Ex Ukraine PM: West expected Yanukovich to die like Gadaffi

Emotional ex Ukraine PM under Yanukovich, Nikolay Azarov, presented his new book detailing the February 2014 Kiev coup. Almost crying while talking about the tragedy in Donbass and Odessa, he put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the EU and US; specifically, the former EU commissioner Stefan Fule, who threatened him with regime change if he didn’t sign the EU agreement. He also talked about personal pressure on him by US State Dept’s Victoria Nuland. (And let’s not forget the prominent role in this whole story by the EU chief diplomat Catherine Ashton and other politicians from Brussels, Lithuania and Poland, as I discussed in a number of prior articles – LR.)

Take a listen:

In this piece in Russian Azarov admits that: negotiations with Russia were always difficult because of gas price disputes, but they always proceeded with mutual respect and in the spirit of cooperation. Russia never put pressure on the Ukraine government. It was the opposite with the West. Ukraine government and Azarov personally were under constant severe pressure from US and EU. When Nuland arrived in December 2013, she started pressuring Azarov into forming the so-called “government of national unity,” staffed with people “the nation trusts.” Azarov laments that she was not concerned at all with the fact that his own government received a vote of confidence in both December 2013 and January 2014.

I think the above is self-explanatory, should anyone still need a confirmation that Ukraine was a managed colony of the West well before the February 2014 coup, still under Yanukovich… Incidentally, this should also help those who still think that Yanukovich was a pro-Russian politician. In fact, Yanukovich was never pro-Russian. He was only a bit more balanced than others. But it was Yanukovich who announced 4 years ago that the direction of Ukraine is towards integration with the EU. Russia worked with him, just like they tried to work with Timoshenko when she was PM, trying to keep a bad peace in the family and settling for a lesser evil.


These revelations are just the beginning. As the conflict in Ukraine continues growing and getting out of hand, as the explosion leading to the new, cleansed Ukraine – completely different from today’s nazi regime – nears, more and more revelations will be coming out. Also see my PREDICTIONS for a complete picture.

The artificial entity that is today’s Ukraine, could never self-govern. The fact is, Ukraine in this configuration (frankly, in any configuration) could only be successful being a part of Russia, as history shows. For a complete picture on that read: FREE Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History.

The fact that Russia in the past 20 odd years was hands off and looking the other way was used by the West to take over Ukraine quietly via oligarchs, NGOs, MSM, falsified/Soros-sponsored history books, Catholic church and 2004 Orange revolution. The moment Yanukovich refused to do what they wanted him to do, they executed an openly nazi coup and created an area of permanent instability on Russian borders. The problem with this approach is that when you sleep with the devil, be ready to wake up in hell. Eventually, such things backfire. US once created AlQaeda and trained the Taliban against the USSR. Years later, these entities acquired a life of their own and turned on their former handlers.

To add to the picture, here is my response to a reader that resonates with the above. The issues discussed are whether Ukraine may let Donbass leave to save the Kiev junta’s grip on the rest of the territory; and whether, should this happen, the rest of Ukraine will be left anti-Russian for a long time.

My reply:

The revolt is brewing inside Ukraine in many areas, including Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhie, and even Western Ukraine. 1.5 million Ukraine citizens already escaped to Russia from mobilization, etc. This means that if Donbass is allowed to leave, others will want to secede as well.
Anti-Russian Ukraine won’t survive for long because it’s unnatural – change is coming. US and EU created a monster they will be very sorry about.
A great example is Chechnya: considering the gravity of a 1990s conflict, it did a rather quick turnaround from anti-Russian rebellion to a staunchly pro-Russian position. These switches of the public mood happen extremely fast, often the moment the status quo changes. This is human nature and there are tons of historic examples of same.

The Kiev junta is finished the moment they admit Donbass is separate.

I will also briefly add that the geopolitical game is much bigger than between the parts of Ukraine. The stakes are between the old and the new and what the future of mankind will look like. What happens in Ukraine is really being decided between Washington and Moscow. I will write about that in the upcoming Earth Shift Reports. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hello Lada,

    I have been following your work for quite some time now, and you have also been kind enough to reply to my comments in the recent past.
    Request you to please review this news article on CBC – Canadian news website – http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/russian-government-propaganda-stokes-anti-west-sentiment-1.2944274
    After reading this article, I wanted to have a better idea of what exactly is going on, and especially you can help analysing some of the prominent Russian analysts that have been quoted in this article.
    As you can clearly see, I could not think of any better person that you to help disect this info.

    Thanks, in anticipation

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    • Hi RRJJ, thanks for the good words. I usually don’t read articles linked in comments for the lack of time.
      But if you summarize the issue in your comment and formulate your question (you can quote if you like), I will be happy to reply.


    • Hi Lada,

      Basically the article is trying to show how Russian govt is spreading anti-west propoganda using the media and tv. It quotes some people like – Daria Aslamova, special correspondent for Russian paper Komsomolskaya Pravda; Sergey Markov, a pro-Kremlin political analyst; Irina Prokhorova, a cultural historian and leader of Russia’s Civil Platform party
      Mainly the article is trying to draw attention to young students in colleges and universities saying that they are the most vulnerable to this anti-west messages.

      As far as I can see through this article, it is clearly a attempt to brainwash western civilisation against Russia, specially here in Canada – mind you that Canada goes to Federal polls next year.

      So please if you can share your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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  2. Without doubt, I’ll “stay tuned”.
    I especially love your “predictions”.
    Am eagerly awaiting your following reports.
    Great work.

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  3. I am not sure the Western media will pay Azarov much attention. I guess his statements will be swept under the rug, like any other inconvenient truth coming from the East. Still, in a small way, it is another nail in the coffin of the regime, that got installed in Kiev.

    Two articles from ITAR-TASS, in English, pertaining to the topic at hand:

    Ukraine’s former PM says no Russian pressure behind EU deal rejection

    Gaddafi’s fate was prepared for Yanukovych — Ukrainian former PM Azarov

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  4. Urgent!

    DNR has evidence that Kiev prepares a provocation in Debaltsevo, planning to hit with artillery a bus, evacuating civilians from the town. Then present the shooting as coming from DNR, spread it in MSM and present it during the coming Munchen convention so as to classify the republic as a terrorist organisation. The information was collected from interrogation of an officer, Alexander Marchenko, of 25th battalion, who surrendered to DNR on the 2nd of February.


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  5. I passionatly thank you for your selfless service.I have a deep empathy for all ukranions ,there are only a certain very few who conditioned the so called Nazis,even they must have had enough of these 2 super powers ” that were ” ,because neither of them could care less about the people.

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  6. Your commentaries continue to enlighten me. I can see very clearly now that when the Kiev junta loses Donbass then the game is over for them. I now agree with you that it’s a matter of time until the other oblasts join in. I think it will be very positive for Ukraine to liberate itself from the west and the backward forces within because they will be doing it themselves and not having Russia do it for them. This way they will gain self-respect and in this struggle the people will definitely change for the better. They will join Russia in unity where they should have been since 1991. Novorossia is showing the way for the rest of Ukraine. You will have a new Ukraine (or whatever the new name will be).

    Your spot on about the US/EU creating a monster that will come back to bite ’em. Who do you think the Kiev nazis will attack when they are thrown out of power and possibly out of the ex-Ukraine. It will be the west. They’ll take revenge on the who-they-will-call spineless Americans, French, Germans, etc. who didn’t do enough to help them.

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  7. Apologies if I have just had too many experiences with anti-Russian Ukrainians, but I suspect I know what will happen. They will blame Russia.

    OK, that was a joke, but I would like you to expand upon the idea that losing the Donbass would doom whatever government is in Kiev, especially if they hold a referendum and a majority support this. Kharkov and Odessa would still be under oppressive rule, so there would be no chance of an independence referendum unless Russia provided covert support, and even that might not be enough. Unless you think the economic problems are going to be severe enough that Kiev won’t have any SBU or military that work for them. Or do you suppose that the local oligarchs would do this? They would have the power to create a referendum that said whatever they wanted and would get whatever result they wanted.

    In this scenario, the mobilization and war would stop. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the US pushed for this, as it would be hard for Russia to go against it. Russia could likely get the Kharkov PTB to declare independence and join Novorossiya, but this is not so bad for the US as the US would be happy if the country broke into two and NATO unofficially moved into the Western half.

    In other words, it is not necessarily bad from a US point of view if the Kiev junta is doomed. The question is what will replace it. The US/Germany/Poland would like to take half the country, and they might not even care if there were two new capitals, Lvov and Donetsk, with Kiev fading into an old museum town.

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  8. Dear Lada I found this excellent interview of PCR with Russian magazine “Political Education”. It’s written in Russian as well as in English, and gives excellent inside information:


    There are some other interesting interviews/articles that he gave/wrote recently on how the takeover of governments actually work and what is happening in Greece!

    Your article is very helpful in understanding what has been going on behind the scenes in Ukraine, and I’m so glad these stories now come out in the open!

    Have a great day!

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  9. Thanks, Christa, for pointing us to another great Paul Craig Roberts article! Mr. Roberts rightly notes that all American attention has been moved by the spin meisters from the “Muslim threat” to the “Russian threat”. (sigh!) Meanwhile, Netanyahu and the Nazionists have been for months (perhaps years, keeping in mind Brzezinski!) slithering about under the floorboards. Their machinations in Ukraine have gone almost completely unnoticed by the media as they set up their next move on the geopolitical chessboard.
    Paul asked above about who would next step into Ukraine and run it. I’ve got a good guess. Now that the Israelis have openly admitted that the peer reviewed DNA data recently released indicating that nearly all of the European Jews in Israel are descendants of the Khazars and are therefore European and not Semitic is in fact accurate and true, they have a new justification for a new occupation. The Israelis can no longer strenuously insist that they are justified in their occupation of the land they live on now. They have never had any right to it. We also see that they have been the real anti-semitics. This news seriously changes the picture. And, I note, it is very well timed as usual.
    Months ago Ukraine “invited” the Israelis to come back to Ukraine (really? did they do it voluntarily, or under pressure?) which was once, long ago a part of the Khazar Empire. So here’s a possible scenario: Netanyahu gets enough “settlers” to move from Israel to Ukraine to fight for their occupation of that country and they take it as their new/old “homeland”. They abandon Israel to the Palestinians to whom the land belonged in the first place. So the Israeli/Palestinian problem is solved and everybody is relieved and happy. According to some sources this has been their plan for some time.
    Next, they move into Crimea, which was once also part of the Khazar Empire until it was conquered by Russia. Because of that they will thumb their noses at and irritate Russia to no end while they argue to the world that they have every right to have Crimea also. I imagine the Crimeans would have a strong reaction to that! I also imagine Russia would, of necessity, have to do something about it in some way. She would stand to lose access once again to the warm water ports that are strategically vital to her national interests. Now we have a new, and way bigger problem! The U.S. will have to defend their horrific masters the Nazionists, and Russia will be honor bound to defend the Crimeans, and the ports.
    I am thinking that if I can see this as a possibility I am sure you and Mr. Putin can also. Can you give us your insight on this, Lada? I am very interested to know what you think.


  10. I have a deep empathy for Ukraine ,I am half polish, and resonate with their struggle.I have a feeling of completion of tasks & achievements ,as not having seen these positive completions is only the illusion of time for I am sure it has happened &_only awaits for all to perceive it.god bless you .robert11011 .

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