Earth Isn’t Enough – Now US Wants to Own the Moon!

US arrogance overload!

US companies are preparing to staking their claims on the Moon, building colonies and mining for resources. Several corporations have openly stated their intentions and are making plans, but a 1967 UN treaty governing the celestial body may complicate their endeavors.

The FAA just issued a letter to commercial enterprise Bigelow Aerospace giving them exclusive rights to territory on the moon. This partly complies with the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty and partly flies in the face of it. Either way, the letter marks an important turning point for all of humanity: the space race is back on, and it’s realer than ever.

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  1. Ughh. I need a barf bag.

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  2. Well I wish them luck Lada, cos I think the Chinese are WAY ahead of them, which is the very reason the US are coming out with all this! The Chinese have very concrete plans to mine Helium 3 for safe nuclear fusion and the place to get it is the moon. This has the US shaking in their boots as once the Chinese have cornered the Helium 3 nuclear fusion market it is all over red rover for US hegemony. China plans to be on the moon by 2020 and I have no doubt they will be there ….mean-time the US are trying all their legal fiction to take that right away….I wish them luck cos they are going to need it and then some!
    Funny, I was telling my brother about China’s plans to mine Helium 3 on the moon and that just one space shuttle load is equivalent to 1 billion barrels of oil and Helium 3 will change the face of the Earth. My brother was stunned and related to me that he had not long ago had a dream about helium and that somehow it was going to change everything. He didn’t have a clue about China’s Helium 3 project.

    Then again, Lockheed have this tucked up their sleeve…

    L 🙂

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  3. LMFAO over this and Kiev selling off US weapons!

    No word at all on EROEI, but this is never mentioned in news on the latest grandiose schemes to make America energy-independent and preserve Happy Motoring for all eternity or a year, whichever comes first. If you see one of these clowns, tell him I have a bridge I’d like to sell him. (Did the FAA make any money off the deal?)

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  4. Did you know that EVERY video of a spinning earth taken from space has only been a composite picture and NASA’s most frequented video is merely a looped sequence where clouds do not move ever. 24 hours of time-lapsed photo images. If you would like to explore the geocentric hollow concave Earth.

    One wonders why such a magnificent spectacle isn’t being broadcast every minute of every day for the world to witness – live. But it never has and never will. The space race has always been just another hoax serving primarily the elites. A political ruse and a huge cash cow to boot. The subliminal neural programming has now been exposed in television since the B&W era and closing stars and banner sign off.

    People will believe anything they tell or show you on television if repeated often enough. After all the government wouldn’t lie to you, would it.That’s why monotonous news items are broadcast every 15 mins during your viewing ‘pleasure time’.

    But that’s how we got into this mess isn’t it. Government’s lie ALL the time. We’ve all been brainwashed and mind controlled to accept a lie as truth, and the deception is relentless.

    Cancer cures abound but the chemotherapy industry is so lucrative you never hear about the cheaper and safer alternatives. The FDA hold patents on cannabis oil cures for cancer, but simply sits on the information until they can regulate all the profits into guvs pockets.

    Some people just need to be told what to think, rather than make an informed choice.

    I hope was not too far off topic. It’s too big to cover here,sadly.

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  5. God help us!
    I agree with Agent Smith… the human race is some type of virus (or at least certain parts of it is).
    Look what it has done to this planet. Look what it has done with “life”.
    Surely the more intelligent and more advanced civilisations out there in space will contain this virus and prevent it from spreading out into space.


    • That’s why humanity is sequestered for now.


      • Well my take on The Matrix series, which I have studied exhaustively, is that it is compulsory viewing for anyone trying to understand our holographic universe. The bad guys or archons are Mr Smith who like the Cabal and their minions really hate humanity and has manipulated it to the extreme and now wants to genocide it altogether. But it ain’t gonna happen! The damage done to this earth has been because of their greed and selfish destruction. Saying that we have all been one of them in one lifetime or another. Like the movie Avatar the native peoples that revered and protected the land living off it in simple ways are expendable to the invading hordes that just want to rape and pillage. Just like Planet Earth actually. However, each one of us is now Neo and has the opportunity to stand up, take back our power and change things for the better. Our power exists in the true holographic sense that the smallest part (each one of us) is a part of the whole and has all the integrity of the whole (creator). We are {each one of us) creator gods by the power of our every thought, word and deed. So be careful what you wish for and place your focus on as it will become your reality. My vision and focus is on a harmonious and joyfully pristine planet with amazing technologies and an environment of nurturing love where we are one with nature and our universe and have reconnected with our star families. We also have longevity, telepathy, expanded consciousness, a total knowingness in a perfect and healthy body that can teleport to just about anywhere. These are abilities we had before Atlantis and they are returning now through the amazing light infusion of the photon belt and the great central sun. We are living in truly amazing times.


    • Bit more here about humans as virus… NOT all humans.
      Certain humans have acted like a nasty virus against the health of other humans.
      It’s really quite interesting… albeit, disquieting!


  6. Rumour has it they never went….to the moon… this looks like a distraction…..imho



    • They never went to the moon, Christa. 😉 That was a hoax which I can verify through calibration, Akashic Records, remote viewing, and a million other ways. It was done to try to wrestle away the initiative and spotlight from USSR, first in space, making Russia feel inferior. It worked too – Russians were gullible. We talked about it in one of the interviews with Plane Truth (No2, I think).

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    • I am still undecided, but leaning towards that moon landings were real. For one thing Soviet Union had at its disposal means to watch what the Americans were doing and would scream foul at the least inconsistency.

      By the way, an interesting article about raytracing, recreation of the famous first step photo in hardware, and which conditions had to be met:


      • USSR didn’t have the means to trace it all the way to the moon in the ’60s-early ’70s. So-called “flights” ended specifically at the time this technology became available because the bluff would have been called. Appolo 13, when there was supposedly a mulfuction that made them turn back, was a performace designed to convince Russians that it was a logical discontinuation of the Lunar program.


      • USSR found good reason to play follow the leader in perpetrating the fraud. (IMO)

        Some rather definitive work in the series called “Wagging the Moondoggie” is worth consideration as are the other titles in that web page.


        • Kostya, this is untrue. The situation was absolutely different. That doesn’t mean there was no fraud involved, but not at all what someone, who has no idea of the real tuth, is inventing. In the West there is a proliferation of this stuff created not based on any real knowledge, but simply out of spite and to capitalize on people craving the truth. There are many cynical conspiracy theories floating around – most, simply a sensationalist fiction. It doesn’t mean you should believe everything. Generally, people are drawn to info based on their vibration/calibration, and there are those who would beleive anything as long as it’s alternative.

          For more on how this works see IS PUTIN PART OF NWO? Free Earth Shift Report on this site.

          I always suggest using common sense and striving for the profound truth instead of sensationalism. This is a general advice, which concerns some other comments made on this post as well. We have decided to post them all and no to delete any pursuant to FT blog rules, despite some containing untruths, since the topic is so ‘far out’ anyway.

          Cheers to all!

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    • I studied a lot of investigative reports about this some time back.
      There seems to be so much “hard proof” that they never actually got to the moon when they said they got there first in 1969. The astronauts who were “first” on the moon look like the most miserable group of losers during the follow up interviews… I mean, if I’d really been one of the “first” guys to the moon and back I imagine I’d be rather positively excited… for a long time afterwards. Then there is all the “evidence” that Stanley Kubrick shot the “on-the-moon” footage (that was broadcast on TV in 1969) in some film-studio… on earth 😉
      Apparently, as part of the deal he got some very rare (and outrageously expensive) camera equipment from some special government agency with which to shoot “2001, A Space Odyssey” (and other brilliant movies – I’m a big fan)… and a guaranteed career success as a director.
      But, didn’t they really actually get to the moon many years later?
      Sort of… sneak in later through a back door while no one was looking?
      And, haven’t the Japanese, the Chinese and the Indians been, at least, around the moon recently… mapping it, etc. … even if they didn’t actually land on it maybe? I’d love to know what’s really going on there.
      This “Helium 3” topic seems very interesting (re.: “Llyrran” above).


      • “Miserable group of losers” is exactly right.
        Proofs more than abound. I won’t go through them as they can be found on the net.

        As to who had really been to the moon. The only real ‘human’ presence on the moon at the time was the Russian Lunokhod (Moon walker) robot directed from Earth, which took pictures, samples, did some experiments and sent them back. The missions were quite extensive and there were several Lunokhods.

        With fake moon landings US needed to overshadow the fact that Russia’s Gagarin was first in space, plus that Russia was first on the moon with the robot. It was Russia always that was great at space tech, not US. Just consider history! Tsiolkovsky – father of cosmonautics, inventor of space rocket, Korolev (who went to Odessa Politechnic Institute, next to where I grew up, btw) – the brilliant head of the Russian space program, who sent first SPUTNIK to space, first man in space – Gagarin, first man in open space/first space walk – Leonov, first woman in space – Tereshkova. And of course, first moon landing – Lunokhod.

        The one thing US is REALLY good at is propaganda and brainwashing, plus another thing it’s great at is the make-believe Hollywood. Just put the two and two together and common sense will tell you the truth.

        Since then, of course there were other moon landings with unmanned craft, but none as successful as Lunokhod.

        As I said, humanity for the time being is sequestered on Earth.


        • What’s not true Lada: the use of the word fraud is not too severe; surely?
          Nevertheless, the deception may not eventuated as ‘fraud’ but more-so national security, I agree.
          Quoting from David McGowen’s website. (Apollo 1 article)

          “In truth, the entire space program has largely been, from its inception, little more than an elaborate cover for the research, development and deployment of space-based weaponry and surveillance systems. The media never talk about such things, of course, but government documents make clear that the goals being pursued through space research are largely military in nature. For this reason alone, it is inconceivable that the Soviets would not have followed the Americans onto the Moon for the sake of their own national defense.”


          • Kostya, please, I really have no time, or desire, to argue with my readers. I have a lot more important things to do. I will not engage in arguments with anyone, per my blog rules. I already stated that clearly before. Please observe the rules. You are welcome to participate in comments, within rules, but please do not try to argue with me. I do not appreciate that. I allowed your comment – people can make their own conclusions.

            You also know my opinion on this issue. End of discussion.

            Please refrain from pushing your agenda so insistently – this is not going to work on this site. Please respect my rules!

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    • And let’s not forget “Laika” 😉
      First animal to orbit earth was a Russian dog!
      [Maybe Laika went through a wormhole in space… and by now there is The Planet of The Dogs… maybe in the Great Dog Constellation – Canis Majoris 😉 ]


    • Just to play the devil’s advocate a bit more… What about the next two bits:
      1. There are moon rock samples that got studied by different scientists (they could, of course, have been flown in later) and that don’t match any newer geological earth samples.
      2. Any faked landing would not be sustainable in the long run. Russia or China can easily send an unmanned flight over the American landing spots and retrieve high-res imagery – there should be a flag and a launch pod still standing there.

      By the way, Soviet lunar landers were rediscovered recently, and are now used to measure/triangulate distance to the moon by beaming laser at their on-board reflectors.


      • 1. I’m not a specialist but 2 explanations come to mind right away:

        1- Alien dust from an alien object was simply injected into samples of earth rock. Or 2- most likely, these were genuine meteoric pieces that fell to Earth at some point. Who said US shared with the world all discoveries of any comets, meteors, etc.
        There is even an early novel by Dan Brown about similar kind of hoax. Thriller authors, like yours truly, know things you can’t imagine… or rather, imagine things others don’t know, but should, lol. 😉

        Most likely, this is what happened. Once they had the rocks, they figured they could fake the Moon landing around these samples, with Hollywood’s help. Besides, who said that samples were truly and independently tested. You can switch samples, pay off scientists – a million things. Hmm… thriller author again. 😉

        2. That’s the thing – they never found any of the items described by the US. US ‘explained’ that everything, including all those bags of TRASH US left on the Moon (now pollutig the Moon, you see, poor Earth isn’t enough) – were buried under layers of cosmic dust.
        Like you said, Lunokhods were rediscovered, so where is the US stuff?

        I guess no one here follows this closely (and it’s been suppressed)… Neither do I, but gosh, all this data is actually floating in the Universe. The energy imrint is clear. Just grab it straight out of the consciousness stream! Don’t you all see it? It’s so obvious.

        Oh, incidentally, the Moon isn’t what people imagine it is. Let’s begin with the fact that Moon, Earth, etc, are holographic projections. Each sees only what they can/able to see. I hope you all know my recipe to see more – raise your calibration and Chi.

        And physical space travel is also limited. Maybe I’ll do a piece on that at some point. We also discussed it in my second interview with The Plane Truth (go under Interviews on top bar).


    • I admire you for allowing dissenting opinions here, Lada. No one should have to fend off arguments, though. Good on you for asserting your rights!


    • Let’s face it: if the USA had really gotten to the Moon there’d be a “McDonalds” restaurant there by now.
      Anybody spotted a McDo restaurant on the Moon yet?
      No. I didn’t think so.


  7. Cobra says we have Breakthrough – End of Quarantine:
    I think our star families will be kicking the cabal butts out of here and everywhere else in our universe. Last desperate attempt by the satanic cabal to somehow be relevant… grabbing at straws! Thank you Lada.

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    • Nice bit of news.
      Yes, I guess it means our ET pals can now get in and out of our 3D zone a lot easier than before.
      I wonder what else this will mean for us (the elimination of the quarantine thingy)!
      Ok, maybe it means we can now also shoot off out into space! But what good is that when we haven’t even figured out this planet yet? We haven’t even figured out our “SELF” yet!
      Still, I am rather excited to see where things go from here.


  8. I agree with what Kostya wrote. The fact that the US wants to own the moon doesn’t worry me that much. What really upsets me is that it wants to own our minds! In my country all in a sudden it seems a sly and rotten ‘campaign’ has started. Those who do not groundless recognize the things MSM wants to make them believe but who prefer to use their own brains and intelligence to seek for the truth are now called conspiracy thinkers or even worse; conspiracy terrorists. They are considered to suffer from a kind of behavior disorder and might become potential psychopaths to be kept an eye on!
    Of course the real purpose of all this is to scare them off so that they will no longer express their own opinions and thinking. But if lately people were demonstrating in order to defend their freedom of speech, maybe it’s time to demonstrate one more time in order to defend their freedom of thinking! Je suis Simone!


  9. Hi Lada,

    This is hard to believe when this country cannot even build a rail system, build dams or any other thing that might modernize this country. It takes years and years and years of paper work. But I did forget about the military for a minute. The war machine will get it done.


  10. This is like a sick cartoon really. The u.s.wants….,they are finished killing,rapeing,fear mongering, on & on & on.we all know everything ,there can be no more secrets.

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  11. Extra ,extra ,read all about it,www.justice4humanity.Michael Dunn’s international criminal tribunal court of 1800 judges top attorney s from all over agree to this.they need funding then they can procede to pursue justice that no one will be able to wiggle out of.


  12. Regarding the US and their prowess at propaganda….. just watch the brilliant movie adaptation of Tom Wolfes’ ‘The Right Stuff’ and you will get a bird’s eye view of the propaganda palaver that the US went through to try and beat the Russian’s into space. When Chuck Yaeger broke the speed of sound after many a test pilot dropping out of the sky, the whole affair was kept under wraps. Not so the space program which was brazenly flouted in the media, even though the ‘astronauts’ had done sweet bugger all except pose for the camera’s etc. Even though they did eventually go on to orbit the Earth, this movie brilliantly exposes US sensationalism and propaganda in order to appear superior. In the end the US sent a chimp into space first. Gargarin pipped them at the post! Brilliant movie for anyone interested in the space race.


  13. Robert,

    The hidden military and the visible transportation industry are very different animals. For one thing, the hidden military may have other factions calling the shots. Could be European elites, or Nazis, or even aliens. They might even want the US taken down.


    Many Moon rocks are now admitted to be fakes, or at least that is what has been widely reported. If you had gone to the Moon, would you let anyone else have access to important details? Absurd. In the days of European exploration and exploitation, knowledge along the lines of maps or where good water was was kept secret, and, even to this day, many things are still classified. Do you really think they would let the world watch live what they were up to and then give the rocks to scholars around the world? What if they found gold or even more precious items? They wouldn’t even tell the President I bet.


    Are you of the view that the Soviet and US space programs were not working together to some degree? Perhaps the bigger question is how much you think the US and Soviets were actually enemies. Many in the West are of the view that the West gave lots of technology and money to the Soviets because the elite always need an enemy. The enemy could be ISIS, or Saddam, or terrorism, but they always want an enemy. Americans would never have agreed to having such an imperialistic military if not for the image of a big, bad USSR that could take over the world. In this view, American imperialism eventually became established enough that taking down the USSR and trying to gain domination over almost the whole world became the goal, but this was after the Apollo days.

    As an aside, for those interested, Dmitri Rogozin was interviewed on Soloviev’s show, and discusses new technologies he is somewhat responsible for, such as avatars that would allow achievements in space. It sounds like they already have working avatars.


  14. This is very interesting Paul regarding the hidden military. I guess no one really knows what technology the other one has got.
    Take for example this file:
    This will definitely put the whoops up anyone hoping for a peaceful existence!


    • This looks like a funding pitch contribution. The date of the file is presumably April 2006.
      This is also fear porn.


  15. This news about America’s moon grab is not surprising.

    Americans have an inbred sense of imperial entitlement that they own the world–so why not the moon?

    In fact, the Americans have an openly admittied doctrine called Full Spectrum Dominance, which calls for American military dominance and control not only of land, air, sea, but also cyberspace and OUTER Space.

    The Pentagon’s Strategy for World Domination: Full Spectrum Dominance, from Asia to Africa

    Full-spectrum dominance

    The weaponization of outer space is a fundemantal American ambition. That is why the United States has opposed international treaties proposed by both Russia and China to outlaw the weaponization of space–all the while accusing these two nations of weaponizing space in a classic case of the American pot calling the kettle black.

    America’s Grand Strategy: Militarizing Space

    America’s many propagandists will try to justify America’s moon grab/weaponization of space by claiming that they have to “keep up” with China, Russia, et al.

    That’s American disinformation.

    This is just a rehashed version of the Space Race jingoism and phony missile/bomber gaps that America hystericaly used during the Cold War with Russia to justify its OWN militarization.

    America has had plans to colonize the moon and beyond *regardless* of what other nations are doing.

    The United States has a Monroe Doctrine for not only Latin America but the entire world–and beyond.

    But most Americans, British, and other Anglo apologists don’t have the honesty to admit this reality.


  16. Before we move too far away from the topic of “space” here on this page, I’d like to ask a couple of questions… if you’re too busy to tackle them then no prob bob.
    01. Is there anything you can tell us about the “Black Knight” satellite, or satellites (some say there are 2), that was / were found orbiting earth before the human race had ever (allegedly) got round to launching its first satellite?
    I see that some suggest that it is a satellite (or 2) left over (hanging around in orbit) from the days of Atlantis.
    02. Is there anything you can tell us about the alleged human “break-away” civilisation? Apparently, this “break-away” civilisation has extremely advanced technology (including human-body rejuvenation / reconstruction tech.) and has been doing stuff out in space for a long time… on Mars, other parts of the solar system, etc.. Apparently, a Captain Randy Cramer, who was (or is) employed by this “break-away” civilisation, has been “authorised” to present publicly certain info relating to this civilisation, their activities in space, their interactions with ETs, etc. [re: for example , the Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews with the good Capt. on YouTube]. Or, is all this just more of the same ol’ “breakaway” scenario that we label “the cabal” et al?
    Thanks Lada.

    [PS: a fun “Moon” movie – “Iron Sky” (2012) – – Finnish director & writers (as far as I understand)]


  17. This makes me think of the film Elysium

    In 2154, Earth is overpopulated and polluted. Most of the Earth’s citizens live in complete poverty, with little food, technology and medical care. The rich and powerful people live in Elysium — a terraformed space habitat in orbit. Advanced technology includes Med-Bays — medical machines which can cure all diseases, reverse the aging process and regenerate new body parts. A long-running feud exists between the wealthy Elysium citizens and the Earth citizens, who want Elysium technology to cure their medical ailments.

    Maybe their intention is to let the moon become the new terraformed space habitat for people who, by then, can afford it …


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