Intel: US Mini-Nukes Delivered to Ukraine; Poroshenko’s Family Urgently Leaves

The latest breaking news from Ukraine:

1. The family of Ukraine president Poroshenko has urgently left the country via a charter flight. This means that the situation in the country is much more unstable than is being portrayed, and the true extent of turmoil is being underplayed. It also means that Poroshenko knows that he may be unseated any moment and has negotiated an asylum for his family with his handlers in the West as part of the Minsk agreement. Instead of flying straight back to Kiev after Minsk, Poroshenko actually went to Brussels first where he had undisclosed conversations with EU politicians, including Merkel and Hollande. Undoubtedly, this is where the asylum was negotiated.

In one of my 2014 articles I said that I was expecting another Kiev maidan by spring 2015. Yarosh and other ukro-nazis say that they will never observe the Minsk peace agreements and threaten to overturn Poroshenko. Rada is trying to initiate impeachment proceedings. Maidan may be close. Will it happen? I think the wild card right now is Merkel and Hollande tandem. Afraid of a hot war in Europe, they finally mustered some courage to present a unified front in Minsk and beyond. They may spoil the party.

I had also said previously that I didn’t see Poroshenko surviving in his position for much longer.

In one of the previous articles’ comment sections we also had a discussion about the potentiality of an even more obvious nazi regime coming to power after Poroshenko is unseated. I am of the opinion that worst case scenario of an openly nazi regime materializing would actually be better, as it would cause the terrible abscess that is today’s Ukraine to come to the surface, ripen and erupt faster. Ukraine, and the world in general, needs this cleansing. The terrible infestation in Ukraine had been festering inside for too long. It has to come to the surface and be expelled. The faster it happens, the sooner people can start the process of rebuilding.

Read my long-term PREDICTIONS for Ukraine, Russia, USA and more.

2. Ukraine sources are reporting that since the population is sabotaging the mobilization, Kiev junta is now conducting a forced mobilization. The military board a city bus and tell women to leave, while all the men who remain on the bus get herded into trucks and sent to the front. People from Zaporozhie (in central Ukraine, one of the cities that wants to join Novorossia) report that national guard breaks into people’s homes and forcefully hauls off the males into the army.

All this is happening after Minsk peace agreements have been signed and as ceasefire is supposed to be in effect in Donbass. Meanwhile, Donbass reports that there is no ceasefire and that Kiev army is consolidating its forces and attacking the positions of self-defence. They have again attempted to take the Donetsk Airport, which, according to Minsk accords, is supposed to be part of the DNR territory.

Kiev has completely abandoned 5,000 of its soldiers cooking in the Debaltsevo cauldron. Kiev denies the very existence of the cauldron and the fact that their forces have been surrounded by DNR and LNR.

Also see my LRL10. Minsk2 and Ukraine Peace. What do Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko want?

3. German sources report that US military advisors in Ukraine have been busy. According to German intelligence, Americans were able to bring onto the territory of the Debaltsevo cauldron a ‘suitcase’ nuke. It appears US has nothing left to lose after Germany and France broke the ranks and sat down for peace talks with Russia.

Let’s recall what I’d been saying from the start. The goals of the US in Ukraine are, among others: 1. to put a wedge between Russia and Germany/France/EU; 2. paint Russia as a villain; 3. pit Russia and Ukraine in a hot war, by making Russia send troops to Ukraine.

The potential false flag involving a mini-nuke inside the Debaltsevo cauldron is supposed to be blamed on Russia. Therefore, Russia gets again painted as a villain that detonates nukes in poor Ukraine. This may result in more EU sanctions and in US delivering those lethal weapons they had been threatening to send.

Several weeks ago I said that we should expect a massive false flag in Ukraine, something that would be much bigger than MH17. There has been a recent mini-nuke detonation at the chemical plant in Donbass, but apparently, it failed to achieve the desired effect. It is possible they will try again in Debaltsevo. This has to be watched. And as I also said before, if a lot of people talk about it and watch it like hawks, it’s possible to prevent such false flags. Hopefully they will fail.

According to intel from Russian/Ukrainian military analyst Alexander Zhilin (who’s originally from Nikolaev), 4 such American tactical nukes were delivered in November 2014 to the Ivano-Frankovsk military airport in Western Ukraine. The question is: where will they surface?

Info about above news in Russian: here, and in other materials from News-Front.


A message from Lada:

Dear readers,

We have outdone ourselves in the past couple of weeks with many new articles and videos appearing almost daily. Just last week alone we posted 4 new LadaRayLive video episodes on various globally important topics. Please see links on this blog or go to Lada Ray Channel to subscribe and watch. Today’s article about Ukraine adds to the whole picture.

I have also recorded 2 interviews with The Plane Truth and Cat’s Eye on the Future radio shows, which will be appearing starting next week. In the former we discuss my proprietary brand of Geopolitical Feng Shui and the BRICS; in the latter, we let our hair down and have an extremely fun discussion about the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Sheep celebration and fascinating aspects of the Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui.

Let’s consider some of the above a bit of an advance.

On February 19 we are starting to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Wood Sheep. I will be taking a few days off from writing and videos, but I will be checking my blog and email as usual. We will be with our Chinese family and we hope to watch the dragon dance and the Chinese New Year parade. I’ll try to record the dragon dance and post it on my YT channel.

I’ll try to post some new, fascinating Feng Shui and Chinese New Year videos on Lada Ray Channel as well. More feng shui information will also be posted on Stay tuned!

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  1. Outstanding intel, Lada. I hope some VIPs are reading this and causing some effect to de-nuke this situation. Happy New Year. New Moon midpoint between Pluto and Uranus.
    Never a dull day.

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  2. Nice catch, Lada! Let us pray that the nukes remaining are recovered and never detonated. Thank you so much once again for your (no doubt) excellent hard work. Being very busy myself lately, this is the first of your recent pieces I have had an opportunity to look at. I am eagerly looking forward to sitting down soon and treating myself to the rest of them. (That is to say, I am always very appreciative of your high production standards, no matter whether the content is pleasant or difficult.)
    Gong Hei Fat Choi to you and yours, and to all our global family! May Peace and Loving Kindness prevail in this Year of the Sheep.

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  3. You make lots of accurate points Lada, particularly the ongoing demonizing of Putin. But will you and your fellow pencil pushers please stop comparing the thugs of Poroshenko and his cohorts with Nazi Germany. The NSDAP actually improved things for 1930’s Germans and continually put out peace proposals to the Western Powers, though not reciprocated. That is in complete contrast to this miserable government in Kiev.


  4. From the venerable truth warriors over at Veterans Today:
    Truce holding – France, Germany, Kiev and rebels agree

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  5. … and consider this ‘ripe with potential’ chess move:
    Putin set to drop “truth bomb” on USA

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    • Oh please oh please Cabal, make my day! Do something else incredibly stupid (as long as it doesn’t kill anyone). Push Mr. Putin into dropping the Truth Bomb.
      ~ Just so you know, dear ones, I’m not a person given to schadenfreude. What I am is a person who has been waiting a long time to see the truth revealed and justice served. I would dearly love to see Cheney et al having their pictures taken wearing orange jumpsuits and plastic bracelets.

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  6. To Russia:
    Our Government has gone rogue, it stopped being a representative Government of the American People long ago, it’s broken and corrupt beyond repair.
    Remember that “We the People of the USA are NOT our Government”. Please Bomb accordingly.

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  7. The same SOB’s who were behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG are trying desperately to ignite a very hot war in the Ukraine, part of their support for propping up the worthless USD.
    These sadists will stop at nothing to keep alive the hatred they’ve engineered for Muslims to protect Israel and their fraudulent fiat money schemes, so if that means detonating a mini-nuke in Ukraine, they don’t care about the consequences.

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  8. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Mini-Nuclear false flags are not going to succeed going forward, Russian military Defense has their own black project weapons used to protect instead of destroy, these are being implemented and activated right now! We got a taste of it back in April when a Russian Su-24 plane buzzed the USS Donald Cook battleship, totally disarming it dead in the water using only an electronic jamming signal, the ship had to be towed back to port – and that’s Russia’s old tech!! I’m sure the idiots in Washington are scratching their collective “head” thinking what they can possibly do next, LOL! Power to the people!! 😀

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    • Thanks, Maddie, good info! Russian military has a number of secret undisclosed defence weapons that are 6D and above technology. Might mention more in the upcoming ES Reports.

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      • Lada Ray, please ask Russia to open the door for me as I try and escape these lunatics in America! I would beg to join the Russian army if Vladimir Putin would have me, but alas, since I am still recovering from a motor car pileup, I would be of no use. But wait! I am sure that I could at the very least, cite targets for Russian missiles to head, you know where!

        Please note! I am being extremely serious.


  9. Great aricle. First time visiting. I’m an American on vacation for 3 weeks in Viet Nam and my wifes birthday is today… Feb 19…

    Happy New year to all. Amazing celebration for this new year of the sheep.

    With BRICS gaining momentum and the dollar being exposed, I hope Greece leaves the EU and Italy follows. These bastards / banksters want WW3 and will detonate anything they have too. Most Americans are to stupid to fugure out WTF is going on but many will not fall for this FALSE FLAG but they are planning something big worldwide. I was hoping we had till 2016 or 2017 but I don’t think they feel they have that time. They are desperate and will attempt anything. Russia needs to address the world and show they were not involved. Everyone try to hang in there. We are almost at the crossroad

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  10. Hi Lada, I just read Alexander Mercouris’ analysis of Der Spiegel’s long article on Merkel and Minsk. He’s a great writer and his analysis is the best one that I have seen on the Minsk 2. It’s really all over for Merkel’s and Obama’s project in Ukraine. The Euromaidan counter revolution has failed. Of course the Kiev freaks have no intention on honoring the agreements and the war will continue and unnecessary lives will be lost but the handwriting’s on the wall. Thanks to you Lada I have been taught that 3D reality lags in time from the vibrations in the non 3D world. The freaks in Kiev and their EU and US masters have lost in Ukraine but they just don’t know it yet (or maybe they do know it). You have been right since I first started reading you in March. Putin’s policy has been nothing short of brilliant. That guy just does not make mistakes. If he was a hitter in the major leagues he’d be batting 1000. Your timeline of 2016-2018 for Ukraine to re-orient back towards Russia is spot on. Just wait ’til the victory of Donetsk and Lugansk sinks in to the rest of Ukraine. There may be a stampede of defection of other oblasts from the Kiev freaks. Nothing is successful as success.

    Thanks Lada for all you have done.

    I know you’re not crazy about links but this article by Mercouris is really worth reading.

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  11. Lada, an heads-up of a report that seems to be really significant:
    I don’t know if that’s in your source list, but you may want to analyse and cross-reference it with the info that you already obtained.
    It’s a bit alarmistic, but one of the bullet points there ties well with you current false-flag warning.


  12. Poetic Justice street style, Ukrainian version. Won’t see this in US any time soon… There is a message here for our own CorpGov ‘elite’.
    Please forgive yet another link.
    ‘Trash Bin’ Lustration: Ukraine law declares open season on former officials


    • Thanks, Les. We did have a link to similar vids here, on FT, but in the right context. The problem with your assessment is that the ones doing lustration are ukro-nazis who are trying to scare members of alternative parties (form. Party of the Regions and Communists) so they wouldn’t show up in Rada to oppose Donbass aggression, or to force them out of the country. If the mob really wanted justice, they should have thrown Poroshenko (economy minister under Yanukovich, who got the country into this mess with his policies) and Yatsenyuk (asst to then PM Tymoshenko) into trash bins first.

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  13. Happy belated New Year Lada!
    Great article as usual! Hope you enjoy your family-time!

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  14. Appreciating the hard work you put into your blog and
    detailed information you present. It’s great to come
    across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.
    Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS
    feeds to my Google account.


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