Plan to Destabilize Russia Failed; Kiev Regime Funnels Resources Into Nazi Western Ukraine and Sells off Strategic Food Reserves

My predictions about Ukraine are developing exactly as expected (details in PREDICTIONS and articles linked on the Predictions page). In 2013-14, while Russia was looking the other way during the Sochi Olympics, the US/West planned to destabilize Russia via Ukraine. The plan included the takeover of the geopolitically super-important Crimea, turning it into the oversized US/NATO base and kicking out the Russian Black Sea fleet. It also included the takeover of the entire Ukraine, culminating in the creation of anti-Russia on Russian borders. US was planning to destabilize and subsequently destroy Russia with the hands of the Russian-speaking, but thoroughly brainwashed Ukrainians – and make no mistake, Ukrainians are in fact Russians (more: FREE Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History).

Despite long-term and careful planning, despite $5 bln spent by the US to ‘subvert Ukraine’ as admitted by Victoria Nuland, all the above plans have failed utterly. The Kiev junta is afraid, mortally afraid. Many junta participants have already left the country, including oligarch Kolomoysky, who’s in Switzerland since last year; Zaporozhie elites, most of whom are in London; families of Poroshenko and many other top-tier Kiev politicians and oligarchs.

The end is nearing; maidan-3 is expected any moment; the total collapse of the country is underway. The process I have been predicting since early 2014 is gaining momentum.

Plan B is being executed by the Kiev junta together with their Western handlers. The questions are: What is this Plan B and can it succeed?

Thanks to readers Paul and Nemo for providing great links and quotes! 

Paul Plane, Host of the Plane Truth Show on Time Monk Radio, says: “Not saying it is true, but I have read statements that the Kiev regime is basically trying to funnel as much spending as possible to Galicia. Galicia will, one imagines, either become independent or join Poland, so it makes sense to put all the problems and debts on Kiev and all the assets in Lvov. A bit from a Pravda article. In an interview with the prime minister of the breakaway Carpathian republic of Ruthenia Pyotr Getsko, the following was said:

“It is clear that the truce will be thwarted very soon. There are prerequisites that have already been recognized officially that Kiev is no longer the center of all investment in Ukraine. According to statistic reports, in the second half of 2014 the main flow of investment has moved to three regions of western Ukraine – Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions. Therefore, statements from Klimkin and company do not mean anything. I think that they have already received an order, so they are wimping out Ukraine.

“Slowly but surely, Kiev is losing its role by moving capitals to those regions. In the Galician regions, the volume of construction and investments has been growing lately. The rest of Ukraine pales in comparison at this point. This is their vector. They work for Galicia now in an attempt to hang all the debts on the rest of Ukraine. Therefore, the Kiev government that has never become a legitimate government does not negotiate. Those, who created Maidan 1 and Maidan 2 escape from Kiev. Families of the top administration of Ukraine escape from the country as well.

“Poland is preparing for the integration of its former land – three Galician regions. The bottom line is that the trend is already visible. The plan to shatter Russia has failed, and the USA may decide to continue applying some of Maidan-related technologies, as well as Ukrainian nationalists in other countries of Eastern Europe.

“All these battalions, including Aidar and Azov, may go to Europe after Ukraine. Those people know what bloodshed is, they have learned to kill, loot and rape. They will not stop in Lviv, so they will go further to Europe via Poland or through Hungary, Slovakia.

“There will be a war in Europe, rather than in Russia. As for Russia, Putin has made all preventive decisions necessary.”

Nemo says: “Lada, you predicted a new revolution in Ukraine this coming spring… Well, the reason for it might just have materialised. Ukrainian strategic food reserves are empty – stolen or squandered. The following article, translated to English describes the situation. The link to the Russian source is in the translation. Ukraine’s Strategic Food Reserve…Runs Out Of Food So this is well the answer to the “What’s Next?” part your article’s title.”

Both comments are from my recent article: New Predictions: Gazprom Gears Up for Gas Shut-off to Ukraine. What’s Next?

Lada says:

What both Paul and Nemo are saying is true. Since last summer, I’ve been hearing rumors and eyewitness reports, regarding some of the strategic grain reserves and other valuable goods being transferred to Galicia (Galichina) in western Ukraine, the hotbed and birth place of ukro-nazism. Construction materials and assets are being ripped off East and South and moved to Galichina.

It was in the three oblasts of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil (Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk and Ternopol), where the dreaded WWII SS Division Galichina and others had been formed. These SS divisions were headed by ideologues of ukro-nazism Bandera and Shukhevich; they were responsible for executions and torture of hundreds of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Jews and Poles.

People throughout Ukraine have been observing huge grain trains moving to western Ukraine. Same goes for other strategic food reserves. However, the grain reserve is the most important food reserve Ukraine always must store in abundance. Bread is the main staple in Ukraine, same as in Russia (proving once again Ukrainians being the same culture as Russians).

Second half of the strategic grain reserve was quietly sold abroad to raise emergency cash. As I said in above-referenced article, Ukraine has been bankrupt since last year; however, via different corruption schemes, through Western loans and civil war, they had been hiding this fact. One of the ways to conceal a bankruptcy was to perform a fire sale of anything they could still sell.

Among other things, this also concerned the gold reserve that was shipped off to the US last summer, including the priceless Scythian gold collection (search my FT posts and YT video on that). This also includes the national Ukraine foreign currency reserve that was partially spent on weapons to fight Donbass, as well as on overpriced heating coal from S. Africa and to repay Gazprom. The rest was stolen by politicians and oligarchs.

When they couldn’t sell anything else after severing ties with Russia and destroying the country’s economy, they tapped into the unthinkable – the strategic food reserves. First, they removed these reserves from the areas where the ‘undesirables’ lived – the south and east of the country. Then, they stripped the center and north as well.

The only place where nothing was removed and where more was added was Galicia.

The above is consistent with what Poroshenko, this ukro-nazi lite, said recently. He has said that the hard-core ukro-nazi Galicia is where the ‘cream of the nation resides’ and that it is the title region and core population of Ukraine. In fact, the culture, mentality and even language of Galichina are very different from the rest of Ukraine. Some Ukrainians consider it practically a foreign country.

In addition to shipping food reserves to Galicia, witnesses also report that grain reserves were brought by trainload to the ports of Mariupol for Eastern Ukraine and Odessa, for Southern Ukraine, and shipped off via Black Sea to unknown destinations.

For a while I’ve also been warning that Poland is trying to chop off as big of a chunk of Ukraine as possible, while everyone in the West is distracted by the civil war and busy vilifying Russia, and Russia is busy fending off the attacks. I also mentioned that, more quietly, Romania is trying to do the same with Chernovtsi (also in western Ukraine), and part, or all, of Odessa oblast. Hungary, even more quietly, has designs on Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia).


In New Predictions: Gazprom Gears Up for Gas Shut-off to Ukraine. What’s Next?, we already discussed that Ukraine economy unfortunately will be destroyed and it will have to be rebuilt from scratch later, when normalcy returns to this territory. This also concerns the strategic food reserves, staggering debt, and the fact that the population is getting more destitute by the day. Since Ukrainians refused to pay attention for the past 23 years, the awakening has to happen the hard way.

Those who stole Ukraine’s resources are already either in London, New York or Geneva (such as Kolomoysky), or have their planes on the standby. On the other hand, Galicia ukro-nazis and armed thugs are looting what hasn’t been stolen by the oligarchs and politicians, dragging everything they can to Lvov, Ternopol and Ivan-Frankovsk. And yes, they are also investing heavily in Galichina, while saddling the rest of the country with debt. They hope it’ll work, but it won’t. After all this is over, there will be investigations and international tribunal, as a result of which, Galicia will most likely have to pay reparations.

Let me remind my readers that these three oblasts are historically the least productive and poorest agricultural areas of Ukraine. The most developed, educated, productive and hard-working areas are Donbass, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhie, and Dnepropetrovsk – the same areas that want to be with Russia and are against Kiev junta and ukro-nazis. Galicia, as all of western Ukraine, Kiev and agricultural central Ukraine, always lived off the productive and developed East and South.

Looting these parts in order to enrich Galicia is done in order to weaken further the pro-Russian parts and to make it more lucrative for Poland and Romania to later take over western Ukraine.

But is this scenario really possible? Can Poland and Romania succeed in chopping off parts of Ukraine? 

Here are my predictions and thoughts:

I usually say that there are times when the energy flowing into the future is clearly defined and the future is fully formed. Then my predictions have a hight confidence factor. However, there are times when the future is still in a flux. In such cases I usually see the best scenario, which I will suggest, or 2 or more possible scenarios.

In this case prediction for Romania is easy. The answer for Odessa and any part of Odessa oblast – absolutely not, Romania won’t succeed in trying to annex it. I can say will full confidence that Russia will never allow that to happen.

My readers will remember that I said in the beginning of 2014 – well before the Crimean referendum was even planned – that Russia would never allow Crimea to fall into the hands of the Ukraine nazis and Americans. Sure enough – this is what happened.

I say with equal confidence that Romania will never get any part of Odessa region. If not Odessa proper, they are at least trying to get their hands of the strategic port of Izmail, located in the southern-most portion of the huge Odessa oblast. Izmail, which was once a Turkish port and fortress, controls the exit from the internationally important river Danube (Dunai) into the Black Sea. Izmail and a large chunk of southern Odessa oblast is secluded and only connected by 2 bridges to mainland. It is also far from Russia. But it is very close to Romania. Geographically, it is easy for Romania to take it over, however, politically it’s impossible. There is absolutely no way Russia will allow Romania to have such asset. Interestingly enough, Germany and France won’t allow it either – see more on that below.

As to Chernovtsi in western Ukraine, the same answer – absolutely not. Romania won’t get it either. Chernovtsi oblast was part of reparations Romania had to pay to the USSR after WWII for siding with Hitler and occupying Odessa and other parts of the country.

Will Poland be able to annex Galicia? I can tell you that US would love for them to do so.

This is a bit more complicated and depends on certain circumstances, one of them being that after the junta and ukro-nazis are chased out of Ukraine (remember my prediction time frame: it will happen between 2016-18), Russians and Ukrainians may actually decide they don’t want to deal with Galicia and ukro-nazis. They may decide to lock them in the aforementioned three oblasts, redraw the border by the river Prut and let Poland deal with them. In that case, Poland may just get its wish, but will certainly regret it, per above quote from Peotr Getsko. He is absolutely correct in suggesting that all these armed ukro-nazi thugs will invade Europe, Poland being first in line.

On the other hand, Western EU – mainly, Germany and France – will not like Poland getting any land from Ukraine (and forget Romania). This is a bad precedent for the EU, flying in the face of any WWII border agreements. It’s a dangerous path, leading to mayhem and potential war in Europe. This is something Europeans, especially Germans, are mortally afraid of.

The likelihood of about 98-99% is that Germany, France and Russia will make the decision on borders and attribution of Western Ukraine jointly. This will signify a further rift between US and EU.

Therefore, EU (read Germany, France, Austria and Hungary) together with Russia, and possibly Belarus and Kazakhstan, may decide to put joint peacekeeping forces in western Ukraine, creating a sequestered protectorate in order to suppress the ukro-nazis there. This is a rather likely scenario for the next 5 to 10 years. But the situation will be malleable at best.

About Russins and Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia): Getsko represents ethnic Russins (local for ‘Russians’), called ‘Ruthenians’ in English. The name of Russins was deliberately latinized in Western languages so it would sound as a separate from Russians ethnicity, thus attempting to sever ties with the mother culture. I always use the correct name ‘Russins’.

Ethnic Russins, who were Orthodox, had been forcefully converted into Catholicism in 18-20th centuries, when they were under Austria-Hungary empire’s rule. Since they resisted, concentration camps were built for them and a quiet genocide of the core Carpathian population was executed.

Transcarpathia is mainly populated with Russins and Hungarians. It is firmly united against Galichina Bandera ukro-nazis, who also killed a lot of them. There is a possibility of a referendum to break away, but what these shrewd and sly people don’t want is a Donbass-like war. They will wait for the Kiev junta to weaken sufficiently, and preferably, for the Donbass self-defence tanks to enter Kiev, if you know what I mean. Alternatively, Transcarpathia will wait for uprisings in Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhie, and only then will they seize their opportunity to declare independence.

Transcarpathia doesn’t want to be a part of Ukraine. Most population wouldn’t mind being with Russia, but they are too remote and cut off from Russia by Galicia. Russins say that when their people need to escape to Russia from the Ukraine mobilization, they have to go through Slovakia and/or Hungary, in order to bypass the ukro-nazis in Galicia.

Transcarpathia has a border with Hungary, and many locals want to join it. I wrote about that at one point in 2014. I do think it’s a good idea. Joining Hungary may make sense for Zakarpatie, as long as the people’s referendum decides so.

My prediction is that the ultimate decision as to what happens to various parts of western Ukraine will be made in Moscow.


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  1. Excellent read – thanks


  2. Every time you post an article I learn so much. Thanks Lada. I have some observations.

    1. I agree with you that Transcarpathia joining Hungary, as long as the Transcarpatians vote for it, would be just fine. The non Hungarian population should be able to keep its culture. Also don’t forget that Hungary has now an independent foreign and domestic policy. Hungary has thrown out the IMF (they paid back all of their loans, a la Putin in Russia) and are developing closer relations with Russia. For these reasons Moscow would raise no objections to this union.

    2. As you stated Poland may have second thoughts on acquiring Galicia since they would then be internationally responsible for reparations to Ukraine because of the Ukro Nazis looting the rest of the nation. There’s really no upside, only downside. Does Poland really want thousands of crazed nazis running around Poland. As you stated their hero Bandera killed many Poles in WW2.

    3. I love your scenario of France, Germany and Russia together quarantining Galicia. What a delicious ending to this whole sordid affair. The neo-con’s plans to turn Ukraine into a battering ram against Russia will in the near future be shrunken to defending the ukro nazis in their small enclave in Galicia. Like Iraq, Egypt and Libya before Ukraine will be a huge debacle for the US and the Atlanticists inside Europe. The hubris and the arrogance of these schemers knows no bounds. But of course in the bizarre world of contemporary United States, the Victoria Nulands of the world only get promotions.

    4. Minsk 2 is showing to be the most crucial event and pivotal one at that. Germany and France have finally drawn the correct lessons I now believe. They now see the ukro nazis as a direct threat to them and the rest of Europe. They realize that once they have been cleaned out of the rest of the Ukraine, the nazis will move west as you stated in your post. I always have said that the ukro nazis, once defeated in Ukraine, will take revenge on those countries that they will see as soft on Russia, like France and Germany. Who knows maybe the ukro nazis will join up with ISIS and attack Europe together. Boy what a mess this has become. But there will be a silver lining in the clouds for Germany, France and Russia will work together and with a freed Ukraine joining with the Eurasian Union, the dream of a Lisbon to Vladivostok trade zone will come to fruition. Sorry about that Mr. Brezinski and Mr. Soros.

    5. There is another wild card in all of this. Don’t totally dismiss the possibility of the population of Galicia rebelling against the ukro nazis. The fact that the Kiev army mobilization drive has not been any more successful in Galicia than in the other oblasts is a very hopeful sign. If this rebellion takes place then where in the hell are all of those nazi battalions going to go. I guess maybe to Washington DC.

    6. The Nemtsov murder is a clumsy and transparent attempt to de-stabilize Russia. I can 100% declare that it won’t work. Any politician who was an advocate for the policies in the 1990’s is completely discredited. This decade was an utter catastrophe for the Russian people and the people now want nothing to do with the likes of Nemstov, Gaidar, etc. It’s sad and a tragedy for Nemstov to be killed like this and I abhor violence. The liberals will try to take advantage of this tragedy and there will be some sadness and respect to his family on the part of the Russian population but it won’t transfer into political support at all. The Russian people know better. They know that the return to power of these pro western forces will once again return Russia to the 1990’s. There may be more provocations but I’m sure that Putin and the Russian government will handle this very well.

    Well that’s it for now. We should all remember and pay our deepest respects for the courage of the people of the Donbass and their army. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be having this crisis for the Kiev junta and their western backers. The future of the Ukrainian people taking back their country and driving out the cancer of fascism will be on account of the victories of the Donetsk and Lugansk armed forces. They are the spearhead for the liberation of Ukraine.

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    • Re. Poland wanting Galicia: agree – there is no upside at all. But the thing to understand about Poland’s desire (or greed) and geopolitics in general is that Poland for centuries feels humiliated because of the failure of the Rech Pospolita empire, while others rose, as they think. Their view of history is warped, I can assure you.
      They want to play a much larger role internationally and they are slighted they aren’t allowed to. This is the problem for Romania and Lithuania as well. Mindless, unevolved pride and nationalism. I think by now Austria, Hungary, Csechia etc. have learned their lesson.
      So, Poland thinks they need all the lands they can possibly get. Lvov, not Warsaw or Krakov, in medieval times was the capital of the big Rech Pospolita, which included all Lithuania, parts of Csechia, Slovakia and a chunk of Ukraine. Their ‘gonor’ as they call it, or ‘Polish pridefulness’ will keep getting them into hot waters until they learn their lesson. Also see my reply to Paul on this thread re. karma.

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    • Lada.. What the hell are you talking about? I am a Pole but I’ve never heard of anybody wanting any land of any other country. It’s just not the Poles want’s. We want only peace, nothing more. I see that our government is full of idiots, they think that they are important but normal polish citizen cannot do anything about it while we have limited choice over the elections.

      I can assure you – I don’t know any nazi in poland. Can you write me back about those sources – I mean who said that we want some lands of Ukraine? Was it a polish guy or some propaganda-maker?

      Kind regards from Cracow


      • Dear, I am not talking about ‘any hell.’ Please use proper language when talking to me on my own blog, to avoid being banned.
        Re. ordinary Poles not wanting war – I know that. Some don’t, but Polish nationalists DO. Just like many ordinary Americans, who are the majority of my readers, don’t want confrontation. That hasn’t prevented their government from bombing and invading 55 countries since WWII.
        But unlike you, my American and European readers have no illusions as to what their governments are getting them into and appreciate the truth.

        As to Poland having been in bed with US and having been the driving force behind the Ukraine disaster – it is a universally known and acknowledged by analysts fact. Polish mercenaries fight on Kiev side by thousands in Donbass; new 45k joint Polish/Lithuanian/Ukrainian division was organized recently.
        You can search my blog for a number of posts on Polish involvement. And belive me, I was too mild, having been friends with a number of decent Poles and remembering the good things.
        Incidentally, you don’t see any nazis in Poland? I wonder why… hmm… could it be that all of them were successfully shipped off to Ukraine to fight the poor citizens of Donbass? That’s what other EU countries have done. Very convenient for Europe.

        You can also google/YT for the same. You may also want to check statements by your own government, specifically by Schetina, Sikorski, etc. (Sorry if spelling is incorrect).
        The rest is up to you – open your eyes or live in the matrix. I realize it’s hard for you to accept that your country is sleeping with the devil. It’s your job to see the truth, I can only show it.
        This is the end of this discussion.


  3. I post all your articles Lada Ray to Ascension Corner Yahoo Group Forum. Again a very astute analysis. In these interesting times where all dark doings reveal themselves, we now have an insight of what is actually going on in Ukraine through your understanding of the territory. Russia marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution in 2017. In the nearly 100 years since the Russian people have known much hardship and sacrifice under some very harsh regimes not to mention the impact of 2 world wars with horrendous loss of life. In Ukraine it would appear that the bad judgements made during this period are now surfacing for rectification. Righting the wrongs. Ultimately it is all about the people and their sense of belonging. Such hardship takes all the fight out of people and I feel that this more than apathy is the real cause of the present situation. The pervading sense that nothing one can do can make a difference is not right but nevertheless takes hold when shunted about and manipulated the way the various parts that make up Ukraine have endured. This is what the West fails to understand. But the truth is that what is happening now was long planned by the cabal and meant to happen as wars and more wars ad infinitum is all they want to continue the chaos and fear necessary to maintain their grip on all of us. As you so rightly state they have failed to get regime change in Russia and the Ukraine debacle is in its death throes and again they have failed to get their way! BRICS is developing quickly and the EU is looking shaky. NATO is irrelevant despite their posturing. All this is very hopeful signs of people standing up at last. Power to the people!

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    • Thank you very much for posting on Yahoo. If you’d like to post here the link to your group, please do – those who have yahoo accounts would be interested, I’m sure. 🙂

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  4. It is possible that Galicia becoming independent would be a very good thing. For one thing, they couldn’t blame all their problems on the Russians inside and outside of the Ukraine.

    Obviously, there is no telling for sure what will happen in the Ukraine, as there are so many possibilities. But I would expect the logical approach for the EU to deal with the Ukrainian Nazis is to have them all die in battle against the Russian-oriented parts of the Ukraine. This will do the EU a lot of good. For one thing, it will help to destroy the industry that is oriented towards Russia and Eurasia. And this will cost Russia a lot of money, which is a big part of what the war is all about: weakening Russia so Germany and the EU have more power in Eastern Europe. Finally, then the Nazis won’t be able to cause trouble in Poland or Germany. These Nazis are just cannon fodder, same as the radical Muslims being thrown into the meat grinder in Syria. The EU doesn’t want these crazies in Europe, but does want to destroy an enemy state in Syria. And the Russian part of the Ukraine is somewhat similar. Nothing personal; just business. The good news is that Russia has the ability to cause the EU a lot of trouble, and that is why Germany and France have been getting nervous lately. So there is a reasonable chance of a Russian deal with Germany and France.

    If parts of the Ukraine do become independent, one can imagine an international deal that all areas have to say demilitarized for some number of decades or not join a different country for some period of time. The problem is that the US and EU have really gone down the road of lawlessness, so how could Russia trust them? This is also a problem with any deal that the Ukraine not join NATO. It will be very easy to get the US to sign a treaty on that, but just ask the American Indians about treaties.

    By the way, I thought that the area of the Ukraine that Romania might get is in the West, not near Odessa. Not necessarily a whole oblast, but just the Romanian-speaking areas. Speaking of Odessa, there are reports that the Ukrainian government is putting in S300 systems around Odessa, and this might be to prevent any Russian support from getting through to Transdenistria. Have no idea, but it would make sense from a US point of view to start a war there.

    Oh, one point where we might have a slight disagreement is with Germany and her fear of changing borders or even wars. I think Germany was a big reason for the Yugoslavian wars, and, really, for the current situation in the Ukraine. If Russia were to go back under a Yeltsin and state of bankruptcy, I would expect the Germans to take Kaliningrad and put a puppet regime in the Ukraine. All with US backing, of course. The current “problems” of Merkel are only that what they wanted hasn’t been achieved, such as kicking Russia out of the Crimea. Also, the Germans of 2015 are not the Germans of 1975. Totally different world. And they think the Russia of 2015 is much weaker than the Russia of 1975.

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    • Paul, re Galicia: when people are so unevolved, they will find a way to blame someone else, no matter whether they are independent or not. Ukraine, Baltics and Georgia have been independent – and what? Russia is villain no 1. The only way to get rid of it is to educate people, make them look inside and recognize they have problems, and then make them work out those problems. It would be great if people learned from someone else’s mistakes. Most times, since people refuse to do so, karma interferes in the form of extreme hardship and/or war. This is what happened in WWII, when people had to understand they needed to treat neighbors differently in order to survive. But people’s memories are short. Ukraine, Galicia, US, EU will continue experiencing problems until they grasp it. Unfortunately, Russia, as the great karmic balancer, will also always be involved.
      I don’t see a good future for Galicia for a long time. It will be a thorn in the body of Europe no matter what, until Europeans learn their lesson.

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    • Paul you’re absolutely right regarding Germany and the former Yugoslavia. They, and not the US, was the main organizer in causing the breakup. I think Germany is very sneaky and coy about their involvement in both Yugoslavia and Ukraine. They’re able to let the US be the fall guy but make no mistake they are heavily involved in Ukraine. When we talk about the EU we’re really talking about Germany. They are the big kahuna in Europe with France playing a minor role. So when we say the EU did this and the EU did that we’re really talking about what Germany did and did not. And that doubly goes for the situation with Greece. I’m somewhat ambivalent on why Merkel was so desperate to meet with Putin. Was she concerned about the US sending heavy armaments to Kiev. Was she concerned about the Ukraine crisis spilling out and causing havoc to the entire region. Or was she concerned that her project of using Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia was collapsing and so she had to do something quickly to save what she could of the Kiev junta and its army. I basically just don’t know.

      Lada talks about Poland, Lithuania and Romania having to learn their karmic lessons. But I think an even bigger question is looming. Has Germany learned its karmic lessons. If any nation should have learned it is Germany. How about a combined total of 20 million German dead from two world wars that they started as a karmic lesson. What Germany did in Yugoslavia doesn’t make you feel very confident about them learning their karmic lessons. Do the elite in Germany really really still have ambitions to dominate all of Europe, destroy Russia and take over the world. Or do the German elite know their limitations. Will Germany use Romania’s, Poland’s and Lithuania’s insecurities to undermine Russia or will Germany work with Russia to limit their insecurities. I don’t know the answer. Either the German elite is split or they talk out of both sides of their mouth.

      Whatever form it takes (independent, part of Poland or a protectorate of the UN) having Galicia taken out of Ukraine would be a godsend to that nation. Throwing the nazis out of Ukraine along with their homeland would finally allow Ukraine to heal itself and allow their natural fraternal ties to Russia to flourish.

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      • Of course Germany is heavily involved in Ukraine. They wanted Ukraine as cheap market for their goods, exploitation and almost free workforce, as I wrote many times. But I disagree with the rest – you are mixing up the dog and the tail.
        Germans and EU were never ready to go as far as US was willing to go. They were told it would be easy, turns out they got bloody mess in the middle of Europe. Germany can’t afford a war in Europe after losing 2 wars, and now they see that US is manipulating the situation in this direction to weaken them.
        They aren’t willing to go as far as US since they see personal danger here, unlike US. They are willing to steal and rob, but not kill, as they would say in Russia.

        Yugoslavia was completely different. Germany WAS behind it because at the time they wanted control of Europe and Yugo was too big and independent. It needed to be weakened by splitting up. And EVERYONE: US, UK, Germany, France – had their own set of interests that coincided.
        But their interests relative to Ukraine differ.

        Another important thing: Yugo didn’t have Russian nukes – Russia does. Completely different weight categories. For EU, Yugo was safe to attack and split up, Russia isn’t.

        Besides, I did hint on that before: events in Greece and Turkey are Russia’s new play and they are putting pressure on Germany. Germany now gets pressure from both US and Russia. Germany got Russian message re Greece. Incidentally, I predicted this behavior by EU/Germany in the beginning of 2014 in the Geopolitical similarities: Georgia-Beijing and Ukraine-Sochi piece.

        Don’t worry, predictions I am making now will equally come true in due course. 😉
        BTW, the biggest problem in Germany is Merkel. Without her Germans would behave differently.

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      • P.S. Another important thing to understand about Germany/France/EU is that EU is in real trouble economically after Russian sanctions. Turkey, China, Japan, Korea and L. America are actively taking up their market share. They lost Russian markets and they need desperately to improve relations and trade with Russia. This is the main tune right now. And of course, what I said above re Greece… Do see my recent videos and articles on Greece and Turkey for more.
        Germany/EU see that they can lose their relevance if they don’t make up with Russia. They had been outplayed by Putin, as again – I had predicted.

        Cheers, dear Gary 😉

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  5. Excellent Lada and also some very pertintent comments to which I shall add that what we must not forget is

    1. The Secret (and not so secret) Royal Wars that have been going on in Europe since the time of Queen Victoria to subvert all of Europe and Russia under the hegemony of the Windsor’s.

    2. America was already subverted in 1781.

    3. Germany is a front for the USA (Washington Political Anglo American Cabal).

    4. Germany is not a sovereign state and is run by the Anglo American Cabal.

    5. Israel has committed intelligence and military to Western Ukraine including Galicia.

    6. Israel has and continues to reclaim Ukraine as its Khazarian homeland.

    7. The Israeli connection to the Zaporozhie elites!

    8. The Polish Nazi’s who were and are still Jews.

    9. The real relationship between Polish Nazi’s and Western Ukrainian Khazarian Nazi’s.

    10. Romania has been subverted by the Washington Political Anglo American Cabal (The Fourth Reich).

    11. The Nazi Third Reich Antarctica base moved back to the Romania and Ukraine borders in the 1970’s.

    12. The Washington Political Anglo American Cabal has infiltrated the “ancient hidden technology complex” in Romania which is linked to the “ancient hidden technology complex” in the Crimea.

    13. The Washington Political Anglo American Cabal specifically sought out the “ancient hidden technology complexes” in both Iraq and Libya.

    14. The Jesuit wars (between East and West) of the 1920’s and 1930’s and who took control.

    15. Where Stalin and the Vatican fits into this equation and Khazaria during and after WW-II.

    16. The Pindar Rothschild creation of Israel.

    17. The hidden communism in the west that created communism in Russia in order to destroy Russia.

    18. The fact we have been in WW-III since the end of WW-II under the illusion of freedom, democracy at the barrel of the gun and economic prosperity which has actually been Federal Reserve Rape of the Planet Earth by complete and utter fraud.

    19. The fact the Cabal are at a dead end from the Council Of The Worlds and their time is up.

    20. The fact that the positive timelines of the new Yuga kicked in July ~ August 2013 into the Age of Aquarius which is the birth sign of Russia.

    21. The fact that Vladimir Putin’s past life has an enormous bearing and influence right now and the cabal cannot escape.

    22. The linkage between all these points and the fact that the Ukraine lies at the centre of the Protocols Of The Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.

    In conclusion to quote Gary from above:
    “Well that’s it for now. We should all remember and pay our deepest respects for the courage of the people of the Donbass and their army. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be having this crisis for the Kiev junta and their western backers. The future of the Ukrainian people taking back their country and driving out the cancer of fascism (and the Khazarian Nazi’s) will be on account of the victories of the Donetsk and Lugansk armed forces. They are the spearhead for the liberation of Ukraine.”

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  6. Dear Lada, great response to me and now I understand that there are subtleties regarding Germany vs. Ukraine vs. the US vs Russia. It makes perfect sense what you said. And don’t forget that Germany was able to accomplish what they wanted in Yugoslavia because we’re talking about the 1990’s with Russia terribly weakened by internal traitors. But look at Ukraine now. Merkel and the US are losing precisely because Russia has made a comeback. What a difference twenty years make.

    P.S. As a side note I was very pissed off at negotiator Chernomyrdin of Russia when he sold out Milosevic to the west in 1999. Three months of western bombing against Serbia was going nowhere as the Serbian army was ready to go to guerilla warfare if the west escalated to invasion. Nato was not doing much damage to the Serbian army because very cleverly they were fooling Nato pilots into bombing phony missile launchpads and phony Serbian airplanes on the ground. Serbia could have easily held out for many months if Nato sent in troops but Russia was a different country back then. That would be Nato’s last victory against Russia. That was the last act of a spineless Yeltsin presidency. I know it’s off theme but I thought I would get my two cents in. Wow is Russia a different country now.

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    • True and true, Gary 🙂

      But let’s just say that Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Co. were the Russian demolition crew.
      Russia equally needed to move to the new era, and for that, the old and what was not working had to be destroyed, rightly or wrongly. It wouldn’t have to be destroyed IF Russians wee more flexible and less naive in the ’80s and ’90s and if they didn’t look so much to the West. But the good news is that Russians woke up quickly enough as Russia’s inner protective forces kicked in within 6-7 years.

      Not so in Ukraine, as we see. For Ukraine it will be much harder as their inner forces are shut, and their naivete is off the charts, except in Donbass and a few other areas.

      As to Serbia, it was outrageous what was done to Serbia and the lies around that. But, alas, it was also based on the accumulated karma… and on grave Tito and Milosevich’s mistakes (which is how karma, or consequences, were generated). One such huge mistake during Soviet days was that Tito took a turn away from USSR and towards the West. That made Yugo a very easy target and less likely to be helped, as Russians still remembered Tito’s ‘betrayal.’ The examples of how it works is the difference in fate between Syria and Libya and their leaders – and if you look closer, the only difference between the 2 is that the former was always loyal to Russia, and the latter was sleeping with the West.

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  7. Lada,

    I like your optimism. My take on Germany would be less “They are willing to steal and rob, but not kill.” and more “They are willing to steal, rob, and kill, but not kill inside their own house.” So tremendous bloodshed inside the Ukraine or Serbia is fine, just as long as Germany benefits from getting good workers as immigrants, new markets, and, of course, a weaker Russia, as Russia is Germany’s permanent competitor for power throughout Eastern Europe. To phrase things somewhat differently, it is not an accident that Merkel is in power and rather popular. She represents a lot of what makes modern Germany tick. Similarly, what Germany has been doing to Greece is no accident. This is modern Germany. To some extent, they want to “fix” their mistakes from WWII, where they screwed up. The good news is that they are much more cautious today than in the past, but it is still very important for Russia to understand that dealing with Germany or the EU needs to be done from a position of strength. As Lavrov said, “The past is becoming clearer and clearer.” And real strength doesn’t come from nukes; it comes from a well-run business system that can say no to Western pressure. Russia had plenty of nukes under Yeltsin, but the country was in a terrible state.

    But all countries have factions, and Germany is no different. So we don’t have to see a Russian-German deal as being impossible. Just as the USSR and the USA had lots of deals, the same thing can happen today. Something like the detente in the 1970’s, but with more business deals. Eventually, the Russian goal for a Eurasian Union deal with the EU is feasible and likely, but the American influence over the EU is still too strong, and Germany has a great deal of arrogance to overcome in seeing Russia as being too mismanaged and corrupt.

    As an aside, a real strength of the Anglo-American system is in finding and nurturing the corruption, vanity, and lust for power of key people in foreign countries. Telling them what they want to hear so that they become pawns for America’s games. This has happened so many times in recent years that is unbelievable. Obviously, this is what happened inside the Ukraine, but it is also what happened to surrounding countries, where the US managed to sell such a dangerous game to the Poles, Germans, or Romanians.

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    • You do have a point, but I am – as you correctly pointed out 😉 – a little more optimistic. I understand your distrust though. My view is that there is hope, although, as you recall, I was always careful to predict Germany/EU future. The best thing for them to do is to shift towards united Eurasia, but the EU political class is too stuck in US corner and too compromised.
      That said, there are lots of healthy forces in Germany, who could change the direction to a more favorable. Will they succeed? It’s a 50-50 chance right now.

      But! This is my important prediction:
      After Ukraine is out of the game, Germany/France/EU will likely become the next geopolitical fault line, where turmoil will spread (we are talking 5 years from now). In truth, this is what EU politicians are REALLY afraid of. THIS is why they need to start making up with Russia now, before it’s too late because Russia is their only ally in restoring peace, when sh** hits the fan. So, as you see, my optimism is based on a very stark prediction. 😉

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  8. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Lada! I’m so grateful for your blog! The mainstream news on Ukraine reads like pure propaganda with minimal actual information. I guess aside from prayer there is little most of us can do for the people actually living through the chaos in Ukraine. But it’s good to read that the fascists are not winning-the suffering will end and the people will rebuild their country and their lives. It’s instructive as well because these geopolitical games of destabilizing smaller countries can take place anywhere. Usually anywhere there are resources or strategic locations-but contrary to our long isolation it does not exclude many areas of the US. Our homegrown fascists have been talking military coups and secession of states since President Obama took office.

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  9. Lada, you’re right that after Ukraine ceases being a geopolitical problem, the fault lines will occur in the EU. There are so many black swans flying over Europe now. The biggest of them all, I believe, is a possible victory of Marine Le Pen in France. Unlike the apparent wishy-washy and opportunistic Syriza in Greece and the Syriza look-a-like Podemos in Spain, she is openly and completely in favor of pulling out of the Euro and EU, profoundly dislikes the US and has been very supportive of Putin and Russia. She knows what she wants. She’s a very strong and principled person. So France is my pick for the detonation of not only the EU/Euro but of the Nato/Atlanticists.

    Do you have any candidates for black swan of the year.

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  10. You have a good observation here. It also raises the question of whether the EU isn’t unworkable now that it is so large and basically requires NATO as part of its processes.

    But! This is my important prediction:
    After Ukraine is out of the game, Germany/France/EU will likely become the next geopolitical fault line, where turmoil will spread (we are talking 5 years from now). In truth, this is what EU politicians are REALLY afraid of. THIS is why they need to start making up with Russia now, before it’s too late because Russia is their only ally in restoring peace, when sh** hits the fan.

    It is obvious that the economic prospects from the Eurasian countries will be ridiculously greater than integrating more closely with the US core. And some, such as Daniel Estulin, argue that there is already an elite civil war in Europe over the issue of moving towards Eurasia and Russia or being even more under Anglo-American influence. And, to elite groups, civil wars are very dangerous. Which is why my bet is that most of Europe will try to appear to be neutral in the struggle between Russia and the US, at least for the next couple of years.

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