What Are NATO Ships Doing in the Black Sea? Is the World Finally Starting to Awaken?

What Are NATO Ships Doing in the Black Sea?

A couple of days ago, several US and NATO ships entered the Black Sea and docked in Varna, Bulgaria, with a stated purpose of the Black Sea NATO drills, but with the real goal of lending ‘support’ to the Kiev regime against Russia. In reality, this is nothing short of the usual provocation by the US and NATO. See the footage of NATO/US ships entering Bulgaria port here.

That’s where the story gets a little strange. Per initial information, the ships were supposed to head to Odessa, to flex some NATO muscles as close to Crimea as possible and to demonstrate to Odessans, still shocked from the May 2, 2014 burning of people on Kulikovo Polie and sick and tired of the Kiev junta, that NATO is fully on the junta side. But so far, for some reason the Odessa docking hasn’t happened.

My sources in Odessa say should NATO ships enter Odessa Port, an explosion of protests would happen. Despite the city being practically under ukro-nazi siege, the magnitude of protests could be akin to those in Sevastopol, Crimea, when it was still a part of Ukraine. Listen to me talk about those, plus telling pics at 8:50:

There is a hint of potential sabotage in the air. Did they receive a bomb threat and decided to play it safe? Very possibly. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the old Odessa seaport hands would quietly execute an act of sabotage, the WWII anti-Nazi style. Another thing that is worth remembering is the USS Donald Cook story, which you can read here: Mystery Revealed: What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea? In that incident, 27 brave US sailors were so traumatized that they resigned their commission. Getting too close to Russia’s backyard may be more than NATO has bargained for. But they still would love to flex their muscles and make a few threatening gestures – from a safe distance.

In any event, this new NATO demonstration is the usual, and very lousy, way of provoking a conflict – the beloved tactic of aggressors of all times. US and NATO had truly perfected this art. It certainly won’t work this time either, but what they are hoping to achieve is keeping the tension and animosity between Russia and Ukraine as high as possible. It’s also a way of dragging as many of the US EU vassals as they can into the animosity game against Russia. But as you will see below, not everyone is buying this game.

I’d been saying all along that the main goal of the US is to create a point of permanent instability next to both Russia and EU, in order to weaken and potentially destroy both Russia and Europe. What is new? Absolutely nothing. Both WWI and WWII were manipulated by the UK in the same manner. Of course, in the end it cost them their empire… but who is counting.

I can confidently say that this manipulation will cost US its empire. It’s just a matter of time.

Is Bulgaria Finally Awakening?

Below is the footage from anti-NATO, pro-Russia, pro-Novorossia march in Sofia, Bulgaria: “Bulgaria – Zone of Peace.” I am being told it is the 5th such march and it is in response to the NATO ships entering the Black Sea. It starts near the monument to the Russian army and Russian Tsar Alexander II. The inscription on the monument reads: “To Tsar Liberator from grateful Bulgaria.” In the 19th century, Russian troops liberated Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania from the Osmanic Empire.

People chant: “NATO out!” and carry Bulgarian, DNR, LNR and Russian flags. Video link.

Another video of the same.

Is the World Finally Starting to Awaken?

Not all Europeans are ready to sacrifice their continent’s interests to escalate a conflict with Russia. And not all are so zombified that they don’t see the truth. I wrote previously about protests in Germany, Greece and other countries. People in at least some EU countries are starting to awaken. A series of marches in support of Novorossia and Russia against US/NATO aggression took place globally, from Canada (against the role of Canada government in supporting the Kiev junta) to Switzerland, Slovakia, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy.

По всему миру прошли митинги в поддержку Новороссии, против НАТО и возрождения фашизма – Worldwide rallies in support of Novorossia, against NATO and fascism.

This is additional footage from Canada, March 7, 2015. Канада. Акция в поддержку Новороссии. 7 марта 2015

Left forces (Die Linke, anti-fascists, etc.) of Germany already brought their second humanitarian convoy to Donbass – so far the only 2 humanitarian contributions from EU to Donbass! Interview with German activists. Thank you!

By comparison, Russia has already sent 17 State humanitarian convoys and hundreds from various individual regions, cities, organizations and private citizens! Latest Russian humanitarian convoy pulling in Lugansk:

 Автомобили российской гуманитарной колонны доставили помощь для Донбасса. In the interview, the head of the convoy says that it consists of 160 trucks and 300 people, including drivers, medics, psychologists and emergency workers in case someone needs help en route. 90% of the load is food, including flour, sugar, sardines and other staples, which will get distributed to the bread plants, hospitals and individual citizens. In addition, they brought emergency and reconstruction supplies requested by Donbass. 


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  1. Excellent article ,Lada Ray, there is one item I have to respectively disagree with you,
    England is still the empire or should I say ” The city of London ” The UNITED STATES OF
    AMERICA (in capital letters ) is a corporation that is owned, run and told what to do, by the city of London, (USA ) I’ts the milltary arm,of the corporation.
    Same empire different name and same people.and same plan as ww1,ww2 except for
    only Germany durning ww1 ww2, I’ts nato and usa,allies against Russia.

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    • You are not wrong, Vlad. The reality is similar, but with a slight twist. USA in fact is the heir to the British Empire. From my Wall Street experience, London is taking orders from NY – sometimes, not the other way around. Still, it’s very interconnected and intertwined, so most of the time it’s impossible to distinguish between the 2. Yes, US is the muscle, but not for the UK per se; rather for the attempted NWO. I speak about this in many articles.
      My important observation is that lately, the ‘muscle’ has acquired the life of its own, which is characteristical of the final stage of the breakup.

      Some of this is splitting hairs, as I also often point out.
      You are right in that: it’s practically the same players, with the same set of goals as before. There is a very good reason for that. See PREDICTIONS for complete picture: https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/predictions/

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  2. Similar to goofey netanyahu making a complete ass of himself and shining a light on the criminal state of Israel, Israeli’s want no part of that pathetic goofey looking but.now we have NATO a 100% satanic criminal group doing another stupid move now exposing how insane this all is,yes I feel this will open opportunities to shut down the occ.

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  3. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Very insightful Lada, the shift is accelerating for the better, more hope and empowerment for the people!

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  4. What Are NATO Ships Doing in the Black Sea?
    Maybe they are lining up for… the free blini pancakes…? This is superb, wry Russian humor prying at American (lack of) conscience. And sound advice about schmoozing up with fascist gangsters.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I saw this video a few days ago and I JUST LOVED IT!
      Culture is very precious and more meaningful than people realise!


  5. Lada,

    Finally some positive news from Canada. I am not surprised it is from Montréal, Québec.

    The francophones may not be perfect but they do have a mind of their own! I could tell right away from their body language that they were not Ontarians. When I see things like that, I get nostalgic for my culture. I grew up in Laval which is a suburb of Montreal, like Mississauga is to Toronto. WE NEED MORE OF THIS TYPE OF ACTION.

    Here is Toronto I don’t know how many rallies and fund raisers took place in support of the Kiev Junta. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that they had even invited a member of the Svoboda party as a guest speaker, all in the name of democracy. How can they be so blind? How can they swallow the lies of the MSM? Too many chemtrails? Indoctrination?

    I read something absolutely shocking today. Would you believe that some stupid journalist has formulated a whole theory to prove that Putin is behind ISIS? We are talking about adults, no 3 year olds in a sandbox. I guess the ridicule must reach the sublime for the average person see through the lies and start recovery.

    Thanks so much Lada for fresh off the press developments.

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  6. Thank you Lada, great article! Haven’t seen anything about it in our msm, but that is to be expected! 😉 The government and the msm keeping a tight lid on all the news that might awaken the people here, but, although we don’t easily go out to the streets for protests, there are a lot of people very awake!

    I found an article on the VeteransToday website about the Khazarian history, it might be interesting for some to read, but I’m not sure if the story is completely correct. It ties in with the nwo/cabal and gives insight into the origins of all our trials and tribulations! “They” have been at it for thousands of years, but the end is near, I’m sure of it!
    There are more very interesting articles to read there, but as David W. has said: “It’s disclosure mixed with disinfo, so you have to use your own discernment!

    Also Ben F. had some interesting news to share this week…things are really starting to get very interesting!

    Have a great day everyone!


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    • Thanks, Christa.
      David W is correct – he has a good sense. Unfortunately Khazarian story has been mixed with disinfo and sensationalism more than any other, except perhaps stories about Putin and Russia in general. And that’s mildly put.
      I will have the Khazaria and Ukraine as Khazarian Kaganate Earth Shift Report soon that will reveal the REAL and WHOLE truth. Stay tuned.

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    • Allô Christa & Lada!

      Lada that will be great! I can’t wait to read your Earth Shift on Khazaria & Ukraine.
      I have read the VT on Khazarian history and found it a very general overview & not in depth at all. What surprised me was that there was no mention of the Vatican/Jesuit activities. They are master chameleons and infiltrate all without a trace.

      Lada, have you seen this article?? lots of references, Eric Z. is a very thorough investigator
      The Origin of the ‘New Cold War’ – replacing myth, Eric Zuesse

      Thanks for everything Lada!

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  7. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Thanks for this, Lada.
    Good to see these small signs of awakening… Bulgaria seems to be doing well. Let’s see who follows on.

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  8. WOW Lada!
    Now I am on pins and needles with curiosity!
    I am humbled that my words somehow triggered inspiration. As a matter of fact, I felt bad for writing so much about me…so your words made me feel less guilty.
    Endless Blessings!


  9. The hardcore CIA outlet Radio Free Europe thinly veils its content with the serial killing of potential or open supporters of the Donbass region: “Suicide Or Homicide? In Ukraine, Old-Guard Officials Dying Mysteriously.”

    The harder they come, the harder they fall …


  10. I just read an inspiring article by William Engdahl in Russia-Insider. It’s called Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance where he talks about many of his Russian acquaintances who are mostly in their 30’s and 40’s. They are the core of building the new Russia and they have some memories of the Soviet Union and the disastrous life in the 1990’s where from their viewpoint they can compare what is good with the old and what is bad. Engdahl talks about the wonderful education in Russia compared to the US. It’s a very encouraging article and I thought this might be of interest to your readers.


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  11. The awakening is coming, despite (or, maybe, because of) impediment and intimidation from the Nazis in Kiev and their backers in the Western governments. Here are some testimonials (I omit links to the news articles, but they can be dug up in the various Russian publications, if needed).

    A group of Spanish anti-fascist volunteers, who returned from Donetsk face charges of “violating Spanish neutrality” and up to 15 years imprisonment for their effort to distribute humanitarian aid there. Interestingly, Spanish fascists, who actively fight in the Kiev’s punisher battalions are a perfectly fine thing.

    Graham Philips – one of the few, if not the only Western journalist covering the events in Donbass since the start – came to UK for vacation, where he was detained by the British police and questioned for 4 hours. In a later Skype interview he said that the British authorities cross-questioned him on what he did in Donbass and told him that he undermines the official British line on the events in Ukraine (presumably reporting the truth about the events there).

    A group of Polish representatives from Change (if I am not mistaken) party, who came to Ukraine to commemorate the Volyn massacre, were detained at the border control. It turned out SBU had then on black list (even though some of them never visited Ukraine before). They got a 3-year ban on entering the country. Moreover they described the interrogation as unpleasant and and the detention as unlawful – as EU citizens they have a visum-free entry to Ukraine. They said in the interview that they ere openly told that they are undermining Ukrainian historical policy (which denies the Volyn massacre).

    And the latest one. Russian 15-year-old schoolgirl and 4 times powerlifter world champion, Marjana Naumova was in USA at ArnoldBenchBach in Ohio and after setting a new world record, gave to Arnold Schwarzenegger letters from the children of Donbass. She translated them herself, and Arnold took them in hand personally. Children were asking Mr. Terminator to come and save them. After she visited Donbass and gave children there charity exercises, she was stripped of all her Ukrainian titles and medals by a Ukrainian sports commission. Her coach was then denied visum to the USA because of his charge’s visit to Donbass.

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    • Thank you for posting, Nemo. What a great summary of important pieces that didn’t make it to my blog. I have heard all this and all of it is outrageous.
      It is so wonderful – and I am so grateful – that you are able to help me out with this info!

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      • This piece from TomatoBubble.com gives a major BOOMERANG look at the aggressive actions of the US. towards Russia and Ukraine. (can also be downloaded as pdf)
        Endless Blessings!

        S A T I R E – S A T I R E – S A T I R E
        ***The Russian Plot to Take Down America***


  12. As you write above: “I can confidently say that this manipulation will cost US its empire. It’s just a matter of time.”.

    The US/NATO is no force, but only a kind of gallery to feed the propaganda media.
    I agree, it is only a matter of time – could allready be tomorrow.

    In the link above is mentioned Keshe Foundation. Mr Keshe is from Iran and was situated some years ago in Belgien and later Italy, where he teach interested people his knowledge about energi. He work for peacefull use of his knowledge – and his letter to Mr. Obama is the same as declaring that people have the power to decide and act. So he invite the president of US to include the US-inhabitants. China in the BRICS did the same few monts ago.

    This is taken as a provocation, who have the power of worlds people. “The White House” is just a front office. So when the president receive the letter, it is also read by the Vatican, who insist to be the power of earth people. This Catholic church house a legion, that is why their act is called a relegion. NATO is a catholic army.

    What we witness is that the new technology, used by Russia and Iran military peacefully disarm NATO. The US military allready ‘changed their mind’ more years ago and simply act by avoid attacking. Instead the US use terrorist who by weapons all over, also US made weapons. Mostly outdated material that the weapon-dealers want to get rid of. As they do in full scale to the Kiev-Junta.
    A smaller part of the US-military are mafia related and take decisions wjthout Congress and president and use CIA as terrororganization to push their act. Because they are commanded by the Vatican. Congress, president and media are just a theater to misinform the public.

    The Kiev-Junta get money to by weapons, and these money is special printed or electronical signed. That explain the money are not valid to exchange to another currency. they are useless, even in Ukraine. These money remote direct all the Kiev-junta do. It is an infection of the Ukraine, and I think it will disappear again, since Ukraine is quite resistance.

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  13. Russia is preparing a report to UN’s council on human rights, regarding human rights violations, war crimes and torture of military and civilians, done by the Ukrainian armed forces. The information in the report was gathered from 25th of August 2014 until 20th of January 2015, and is based on witness statements of about 200 people who suffered Ukrainian captivity.


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