Rift Between US and NATO?

Missed message? NATO claims Obama didn’t return a call to set up a key meeting with NATO chief. There is no comment from The White House, but NATO believes it was snub. It has to be noted that this isn’t the first such snub. Recently, Obama and Israel’s Netanyahu exchanged similar snubs. 

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  1. One imagines that any rift would be between Obama and NATO, not the US and NATO. NATO is, after all, basically a US thing. On the bright side, confusion in the Western ranks might help Russia a bit.

    On a separate topic, here is an interview with a Swiss politician and journalist about the EU and Western view of Russia:


    He argues that Russian PR and marketing are a big problem. He says that Russia has no narrative. An example of what he suggests is:

    Q-What has to be done to increase the understanding of Russia in the European consciousness?

    A-I think there are two sides of it. First, we have to bring people like Mr. Yakunin to Europe who are fluent in English, with good thinking skills, who can explain, defend and propose their vision. [Vladimir Yakunin is the President of Russian Railways – Editor’s note]

    Q-People like Mr. Yakunin have money, and they have the resources to do so.

    A-Yes, but it is a policy. In the U.S. they spend billions of dollars to support such things. It is a question of means. This is one thing that has to be done. For example, the satellite channel RT (formerly Russia Today) is bringing another vision of the world like Al-Jazeera, and I think RT is very successful. This is a way. Also we have to use more actively academic forums, university exchanges and books.

    Another thing which is important is to prove that in Russia there is a good life, because here in Europe people are convinced (not me, I go often to Russia), that Russia is a dictatorship, there is no freedom, people are poor, it is dangerous and you can be killed on the streets like Mr. Nemtsov.

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    • Agreed, Paul. And on the subject of EU and Russia, it happens that last night I listened to an interview with Thomas Goodrich, the author of “Hellstorm, the Death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947”. He said it was a difficult book to read and after hearing him talk about it I would have to agree.

      I arrived in this world just after that war was over so I listened and learned a great deal from the discussion. Like many who were lucky enough to return alive my father would not talk about it. What I came away with was that no nation involved (and not least the U.S.) can claim they were the sole victims and have nothing to atone for. Horrific atrocities were committed on all sides. While a few still alive have direct memory others have learned from their parents to hate, fear and distrust people of other nations. That is what war is and what it does.

      You are so right, Paul! There is much prejudice to overcome and much to forgive on all sides, which makes talking difficult, but it is not hopeless. The most healing and productive thing we can do is to keep talking and listening, mostly listening, and make conscious efforts to visit and share, break bread with, and experience the other cultures. And forgive. Now it is time to forgive and let the past go so we can move on to a brighter future together. With love, Aeyrie.

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  2. Relatively speaking the U.S. is a young nation, born with many advantages. When a privileged child has been the bully in the sandbox all its life it is difficult and very humbling to accept that it must learn to play well with others. The U.S. finds itself now in the position of realizing it has no other choice but to “take its medicine” and begin that learning process. It will require some time and perhaps a few more embarrassments for the U.S. to develop a measure of maturity as a nation. I am hoping for the best. Our world neighbors have been so much more than patient with us as they have suffered, some greatly, from the arrogance of the U.S. I hope that with just a bit more patience on the part of our neighbors we will see happier days going forward with benefits for all not just for a few. Blessings and peace to all of you, and from my heart, many thanks for the lessons.

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  3. In reference to the book Hellstorm ,aeyrie,I have had it for a while now .Started reading it but had to put it aside .It is indeed not pleasant to read.I don’t know if I will ever finish it.
    We do need to evolve past this war mentality .We are all the same race ,the human race.

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  4. Hmm — perhaps we are beginning to see some cracks in these heretofore impenetrable organizations. Are we witnessing New Earth rising?

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