Vladimir Putin Interview: “I Don’t See the Apocalyptic Scenario Materializing” (with my English translation)

Vladimir Putin: “I Don’t See the Apocalyptic Scenario Materializing.”

On February 23, Russia celebrated the traditional DAY OF THE PROTECTOR OF THE FATHERLAND. On this day, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the talk show host Vladimir Solovyov, whom I mentioned previously in my piece about Russian analysts and geopolitical shows: My recommendations: Top Russian Geopolitical Analysts.

Vladimir Putin said that:

He doesn’t see materializing the apocalyptic scenario of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. Volatile statements such as Poroshenko’s promise to get back Crimea at any cost don’t help. Crimean land does and always will belong to Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, as well as Greeks and Germans – together with the core population, there are Greeks and Germans living in Crimea as well. As to what country Crimea belongs with, the vote to secede and join Russia was the choice of the Crimeans, and such choice must be respected. Russia certainly can’t ignore or disrespect it. “Hopefully, our partners abroad will soon come to respect the people’s choice as well.”

A large European country such as Ukraine must first focus on how to normalize life and how to stop bloodshed on its territory. Ukraine needs to fix its economy and social sphere, and start talking in a civilized way to the South-East of the country. Ukraine also needs to respect its people’s rights. To make all this happen, Minsk agreements must be implemented.

Those who follow the statements by Putin and Lavrov, would be interested to know that in this interview the always careful Putin for the first time uses the words ‘our opponents’ when talking about US. Before that, both Lavrov and Putin always used the words ‘our partners’ when referring to Americans. This is in stark contrast to the US customarily referring to Russia as ‘axis of evil’, one of the three threats (per Obama) the ‘world’ faces today, the other two being ‘Ebola and ISIS.’

Putin still uses the words ‘our partners’ when referring to the EU/Germany/France, thus signalling the differentiation in approach and acknowledging a rift between US and EU.

Putin also notes that the West doesn’t see the obvious, namely, that there is a civil war in Ukraine, not Russian invasion, because it doesn’t want to. “World-wide MSM monopoly allows our opponents to behave the way they do.”

Putin continues: “The recent hostile remarks by Kerry and Poroshenko may be a reaction to my, not very careful, remark during my recent visit to Hungary. I said that it was embarrassing to lose to former Donbass miners and tractor drivers. It would be bad if they lost to Russia, but not nearly as embarrassing as losing to the simple Donbass citizens.”

In conclusion, Putin very diplomatically remarked that he personally got an impression that Merkel and Hollande were genuine in their desire to avert war and to bring peace to Ukraine. Although the relations between Russia and Germany/France aren’t fully back to normal and trust hasn’t been re-established yet, there is an improvement.

Watch Putin’s video interview in Russian


В.СОЛОВЬЁВ: Уважаемый господин Президент, только что вся страна отметила День защитника Отечества, а на территории братской Украины теперь это считается днём захвата Крыма, и Порошенко заявляет, что сделает всё возможное для того, чтобы вернуть Крым. Какова стадия сейчас российско-украинских отношений? Проснёмся ли мы в один день, узнав, что началась война?

В.ПУТИН: Я думаю, что такой апокалипсический сценарий вряд ли возможен, и надеюсь, что до этого никогда не дойдёт.

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  1. Putin is a good soul, simply , for those with eyes to see they know all is going to be wonderful.time , in essance, is a perception.this wonderful shift is the light shining all over our galaxy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Many of those who Putin call ‘opponents’ are fatalists. Fatalists do not calculate with respect or disrespect, since no of them own self-respect. Most of them are MKULTRA directed. They are individuals, but all their roots are cut. Just view the Kiev Junta and the Washington DC gangs.
    When Putin refer to ‘partners’, I feel he point at individuals who know their roots and anchor their intensions by them. As an european, I know that Putin know that many of us recognize ourselves by these old roots – and grow best by them.
    EU-politicians still have some roots, but the rest of their roots are cut by the fatalists. That is why they miss power to take care of Europe. They cannot handle the situation since ‘their hands are cut off’. They are disempowered.
    Since Russia cannot be Europe alone, Putin are obligated to reactivate all the west-european nations. He have no other choice. And we are ready to withact.


  3. Lada, thank you again for persevering with the difficult task of keeping up with the flow of the tide, sifting through it and providing translations and analysis, all of which is very demanding both in terms of time and emotional energy.

    An important milestone, that I want to draw the readers’ attention to:

    A photo exhibition of 33 documentary works by journalist Andrej Stenin, who was killed in Donbass last year, has opened in Slovakia yesterday. As one of the organisers said, truth costs a lot, and Andrej paid the ultimate price, he paid with his life.

    Another milestone event is Lavrov’s speech in the UN Security Council, warning against marginalisation of UN and turning it into a rubber-stamping tool of a certain state.


  4. The scenery of the interview seems highly unusual. Solovyov looks like a mourner, wearing this black tie. Dim lights, vast royal space behind president Putin. Should we read this as a part of the message too?


    • LOL, why not 😉
      Solovyov always wears black as it suits him. I once remarked before: don’t read too much into colors, unless you know what you are doing. As Feng Shui master I look into interaction of colors; as designer, I look at how they suit. There is no problem here.
      As to ambiance: this is inside the Kremlin Palace – Russian President’s official residence. The spot was probably proposed by Solovyov, who is good at effects. As such, it could well be part of the message… or alternatively, Solovyov caught Putin right there and they had no time to go elsewhere. 😉


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