The Greek Dilemma: Between Russia and EU. PREDICTIONS by Lada Ray

Added 4/8/15: Greece – Russia Breakthrough: What did #Tsipras and #Putin discuss in Moscow – latest updates!

As I predicted in this post and in my earlier article and video (see links below), during today’s meeting in Moscow, Putin and Tsipras signed documents related to the extention of the Turkish Stream through Greece, making Greece into a major Russian gas distribution hub for Europe, including the Balcans, Hungary, Austria and Italy. Russia also offered Greece a credit. To bypass Russian agri sanctions against EU, Putin proposed joint Greek-Russian agricultural ventures. 50% of Greek imports to Russia were agriculture and food. Greece suffers tremendous losses from Russian EU agri ban, and the new joint venture plan is to reverse that . Putin’s video announcement in Russian. 

Generally, Russia will continue the strategy of working with separate EU countries that want to do business with Russia, thus bypassing the unfriendly regimes and giving preferential treatement to the friendly ones.

In his statement, Putin also called on EU to terminate any sanctions against Russia, and Russia would then terminate any return sanctions against EU. Putin said that Russia is for working and having cordial relations with the entire “United Europe.”

4/7/15. Original article:

The Greek Dilemma: Between Russia and EU. PREDICTIONS by Lada Ray

Today’s Greek Dilemma: Between Russia and the EU. Or, between Moscow and the Hard Place. 

Once the Greek government announced that PM Alexis Tsipras would be visiting Moscow on April 8 to talk to Putin, the howling among EU politicians and MSM became deafening.

The truth is, EU policies make countries that are in financial trouble seek help elsewhere. On one hand, EU talks about unity and EU values, on another creates an impossible situation for countries like Greece. By April 9, Greece has to come up with nearly €450 mln to repay IMF, and the money is scarce.

Right now, the new Greek government wants to play on differences between EU and Russia, which run deep due to Ukraine crisis. Another place where Greece can seek financing is China. But that will only happen after all the negotiations with Russia are complete and depending on their result. In the end, Russia may even broker a Greece-China deal, or the deal may be split between Russia and China. Basically, Russia is ready to consider Greek request, as announced by Russian FM Lavrov.

In a way, Greece is playing Russia and EU against each other. But the long-term consequences run much deeper. They range from Greece declaring bankruptcy and exiting the EU… to getting closer to Russia and China, with the end result of exiting the EU.

Should I say, I told you so? I have described this scenario in my article Predictions: The beginning of the EU End? When Will Greece Exit EU? Who Is Next?.

For more also see this LadaRayLive video: LRL6. Secret Connection: Russian Gas to Turkey-Greek Election-EU Breakup. 

In the above pieces, I made a prediction that Greece would leave the EU around 2017. I feel that until then, Greece will try to work with EU in an effort to prevent default and further destruction of its economy, but these attempts won’t bring the desired result. All the relations, financial ties and debt relative to the EU will take some time to unwind. That’s why it will take until 2017 for Greece to disentangle from this mess (more on this topic in my above video and article).

The timing is also related to the timeline of the Turkish Stream, projected to be completed in 2017.

German taxpayer would bear most of the responsibility for bailing out Greece. From this perspective, Germany is right to be stingy. But Greece also has a trump card, which wouldn’t have been used if Germany weren’t squeezing Greece so hard. It is the thorny and long-buried issue of reparations the Nazi Germany never paid for the destruction during WWII. Will Greece get reparations? Not likely. But this toughness will help them bargain for a new bailout, or another payment postponement. This is a good bargaining chip to be sure that can be dangled every time Greece wants something from Germany.

The left-wing Syriza party currently in power is taking this tough bargaining position following its election promises to end austerity and re-negotiate country’s debt. It is clear that Syriza means business.

Relations between Greece and Russia

I said in my above-referenced pieces that Greece potentially can benefit tremendously from the Turkish Stream built by Russia through Turkey to the border with Greece. Russia proposes that Greece participate in the project by extending the pipeline through its territory to allow Russian gas to reach the target countries, such as Austria, Serbia and Hungary. This alone is tremendous incentive for Greece to take a pro-Russian position in the EU.

You’ll recall that the original South Stream from Russia to the EU was supposed to go through Bulgaria. However, after pressure from Brussels and a visit from McCain, Bulgaria suddenly disallowed South Stream through its territory, in direct opposition to the country’s interests. Who needs $750 mln a year in transit fees, new jobs, heavy gas discounts, business tourism and other perks. But Uncle McCain said no, and Bulgaria replied, ‘how high do you want me to jump?’ As a result, Russia cancelled South Stream.

None of what happened with Bulgaria is possible with the current leftist Greek government. McCain is certainly not invited. Many countries are interested in Russian gas going through Greece and this project is very much supported by Austria, Serbia and Hungary, among others.

Apart from that, the ruling Syriza party, being left-wing, is naturally and historically sympathetic to Russia.

Finally, Greece in general is traditionally, since centuries past, is staunchly pro-Russian. Greece, together with Cyprus, is even considered a ‘Russian Trojan Horse’ in the EU.

Greece is Orthodox, like Russia, not Catholic or Protestant. Similarity in religion creates affinity.

In addition, Greeks are eternally grateful to Russians for liberating them from the Turkish Osmanic Empire’s domination – and this is one of those cases when the country actually remembers the good. It’s interesting that at this point Greece, Turkey and Russia are working closely together, illustrating that nothing is eternal and things do change.

Therefore, old friendship and affinity run pretty deep. In this regard, nothing has to be built or created anew. The foundation is there, and all that has to be done is one small step towards each other. How far it will go is a different story because there is certain benefit for Russia if Greece stays in the EU – as I said, someone has to conduct pro-Russian policy within excessively russophobic EU. But there are also huge benefits to Greece turning closer to Russia.

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  1. The EU is not interested in helping out their mates unless it is helping them out of their money and deeper into slavery. Greece is in the catbird seat. I would sue for debt cancellation based on non-payment of WWII reparations. The debts would cancel in a sane world. Of course in politics there are nuances which always go right over my head. In rides Lada the Good Witch to make things clear :). The best part is that the insane policies of the EU are ensuring its eventual dissolution. The Boyz from Brussels are soon to be history !!

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    • “The Boyz from Brussels are soon to be history !!”
      Alas, this might be the end-game that US is aiming for, as per the George Friedman speech that I posted in a comment to another of Lada’s posts.
      Idealistically, EU is a good thing, just like USSR. But both suffer from similar flaws, and both constitute a challenge for the USA’s mono-polar world view.


      • I always liked Friedman and his finely tuned rationally sounding opinions. His professional background is pretty impressive, too. Then I found out who Stratfor really writes for and I don’t pay them too much credence anymore, that is, I read them with my disinfo filter turned to max. Unless the U.S. plans to move part of the White House physically into Brussels, they need those cretins there to help run the game on that side of the Atlantic. But since the U.S. is just an enlisted soldier in the global hierarchy of mayhem, perhaps I should say that Soros, et al, need the Brussels apparatus in place and functional. I hesitate to think the U.S. is running anything these days. It is a dead man walking, a Wizard of Oz waiting for Dorothy to pull down the curtain.

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        • Friedman is very sly, like Kissinger. He has certain amount of talent, no question, but he uses his talent in cervice of the dark forces (hate this terminology, but humans haven’t invented any other). I believe he has more talent promoting himself and puffing his cheeks than any other.

          All those who seek the real truth must understand this: Friedman is rabbidly and pathologially russophobic and pro-US-NWO-world-domination, same as Soros and McCain. This is what drives these people’s entire life. Unlike Kissinger, who can change his mind if it’s rational to do so, Friedman never will. It’s in his DNA. Because of that his prognosis is wrong most of the time. He predicted for instance that Poland would be a new superpower. How can you take him seriously after that?
          Do you know why he said Poland is to be the new superpower? Simple: he desperately wants, as a russophobe and germanophobe, a counterweight to both. But his wishful thinking reality creates not.

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  2. Better send some positive energy Greece’s way. Merkel and Brussels are going to try to smash Tsipras, the same as they did to Berlusconi. The difference in this case is that Tsipras is not an oligarch with a long and controversial history. But the EU thought it could push Russia around, so that gives you an idea of the mindset Greece is facing.

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    • Ditto!
      Tsipras and his people know all that. No shady history, like Berlusconi, for them to latch on to. These are leftists, who have no illusions who they are dealing with, like Berlu did.
      I have good prognosis for Tsipras and his team. They are needed as part of the Earth Shift, therefore, they are protected. But it’ll be hard, no question.

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  3. Agreed, paleohippy. From your lips to God’s ears concerning the Boyz from Brussels. Greece should kick EU to the curb and walk straight into the waiting arms of Mother Russia. I would so love to see that happen. That, and seeing the looks on certain vampiric EU faces when they do. LOL, que rico! ;o)

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  4. Lada, what position is McCain playing in world politics that he can make any country do the US ‘s bidding? On what authority? He is a Republican failed candidate for President so where does he get his influence? He’s always seen in negotiations with someone and it usually involves arms and war talk. He’s not an ambassador so what is he? Whose poicies is he carrying out?
    I am confused…..

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    • Great question, isn’t it. Many are asking the same.
      Do you know how warlords of the past seized power? On what authority? Usually on authority of intimidation and that dark confidence that puts your opponent down.
      He is also using carrots and sticks strategy, such as: if you don’t do this or this, this is what will happen… But he didn’t need to do anything special in Bulgaria – they peed in …. the moment he arrived. Austria, on another hand, didn’t do his bidding (you need to read my article/video). He can only do his tricks with those who are already slaves. Those who aren’t won’t submit to him. But see, here Bulgaria was the key country for transit. Without it everything falls apart.
      But in all honesty, he is the man possessed with hatred towards Russia and that’s where he gets his dark power. Energy of Vengeance can do a lot – but only with the sheeple and slaves. Watch my CALIBRATIONS videos to understand how high/low energy works.

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  5. Perhaps a question that is worth asking is whether Russia wants the EU to stay together. That seems to be the goal, and explains some of the Kremlin’s policies over the last 15 years. To me, this is rather debatable, as the EU is likely to be more dominated by financial powers than business ones, and the Western financial oligarchy that Russia is fighting are good at controlling undemocratic systems, which is what the current EUSSR has become. Of course, there is the advantage of dealing with the real power, and not the little poodles, such as Lithuania.

    If a Nordic EU and a Mediterranean EU formed, Russia might benefit.

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  6. Loving Greetings to you Carol K. and to all,

    At the two links below you will find many answers to your questions about who Senator John McCain is and how/why he can do what he does. You will also learn a great deal about the senator’s connections and much more. It is a monumental understatement for me to say that McCain isn’t who most people think he is. I gently suggest you brace yourself before you begin because these articles are going to take you far from the land of unicorns and rainbows. In fact, you may feel a rather urgent need to shower when you finish. So sorry! Sometimes the truth is not pretty.

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    • Thanks for the links. I did read them no hand me the lye soap !!!
      Yes indeed,you are correct. To say I dislike the Senator is a gross underestatment also.
      I remember when he dumped his crippled wife to marry Cindy Hensley who was very rich and well=connected. it’s a sordid story from beginning to end. Wonder if they attend the
      sacrifice rituals ? I had seen pictures of the murals on the Walls of the Denver airport
      but did not know it was such an important center for this. With this group of dirt-bags so firmly in control of 90% of the world’s economy, is there hope of ever ridding the planet of their evil control? Perhaps the Empire is implodding from within as things don’t always turn out the way they expect…….
      The American public was caught up in the idealistic rheteric of “changing” the rotten system. and elected Obama as the lesser of two evils..But I wonder if Romney had been elected, would we already be in a nuclear WW !!!.or are they all smart enough to know that limited war is far more profitable
      . If most Americans knew the extent of the
      Satan worship they would “chase them down” as GHWB the interview. I’d buy a ticket to that event, would you?

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  7. Thank you for the update Lada! Of course, none of this was mentioned in our msm……but I’m glad that Greece gets such nice opportunities, good for them!
    Here “they” only talk about the money that Greece “owes” the EU etc. and worry if Greece will succeed in paying the next installment….and that Greece did not ask Russia/Putin for financial aide…thát was THE most important headline in our msm…..


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  8. Their strategy has always been to keep the “victim” (us) barely alive and terrified so they can continue bleeding us energetically and physically. Rituals? Yes. The information I get is that he and Hensley are up to their eyeballs in that. The heinous activities these people (?) engage in may be what finally ends their careers in perfidy because what never enters the minds of creatures like that is that evil ALWAYS sews the seeds of its own destruction.
    A psychopath never sees himself/herself as evil, Carol. For the sociopath and psychotic being caught happens to other people, not them. Yes, they are quite clever. But they are only just smart enough to eventually hang themselves. When enough of us become aware of what is really going on, and fed up enough to stop them, it won’t be hard for us to catch them. They are so monumentally arrogant they cannot countenance the thought that they could ever be caught and prosecuted. No, I wouldn’t be interested in buying a ticket to the media circus. As I have said elsewhere, all I would need is to see the main players being escorted to their just deserts sporting orange jumpsuits, plastic bracelets and leg chains.

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  9. Face the Nation this morning had more of McCain’s comments and the backlash from the President and John Kerry….and Rand Paul. It’s getting ugly out there and we are a long way from the election. Now I am wondering what Sarah Palin thought of McCain during the last campaign? Did she learn about those nefarious pastimes? I guess it is really hard for people who don’t think in those terms to fully realize that it is going on…..and they must count on that, as you said.
    It seems the USA is very quickly promoting ties with Cuba to pull them in before they find Russians their best friends. Politics seems to turn on a dime as they say. One never knows what the next day will bring. So I enjoy Lada’s reports for a better interpretation than we get
    from our MSM………!

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  10. There is A LOT that has been going on behind the scenes lately that is about to start spreading out into the public arena. The two global factions (using terms that are as all-inclusive and neutral as possible) ~ those on the side of the 99% and those on the side of the 1% that have been fighting over control of our planet for millennia. The 1% have at last been backed into a corner. They have been setting their battle lines for a last stand and now the gloves are about to come off. If you think things are interesting now, we’ve got a whole summer ahead of us! Pull up a chair, get your sunflower seeds and popcorn and keep your vibrations high as we support the Light. There is nothing to fear. I recommend fastening your seatbelts though! You are about to see things you have never seen before. Much love and Light to you all.

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    • That sounds spooky and mysterious. I feel the same vibes, but more from the geo than the politics. Earthquakes and volcanoes have been ramping up (reference: dutchsinse), the New Madrid is waking up and the Sun is being perturbed more by the incoming dark star (or whatever one wants to call it). I concur with the seat belts.


      • I’ve tried to follow Dutch now and then …..and wonder if the enslaught of earthquakes in Texas would be related to the New Madrid or to fracking….or both?There have been 50 in the past fewmonths in the greater DFW area……Is the dark star the one called NIBIRU?  That’s the one the Annunaki came from. Are they back?The last devastating pass of the planet caused Noah’s flood…..but the promise was   that wouldnever happen again………next time it would be destroyed by fire. Who can you believe?Rumor has it that our planet may be towed out of harm’s way? We were shielded back in the 70’s  from a massive sun flare that would have toasted us to a crisp….so perhaps this time we just get a free ride to a new location?  Yes, fasten your seatbelt, I guess..

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  11. Dear Aeyrie…that’s a very tantalizing response ! I’d love to hear more….?Have you been on the 2012 real truth blog? I found Lada first on that site….and have worried about Jean a great
    deal. She has been one who put much information out on the current situations and has suffered for it. I put a bucketful of hope out about the THRIVE site also….hope that was not a
    front for the 1% considering Foster’s heritage. What do you think? He put out a list of criteria for evaluating news sources that is helpful. Did you catch that? There’s just so much to keep up with that I don’t seem to find time to kick back with the popcorn and just watch. Do you have your own site or blog? i have very few with whom to discuss any of these topics.

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    • Is Jean alright? I haven’t heard from her for a while. Do you know?


    • Foster Gamble… When he started charging ten bucks for certain access I don’t go there anymore. Jean is alive. She’s changed the focus of her blog and doesn’t write so much, but she’s still out there.


    • No Carol, there are enough bloggers covering what needs to be covered. I carry Eagle medicine. I am a visionary and my talents lie in the direction of searching out the truth. Lol, I have a world-class B.S. detector and I can spot a rat from half a mile off! :o)

      Yes, I do know about Jean, Lada. You may already know that Jean got into a big tiff with Neil Keenan a while back over something really silly. Nobody could figure out at the time why she was jumping up and down about some pictures Neil posted that didn’t show anything inappropriate, especially Neil. I noticed that her uncharacteristic attacks started at precisely the time Neil became engaged in some delicate negotiations that would throw a big wrench in the cabal’s machinations. I perceived she was being interfered with energetically and that this was a carom shot that sent her off the rails to hit Neil. Clever. They knew Neil would have seen a direct attack coming. Shortly after that incident Jean said she was feeling burnt out and went offline for a while, as you know. It turns out she was being attacked on several levels because she reported she was having some health issues also. She is back now, has reopened her blog and is going in a new direction. Here is her link if you want to hop over there, tell her welcome back and see what she is doing:

      Foster Gamble is a “black sheep” of his family, so to speak, and is the real deal, Carol. He does not align with the 1%. Glad to know you are paying attention though! The alternate news media and the New Age and Light worker communities were infiltrated years ago by our partners in contrast. It behooves us to vigilantly use our discernment. Efforts to interfere have been redoubled recently; especially targeted are the Light Warriors. No cause for going into fear, just keep paying attention, keep up your daily energetic hygiene and stay safe.

      One blogger I know who is 100% Light, a total breath of fresh air and absolutely delightful is Kauilapele from Kona, Hawai’i. If you don’t know him, he has recently been assisting with the Kingdom of Hawai’i movement. A major protest has blown up in the past week or so over a new telescope intended to be built on top of their sacred mountain of Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea to the rest of us). The Hawai’ians are handling this matter in an exemplary way. You might want to go check him out too:

      Blessings and love to you!

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  12. I did get a message about 2 weeks ago that she was changing her “real truth’ blog to one with a more positive message. She was exhausted by the tragic news that came across her desk in such volumes and she developed some serious physical problems along with it. She had to drop off of the “net” for several months to recover. I worried and searched to see if she had vanished altogether and did manage to find her final message… and then, one of her hope to return. So I will go back and look up the correct title for her new efforts….which she said she won’t try to do daily but will still provide a forum for her devoted followers to meet and talk again.
    They will share articles and will not rely on her totally to do all of the work. I could not believe how many posts I was getting on such a huge number of topics and thought she must never sleep to do so much moderating… just got way out of hand for her. Then i also felt overwhelmed trying to even read a fair portion of those topics and felt like dropping out myself.
    So….she will be posting in the future but not nearly as often.

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    • TYVM Carol 🙂
      Glad she is alright. When you find Jean’s new blog, please tell her that I miss her and I’m wishing her all the very best.
      Must find her email – with so much going on in my realms, I kinda lost touch.

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  13. The Jean vs Neil Keenan tiff was more than a tiff in that Jean outed him as a major fraud and laid out all the evidence for it in her previous blogs. It got ugly. It took a real warrior to get to the bottom of Keenan’s Asian gold scam and then to expose it. It took the wind out of Jean’s sails for awhile but she survived.

    For intel on “Nibiru” or whatever it is, there are two world-class brainiacs out there who have a good handle on it: Richard Allan Miller and Robert (Bob) Dunn. The latter leans on Jesus a little too heavily for me but the science part is solid. There is an interview on Youtube and at camelotportal and both have their own web sites. I change videos to MP3 and listen on my Nano (first edition).

    I do like Foster Gamble and I’ve remembered a lot from studying the Thrive material. I just have a thing with the super rich charging for admission. I’d rather donate to somebody who actually works for a living. Maybe I’m a closet communist.



      Paleo, I believe you are right about Jean, although this is something I never wanted to get involved in – I generally stay away from anything that is too personal.
      I do respect Jean very much. I do not know those other people mentioned in this and prior comments, and I have doubts about the links and various theories mentioned. KP and his blog are very good and I link to him on my Resources page.

      Publishing this comment only because a part about Jean makes sense.

      Re. prior comment by Ayrie: If you must know, Jean didn’t succumb to dark influence that told her to sabotage or malign someone – per Paleo’s comment. His explanation makes more sense. Jean’s health took a bad turn because of all the negative energy that many of her readers left on her blog and she got overloaded with that bad energy. She complained about that to me more than once, and I understand very well her need to change her direction to the positive. She couldn’t deal with that overload any more. Her readers were really inconsiderate and very brash. I once left a couple of comments on her blog to support her and clarify some matters, and I regretted doing so due to the readers’ attitude. I would never allow such readers on my blog; would ban them in a jiffy (and I do) – in order to protect the integrity of my energy and the energy of my blog.

      That said, if someone really wants to know Jean’s motivation, it’s best to hear out Jean’s own explanation.

      As this discussion is turning into something akin to a personal gossip column, I am closing it efffective now. Sorry if some comments were deleted – you know the rules. Let’s recall: this blog is called FuturisTrendcast – NOT Gossip Trendcast.

      Thanks all, and be well! Let’s get back on topic!


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