West Invaded Ukraine: English-Speakers, NATO Troops Fight for Kiev Junta in Mariupol!

There were lots of videos and other proof that appeared on the internet that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Americans, and possibly Canadians, as well as other English-speakers, are very much a part of Kiev junta army. In my previous article I showed a video in which Polish mercenaries proudly parade their national identity. See: False Flag Alert; Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive; Ukrainians Refuse to Fight; Foreign Mercenaries and NATO Weapons.

Proofs and reports from locals in Mariupol continue pouring in that massive numbers of Western/NATO/US/Canada/UK/German/French/Polish/Lithuanian troops and weapons are being used by Ukraine army to subdue Ukrainian population, which doesn’t want to live under fascist regime. Therefore, we can say confidently, this is a foreign takeover of Ukraine by the West.

Anyone who knows Russian history remembers that in 1918 the so-called Antanta, US/UK and France, also tried to invade Russia to sway the result of the Civil War. The unabated aggression and arrogant take-over of the world by the Anglo-Americans and their cronies must stop!

Look at the video below from Mariupol. In it, clearly an American mercenary tells a reporter to ‘get outta his face.’

The new bit: Bosnian defense minister resigned this morning over the NATO/US/EU pressure to sell weapons to the Kiev government. One honest man in a sea of EU political monsters! Just imagine how many of his counterparts in POLAND, Bulgaria, Romania, France, GERMANY, US, UK, Canada, Australia gladly DO sell those weapons and provide their military!

Video by RT:

This is an outright, shameful takeover of a foreign country, as I had been saying since the beginning of 2014.

They are desperate, they don’t know what else to do to prop up the dying Kiev junta regime. But none of this will help. People everywhere are awakening, and not just in Ukraine. You all remember my prediction: new, very different people will come to power in Ukraine, and by 2016-2018 Ukraine will make a wild swing towards union with Russia, although it’s economy may be destroyed and it may be divided into 2 or 3 separate states.  Alternatively, there is still a possibility of keeping what is now Ukraine as loose confederation, each part of which is separate from each other in most everything. Such confederation, if formed, will not be called Ukraine, but most likely, Novorossia. This is still in a flux.

Remember my other prediction: the main, overriding goal of the West’s takeover of Ukraine is to subdue, and preferrably destroy, Russia. This, as I also predicted previously, would backfire on the West in a spectacular fashion, in time. The more they persist, the deeper they get their claws into this, the worse will be the backlash when people in Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and in their own countries finally awaken.

More about all that in future Earth Shift Reports.

Putin: While a civil war rages in Ukraine, Ukraine’s army is in fact a legion of NATO:

 Путин: На Украине идет гражданская война, а ее армия, по сути, является легионом НАТО.



Consultations by Lada Ray:

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I am still writing the Earth Shift Reports I had promised my readers. New information has come out that needs to be incorporated. I will only release my reports when the energy is right and when I feel satisfied that I’ve covered everything I need to cover; in other words, when I feel I’ve captured the COMPLETE picture. Besides, I want to take into account recent requests by readers for additional information and new Earth Shift Reports. In what order the reports will start coming out? Again, it depends on which one is ready first and how the energy aligns. Please be patient. And as you may probably already know from reading my articles, your patience will be amply rewarded by new revelations!

The reports will be posted on my new site LadaRay.info and announced on FuturisTrendcast. 


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  1. There was an excellent article that Stephen Lendman wrote which was posted recently, regarding the blatant lies told by the NATO commander about the “Russian invasion” of the Ukraine. What stuck with me was his statement, “the ongoing battle for Ukraine’s soul.” That cut deeply, and I really saw the psychopathy of the agenda. They want to rip the heart and soul out of a people who live life within an ancient spiritual culture of deeply rooted values, and who are living examples of the beauty, courage, strength, and nobility of the human spirit.

    I watched the video interview with Putin in Russian. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t understand his spoken words. It was his body language, and that of the people around him (young and older), and it was the voice speaking from the heart and spilling out through his eyes — the mirrors of not only his soul, but the soul of Russia. The camera kept panning on the people respectfully and politely listening, revealing the expressions on their faces, and especially in their eyes, which were fully attuned to what he was saying. There is a lot of difference between people speaking from their hearts, sharing their souls, and people talking through their heads, their eyes belying their words rendering them arrogant and empty, thus exposing their innate falsity.

    So looking forward for your upcoming lessons. Thank you.

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    • JR, thank you for sharing this unique perspective. Those, who understand a language most often concentrate on the words, leaving the intentions and moods behind those words unheeded. This is a good reminder to pay more attention to the underlying signals, broadcast by a speaker.

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  2. There’s good news in this mercenary video. It shows that they can’t get enough Ukrainians as cannon fodder and thus have to go to foreign forces to do the dirty work. The Kiev junta will fail in the end. Once the average Ukrainian gets wind of this Novorussia just might become a rallying cry for the rest of Ukraine against foreign intervention of the west. After all there is no smoking gun for Russian intervention in the Donbass but now we have a real smoking gun of a western mercenary talking in English at the front. I just read that there are so many young Ukrainians of draft age leaving Ukraine for Russia that by agreement at the border between Russia and Ukraine that Russia has stopped them from entering. I hope this is not true. I think Russia should let all of the young people in and set up temporary protected shelter for them which would include education on the true situation in Ukraine. Who knows maybe many of them, once realizing how their Kiev leaders sold them down the drain, will decide to fight for Novorussia. Anyways how in good conscience could Russia force them back into the deplorable condition of having to join the junta’s forces. I understand that some of these young people could be right sector or nazi forces pretending to be exiles but Russia could vet them.

    Your thoughts please.

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  3. Gary,

    There have been about 1,000 smoking guns, but this is a proxy war, so it is to be expected.

    The question is what strategy Russia should pursue to fight this. One can make the case that the Kremlin’s approach of doing everything possible to work with the EU and Poroshenko has not been a success. It has given the US time to take deeper control of the police and military establishments, and push for a big war. Kiev was totally dysfunctional after the coup, but now the US advisors have worked on straightening things out for a year. The unfortunate part is that it is the US that wants the rebel republics to secede and Russia that wants them to stay in a federated country. If the two republics secede, what is left will be quite anti-Russian, and the pro-Russian population will have to flee the country. So Odessa and Kharkov would become anti-Russian.

    Perhaps Russia should offer the young men fleeing the opportunity to join the rebels.

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  4. The results of this move by Putin to allow Ukrainians of conscript age to sit it out in Russia are far deeper than first meets the eye. Not only does it save the as yet innocent, though often misguided Ukrainians from being slaughtered, but it also forces the West to deploy the mercenaries more actively, and this in turn lets the republican armies to shed some of the reserve they had when fighting back in that they knew they were fighting against own countrymen.

    By the way, according to information coming today from DNR, Kiev uses (possibly Western-comprised) execution squads, positioned behind the lines of the conscripts and intended to “dissuade” said conscripts from leaving the war they don’t want to fight.

    In one of the recordings from the front, I noticed the following address on the body armour of one of DNR soldiers: spasidonbass.ru (Save Donbass)

    It leads (for English speakers) to http://spasidonbass.ru/en/

    It is possible to help Donbass in a real way, both with money and with requested humanitarian items. Both the needs of the army and the needs of the schools and hospitals are advertised, and the humanitarian aid can be sent to a plethora of addresses in Russia, as well as in USA, GB and Germany.

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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    There is overwhelming evidence being recorded by Ukr. locals, it’s very clear that NATO lead mercenaries are on the ground. It’s not a civil war but a foreign invasion! Thanks for sharing the truth!!


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