Damning Evidence: “No Feelings.” How US Advisors Teach Ukrainians to Be Killing Machines!

The damning video below shows a training session in Kiev, Ukraine, for the Ukraine army/national guard soldiers. This American, who explains that he used to work in the US, rehabilitating the worst drug addicts and axe murderers, says he ‘believes’ in people. “No feelings in war,” he repeats like a mantra.  This is brainwashing at its best, as many of us have suspected all along. It has been suspected for the longest time that Americans are using all kinds of open brainwashing and MK ultra techniques on Ukrainians, and no doubt, on other Eastern Europeans. Finally, the evidence is coming out!

“Your senses have to be fully alert, but no feelings and emotions” (yes, god forbid you feel sorry or remorseful for the children you’ve killed in Donbass). This is a nazi killing machine preparation protocol in action!

The whole thing is in English, plus the translator is providing Russian translation. In the background, you can see the poster reading: “Believing in yourself, believing in Ukraine.” A  very American poster, I must say, as no one talks like that in Ukraine!

The poster is also in Russian, not Ukrainian, which proves another thing a lot of Russian analysts have been pointing out: US is bent on creating ANTI-RUSSIA in Ukraine, using Russians and Russian-speakers living in Ukraine. The Gallup Poll of 2007 indirectly confirmed that over 80% of Ukrainians consider Russian their native language, not Ukrainian, despite many years of brainwashing. If they couldn’t do it through schools and media, they decided to create the anti-Russia, using Russians.

You will recall that during 2014 euro-maidan, one of the biggest slogans was ‘Moscali na nozhi (in Ukr),’ which means: “Russians on knifes.” One of the biggest demands of ukro-nazis was prohibition of the Russian language in Ukraine.

But after a world-wide storm of indignation and discrimination accusations, US/EU advisors made Kiev junta backtrack on such demands, explaining that this would look really, really bad for the international community and that it would be hard to explain to populations of their own countries why US/EU are supporting outright bandits.

Suddenly, it became ok to speak Russian everywhere, and some in Kiev would even parade their Russian, not the least because they didn’t speak Ukrainian adequately. This was meant to take the discrimination issue off the table, so they could concentrate freely on killing women and children in Donbass, labeling them ‘Russian aggressors and separatists.’ But Russian TV, papers, radio and movies are still banned from Ukraine, and TV channel execs get beaten to death or go to jail for airing Putin’s speech. All official documents and school books must be in Ukrainian.

However, as we see from this video, people still prefer to read and speak in Russian, hence the translation and poster.

I’ve done quite a bit of translation in my life and I can see what’s happening here. As you listen and watch this video, I want to draw your attention to the translator, whose body language is very telling. She starts translating normally. Then, when the American mentions an example of a military man chewing off his arm, she kind of twitches, looks at him, then overcomes her disgust and snaps out of it. Then, as the story becomes uglier, she uses his advice and becomes a machine. She closes off her emotions and starts translating snappier than before – like a machine. At one point she starts walking along the stage away from him, as if trying to run away.

He says these disgusting things on purpose. They all have to step over themselves, or rather step on their consciousness and squash it. Remember Jason Bourne and how he was trained?

When I showed this video to a friend, he made a remark I found very poignant: “When he was rehabilitating killers and addicts in the US, was he also recruiting them for the US army?”

Very possibly. They take people, whose self-esteem is super-low, who are screwed up by drugs and life, who have extremely low calibration…

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how they train killing machines! 

Video title: “Украинцев учат, что умереть за интересы США – это их предназначение” – “Ukrainians are taught that dying for the US interests is their purpose”

Added: To answer the question asked by readers: who is this guy? These are called ‘motivational speakers,’ and anyone who worked on Wall Street, in sales or at least at mid-management level in the US corporate world, has met them. They were hired by corporations to ‘motivate’ their employees. This one also did drug addicts and criminals, as she says. But now the money is in government/military/CIA contractor jobs. Therefore, this man is a US contractor, hired to ‘motivate’ Ukrainians…to kill.

It has been repeatedly reported that Kiev euro-maidan, national guard and nazi battalions live on drugs and hard booze. In Donbass, after ukro-army leaves, people always find syringes. It’s well-known that maidan participants were regularly brought what they called ‘tea’ – drugs brewed in a hot drink, to keep them high, in the destructive mode, and so they wouldn’t start thinking. Most of these are young people, who have lived their confused life in the in-between world, after the USSR collapsed.

These young people have confused identity and they can’t tell good from evil, right from wrong. They violently express their rage from growing up in a failed state that lies to them every day through media and school books. They grew up speaking Russian, and yet they were told to hate Russia. Their oligarchs rob them blind; their country is ruled by US embassy in Kiev and ministers are hired from US, Georgia and Baltics; they are told to shoot at people they used to be friends with – by foreigners.

It is a tragedy of the lost generation, and it is something the world should unite in order to rehabilitate. Instead, the dark forces in the US/Canada and EU prey on these unfortunate and confused souls, turning them into killing machines, with one goal only – to weaken and destroy Russia!

It is advisable to watch my 2 videos on Calibrations of Human Consciousness, first of which will talk about the life-threatening levels, such as the above-described, and the second, about how to rise above that. Watch both here!

What makes people behave in a certain way? How is it that some born into the same circumstances become protectors, and other perpetrators? In my short novelette, GREEN DESERT (Accidental Spy Prequel), I talk about Iraq circa 2007 and fates of several different people, who become strangely connected through the butterfly effect chain of events. How did American Sergeant William O’Shea, manage to rise above his conditioning, and others like him, didn’t? The difference in all cases is that illusive consciousness, of which I speak in my above videos.

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  1. Terrible stuff to talk about but necessary. Superior exposition; thank you, Lada.

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  2. Liking your reporting, Lada, while not extending the sentiment to the news at hand. The good thing about this, though, and even more so about the dumb American movie about the dumb American sniper, is that it is a public record of the depths to which my beloved native country has fallen (at which I periodically rage using all kinds of words unfit to print). In the future, everyone will shake their heads at how an intelligent bunch of people with a fine tradition of liberty could get so taken in, despite the warnings from history, despite researchers devoting studies to how people become “good Germans.” I do hope this guy faces trial.

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  3. talesfromtheconspiratum

    Yikes! Re-blogging.

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  4. Does anyone know who this asshole is?

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    • private contractor hired by CIA no doubt.

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    • Maddie is correct.

      To answer the question asked by readers: who is this guy? These are called ‘motivational speakers,’ and anyone who worked on Wall Street, in sales, or at least at mid-management level in the US corporate world, has met them. They were hired by corporations to ‘motivate’ their employees. This one also did drug addicts and criminals, a she says. But now the money is in government/military/CIA contractor jobs. Therefore, this man is a US contractor, hired to ‘motivate’ Ukrainians…to kill.

      (I also added this paragraph to the article.)

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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Sometimes when ppl are in a very deep sleep, they can only be awakened by the harsh realities of life. Experience is the best teacher as the saying goes. Let’s pray this “lost” generation of Ukr. youths embrace their humanity and lay down arms. Heightened consciousness and passive resistance will disarm the most rabid oppressor. Sadly, the times we’re living thru are necessary for evolution of consciousness as you so correctly point out Lada.

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  6. A thought to the following quote:

    When I showed this video to a friend, he made a remark I found very poignant: “When he was rehabilitating killers and addicts in the US, was he also recruiting them for the US army?”

    Don’t know about the US army, but the possibility of recruiting of such types in Ukro-Army is quite real. After the coup d’etat last year, a number of convicts, who were locked for murder and other serious crimes were let go in Ukraine and joined the punitive battalions.

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  7. I feel a need to counter-balance these waves of negative news with something positive.

    Yesterday I watched an 8th of the final of KVN (Club of the Funny and the Witty) game on TV. The jokes and sketches that are shown can be quite frank and to the point, covering politics (for those curious, yes, there are jokes about Putin as well), economy, and life in general. There are several international teams that participate this season – a joint team from Central Asia, a team from Belarus, and one from Georgia. All teams are not afraid to joke about cultural stereotypes and misconceptions that peoples might have about each other – a good-natured way to pave road to mutual understanding.

    The group from Georgia appears for the first time after a prolonged pause – a sign that relations are on the mend and the bridges, once burnt, are being rebuild. They are a lively and musical lot and were very well received. I liked the words, spoken by one of the judges at the end of the game, saying that it is great to see relatives once again coming together for a visit in Moscow.

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    • Thanks for the overview. I’m jealous. Still haven’t seen the 3rd 1/8th. They are too slow posting it on YT, which is my only KVN source.

      Incidentally, remember we talked about KVN’s Musical Kivin, New Wave, and other festivals moving from Yurmala, Latvia to Sochi or Crimea, due to sanctions. Guess where Kivin is actually moving: to the Russian anclave of Kaliningrad, so that to remain on the Baltic coast. What a poignant and interesting geopolitical statement.

      KVN does work hard to unite the entire Russian world, which is why I appreciate it so much, in addtion to the general coolness, of course.

      For those readers who don’t know: KVN (together with its separate festival ‘Musical Kivin’) is the longest running TV show on Earth. It is always anxiousy awaited not just in Russia, but in the entire Russian world, including Russian-speakers in US, Asia and Africa. Very international and mainly played by young people (but kids and older folks participate equally), it started in 1961 as a student competition that was televised, and quickly swepped the entire Soviet Union. Every self-respecting college and many secondary schools have a KVN team. It is the competition of wit, improvisation, intellect, song and artistic talent – all in one.
      There are many leagues, from beginners to the most coveted and elite: Vishaya Liga = the Supreme League.
      KVN is played everywhere, from Moscow to Vladivostok; from villages to cities; from Ukraine and Georgia, to Isreal, Kazakhstan, Korea, Germany, Africa, US and UK. The trick is that players should speak Russian. In Ukraine it has been always extremely popular, with some Ukrainian teams reaching finals and top spots. Sometimes, in Ukraine it’s played in Ukrainian too. All that was happening before maidan – now KVN is dying in Ukraine.

      When I went to the Odessa University, our team, “The Odessa Gentlemen” was the Supreme League Champions for years. I even played for a, let’s say, brief moment… The team was based initially on my Department of Foreign Languages, and included a couple of my good friends (and then I moved).

      A new team from Odessa, “Odesskie Mansy,” based on the Jewish theme, got into Supreme League finals last year, being one of the favorites to win. And then, euro-maidan happened. Their fanancing was cut and they had to drop out, being threatened with their lives for playing the ‘enemy’ Russian game.

      Sorry, Nemo, you wanted to keep it positive – but this is the truth, which is very hard for me not to tell.

      On the positive note though, there was an excellent joke about Obama and Putin last year by the Moscow MGIMO team. I really wanted to translate and post it here. I had a huge laugh. Thought our readers would appreciate it too. Too bad I can’t really find the time for the translation, creating a video and posting. Perhaps one day…

      But thanks for remnding me about KVN. Perhaps one day we should both have a KVN feature on our blogs.


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    • That would be an interesting project, Lada. Maybe closer to the Final?

      As for a joke, I can translate one about Psaki that came up this year. It’s really short:
      “It has become known that Psaki is pregnant. No organisation has yet taken the responsibility for the act.”

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  8. Lada, just in case you have missed it:
    Pepe Escobar reports from Eastern Ukraine – “Howling in Donetsk”
    Thus what I saw were the ghastly side effects of the worst minds of my – and a subsequent – generation corroded by (war) madness.

    Basically, he is saying the same thing as George Eliason:
    I did not see, as Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe international observers also didn’t, the rows and rows of Russian tanks and soldiers that the current Dr. Strangelove in charge of NATO, General Breedhate, sees everyday in his exalted dreams invading Ukraine over and over again.

    I saw two badass Cossack commanders tell me in a horse-breeding farm in holy Cossack land that the real war has not even started.

    I saw checkpoints like I was back in Baghdad during the Petraeus surge.

    I saw the main trauma doctor at the key Donetsk hospital confirm there has been no Red Cross and no international humanitarian help to the people of Donetsk.


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    • Thanks for Pepe Escobar link, dear. He is good and highly recommended to all readers, even if I don’t always agree with all he says. With most I do.
      Hugs to you, and as I said before – it’ll change eventually.
      Meantime, all of us, those who understand, are close to tears. The price those heroic souls in Donbass have to pay for trying to awaken humanity…

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  9. Dear Lada,

    I am kind of devastated. RI reported that Poroshenko offered position of the ministry of defence to Dimitri Jarosz. How the heck is that possible that PL gov is still supporting them and announced that they will train Ukrainian army? That guy is the one who told that Poland should give them couple of districts which “belongs to them”. It’s just like shooting at your own leg.

    My wife and I think about leaving the country for good – just like 2 million of citizens in previous years.

    Couple of weeks ago I’ve read on RI that Russia “is ready” to talk about putting UN army to stop violence in Ukraine. Maybe it is the only solution to stop spreading the violence across the region and Europe?


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    • Just back from a trip. Haven’t heard about Yarosh yet and will have to catch up on the news. But something like this was expected. He has to be given a bribe of some sort so he wouldn’t turn his battalions on Kiev. I will prob have more about that in the upcoming ESR: OLIGARCH WARS.

      Very sad about Polish govt, very sad. But, it is as I warned in prior articles…

      Best of luck and hugs 🙂

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    • mnms, Jarosh, being a leader of the Right Sector that is classified as a terrorist organisation in Russia, is also wanted in Russia on the charges of terrorism, with regard to his connection to Chechen terrorists. An international arrest warrant for him had been issued by Russia through Interpol. But what can we expect from the basketcase that is today’s Ukraine?
      A few days ago they rejected Gerogian demand for extradition of Saakashvili. SBU charged some teachers with espionage. They worked through practice exchange in a Russian school and had the nerve to take a picture with their Russian colleague, while bearing St. George ribbons. I think soon SBU will start arresting bees for bearing “wrong” colours…

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    • Yes it is sad 😦 Slovakian PM said that with 70% probability the war will spread across Europe – Baltics, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Can I ask you what is your opinion?



    • In my opinion – it’s mostly fearmongering. Russia will do whatever it can to prevent war. What we should be on look-out for, are false flags.

      One example:

      Estonia’s president in an interview to “The Times” urged NATO to attack Russia with military force in case there is a cyberattack against Estonia or other Baltic states coming from Russia.

      It is not a secret that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are USA’s Trojan horses – the Manchurian Candidates – within Europe.

      Now, as Russian antivirus firm Karpersky labs recently showed, NSA’s Equation group is pretty strong and resourceful, and it’ll be pretty easy to stage a plausible false-flag cyberattack coming as-if from Russia. And, hey presto, USA has the pretext to start WWIII.


      In conclusion there will be a war in Europe only if Europe allows USA to start it.

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  10. I have seen an article about drugs and their use by soldiers in both worldwars….it is rumoured that certain “people” gained their enormous wealth through shares in (or ownership of) the “factory/ies” that produced these drugs for warfare……we had such a factory……… 😦


    • No doubt some profited from war that way, and some still do.
      There is a Russian/Ukr saying: ‘Komu voina a komu mat’ rodna.’ Meaning: “For some it’s a war, and for others – their beloved mommy.”
      Great example: Kolomoysky, and Poroshenko too. Both profit from war, and the details of their shady deals have yet to come out.

      Incidentally, CIA profits from, and controls or influences, most of global drug trade.

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  11. in our country….. 😦


  12. FOR INFO – Too good not to share


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  13. Is this a new trend??

    Anti-US Protests Broke out in Kiev

    The Ukrainian mass media headed by the Ministry of Propaganda of Ukraine ignored such an action and the information about this protest was blocked. Even bloggers who tried to place this information were instantly blocked (for example, Maxim Ravreba and Anatoly Sharij — he’s ready to give an interview on such theme, Anatoly was shocked, 2 minutes after placing the material the YouTube account was blocked).

    Complete blockade, both forced and information is obvious. It’s obvious that American embassy in Kiev is guarded much better than other governmental buildings, because the US Embassy is the main institute of power in Ukraine.

    My name is Jerry Collins! I’m freelancer write. Now live in Europe, Switzerland. As for now I’m in Poland involving some projects. I was born in USA, native american.


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