PUTIN’S DISAPPEARANCE AND THE NEW SILK ROAD – My Latest Interview with The Plane Truth

My new extensive and multi-faceted interview with Time Monk Radio’s The Plane TruthPutin’s Disappearance and the New Silk Roadis here!

In it I unveil the real reasons for Putin’s disappearance in March, we talk about all things Eurasia, discuss China’s ambitious project of the New Silk Road in cooperation with Russia and other countries, and much more…

We discuss topics related to the 1000 year EARTH SHIFT and how the rebalancing will happen. Some of the stuff discussed is esoteric, futuristic and pretty far out. The rest is geopolitics, history and economics, which we often discuss on my blog and YT channel. Some of the ideas presented in this interview are cutting-edge, which I had never before voiced out in public.

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  1. YouTube is playing games with this video making it unavailable. Something about you can’t play it when computer is in “safe mode” which is a crock. My computer is in attack mode on full rock and roll. Will try later.


  2. Thank you very much Lada, for all the updates! I will listen to the interview in bits and pieces to let it sink in!

    I have a question, if I may, could you pay a bit of attention to Ukrainian pianist Valentina Lisitsa, who is quite famous in the “west” and is from Odessa? She got “sacked” by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for speaking out on twitter about the real situation in Ukraine….


    It’s really outrageous that “they” do not allow her to play just because of her telling the truth about how things that happen in Ukraine are not mentioned in the western msm and how the situation really is for the people in Eastern Ukraine!
    Valentina made a record together with Hilary Hahn, a famous violinplayer from the US, who I like very much, so that is how I came to “know” her!

    Thank you Lada for all your hard work, looking forward to the ESR’s!



    • Yes, I heard about Valentina Lisitsa sacking by Toronto Orchestra. She is one of the world’s best and most well-known contemporary classic pianists. The sacking by the democratic, neutral, fair and wonderful Toronto, CA, of the master of such class… what can I say. Nothing good, obviously.
      This is a war between 2 opposing world views and it has been going on for a long time. Now, during the Earth Shift, it has intensified.
      Incidentally, ‘lisitsa’ means ‘female fox’ in both Russian and Ukr. which again brings us back to the fact that both are one people and one language, with variations.
      Bravo to Lisitsa for speaking up! She isn’t the only one: Anna Netrebko donated money to the destroyed Donetsk Opera and she was also bashed in the West. Then, this girl Marianna – the power lifting champion – had trouble in competition in the US for doing charity work in Donbass.
      What can I say, we are dealing with the democratic, tolerant and compassionate West.

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  3. Awesome interview Lada – giving some of the best information on what is really going on.

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  4. Great interview Lada
    Thank you


  5. I live in Ireland and it is routine these days for journalists writing in our newspapers, about almost any topic – it could be the weather, or the road traffic, but especially anything to do with Europe, it is routine for them to include a sentence referring to Putin’s or Russia’s ambitions to invade and or dismember Europe and take over the world etc. These asides appear everywhere, completely out of context. For ordinary folk who are not aware of the reality behind the ‘news’ they are being fed by the mainstream media cartel, all of this is absorbed uncritically and taken to be gospel. It’s truly Orwellian.

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    • Yes, it is Orwellian.
      This is the basis of ‘divide and conquer.’ Sadly, what is happening in Ukraine as being turned into anti-Russia while being in fact Russian all this had happened in the past 1000 years to all of Europe. We are replaying the old scenarios today. Once it’s accomplished, the sheeple can then be used the way puppetiers please. And people have no one but themselves to blame for it. No alien, NWO or zionist can do this to those who refuse to live in hatred, pride and greed, and to those who seek out real knowledge and truth.

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  6. Lada, Thanks for coming on. Appreciate you putting your positive energy out on this topic, one that gets a bit dark at times. And the interview went well.

    I got to thinking about your point that the Russian government is a bit too open and exposed to foreign pressure. This is likely true, but there are different kinds of openness. For example, Russia could open more historical records, such as from WWII. Or have a more open debate over a move to facing Eurasia. An example of what seems to be an opening is this interview with Leonid Reshitnikov, who worked in high-level intelligence analysis positions.


    If Russia is too closed when it comes to discussions of the war in Ukraine, Western agents and supporters will create lots of trouble. They are already trying.

    Another example of a positive openness was having Rogozin on Solovyov’s show discussing how the military is being reformed. That was a positive way of handling things, and, if the story that Rogozin was brought in due to his complaints, then that is a very good sign for Russia’s future.

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    • Thanks, Paul. I also think it went well. Thank you for having me, and thanks so much to Dan for his work! 🙂

      My view is that Russia is plenty open on Ukraine. And it’s starting to slowly show results as ukro-populace mentality starts shifting ever so slightly. Good job they are doing on that.

      Historic records have been open for a while, esp. WWII and Stalin’s, and more are coming out. Problem is, some docs were falsified, as is now being discovered, when Gorby and Yeltsin were on the West’s as* kissing binge. Under pressure, Gorby and Yeltsin admitted things Russia never did, including the killing of 16k Polish officers, who, as it turns out, were killed by bandera-ukro-nazis posing as Soviet army, with German Nazi blessing. This falsehood now serves as additional pretext for Polish animosity against Russia. So, I think they opened up too much and admitted things they never did just to appease all kinds of unscrupulous forces out there. Now it backfires.
      Therefore, a pause is required and re-assessment of what needs to be done differently. I’d be very careful if I were them with any more historic docs disclosure, except those that can be of help geopolitically. Say 9/11 proofs Russia has.

      There are dif kinds of oppenness. The fact that Rus govt and Duma now open their sessions to the public via televised and YT live-streamed sessions – this is what’s needed! Plus Putin’s live annual Q&A. This is cutting-edge and truly the best practices. Who else does it in the world? No one really.

      As to Rogozin and Russian military, all that IS positive. Russians need to demo their military power at this time. I will have an Earth Shift Report soon that will disclose a lot more interesting stuff in that regard, incl. alien tech. in Rus army. These disclosures are necessary so no one would get any ideas about attacking Russia. This is a smart move and it’s working.

      Cheers 🙂

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    • There are a lot of eye-openers in your comment, Lada. Especially the following:
      “including the killing of 16k Polish officers, who, as it turns out, were killed by bandera-ukro-nazis posing as Soviet army, with German Nazi blessing.”
      Could, please, you write an article about it or give the references to where this information comes from?

      I am not at all surprised by such revelation, given how Yeltsin and Gorby falsified the events (empty flight recorders, for one) of the KAL-007 shoot-down, taking the blame for it, when, in fact, the Korean plane was shot does off the coast of Japan by either Japanese or American airforce. It’s been extensively researched by Michel Brun.


      • Starikov and Fedorov talked about the Katyn massacre’s real executors, among others. I think Starikov has it in one of his books. Starikov also talks about the Gorby time falsified transcripts of Stalin’s Bukharin, Tukhachevsky and other trials, where words were inserted that were never spoken. You also may want to do a search for these on YT – sure videos will come up. But the Katyn story has been revealed since early 2000s. And incidentaly, ukro-nazis recently also admitted that it was their handywork.


  7. Great interview Lada and Paul! Again very enlightening!


  8. Thank you, Lada – for this fabulously informative discussion. I am particularly glad to have had this chance to learn some of the historical interaction between Russia and China. Really great!


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