Rumors of Putin’s Death are Grossly Exaggerated

Putin winks

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of Putin’s death are grossly exaggerated.

I got a number of panicked emails, tweets and blog comments from friends and followers, asking me where is Mr. Putin. I am flattered by everyone’s trust in my ability to see through walls and know exactly what is happening in the Kremlin. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a direct line to Vladimir Vladimirovich… and if I did, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Here is what I can tell you today:

I can certainly see how Western governments, MSM and russophobes of all kinds would love for their wet dream of Putin being dead to materialize. After all, the Russian President is so incredibly inconvenient for some in the West. Nemtsov’s false flag murder literally next to the Kremlin Wall was targeting all of Russians and Putin personally. If they can’t kill Putin, why not compromise him. Read: Lada’s Investigation: Who Benefits from the Death of the Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov?

The unfortunate truth about our human world is that, while some work hard to build and unite, others aim to divide, provoke and destroy.

In 2014, Putin, with his careful and measured actions, managed to prevent World War III (see PREDICTIONS). Putin tirelessly  jetsetted the world for most of the past and the beginning of this year, building a formidable network of alliances, friendships and connections, which will eventually shift the world into the new era. Putin signed multi-billion deals with China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. Eurasian Union was officially formed.

During this period, Putin also managed to change the long-term outlook of the EU from that of being solidly anti-Russian to a more balanced view. Europe, led by Greece, and later by Germany and France, finally started expressing a more independent from the US position regarding relations with Russia, Ukraine crisis, NATO expansion and EU development.

In addition, Putin initiated a number of important strategic projects inside Russia. With the massive shift we are experiencing in so many areas of life, most people may have already forgotten that Sochi Olympics also took place in 2014 (it seems so long ago). Sochi was a massive, one of a kind project, and the athletic achievements of the Russian team were simply stellar. Russian President was hands on with the Olympics as well.

You can read a lot more about what Putin was up to in 2014 – beginning of 2015 in past articles on this blog. I have also talked about that on Lada Ray YT channel.

Putin always amazed people with his productivity. But the amount of important, ground-breaking and Earth-Shifting work Putin managed to accomplish in 2014 and the beginning of 2015 is truly out of this world. I often caught myself thinking during this period that he needed a rest. No matter how strong one’s spirit is, a human physical body has its limitations. If I were his advisor, I’d certainly advise him to take a few days off and kick back at his Novo-Ogarevo residence.

As to Putin not appearing on TV since March 5. Well…

Here is the official President of Russia site in English, which you can also find on my Resources page. On it you can see pictures of Putin meeting with Chairman of Vnesheconombank on 3/6 and with President of the Supreme Court on 3/13. Putin is also scheduled to meet with President of Kyrgyzstan on 3/16 and President of South Ossetia on 3/18. (Here you can also find a related video commentary from RT.)

From my own experience: the energy of mankind as a whole has been extremely difficult to take since last year. There is so much happening in the world: wars, animosity, anger, revolutions, false flags, attempts to start WWIII. People everywhere are confused and angry. We live through a volatile and revolutionary time and it is taxing on the system, especially for those of us who are Earth Keepers and Earth Shifters. These are the people who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and are also trying to shift the world into a new, higher dimension.

I have written about that in my mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER, and partially, in GOLD TRAIN. I also talked about Earth Keepers and Earth Shifters in this interview. It is the most difficult place to be and one has to be a supremely strong soul to be able to withstand the brunt of the negativity emanating from most humans and so many countries, and still be able to do their job of holding the world together, keeping balance and shifting the world into a better future.

Trust me, I know. As a powerful empath, I am extremely sensitive to energy, and for me the entire 2014 was hard. But the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 was especially difficult health-wise. Many people who are highly evolved souls, especially those who are Earth Keepers, have been ill during this period, from colds/inflammations and broken ankles to tooth or back problems, to name a few. This is natural as someone has to carry the load, and those who do, pay the price with their health. It would have been easier if more humans helped out with this load, instead of making it more difficult.

If Putin is taking a few days off and is staying away from cameras, he is absolutely right to do so.


Putin still has a lot to accomplish; his important contribution is needed for the ongoing EARTH SHIFT. After a little tune up, I expect he will be back stronger and healthier than ever by March 16th.

Nemtsov murder exposed some long-brewing differences within Russian government. I would say that changes on many levels, including nationalization of the ruble and creating a more patriotic government (without pro-West liberals), are needed. Some want those changes faster than cautious Putin is ready to deliver them.

Soon, there may be certain changes in the Kremlin and Russian government, but I wouldn’t expect them to be too big at this point. Medvedev will stay as PM, despite many forces wanting him out. But those in the West who are longing to see the cracks in the Russian government – this won’t happen. Just the opposite: I expect further consolidation of the government and people around Putin.

I will write about the special relationship between Putin and Medvedev, and its significance, in the upcoming EARTH SHIFT REPORT: THE PUTIN ENIGMA. Stay tuned for it!

P.S. Incidentally, I am taking a few days off to celebrate hubby’s and my birthdays. I’ll be checking my blog and email. NO rumors please. Despite taking a break, I can assure you, I am also alive and well. 😉

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  1. Thank you for your clarification Lada! I must say I was a bit worried too, but something deep down said that everything is OK! 😉

    Happy Birthday to you Lada, and to your Hubby! Enjoy your days!



  2. Lada we expect you back!! 🙂 Happy Birthday to you both!


  3. Enjoy Lada Ray and Happy Birthday! Thank you for what you do so ably. I am going to buy your ‘Earth Shift’ now.

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  4. Heads-up about an important event today – airing of documentary about reunification of Crimea with Russia. I translated the blurb to it in the post below:

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  5. About Putin’s “disappearance”:

    The very fact that the Western MSM prematurely “disappeared” Putin, based on yet another disinformation from Kiev, despite Putin having made television appearances on March 5th, 8th, 11th, 12th and 13th, reminds me of another historical event that happened in 1801:

    On the 11th of March 1801, the British newspaper readers already knew: Russian emperor Paul ceized reigning. Newspapers start placing such headlines already starting from January. “We expect to hear already with the next post that his eminence Paul’s reign has ended”. “It is apparent that great changes have already taken place in Russia’s government, or cannot but happen very soon.”

    Meanwhile in St.Petersburg, early in the morning on the 11th of March, the newspapers are yet not published, and the city was asleep, when conspirators were quickly heading to Mihailovskij palace along its streets.

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  6. Happy birthday Lada & hubby


  7. Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

    Hello Lada.
    Good piece, as usual.
    Talking of Putin’s appointments, there’s that lovely meeting on the 8th, Women’s day… The English site only transcribed his comments, but not those of the women. I’d love to know what they were telling him, he looked so pleased and touched by their words.
    The woman in blue sounded very eloquent, while the one in white was a little shy, and Putin was smiling encouragingly at her… Then the one with the gold tooth, who looks not so sophisticated, so she must have had important things to say if she did decide to speak out.
    The blond one next to him was clearly more comfortable in those settings…
    Cheers! And happy birthday to both you and hubby…

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    • Oh, yes – forgot about the March 8 meeting. Thanks for reminding.

      I saw a small snippet on YT. Putin invited to the Kremlin mothers of the most accomplished young people, fallen heroes, and mothers of many children. The story of the officer who died during Islamic fundamentalist uprising in Caucasus was very touching (akin to the story of 300 Spartans). There is a Russian movie about that called: “Shestaya Rota” – “The 6th Regiment.”

      The woman in blue was the mother of the famous pianist actually – forget his name but he was playing at the Olympics opening ceremony. Putin said that the job of a mother was the most important and difficult job there was. The woman in blue replied that Putin himself was doing the most difficult job, that they watch him on TV every day, jetsetting the world and meeting with world leaders (echoing what I said ;)). Putin replied: what kind of job is this, shaking hands and talking… Yours is THE job.

      The other woman I recall is the matriarch of a large farmning dynasty. All her children work at their farm they built from scratch 10 years ago, and she was talking about how hard it was and also what changes Russian agriculture needed. Putin said something about the new Russian agri equipment, they could use instead of the Western – you know they are pushing for import substitutions now, after sanctions. Long term, as predicted, this will be great for the Russian industry and agriculture.


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  8. Although I intuitively knew Putin was not ill, I am glad to see your post. Dare I send you the post I just placed on my blog, facebook, and LinkedIn? Oh well, you can decide whether or not you want to post it. 🙂 When I posted on facebook from my blog, the picture that was shown as the one that would show on facebook changed from Putin in front of the flag to the one of the Avatar on a White Horse–bringing peace to the world. I consider that a message, simply confirming what I already know. Happy Birthday to you and hubby! Now I’ll post your blog on mine.

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    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Hello, Nancy.
      Lovely blog. A comment:
      “I could feel the love energy in his being. I experienced him as a Love Being.”
      Usually, people characterized by power and will (“Ray One” souls) do not emit that much Love energy you sensed (“Ray Two” energy). Except when they are highly evolved and have also developed Love (as we all must, whatever energy line our soul is on, for the very fabric of our solar system is built on Love.) We are lucky that Putin has developed both lines.
      In fact he has the three Aspects of Divinity well developed (at human level, of course): Will-Power, Love-Wisdom and Intelligence. This was best expressed by Chinese journalist Shui Junyi (China Central TV), who experienced the three aspects of Putin’s psychological makeup .
      Love: The occasion was a warm hug that Putin had given him at the end of a press conference before the Sochi Olympics. ( – read Shui’s questions) Western media had been particularly hateful at that interview, and an outraged Shui had done his best to show his own and the Chinese people’s affection for Putin, who responded in kind. Shui was deeply moved by Putin warm hug, which he took both for himself and his country: as “a message intended to signify his warm feelings towards China.” Shui’s blog msge on Putin’s “stunning a hug” earned him weeks of attacks from the Western MSM (the mildest:
      Power and Will: “Putin is a very calm, self-controlled person … You feel him to be very tough. His eyes are very sharp, and very few people can look into his eyes for any length of time. At every interview, I try to interpret his heart from his eyes, but I find it is difficult to prize out any clue from them.
      Intelligence: “His speech is always very logical. Our director [at the CCTV] says that Putin’s interviews are often most difficult to cut during post-editing. As a rule, clips make an interview more exciting, but with Putin, any word that is cut out takes much away, and changes the tone and feel of the interview. ”
      Your analogy between Kalki Avatara – the White Rider who will save the world – and the St George figure on the flag of the Russian Presidency is very interesting. The basic idea is the same. The symbol expresses the soul potential of Russia, her programme, as it were: saving the world by killing the dragon of selfish materialism so as to bring us back to the path of spiritual values based on sharing and mutual respect and cooperation. Putin’s ideal of a “multipolar world” is based precisely on such principles.
      Already in 1944, Cayce “saw” Russia moving from materialistic communism to spiritual-based sharing – Christ’s kind of communism”:
      “For changes are coming, this may be sure – an evolution, or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia; not communism, no! But rather that which is the basis of the same, as the Christ taught – His kind of communism! (1930) No. 452-6
      In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years to crystallise, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” (1944) No. 3976-29. (Similarly, China will demonstrate “Christianity as applied in the lives of men.”)
      Hence Putin’s insistence on moral principles and values.
      Hence also his oft-repeatedly, but so far unsuccessfully, invitation to Western Europe to join Russia in “an economic and humanitarian community ranging from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”
      “Humanitarian” here means a space where true human values are promoted – not just material wealth. Many have sensed that the current hatred of Putin and Russia is motivated by his standing up for such values, which threaten the very basis of the current Western-created world order. From this perspective, their ferocity is understandable. The saddest part of it is that they drag down otherwise innocent masses who would have loved Putin if only he was not so constantly demonized and vilified. Countering this horrible violence and oppression of humanity’s soul is the best service we can render today.)
      Again, thank you for your lovely thoughts, and let’s carry on fighting.

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  9. Lada,
    What do you make of the following 3 articles?
    Some people in my circle are getting excited. Is this posturing?


    • You can direct everyone to my PREDICTIONS.


    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Did you forget to include the links to the three articles?


      • The links were deleted per BLOG RULES: untruths/manipulation contained in linked articles, inconsistent with the message of this blog. We do not promote pieces containing untruths or manipulation on FT. Please read BLOG RULES.

        This rule applies to ALL readers, including our best friends and regular contributors.

        This applies to everyone: Please read BLOG RULES on top bar carefully and make sure you comply. Any question can be asked without posting references to manupulative agenda articles (especially multiple ones!), unless they carry an important point. Please use your discretion and respect the rules at all times.
        Also, please don’t get carried away with multiple links!

        Thank you for your understanding.

        FT admin


        • Lada, about…. Hannacora,……Did you forget to include the links to the three articles?


          After some digging I discovered the real source of 2 of these stories and they come from one of the biggest disinfo on the net: Scorcha Faal from WhatDoesItMean.
          Anytime I see anything written from that source I just do not bother. In this instance, the articles were republished in a reputable media with world wide audience. I guess anyone can get caught in this game, even the good ones.

          Again Lada, I am most grateful to you for not including these links.


  10. Hi Lada!
    Hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy birthday. Thanks a lot for your update and for certain things you wrote in this post which were so tremendously important to me. It made me realize that i really have to start reading your books soon.

    Wish you to have a good time Lada.
    Kind regards from Simone

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  11. His “departure” from the public eye would only make sense if what is rumored to be happening “soon”, a large announcement that will shake the world to its knees, then I’d take a few days of as well.


  12. Åke i Sörmland

    A method to raise above the games of the world is to neutralise your reaktive mind. There are two of them. Analytical and reactive, and when their contents are similar there are no problems but when the contents in the reactive mind is bigger there are problems.
    And the tools are firstly EFT and secondly TROM, in that order. After awhile of use you will see how duped you have been. And you can see how the games of life looks like a chessboard and you have been a pawn. Life becomes 3D instead of 2D. And the games of life becomes volonary instead of compulsive.


    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Good method, Åke.
      Not easy to master… but practising not being a pawn is clearly the best service we can render ourselves – and then others as well.


  13. Thanks for reminding us of all this.
    It’s just that Vlad, son of Vlad, is one of the few world public figures with so much clout (President of Russia, no less) who actually gives us some real hope that the weird berserk psychopaths running the Western World – especially the Anglo Western World – might actually be stopped soon.
    Many of us never thought we’d ever see the day in our lifetimes when this might actually become a realistic option. It’s such a very serious and genuine “HOPE” for so many of us. So, I guess it’s only natural that many of us might be “on tenterhooks” concerning the possible loss of this option.
    Lada, you know a lot about these matters… you have clairvoyant awareness of much related info (and a good track record too); you even seem to have some relatively “inside” info at times. You have your finger on the pulse of all this stuff, more than most people have. So, I’d say you’re a good person to check out certain thingies with when in doubt about any of the related topics.
    [And, besides, we know that, secretly, you have direct telephone connections with Boris Yeltsin, Leon Trotsky, Vlad Lenin, etc.. 😉 ]
    Found this report here which also addresses the topic in question:
    Enjoy your break, and birthday celebrations.
    Promise… no rumours of your death, etc..
    May you enjoy a long, healthy life filled with positive abundance 😉

    PS: Concerning the third in the series of the 4 quick-in-succession “Blood Moons” that occurs in a few days, and the eclipse occurring almost immediately on top of that, and all occurring at the Spring Equinox… would love to know if you have any thoughts about it. Any Feng Shui perspective on all this?

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    • Hi Nick,

      Please check hannacora’s message, at 8:23, and what she says about “whatdoesitmean”! Be careful with what you read and use discerment at all times! It is really difficult these days to find out which websites still have the rigth info. Lots of them have to post a combination of truth and disinfo mixed together (like DW said about VT for instance) and that is because they are told to do so! Disclosure is a slow process, little bits at the time, not to scare people, if you know what I mean! 😉

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    • Hi Christa and hannacora,
      Thank you both for pointing that out.
      Much appreciated.
      I never really thought about it being a semi-dodgy sort of site.
      Indeed, there seems to be quite a glut of confusing info floating around out there… the pollution of the human psyche, I guess.
      Indeed, I prefer sites that can be relied upon better for the info they put out.
      Thanks again.

      PS: I have a rather off-topic question for Lada, if I may… perhaps Lada – or any of your rather astute readers / commentators – might enlighten me:
      What was / is the real reason for China’s invasion and current occupation of Tibet? I presume there is something more to the story besides: invade, occupy, expand China, pretend China has some historic claim to Tibet, etc..

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      • China and Tibet in a nutshell: Very sensitive topic for China.
        US and UK lied about the story from the start, so throw out anything you think you know.
        I am personally a huge fan of both Chinese and Tibetan cultures, collect Tibetan art, have connection to Tibetan monasteries, etc.

        Still, this issue has to be addressed not emotionally, but with a cold head. 2 reasons for China ‘occupying Tibet.’ 1. Historic – they feel this is part of their land and cultural heritage. 2. Geopolitical, and this is the most important one: using China’s weakness, UK tried to infiltrate Tibet and subvert it. Chinese had to move in to prevent having US/UK bases in their backyard.
        Think Russia and Crimea. Think Ukraine’s lies.
        Unlike Crimea last year:
        Was it heavyhanded? Yes. But those were different times and it was done by Mao’s communists.
        Maybe I’ll talk some more about that soon.

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    • Thanks for the nutshell, Lada.
      That helps.
      The geopolitical part that you list – I didn’t know about this.
      Yep, most of the info I have on the China / Tibet fiasco comes from USA, UK, and the Western World in general. I figured this info could be suspect.
      Yes, personally, I’d really love if you decide to do a more expanded report on this topic.
      What remains really confusing is: if China regarded Tibet as part of its territory and historic cultural heritage, then why did the Chinese go bananas and destroy so many Tibetan Monasteries? And probably more worrying: why did the Chinese torture and destroy so many Tibetan people, especially Tibetan Monks? Why did Chinese people descend into the types of incredibly sexually perverted torture that they have been reported to have imposed on Tibetan people – and again, especially imposed on the Tibetan Monks?
      Why are the Chinese so bent on diluting, and evidently eventually eliminating, all Tibetan cultural identity (seems to be an on-going genocide, really)?
      If these are different times (from say the Mao era), then why doesn’t China apologise to Tibet, remove itself from Tibet ASAP, make BIG reparations and BIG compensations to Tibet, etc..
      And besides, I thought that Mao was a CIA guy anyway – or some sort of Cabal / Nazionist puppet? So, why would he have freaked out so much about having his puppet-masters in his backyard?

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      • Mao wasn’t CIA. That’s ridiculous. Please be careful with silly conspiracy theories to avoid comment deletion, per BLOG RULES!

        Also, don’t be so naive. No world power of the size of China will allow stepping on its national interests, if they have strength to resist it.
        Further, I think my explanation re geopolitical reasons answers your questions. Please meditate on it.

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    • P.S. Nick, thank you for the good wishes for my birthday. 🙂 Really appreciate it.

      Clarification re. Tibet monastery destruction and monk torture. Maoists were exteme communists or bolsheviks. They were anti-religion, considering it a poison.

      That’s why monasteries were destroyed and those monks who resisted new power or protected their monasteries were unfortunately tortured and killed. Such cruelty is – extremely unfortunately – a national feature, which was allowed to get out of hand due to many years of war, Japanese and Western aggression, and confusion of ideologies.

      Presently in China, Buddhism is resurgent and many go to Tibet on pilgrimages. There are signs of reconciliation.
      China SHOULD apologize for past cruelty. Will they? Not today.

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    • Thanks for the info.
      But, “conspiracy theory”?
      Curious reaction! 😦
      Is it really so far-fetched that one might contend that Mao might have been a Cabal / Nazionist puppet of some description or other? Apparently Saddam Hussein was, apparently the last Shah of Iran was, apparently several top Central & South-American guys were, apparently the Bolsheviks were influenced by them in some way that I can’t remember off-hand, etc.. But, ok, if you say Mao wasn’t… then I accept that. You know more about all this than I do.
      Personally, I merely presented, here on your blog, the itsy-bitsy speckle of info I understood so far, so that it could be corrected, expanded, etc., and so that I could understand better the whole China / Tibet problem from you and from others who might have wished to help me out with it. I thought that this was all about “education”, getting informed, etc..
      Thanks for taking the time to address the issue. Much appreciated. I realize that you’re very busy.
      Last December, I had asked Rob Potter to present the same questions to Cobra, but the questions have not been presented yet.
      I’ve felt for quite some time that it is important to know more about this particular subject in question.
      Later I will present the same Qs to the ambassador of the red dragon family to get his take on the topic too.
      No problem if you feel you should not post my comment. I understand perfectly. I do not come to your blog for the thrill of posting a comment; I come to your blog for the thrill of sharing in the education that is normally available here (and to share in a bit of the fun at times, to boot). I’m interested to know about what is “really” going on here on this planet… a tricky enough sort of task considering how slippery everything is here. Mix our human ego into that and… oh, God!! I mean, none of it is really so ultra-important anyway, as it is all gonna very definitively flake away someday (at the core of Everything is Nothing!)… but, you know, in the interim…
      Thanks again. Great work you’re doing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t take what I say personally, dear. I personally like you a lot and appreciate your participation, but what you say sometimes… I did say that my rules applied to ALL equally, right?
        It should be clear that what I say about Mao comes from oh, I don’t know, something like 30-40 years (lifetime that is) of experience of living in the world where all this stuff is well-known, and where you personally have never lived (USSR, China, socialism). I can guarantee to you that your other sources hadn’t epxerienced all that either, therefore they won’t know. That’s why what you said sounded so bizarre to someone who knows what went on in reality.
        I react to the truth or lie in any statement and I express my view accordingly. That’s the way it is and will be. The alternative is, and I may decide to switch to this modus operandi: not to reply to any questions posed, if people take it the wrong way. Would that perhaps be better for everyone? This way no one will get offended, but the truth will also not be said.
        Believe me, it’ll make my life much easier. I believe most serious experts come to this conclusion at one point or other.
        I have regretted explaining things to people previously – which is a selfless service I provide to mankind – when people started attacking me back, or picking a fight with me.
        And also believe me, I answer very few questions of those posed. Yours was one of the few.

        I am just thinking aloud after some incidents that occurred recently, so don’t take it personally. I appreciate you and much of what you say in the second half of your latest comment makes sense (not the part about Mao or Bolshevicks) ;).
        Be well, stay tuned 🙂

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    • Nick, where are you getting u’r sources that Mao is a CIA asset? Just because China invaded and occupied Tibet for it’s territory, resources & other geopolitical reasons doesn’t automatically make the COMMUNIST LEADER a puppet of the West, let alone a CIA asset… that makes absolutely no sense.
      We must also understand that during the cultural revolution when Mao Zedong established power, he was a hardcore communist revolutionary, abided by Marxist-Leninist ideologies and ruled as such, how are his actions CIA controlled in any possible way??
      Also during the cultural revolution, the East was extremely xenophobic, and justifiably after WWII. Prior to that, it was invaded by Japan, exploited and “colonized” by the British so why would Mao even deal with the West? Quite the contrary, during this period (1949 to 1972) China was totally hands off to foreigners, you may have heard of the Bamboo Curtain, a Cold War euphemism for the political demarcation between the Communist states and the capitalist and non-communist states. It’s basically isolationist policies directed towards the West, similar to The Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union.
      It was only after 1972 when Mao welcomed US president Richard Nixon in Beijing, signalling a policy of opening China, which was furthered under Deng Xiaoping’s rule in China for economic expansionist reasons.
      Please do your research before making unfounded claims. Thanks.


    • I’ll put two-in-one here if that’s ok…

      01. Re: Lada’s last message to me above:
      No problem there… honestly, I don’t take it personally in that sense that you’ve mentioned. I am not offended or anything like that. And I certainly do not wish, under any circumstances, to make things difficult for you in any way whatsoever. I am not like that. I realise that running your blog the way you do must take a lot of work, time, energy, etc.. And I respect all that 100%. But, for the sake of integrity, I felt some points should be clarified.
      I completely agree with you that you should block any comment that you feel does not reflect your agenda… after all, you are not anonymous here, and it is critical that you maintain your integrity and the integrity of your blog / agenda. I would do the same if I were in your position.
      But if I say to you that I’ve heard that 1+1=3… and I ask could you correct that for me?
      And you answer with “well, 1+1=2, and where did you get that conspiracy theory from that 1+1=3? And I should block your comment for presenting this conspiracy theory, etc. …”
      It all sounds a bit odd to me, and I’m sure to others too.
      But, yes, I will stay tuned… cos the info you offer is really really great.
      And thanks again for answering my Qs and for helping me understand the China / Tibet issue a bit better. I’ve been looking for someone to give me a clearer perspective on this for a while now. I am delighted with your explanations about ol’ Mao, etc. – for the moment, I’ve no reason whatsoever to doubt that everything you’ve said is accurate. I am very happy with all your info. No doubt many visitors to your blog also appreciated your clarifications on the China / Tibet question. Thank you so much.

      02. Re: 1EarthUnited’s message to me above:
      I thank you too for your info regarding China.
      This is interesting info… but why does it come couched in all this other rather odd stuff?
      What claim did I make? I made no claim. Where did you get that from? I asked several Qs, I entertained a concept or two, and I asked that the related info that I already had be corrected, but I most definitely never actually “claimed” anything whatsoever. In addition, I am, in fact, actually doing the “research” (that you graphically claim I should do) right now precisely by posing my Qs here on Lada’s blog, by posing my Qs to Cobra, and will pose those same Qs to other good intelligent folk later.
      Who cares where I got the incorrect info from? Is this not a rather odd Q that you ask me (“where are you getting u’r sources” etc.)? I mean, the only real concern here is the correct info. What good would it do for anyone if I presented the “sources” of the wrong info I had? Evidently, I already knew that the info that I had until recently was suspect… otherwise I would never have asked for it to be corrected here on Lada’s blog. I’ve studied hundreds and hundreds of reports, etc. over the years (some accurate, some less accurate) on so many different topics… so, to find the “sources” of any misguided info that I have would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
      Personally, I have no interest in the “sources” of incorrect info. But I am most interested in anyone who can correct info for me and who can supply me with accurate info in general, in any area of study that I focus on.
      Hope this clarifies things a bit better.
      And thanks again for your info about China. Much appreciated.
      Hope you and Lada can present a big detailed report about China / Mao / Tibet / etc. someday. I’d love to study it. You guys seem to know what you’re talking about concerning this topic in question (and lots more besides, evidently).

      Ya’ll be good now!
      And don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do! 😉


      • Don’t worry, Nick. It’s fine. BTW, Maddie is THE expert on all things Oriental, Zen and Biddhist, so you know; first of all, China. I would ask her opinion. If it sounds bizarre to her… you finish the sentence.
        I hope this matter is closed now.


  14. Hi Lada
    I was listening to a discussion you had on Time Monk about calibration, and you mentioned some individual’s levels. I was wondering have you calibrated individuals such as Obama and Hilary Clinto etc? If so could you direct me to the article or video.
    I am really looking forward to your report on Putin.



      I don’t need to calibrate. I feel energy instantaneously beyond 3D. Calibration is a crutch most people need to put things in perspective by creating a relative scale. But yes, I can calibrate them all and post it, prob on If enough people are interested, please reply here and I’ll do it later in the year.

      To all readers interested in the list: include other names, events and countries you want me to calibrate. Don’t be shy!
      I’ll do all at once.


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  15. Lada,

    If you are only gone for three days, we will know you had enough time to go to Moscow and work on PR plans. So the important thing is to take more time off.

    I might be wrong, but I thought Putin was out of sight for a while after the Kursk submarine event, which many feel could have led to a very bad situation between Russia and the West, and I seem to recall one other time where he was missing for a week or so. But what this would imply is that he is working on something important, perhaps the implementation for whatever the Kremlin has in mind for the Ukraine.

    And it is worth mentioning that the US’s best hope is to try to create a civil war within the Russian elite. Get them to remove Putin. They probably won’t succeed, but I bet there have been a lot of attempts at things like plane crashes or poisoning. We just will never hear about it. And after each attempt, if it had some inside help, Putin’s security would need to tighten things up and figure out what happened. And they might even need some time to modify procedures if some inside info had leaded out on things like when his car went near a location that couldn’t be sufficiently protected.

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  16. Is President Putin the victim of yet another CIA-fabricated internet hoax — ‘Putin is Dead’?



  17. Hi Lada, great work as usual. I also love your podcasts. Russian accents are so sexy, LOL .


  18. He’s back 😉
    With 40,000 on full alert!
    Our modern day “hero” has returned!
    Putin on the #PutinMissing speculation about his health: “It would be boring without rumors.”
    Seems he was just taking a break, as Lada suggested 😉
    … having a cup of tea with the wife and kids…

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  19. Rose-Marie, thank you for the information you included in responding to my Comment. I would like to post your Comment on my blog, which also goes to Facebook and LinkedIn. I don’t know how to contact you quickly or I would do so. I’ll wait awhile and then, post your information. I consider it valuable, especially for Americans. I will direct it to Lightworkers, asking them to hold President Putin in Light as he performs his major role in the unfolding of Divine Order for OUR planet. If you object to my posting it–I can’t imagine you doing so–I’ll delete it. Blessings to you, Rose-Marie! Love to you, Lada, for your fascinating Blog!


  20. An announcement. I finished translating a series of articles from the Russian newspaper “Argumenty i Fakty”, written by Georgij Zotov a travelling journalist, reporting from several Easter-European capitals, seeing how the history of WWII Victory is remembered (or altered) there. The reports come from Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Germany, and can be found under the following category link:


  21. Lady Rada, recently China started initiative for the AIIB with 21 nations in Asia and now western countries like Britain, France Germany and Italy and New Zealand, have announced that they would also join AIIB despite heavy lobbying by USA toward its allies against joining AIIB. Even Australia and South Korea said that They would also reconsider about joining AIIB. Yet, it is surprising that Russia is so far totally silent about joining AIIB. Do not you think that Russia should also join the AIIB at it’s founding stage as a founding member ? It would be definitely a far better decision for the future of Russia that trying the join the AIIB in future; when nations like Britain, France, Germany and Australia would be present in the board of the AIIB as founding member. They would definitely try their best to use their position in the board of the Bank to prevent entry of Russia as a new member in future once the AIIB is established. Therefore, Russia should grab this opportunity when the window is open before March 31 and decide to join the AIIB before this opportunity slips out of hand.


    interestingly now there are voices starting to rise in USA about the prospect of America also joining the AIIB !!! Russia should definitely catch the AIIB before USA do that.


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