just to try to force Kiev to put lots of troops nearby. Kiev has already had to start using its reserves, while the Novorossiyans haven’t. For what it is worth, my bet is more that the rebels will try to destroy Kiev’s supply lines, but the actual main thrust might be up to Artemivsk and, of course, destroy the “kettle” with perhaps 7,000 troops. This would just about cut Kiev’s army in half.

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    • I’ve just finished reading this article that you linked.
      Really really good one.
      Thanks for linking it.


  10. Regarding Ukraine having to liberate itself, couldn’t this lack of self liberation from Nazi Germany generally in Eastern Europe stunted the growth of all these nations. Not to underestimate the really heroic local partisan forces that fought not only Germany but their local stooges, the Soviet Union liberated all of these countries from Hitler single handedly. This pre-empted all of these nations naturally doing the job themselves thereby creating a sort of paradoxical dependency of all these nations to the Soviet Union but at the same time resenting their liberation. This seems to be what Russia wants to avoid in the Ukraine. Of course the Soviet Union couldn’t wait for these countries to liberate themselves but had to keep on driving the Hitler forces out of eastern Europe and eventually into the den of the beast itself, Berlin. Of interest is the fact that Yugoslavia did in fact liberate itself and that accounts for the fact that Tito was both a good friend of the Soviet Union but also kept his independence.

    Anyhow I know it’s a simplistic and crude description I just layed out and there could be whole books written about the Soviet liberation of eastern Europe. I just this think it applies to current Ukraine.

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  11. Dig this:
    “Ukrainian” soldier in Mariupol speaking in English with a suspiciously VERY strong U.S. American accent!!!
    “Boots on the ground”… eh?

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    • There are many unofficial US “advisors” ordered by the state dept. to spread propaganda, supply arms, financing and “winter uniforms” for the hunta. Of course the MSM would never report it. That’s how it started in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan etc… US advisors bribing and or coercing locals and fomenting war! Same old playbook. 😦


  12. @Nick: Indeed, very strong American accent!
    On RT there is another video with an “english” speaking guy filming another guy who is apparently local…..


  13. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Excellent comprehensive analysis Lada. Engaging, intelligent comments by readers also shed light on the topic. Nice work!


  14. Hi Lada, Just wondering about the validity of this, as it shows the same map on your posting here.

    Watching Ukraine closely amidst all the other distractions and ongoing orchestrated chaos.


  15. Take them leftover Nazis out before they kill any more children.sound simple , well do it . you can do it….


  16. Hi Lada

    I do hope the DNR and LPR army gets hold of Mariupol with less blood. Novorussia is the need of the hour and sooner it happens, better for the whole world. Once the mighty empire crumbles in our generation, the future can build it from scratch and build a whole new balanced world


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