Intel: Is Kiev About to Break Minsk Accords? New Offensive on Donbass and False Flags to Sabotage Victory Day in Russia

Intel: in two or three weeks Kiev is expected to start a massive new offensive on Donbass. False flags, provocations and terrorist acts to sabotage, or make more difficult, the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory (WWII Victory Day) celebration in Russia on May 9th are also possible. Since Nemtsov murder near Kremlin, Russians are on full alert; therefore, I expect it won’t be possible in Moscow and/or the main Russian cities. But Ukraine and Donbass are a different story.

According to the expert of the Russian Military Sciences Academy Vladimir Prokhvatilov (interview link), confirmed by multiple intelligence sources in Donbass and Ukraine, Kiev is expected to start a new massive offensive on Donbass in order to surround and cut Donetsk off Lugansk, with simultaneous attack on Lugansk. We will recall that a similar recent attempt resulted in the Debaltsevo cauldron, where thousands of Ukrainian troops perished. This time, the result will be the same, but it appears Kiev doesn’t care about the result, it only cares about making the life of the Donbass people as difficult as possible, and about sabotaging Russian holidays.

Kiev has officially broken the Minsk agreements. Instead of pulling its heavy artillery away from the front lines in oder to create a demilitarized zone, Kiev is amassing heavy artillery, tanks and troops.

It is believed that they will attack during the sacred Orthodox Holiday – Pascha (Easter). Previous mass bombings of DNR and LNR, as well as mass attacks by Kiev on both republics, were all scheduled during an important holiday, in order to spoil people’s celebration. This year, Pascha is celebrated on April 12.

It is further believed that Kiev and their handlers will attempt to create as many problems as possible for both Donbass and Russia during the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. Victor Day is traditionally celebrated in Russia on May 9th, with a parade and show on Red Square. Similar events will take place in many other cities and towns.

Kiev attacks, false flags and provocations are expected between April 12 and May 9.

In January, I wrote about the observers’ warning of a massive false flag in Ukraine, to dwarf MH17 downing.

However, while we were watching Ukraine, instead Boris Nemtsov was killed in Moscow, next to the Kremlin (Lada’s Investigation: Who Benefits from the Death of the Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov?). This distracted the world from Ukraine. While everyone was looking into Nemtsov’s killing, and then, while everyone was trying to figure out where in the world is Vladimir Putin, Kiev has been amassing troops and heavy artillery for the new attack on Donbass.

One thing Nemtsov killing did is further divide and discredit the Russian neo-liberal opposition, and further consolidate people around Putin.

We are back to my January warnings: warnings of serious false flags or terrorist acts in Ukraine, Donbass, on the Russian border, and possibly in Russia (although that would be difficult as now Russians are extra vigilant). Experts continue warning of possible nuclear power station false flag in Ukraine. See my January 2015 article: False Flag Alert; Kiev Regime Needs War to Survive; Ukrainians Refuse to Fight; Foreign Mercenaries and NATO Weapons.

Related intel: Украинские войска стягивают технику и готовятся перейти в наступление, – разведчик армии Новороссии (Ukro-army is amassing artillery and tanks, preparing to attack – Novorossia army intelligence officer).

Related nuclear station false flag warning from Vladimir Rogov (Zaporozhie), and more: На нашу землю пришел западный оккупант, – Владимир Рогов (Western aggressor came to out land).


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Lada. Very powerful stuff going on now and near future astrologically. Rumors abound on the Internet about how Russians are all heading for their bomb shelters, UK is going to nuke Russia, EMP attack in Russia, accidental intercept of NATO war plans to nuke Russia… ad infinitum ad vomitum. Is all this a part of a mass confusion attack?

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    • People are going crazy. This is unfortunately part of the great Earth Shift. Most get confused and panicked. There are those who do want war. And of course, lots of those who want to scare and broadside Russia.
      This is why I write this blog, do my YT videos and future Earth Shift Reports – to help people see the light and keep balance.

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  2. The US just did another false flag chemical attack in Syria, and coordinated with groups starting petitions requesting the US implement a no-fly zone in Syria, so we can have another Yugoslavia\iraq\Libya etc. I suspect as you imply they will soon do another big false flag in ukraine and get some justification for a no-fly zone so they can use their fighters/bombers to destroy as much as possible, whilst the Kiev Nazis commit their attrocities, supported by the MSM presstitutes.

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    • This morning when I checked my e-mails there was a petition from Avaaz to condemn Syria for the chemical attack. So far I haven’t seen any word of it in the Japanese media. Usually Avaaz is decent. Don’t they remember the last time “Syria’s government attacked children with gas”? Changed my mind about Avaaz awfully quickly, but I think I’ll do them the favor of writing them a letter of protest.

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  3. We know that Washington gets away with everything by declaring itself the sole arbiter of truth. The papers will howl at the terrible Russkis (even my Sears&Roebuck crystal ball picks this up), and some 60% of the American public will suspend common sense once again and believe them. The question is why the opinion makers were not soundly discredited after Iraq. The other question is do we have to achieve 100% idiocy, complete moral failure, and not a single good man left in Gomorrah before God up and does something about this? Perhaps we should encourage good people to leave the US.

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    • It’s up to us, dear sister. God gave us Free Will, and as was so wisely said in the movie Avatar, She/He only protects the Balance of Life. It is the God IN us who must act. So yes, maybe that is what it will take before do something to help ourselves. As the saying goes, we are the ones we have been waiting for! Much love to you, A.

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    • Patricia:
      Regarding Avaaz, if you look into who they really are, surprisingly enough they are part of the Soros mob!!

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  4. What a sad state of affairs…again we see Extremes showing up!
    ***The cross and the sword: The making of a Christian Taliban in Ukraine***
    “We need to create something like a Christian Taliban,” he told me. “The Ukrainian state has no chance in a war with Russia, but the Christian Taliban can succeed, just as the Taliban are driving the Americans out of Afghanistan.”

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    • Wow. Extremes indeed. Our “Partners in Contrast” (the Cabal – or whatever you choose to call it) would absolutely LOVE to see that happen. It would play right into their hand, strengthen them by escalating the fighting even more and would give them a virtually unending feast of the negative energy they crave. I perceive and understand the fear, anger and frustration that motivates these folks to want to form a Christian Taliban but I hope they will find another, more Light-filled and positive way.

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    • Agree aeyrie, passive mindful resistance. Let’s start with “I do not consent” to this unlawful insanity perpetrated by our US gov’t in our name. Then follow up with meaningful action like boycott practically everything corporate that has a hand in geopolitical turmoil and war around the world. That’s a start!

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    • Hanna, it sounds to me like it is too recent of an initiative to be any real danger. Japan’s military leaders made the same observation before WWII, and so they reorganized Shinto, which had been a shamanistic folk religion, into a hierarchical state-sponsored thing, cynically denied that it was a religion (just a cultural thing), started a campaign of ridiculing the shamans in it (women were and still are seers), and used the hideous shell they had hollowed out as a propaganda organ. They were looking mostly at Christianity as they did this (Islam had not really begun to roar), but the effect of all this was simply to terrorize citizens into venerating Hirohito on the surface. Christianity provides deep motivation. State Shinto was never anything more than a transparent tool of conquest. The fearless fighters we hear about were motivated by sheer terror and the fear that barbarians would attack their mothers.

      These were the people who were grateful when America finally liberated them–never mind the A-bomb! My father was there. He said there was no anger toward America in Japan. He was in Tokyo, but the firebombing of Tokyo had been just as horrifying as the A-bomb.

      I see a lot of parallels here. Ukraine has been hijacked by a brutal cabal, but aside from a tiny core of fanatics declaring themselves Christ’s soldiers (devil’s spawn that Washington will beatify), this won’t go anywhere. On the contrary, Christianity (and Shinto for that matter) provide inner strength to stand up to vicious cabals.


  5. Thank you once again, Lada for the update. I have been watching this unfold just as you and others have and I am reminded of the the saying “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” As we know, the so-called “Cabal” (or whatever name you choose to give it) is desperate. All their means of maintaining domination are being frustrated now at every turn. They are as dangerous as a cornered animal, and if you know the characteristics of that animal, just as predictable. We all know this one very well by now.
    I do wish so many people did not have to be in harm’s way! Being empathic like yourself, this process is so very hard to watch! But I know that what must be must be until it doesn’t have to be any more. How soon that occurs will be entirely up to those who are most directly involved.
    As for the rest of us who wait and watch, I hope we will continue to be strong and helpful each in our own way by holding the Light the way we do it best. I know we are all praying for the highest, best and most expeditious outcome for our beloved Gaia and every living being upon her. Hope is alive. A Breakthrough awaits!
    On a tangential subject: Ironically, with respect to Netanyahu’s recent “victory” in the elections in Israel, that outcome may serve to accelerate the process of Breakdown leading to Breakthrough. We are already ahead of schedule and moving faster and faster. Your thoughts?
    And now turning to our valiant Mr. Putin: I had a strong feeling while he was out of our sight for a little while that he was visiting with certain members of the Alliance. Did you notice that he came back with a bit of color on his face? *Smile* I am sure it was a very productive meeting and I look forward to seeing the plans made there become manifest.

    We do indeed live in interesting times. Blessings and Peace to you all dear sisters and brothers! Be well.

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  6. I noticed a while back that Avaaz seemed to be following the mainstream NWO agenda, but this post from Hannacora confirms the worst. I will be unsubscribing from it.


  7. It seems that the awakening is going in strides. The article take up the double standards blatantly applied by Washington, especially with regard to Crimea.


  8. Patricia:

    You are right in saying it is too recent of an initiative to be any real danger. I am just simply shocked by their extreme indoctrination.

    Also, thank you so much for the brief history of the Shinto movement. Unbelievable how much of history has been suppressed and/or was pure fiction.

    And of course, I fully agree with you that real the culprits are from the Exceptional Nation of the US. Hopefully very, very soon they will wake up for this illusion. I am also thinking of Canada who also has developed an imperialistic mentality in the last 10 years or so. Sad to think that we had a reputation as Peace Keeper. Now we jump in wiht the instigators.

    A stellar example of Canadian statesmanship we used to have is Paul Hellyer. Even today in his advanced age (90) he is incredible. He just published a dynamite video. I am including it here because it concerns all of us. In 30 minutes he give us an overview of the cabal and how they managed to create the dire circumstances of the world today.
    ***May be we should all follow Lada’s example and start sending postcards by the thousands to our sold out members of parliament.***
    Here are the words of an honest man: Full Disclosure Hon Paul T Hellyer

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    • Yes, hasn’t Canada been a surprise! But lots of eastern European immigrants went to Canada with the familiar climate and similar geography, and it would figure that many of them were displaced by the Soviets and have certain long-standing biases. So very sad! You look away for a minute and the fascists have gained a foothold.

      Japan allied with the fascists in WWII. There is a peculiar kind of disconnection between the people and the leadership. I don’t know what sorts of conditions would cause it to spring up again. They have handled pressure from the US by giving it lip service while basically doing things their own way, but if the wrong people accede to power, they might use “American pressure” as an excuse to do really terrible things. I have to keep my eyes open.

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  9. What an appropriate picture!!! Weaponizing Wikipedia, George Eliason
    We may as well learn the tricks of their trade as more & more every day each and everyone of us is their target. Blessings!
    —I introduced Joel Harding as Ukraine’s King Trol l for a reason. He is the force behind how mainstream media around the world portray the Ukraine war and the people involved. The strategy he devised is so encompassing it is the first time an entire country is directly involved in Inform and Influence Operations (IIO).
    —Its because of his work American and western journalists are being targeted by the Ukrainian Government through the Information Ministry and getting on what he describes as “bad lists” around the world.
    —If every American were targeted and bombarded when this effort extends to every avenue you have to learn about history, politics, or current events; How long would it be before even Adolf Hitler could be branded a conservative? Let’s find out.


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