ALERT! Global Hoaxes and Hysteria: Fake Putin, Almost Nuclear Attack on Russia, and More…

This is global info war at its most vicious. The fight between the old and the new is gloves off and is getting especially ugly.

In the past several weeks, various fake info regarding Putin and Russia has been deliberately fed to both MSM and alternative media. In the beginning of March it suggested that Putin was dead. At the time, I received many panicked requests from readers to explain what was happening. I wrote about that in detail here: Rumors of Putin’s Death are Grossly Exaggerated.

In 2014 I received similar requests to explain whether Putin was part of NWO, and whether the capital of Kazakhstan Astana was to become a new capital of NWO. These requests started appearing after persistent fake reports in the so-called Western alternative press. To me, all this seemed very silly and really obvious. Still, I had explained in great detail how this purposeful massive hoax dump was executed. I also explained that the purpose of such all-encompassing campaign was to discredit and broadside Russia and Putin. All this you can read in my viral: FREE Earth Shift Report 1: Is Putin Part of NWO?

The newest hoaxes include: 1. Supposed interview with fake Lyudmila Putina (Putin’s ex-wife), who ‘revealed’ that Putin was fake and that the real Putin was dead, and 2. a similarly fake report that US and UK were supposed to nuke Russia, but a female US army captain failed to press the button.

This is an alert for all readers. And a warning…

Dear readers, first of all, I did explain more than once how such a hoax works. If you are new to FT, or if you have forgotten, please re-read the above-mentioned posts, and learn to recognize such hoax for yourself!

Secondly, you all know my BLOG RULES. I will not post questionable links, or misleading/untrue information because our mission is to promote the truth, not lies. You may not be the source of this untrue information, but if you are spreading it, even unwittingly, you are participating in the hoax, whether you want it or not. Any questionable links will be deleted along with comments, so please be mindful of what you post.

Similarly, as I explained many times before, I DO NOT click on external links provided in comments and I do not comment on any other authors’ articles or opinion – so don’t ask me. I had also explained why I don’t do that and I won’t repeat my explanation. If you have a question, please ask in your own words, if you want to get an answer. To know my view on things, all you need is to read my articles and PREDICTIONS on this blog.

Now, to the issue of who and why creates these hoaxes about Russia and Putin. This should be clear. Here are some of the entities that are behind this: CIA, US, UK, West in general; Kiev junta; all kinds of dark and nazi forces out there, including Chechen terrorists (not to be confused with the Chechen people, who want to live in peace, just like the rest of us), Russian ex-oligarchs, such as Khodorkovsky; Gary Kasparov and Saakashvili; ukro-nazis in Canada; US Trojan Horses: the Baltics, Romania and Poland; Western MSM and fake alternative media. These forces see that scenario they have been diligently preparing for Ukraine and Russia is failing, and due to their frustration, their tactics are getting uglier and uglier, if at all possible.

The scenarios that failed miserably are: 1. creating anti-Russia out of Ukraine; 2. starting Kiev-style maidan and civil war in Russia; 3. they also see that their position in Europe is dwindling as EU is starting to awaken ever so slowly. The idea was to put a wedge between Russia and Europe, which isn’t working as planned; 4. another part of the plan – to ruin the Russian economy, also didn’t work.

Putin’s policies are proving very effective, and theirs – a failure. This is why they have no choice other than to stoop as low as possible and to create the ultimate hoaxes, such as nuclear attack on Russia and the ‘fake Putin’ story.

Who is doing that?  What is the actual source of these hoaxes?

You may recall that in 2014 I wrote that the popular meme “I am a Ukrainian,” featuring a pretty, smiley girl on Kiev maidan, was actually created in a Virginia CIA lab. Take a wild guess: where do you think the rest of them were created?

I wrote in: Is Putin Part of NWO? (see link above – and please re-read it!) that the so-called alternative media was hijacked specifically to spread such hoaxes because it is targeted to those readers/viewers, who would trust alternative media over MSM.

It is known that the March 2015 hoax about Putin’s death, based on the fact that he supposedly disappeared from TV, was first spread by Ukrainian MSM. Next, Western MSM and alternative media happily parroted it.

The hoax about fake Putin and the hoax about an almost nuclear attack on Russia were also spread by Ukrainian sources. In previous years, Ukrainian/Baltics/US/UK MSM, and other US-controlled and Russia-hating sources spread similar hoaxes about Putin’s plastic surgery, his billions, his Swiss mansion, etc. But never before has this reached such unbelievable level of viciousness and absurdity.

Considering all of Ukraine media, as well as the media of the EU and the rest of the West, is 100% under the US and US-centric forces control, it is not hard to guess the actual origin of these fakes.

It is truly sad that as soon as such hogwash appears, so many MSM and alternative sources jump on it and start spreading it with gusto!

Consequently, please use your discretion, discernment, and just plain common sense when repeating such things in your comments, whether on my blog, or anywhere else. Every time you repeat a hoax, you are helping a lie and supporting this vicious negative propaganda. Every time you post a link to a hoax – whether here on FT, or anywhere else – you are, perhaps unwittingly, helping such hoax to gain internet popularity and to rise to the top of the search engines’ rating.

My blog is very popular; therefore, each link posted here legitimizes the source and helps such hoax gain popularity. That is entirely contrary to the mission and intention of this blog! It seems I am forced to explain this obvious thing over and over. Please do not be surprised or offended if your comment, containing such link, is deleted.

Therefore, comments containing info and links with hoaxes, provocations and falsehoods (whether willing or unwilling), will be deleted. We now have a moderator on FT, who is pre-viewing comments for these problems. Once in a while, the moderator will leave a comment with signature “FT admin.”

When posting, please read BLOG RULES on top bar and observe them! Thank you!

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  1. In un epoca di transizione, non è facile operare con discernimento. Ho notato che la stessa Lada, a volte, tentenna nel senso che aspetta prima di commentare le notizie. Ad esempio. perchè non ci parla dell’aereo caduto della germanwing?

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    • Giovanni, WE do not talk about the Germanwings crash because Lada 😉 has other priorities right now, such as releasing a major Earth Shift Report re Ukraine, Khazaria and oligarch wars. See more here:
      But I did comment on the tragedy briefly in my reply to Nemo’s comment on this thread – you may want to check it out. Otherwise, yours is a good observation: it is the age of major transition and it is indeed hard to discern to the very bottom of the truth sometimes. You are right that I try not to post anything I am not 100% confident about, or if something has too many moving parts, until it’s fully clear to me where the energy is moving, since my stated mission is to get to the bottom of the truth.

      Ciao 🙂

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    • Giovanni, keep on leaving your comments in Italian please. I love the practice of stretching my minuscule Italian.

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  2. Reblogged this on Giftoftruth United and commented:
    Thank you for this level-headed post, much appreciated; some days if feel like the song by Robbie Williams (Escapology): “Am I going up in the world or is the world going down on me?” 🙂

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  3. Lada, I find the Ukie Junta Media and trolls to be the most absurd and ridiculous liars, the most untruthful media likely in the entire world! The good news is they are losing the propaganda war, and their absurd stories and lies are proof of their desperation.

    On a separate note, I wait with baited breath for your latest reports, and will offer another donation.

    Bless you for your honesty and integrity. You could make FAR MORE money selling out to the CIA.

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  4. Thank you Lada for, again 😉 , explaining what is going on and who the sources of all these hoaxes are! I understand your frustration but please consider that we, as readers, are continuously put “off balance” by people who argue with us about these subjects!

    On a lighter note, this morning in our msm-news 2 things that stood out:
    1) The Netherlands is thinking about joining AIIB and, also important, our Unions warn us/our government about the severe consquences of TTIP! Now that I find very encouraging!

    Have a great weekend everyone! Relax, go out in Nature, be at Peace!


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  5. I’m glad this is to be moderated, I’d like to request it not be posted to the blog, it is for Lada Ray personally.  I have no objection to it being posted but only if Lada chooses to.

    Lada, I was concerned to see the glaring absence from your list of those behind the war – israel.   They are surly the prime movers of virtually all conflicts in the world today.
    They are majorly behind the troubles in Ukraine – for a start virtually all the major actors, both Ukrainian and US are members of tribe.  The interesting part is that the area they are fighting over was, before 1200, the home of the Kazars, the vicious pagan tribe who converted to Judaism around 870 and who were kicked out in 1200 for being so vile.  They drifted all through eastern europe as Jews.  Slowly making it to the west.
    So I think they are organising the ethnic cleansing of the true traditional homeland.

    Maybe you left them out for some other reason, or maybe you will call me an “anti-Semite” and ban me.  Just wondering.  Btw I’ve tried many times to sign up to your blog, I never get an email.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John, as someone who lived in Russia, Ukraine, USA, EU, who’ve been to Israel, who is a historian, linguist, and mystical futurist, I have a somehwat different view of this issue. Moreover, I studied this issue in depth since I was a child. And yes, as I also explained many times, discrimination against any culture, including anti-semitism, is forbidden on this blog. You are again (as some others here) are parroting a stigma – not entirely a hoax, but a confused, if not deliberately constructed, mix of lies and truths. Half truth is worse than a lie in my book as it’s harder to figure out for most humans. This comment will be allowed for educational purposes. We do sometimes delete comments that are anti-semitic, and comments containing half-truths/half-not.

      Good, bad, or ugly – we all share the same planet and the best we can do is to try and find mutual understanding in order to live in peace. Knowing and understanding the real truth is the first step towards making peace.

      As I said, the issue of Israel, THE REAL TRUTH about Khazaria, how it appeared, what are my predictions in this regard, and much more will be discussed in my upcoming Earth Shift Report: UKRAINE: NEW KHAZARIA AND OLIGARCH WARS. You will be able to read the whole truth in a few days.

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    • P.S. Sorry you are unable to sign up to my blog. Please see BLOG RULES page on top bar for how to best sign up. Also, did you check your spam folder? I recommend everyone add WordPress/my blog to the list of contacts in your email, to avoid FT email notices being spammed.

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  6. Lada,

    Here is another little morsel I could not resist sharing:


    …..Parallel to this is the cooling in relations between the Russian Federation and Israel. US backing of the Kiev junta and the propaganda war against not only Russia, but the endless personal
    ***attacks against President Putin,***
    ***originate from Israel or press organizations long recognized as Israeli controlled.***
    …..At a time when the US seems to be softening its position on Syria and the removal of President Assad,
    ***both Russia and the US have become increasingly suspicious of Israeli interference in their domestic political affairs.***

    SOON, the Zionist mafia will meet its due!!

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  7. Lada, I do not intend this comment for publication. It’s an alert about one such spin on discrediting Russia. I got a ping-back to it from my translation of the letter of the white emigration, and was dismayed to see how the article spins the case against said emigration using some historical facts, but applying them as if they are valid today:

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    • Publishing the comment without the link – your point is well taken. Incidentally, Russian nobility abroad has finally got it, including how they were played back in 1917-1920. Per my novel, GOLD TRAIN.

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  8. It’s one thing to see these obviously ridiculous hoaxes appear in the mainstream press. I don’t even care about them. I don’t listen anymore, none whatsoever to the mainstream news so I expect nothing but trash out of them. They are hopeless, a lost cause and it’s a complete waste of time to even give any of my attention to them. But it’s another thing to see alternative news sites repeat these same hoaxes. It gets me really angry to see news sites which on the whole I really respect and enjoy talk about Putin’s double, Putin’s death, this woman who refused to press the nuclear button, ad naseum. I wrote comments to these posts and what even gets me angrier still is that these news sites won’t even apologize to its readers nor to President Putin. Here they are speculating that there has been a coup in Russia and the next day it’s all televised on RT with Putin meeting with the President of Kyrgizia. That’s it, he’s alright. Don’t they have any shame on repeating the hoaxes. Aren’t they embarrassed by this. But no, even some of them have speculated that what you saw was a Putin double because he seemed to have gained weight while he was gone. One of the alternative news sites just matter-of-factly stated that Putin was in his bunker afraid of US missile launches without providing a shred of evidence.

    There’s an often repeated saying that whom the gods want to destroy they first make crazy. This old system is dying and the silly hoaxes are just a symptom of the end where, before its death, delusion and dementia step up. We should look at these hoaxes as a very positive thing. This is all the cabal, NWO, anglo-american elite, call what you may, have going for it.

    This was a very timely article. Your website is very valuable. Keep it up.

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  9. They lost the information war a long way back way before Hillary was recorded saying they’re loosing.they lost ,its imploding now more visible and getting a hairs length from the final takedown of these psychopaths.PS: see project came lots newest Keshe interview.fukashema is going to be cleaned up with new plasma energy.many ,many good souls who been on the front lines are setting up positive events as the cabal gets closer to extinction.

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  10. I am guilty of spreading links. I have used my own judgement and suspect everything, even you. Here are some links i would like to have commented on; I will discontinue any that are hokey:


  11. This has been a wild month, both personally and globally. It’s nice to sail in to Lada’s Snug Harbor for a good anchoring once in a while. I am anxiously awaiting her forthcoming works.

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  12. Thank you for your blog, I learn so much here. I really appreciate your attitude towards spreading mis-information.


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