Breaking! Maidan 2 Storms Poroshenko’s Administration in Kiev

Details are scant, but a few days ago various ukro-nazi battalions gathered in Kiev demanding a bigger and better war against Donbass, with more war expenditure, bigger help from the US and NATO, and more ballistic missile bombings of the citizens of Donetsk (DNR) and Lugansk (LNR). Today, it appears the members of the same ukro-nazi battalions and their sympathisers are storming the administration of the Ukraine president Poroshenko, who according to them, has been too mild towards Donbass and too friendly to Russia. Most others would say it were the other way around, but that’s their point of view.

Here is a link to the raw video from News-Front. Another video – latest. Keep in mind it can be deleted any moment, as it happened to so many other inconvenient videos.

It has to be noted that this revolt so far is very mild compared to the 2014 Kiev maidan. No Molotov cocktails and setting police on fire, no burning tires. This may be an attempt to scare Poroshenko into taking an even tougher position against Russia, Donbass and people in other areas of Ukraine, such as Odessa and Kharkov, who don’t want to live under junta.

Also, I did mention in various past posts that Poroshenko is being prepared for the role of a sacrificial lamb, on whom Yatsenyuk and his cronies are getting ready to hang all the failures and economic collapse. I was expecting a new maidan in the spring. But the timeline may be accelerating. Unfortunately, a more pro-nazi, and even more aggressive junta headed by hawks Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Avakov nd Nalivaichenko, plus the nazi battalion commanders, would come to power, if Poroshenko were to be unseated.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile in Donbass and Odessa:

Consequences of the Ukraine army shelling of Donetsk:

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  1. Hi Lada I read a commentary in Fort Russ that there is a delay in completely closing the Debaltsevo cauldron because the ensuing humiliating defeat of possibly 8,000 Kiev soldiers would completely undermine Poroshenko and would be the final catalyst in overthrowing him and installing the overtly nazis into power. According to this theory Novorossia and Russia would prefer Poroshenko in power over the nazis. A defeat and/or surrender of these soldiers would deplete greatly Poroshenko’s army, an army that Poroshenko would need against a right sector armed putsch. Do you think this has any validity. My feeling is that Poroshenko’s days are numbered anyhow and he really has no base of support. Wouldn’t an outright and overt regime of nazis without the cover of a “softer” Poroshenko totally isolate it from world opinion and actually cause Europe to change in their support. Wouldn’t an outright nazi regime with the Poroshenko cover also cause many Ukrainians to now see the truth.

    Just a thought.


    • I agree. Yats/nazis are better because masks will be off, they would anger people faster and all-Ukraine explosion will be expedited.
      Debaltsevo isn’t fully closed for these reasons: 1. DNR/LNR don’t want to bomb their people and they go slowly, 2. Kiev is fighting extra hard because this really is too humiliating. 8-10k Kiev troops are surrounded by 2.5k DNR/LNR. And it will be the beginning of the end of Kiev army, per my prediction. Just a matter of time. Poroshenko is more interested in the cauldron not closing than anyone else. His last chance.


  2. Thanks for this update, Lada.

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  3. I was watching the build-up for this Maidan 2, and it was only a matter of time before it happened, seeing as the house of cards that is the Ukrainian proxy government is falling apart, and the information about what is really happening in Donbass seeps in bigger and bigger quantities to the Western readers, negating the Western propaganda. The war criminals are desperate and thus exceptionally dangerous.

    Case in point, Kiev nazis are specifically targeting civilian objects, according to the newest evidence:

    The first three paragraphs of the article:

    The pro-regime Ukrainian TV station Hromandske TV — which is funded by the U.S. Government, the Dutch Government, and George Soros (via his International Renaissance Foundation or ‘Fund’) — has reported that the Ukrainian Government is specifically targeting civilians to die in the Donbass region in the former Ukraine’s southeast. It’s being done in order “to clean the cities.”

    This is open acknowledgement that the operation, which the U.S. is financing (and Ukraine is bankrupt so it can never reimburse its donors), is actually an ethnic-cleansing campaign.

    Previously, on Hromadske TV, a proponent of doing just that (ethnic cleansing) was interviewed. He said: “If we take, for example, just the Donetsk oblast, there are approximately 4 million inhabitants, at least 1.5 million of which are superfluous. … Donbass must be exploited as a resource, which it is. … The most important thing that must be done — no matter how cruel it may sound — is that there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated.”

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  4. Another heads-up, Lada, this time with a link to a source in Russian on a topic that you covered some time earlier. There was an earthquake in Zaporozh’je region in Central Ukraine with magnitude of 4.6. The region is not seismically active, but fracing was previously conducted there by a British company JKX Oil & Gas, which is part-owned by Kolomojskij.

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  5. Poroshenko may not even be in control now. His situation is quite bad. The trouble with a new government of hawks is that they will just say they are “men of action” and such. Also, they will argue that the Defence Minister and Poroshenko are Russian agents, and this will be widely believed. So none of the options are good. In my opinion, the least bad option is finally being chosen by Russia, which is to build up the rebel army and say they intend to win. The drawback is that now a couple of oligarchs are saying that Kiev should let the Donbass leave if a national referendum supports that. This would leave the remaining parts of the Ukraine quite anti-Russian for a long time, so the Kremlin is not going to go along.


    • Paul, the revolt is brewing inside Ukraine in many areas, incl. Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhie, and even Western Ukraine. 1.5 million already escaped to Russia from mobilization, etc. This means that if Donbass is allowed to leave, others will want to secede as well.
      Anti-Russian Ukraine won’t survive for long because it’s unnatural – change is coming. US and EU created a monster they will be very sorry about.
      Do you know what happened in Chechnya? That’s a great example of a turnaround. West’s biggest nightmare.
      Ukraine junta is finished the moment they admit Donbass is separate.
      The real truth about Ukr. oligarchs is that they are ready now to switch sides. I have very good intel – might discuss in future ES reports.


  6. Lada,

    I think the Ukraine in its current borders is what is unnatural. Galicia was and is very anti-Russian, and keeping it in the same country as the Crimea and Donbass was crazy. Might have been possible if a Swiss model had been used, but it wasn’t. Even then, it was necessary to stop the massive funding by the West of radicalism.

    But the topic is actually in some senses above normal geopolitics because there are spiritual or karmic issues involved. The Ukraine has a lot of anti-Russian Russians. Not Galicians or an ethnic minority, but actually Russians who think and act in Russian, but hate Russia. Sure, Soros textbooks and media are a big part of this, but it is obviously more than that. There is the question of who betrayed whom in the past, and also an extreme form of opportunism as “Ukrainianism” became a big business, and then the lack of an ideology or purpose for a long time. The Ukraine’s tragic history of being between empires and not having a clear purpose since independence has led to the oligarchical clans using extreme nationalism to distract the masses away from the theft and criminality. So a grand Greek or Shakespearian tragedy – and a twisted search for purpose that we see in anti-Russian Russians. Some of them might even be angry at people like you who left and did well. They are angry at their own failure.

    Let us hope that the Chechen example can be followed. However, Russia put a huge amount of money into a small place that was under their control. The Ukraine is huge, and not under Moscow’s control, at least not yet. Also, Russia needs a Kadyrov or two.

    The word is some oligarchs want to stop the war, and thus back Putin on that. This makes perfect sense as business is collapsing. A similar thing happened in Somalia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. A number of rich opportunists realized that having their country destroyed was a mistake. But it was a bit late as the US had already taken over. The Ukraine is quite fortunate that a big and powerful neighbor is working hard to try to straighten things out. To me, the oligarchs are really the reason for the current war, so it is hard to see much good coming from them, but, if anybody can get them to be less rotten, it is Putin.

    In some senses, the real positive in the current situation is that lots of serious people in Russia are trying to figure out how to rebuild the Ukraine in a better way. We can be sure that this is really Putin’s goal.


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