Comrades Roosevelt and Gregory Peck: When Hollywood Sent Its Scripts For Stalin’s Approval

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We are approaching the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory over German Nazism and associated invaders (also known in the Russian world as the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War), which will be celebrated in grand style on Moscow’s Red Square on May 9th, 2015. I thought it would be a terrific idea to do a few posts commemorating this date; in the future, I may do a separate piece presenting some of the most famous and amazing Russian songs and films. These reminders are especially important, considering how many out there are trying yet again to re-write history, something to which I don’t take kindly. I especially don’t appreciate the ungratefulness and arrogance of all those countries whom Russians and other peoples of the Soviet Union liberated in 1944-45 at the cost of 27 million lives, endless suffering, and destroyed country.

Sabotage by the leaders of US, UK, EU and associated countries of the celebrations in Moscow on May 9th; all manner of provocative statements by Poland, Ukraine and Baltics, together with their active re-animation of fascism – are beyond bad tone and beyond shameful.

And here is something else that should have been remembered, but was conveniently forgotten.

I noticed that some people in the West have a knee jerk reaction every time I mention anything to do with the USSR. What doesn’t occur to these people is that they have simply been pre-programmed by their propaganda machine to perceive anything to do with USSR or Russia as evil. The piece below will demonstrate how it was, and continues being, done.

Humans usually call those who submit too easily to someone’s will ‘lapdogs’ and ‘sheeple.’ Please, don’t insult the poor animals! Animals live in love and trust. Humans, on the other hand, submit out of apathy, hatred, fear, greed or other ulterior motive.

In addition, as you’ll see below, humans seem to have a goldfish memory. Let’s not insult the goldfish either – it should really be labeled ‘human memory’ since this is the only species that tends to conveniently forget. It is only humans who remember selectively when it suits them, developing sudden amnesia when it doesn’t.

Today’s feature:

Comrades Roosevelt and Gregory Peck: 

When Hollywood Sent Its Scripts For Stalin’s Approval 

Here is a remarkable list of films (in Russian and English) released by Hollywood during the period between 1942 and 1945:

“Дни Славы” – Days of Glory, 1944

“Миссия в Москву” – Mission To Moscow

“Северная Звезда” – The North Star (также известен под названием «Бронированная атака» aka, Armored Attack)

“Песня о России” – Song Of Russia, 1944

The story of these films is truly incredible and hard to imagine in view of today’s escalation of anti-Russian rhetoric and saber-rattling. After maligning the young Soviet Union for years since 1917, in 1941-42 Hollywood suddenly was charged with creating a positive PR campaign, in which Russia would be portrayed as a “nice country, with people just like Americans, who want to live in peace and who value their culture, music and art; who work hard and who also fight hard to defend their country.” All this was supposed to help “the war effort,” as expressed by the US President Franklin Roosevelt.

For this piece, I chose to talk about Days of Glory and Song of Russia.

Days of Glory was the debut of the Hollywood screen legend Gregory Peck (star of Roman Holiday, Cape Fear, Moby Dick; Best Actor Oscar for: To Kill the Mockingbird). In the movie, Comrade Peck plays the commander of the Soviet partisans (guerilla resistance) fighting against the Nazis. The video below presents several scenes from that film, along with the plot. The movie is pretty weak and full of clichés: partisans in the middle of a brutal war eat borscht from fine china and sit at a round dining table plucked from someone’s living room and placed in their spacious underground bunker; the man reprimanded for drinking responds with dismay that he is a stinking, dirty pig; the little girl addresses the ballerina, “You can’t cook, and you are a woman?” etc. The love story between Peck and the hungry ballerina, whose name is Nina and who just appears out of nowhere, is a little unrealistic as well.

But let’s just say… it’s the thought that counts. Despite all the weak links, the film conveys some very concrete ideas, such as: the Russian/Soviet partisans are good, humane people; they are the friends of the American people, who fight the fascists just like Americans do.

In the video below you can glean the movie scenes from Days of Glory in English between 1:10 – 6:33.

Song of Russia, a musical. In the video below, the movie scenes in English can be gleaned starting at 6:35.

Plot: a famous orchestra director John Meredith arrives to Moscow on a tour. He meets Russian girl, Nadya, and falls in love. When John takes his new Russian friend to a restaurant, he is in a state of cognitive dissonance (7:54). Strange, he says, everyone’s having such a good time. Is that wrong? asks she. No, except I thought Russians were sad, melancholy people sitting around, brooding about their souls. When conflicted Nadya flees from John to her native village, Tchaikovskoye, John follows her there. He again meets a lot of nice, joyful people who love to sing and dance. Nadya’s father talks tenderly to his tractor that leaks oil, “don’t cry ‘golubchik’ (darling), I’ll be back soon.”

At 9:25 – happy kolkhoz workers are singing, returning back from the fields. Oh, my! Watching this, I might mistake it for a Soviet movie circa 1933, glorifying Grandpa Stalin and the USSR! Just imagine this kind of Soviet ‘propaganda’ coming out of MGM!

In actuality, the song is pretty realistic, and Russians do like to sing and dance, including when working in the fields.

The main toast at John and Nadya’s Russian village wedding: “For the happiness of your great country, and for the happiness of our great country” – 11:10. In other words, friendship and global brotherhood, just like the USSR suggested to begin with!

See how easy it is to switch on and off a specific propaganda! Let’s follow this logical chain to its inevitable conclusion. In other words, if US/UK/EU propaganda didn’t work overtime to create and reinforce the image of Russia as a villain and enemy, today we all would have lived in peace and friendship!

But happiness doesn’t last – 11:22. Germany attacks Russia on June 22, 1941 and John’s manager tells him he should stop his tour and leave to the US. “Down at the consulate they say Germans will win this war in 6 weeks.” To which Nadya replies, “No, they will not win!”

The movie contains a totally incredible scene: Stalin’s real speech to the Soviet people (11:57). This famous speech began: “Comrades, Citizens, Brothers and Sisters, Soldiers and Sailors, I am addressing all of you, my friends. In this brutal war against the hateful forces of fascism we will have allies in the face of the peoples of Europe and USA.” For some strange reason, in the American translation Hollywood took out the words “brothers and sisters.”

Stalin is depicted here not as a brutal dictator, but as a world leader who manages to pull together allies and rise the morale not only in his country, but worldwide. It was noted by those who curated the film that Stalin’s calm and heartfelt speech was in stark contrast to Hitler’s hysterical screams, which made Americans feel uneasy. The conclusion was made that Americans would like Stalin’s manner. This is how Hollywood and US government were selling Stalin to the American people as a credible ally!!

When Nazis take over Tchaikovskoye, Nadya’s father and nephew are killed. John wants to join the partisans, but they charge him with going back to America together with Nadya in order to explain to the American people how hard the people of Russia have to fight. Nadya must tell Americans how her relatives and friends have died and that millions in Russia now fight for their land against fascism – 13:53. John and Nadya go back to the US, where they tell their story. Unbelievably, the entire movie is a 100% positive and sweet portrayal of Russia/USSR, perhaps a tad too sweet.

But what is especially remarkable in this whole story is what went on behind the scenes. The documents related to the creation of this and other such movies were declassified only recently.

American President Roosevelt named Lowell Mellet (15:09), a prominent journalist, to head the Office of War Information. He shaped the government PR and Hollywood propaganda during the war. Starting at 15:11, the video presents various correspondence between the Russian ambassador to the US Maxim Litvinov and the US side. It was understood that when Litvinov was asked to provide advice and vet the movie script, taking into account the severity of the war situation and the importance of the positive PR, he consulted the Kremlin and personally Stalin.

At 16:23: left to right – Soviet FM Molotov, Stalin (center), Litvinov (right).

The correspondence addresses the credibility of various scenes in the movie, including Russian names, places, what Russian trains look like, how the children are evacuated when Nazis come, how people should react to the air-raid sirens, etc. They did stop short of discussing the skirt length.

This fascinating text is in English and you can just read it in the video below. The Russian embassy replies start at 16:40.

18:10. Directions for the MGM script “Russia,” aka, “Song of Russia,” looked like this:

In the movie, we need to reiterate as often as possible that it was the Soviet Army who first destroyed the 10-year myth of the invincibility of the German Nazi army. The background should include the rich wheat fields of Ukraine, the modern city of Moscow, the DneproGes dam (LR: remember I mentioned DneproGes in Crazy Asylum Overload: Ukraine Bans Communism – Goodbye Chinese Investments as the impressive symbol of the Soviet communist industrialization!), a collective farm, a factory, Moscow Metro. All this should dispel the Americans’ impression of Russia as composed solely of bleak fields and backward villages, convincing them that Russians are solid and trustworthy allies!

There is more in the video. Check it out:

Let’s get this straight:

American and British propaganda worked hard to create a threatening and negative image of Russia in the form of the young USSR, after they first financed Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution. Then, when emergency knocked on the door in the form of the advancing Hitler armies (the monster who was also their handiwork), they began working equally hard to dispel what they had created! As soon as the war was over, MSM and Hollywood were back on track re-creating the image of Russia as USA’s worst enemy, organizing the Iron Curtain and Cold War in the process.

Next, in 1991-1998, when Yeltsin and Co. were conducting the wholesale sell-out of the country to the West, US media again worked hard to dispel the image of Russia as an enemy they carefully maintained in the previous 40 years. In the ’90s, I lived in the US and I remember the sudden and shocking turn to the positive propaganda. Yeltsin’s Russia was praised. Why not! It was, after all, the regime that surrendered to the West all the prized properties and achievements generations of Russians had worked hard to create. Meanwhile, the same propaganda machine conducted a bashing campaign against stubborn Serbia because someone still had to play the arch-enemy’s role while Russia was otherwise engaged.

In the ’90s I remember the talk, even among pro-Western and pro-oligarchy Russians, that Russia’s role was to be a ‘natural resources appendix to the West,’ sort of Nigeria of Eurasia. But Russia came back to her senses sooner than they expected. After Putin came to power, it became clear that the plan failed. At that point, with renewed vigor, they began re-establishing the image of Russia as the arch-enemy.

Ah, the schizophrenic American propaganda! But what is most amazing is how happily humans in the US and EU yo-yo wherever the wind blows.

As the old Soviet joke goes:

“Have you ever deviated from the party line?”

“Yes, together with the party.”

In conclusion, I want to mention that of all US presidents, the one I personally respect is FDR. It is suspected, and I have a good reason to believe it’s true, that Roosevelt was poisoned in 1945, to make room for Truman and his convenient russophobia. The change of wind happened after Hitler was no more and Russia turned out stronger, instead of weaker, as a result of WWII.

The master plan was that the USSR and Germany were supposed to destroy each other in the course of WWII, as explained by Churchill. Alas, that plan failed. Roosevelt was too amicable for plan B – destroying the USSR (far more than just containing USSR, as many have thought).

Referring to A-bomb, Truman announced after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, “Now we have the stick against the Russians.” Russia has recently de-classified documents confirming that after Hiroshima, USA was planning on destroying the top cities and military targets of Russia, including the capital cities of Moscow and Leningrad, Black Sea and Northern Fleets.

The delay was due to the fact that US simply used up its only two A-bombs in Japan. It took time to manufacture the new supply. Russians used this narrow window of opportunity to produce their own A-bomb, thus deterring the attack. When Americans learned about the Russian A-bomb, they had to go to plan “C,” commonly referred to as the Cold War and Iron Curtain.

Roosevelt was inconvenient because he dreamed of a peaceful ‘condominium’ between USA and Russia, according to Tarpley. And that was very dangerous for those whose life’s ambition was to execute the Full Spectrum Global Dominance doctrine they are still trying to realize today.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Stalin, it has to be recognized that he was an even more formidable obstacle in their way. You could say he was the ultimate obstacle. As a consequence, he was poisoned in 1953. Stalin rejected the idea of the dollar as the only world-reserve currency. He also introduced the 100% gold-backed ruble, called Chervonets, used by the USSR for international settlements. After Stalin was eliminated, Khrushchev agreed to the dollar world-reserve currency status.

70 anniversary of great victory

P.S. Incidentally, a few days ago, the Russian ‘dictator’ Putin announced a sweeping amnesty to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory. Every 6th person may be released from jail.

Compare that to the world’s biggest democracy: US jails are in fact a profitable business and the US prisoner population is by far the largest in the world. That’s not counting all those unarmed people US cops shoot almost daily all over the country.


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Important continuation and clarification of this article in comment section!

Please read my extensive reply to Nemo1024 of 2015/04/17 at 9:57 pm in the comment section. It addresses in detail Stalin’s repressions, the numbers of repressed, why Stalin was unprepared for Hitler’s invasion, and more!

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Very poignant and well written Lada! That’s so true, public perception in the West about Russia has been totally manipulated by MSM. Now they can’t deny their own history, Hollywood has the proof on silver screen that Russia is a friend and ally during WWII, LOL!
    Now with all this negative press against Putin, hardly anyone believes it any more, Putin is “Man of the Year” for the last 15 years straight, and PEOPLE all over the world love, admire, or at least appreciate his leadership and peacekeeping efforts, unlike the warmongering West.
    Also well noted is the propaganda’s always one-sided. Washington always bashes Russia relentlessly, and Moscow never resorts to childish name calling and bullying. Reason and maturity prevails!!!
    Hahaha, Washington promoting the Soviet Union, I Love It! That was indeed the “Golden Era”. 🙂

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  2. Patrick Brenner

    A don’t forget the ET’s involved in all of this…..see Wilcock/Salla and others…..


  3. Thank you, Lada. It is so interesting to see this from the other side! Being of a certain age, I experienced the Cold War first hand. We were told Russia was our friend during the WWII, but then she became our enemy after the war. As we have discussed previously, we were told all kinds of lies to sell us that idea. As a child I never understood it.

    Those of us who have an intact memory and an attention span longer than 30 seconds (the length of the average “sound bite”) remember how it was. Some of us were able to see through it but as young people we were required to keep our mouths shut and our heads down. The propaganda, worked extremely well for most, but it always gave me mental whiplash. Russia was our friend. Then she wasn’t. Then she was again during the “Glasnost” period. Wow.

    Now Cold War v. 2 is being pushed on us and we are still being treated like children who must keep our mouths shut and our heads down. Our population is aging now so many of us here have “been there and done that”. The propaganda mill here is furiously grinding away on Cold War II. Mr. Putin having won the recent poll is a strong indicator that this latest propaganda campaign has become a very hard sell. Yay!

    On an even happier note, the celebratory amnesty in Russia is such a wonderful thing. I am so happy for those who are being set free! You are right again, Lada. That would never happen today in America, the former so-called “land of the free and home of the brave”. Those have become bitter words for those of us who are awake and aware in these times. The pitiless totalitarian state we have become is so beyond shameful. I wonder sometimes if we will every be able to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the other countries. I dearly hope so, but we will need to work very hard to do it. God willing, one day we too will throw off our oppressors and become the people we dream of being. We will be able to proclaim with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Free at last. Free at last. Good God almighty, we are free at last!”

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    • Thanks, Aeyrie. Sounds good. 🙂
      People should just stop believing in propaganda, any propaganda, and become sovereign individuals who are fully responsible for their own lives and the world around them. But that requires work and being honest with themselves. Few are willing and able to be so.
      I don’t really have anything that makes me sad or that worries me much in my own private life. But what saddens me and what I do worry about is the world and the human lack of responsibility, plus a propensity for falling into traps laid our by people’s own mind games, which are then manipulated by the unscrupulous forces out there.

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  4. Hi Lada,

    Please can you post some lines on indian relationship with russia, i believe before the current regime, it was always good, but with the new government in place, it is very difficult to understand why it is moving away from russia our most trusted partner since ages.


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    • Please read my reply on India to Nemo. I might be able to write more about that in the future. I agree that Russia and India should be natural close friends and allies.


  5. Regarding propaganda was it not Adolf Hitler who said:
    “The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.”


    “By the skilful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise’?

    When people/politicians and military leaders of NATO/EU countries commemorate/celebrate the end of World War 2 they should remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill, British war time leader and considered to be the greatest Englishman.
    I quote:

    “I have left the obvious, essential fact to this point, namely, that it is the Russian Armies who have done the main work in tearing the guts out of the German army. In the air and on the oceans we could maintain our place, but there was no force in the world which could have been called into being, except after several more years, that would have been able to maul and break the German army unless it had been subjected to the terrible slaughter and manhandling that has fallen to it through the strength of the Russian Soviet Armies”

    —Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons, 2 August 1944, on the “War Situation”
    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

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    • Rose-Marie Mukarutabana

      Thank you, Lada.
      And thank you, jwpeur, for these details. A comment on the Churchill quote:
      “In the air and on the oceans we could maintain our place, but there was no force in the world which could have been called into being, except after several more years…”
      No quite, Sir Winston. “Several more years” would have been too late to save Europe. And Churchill is right: the only force available was the Soviet force. But he is not quite correct in suggesting that “In the air and on the oceans we could maintain our place”.
      The truth, we have it from the horse’s mouth: from Air Chief Marshal Dowding (Commanding-in-Chief, Fighter Command, Royal Air Force), in his report on the battle of Britain:
      “Before beginning an account of the Battle, I must refer briefly to the publication entitled The Battle of Britain, issued by the Air Ministry. This, if I may say so, is an admirable account of the Battle for public consumption… but there is a points to which I should like to draw attention. I quote from page 33: “What the Luftwaffe failed to do was to destroy the fighter squadrons of the Royal Air Force, which were, indeed, stronger at the end of the battle than at the beginning.” …
      “The fact is that the situation was critical in the extreme. …The majority of the squadrons had been reduced to the status of training units, and were fit only for operations against unescorted bombers. … Replacement pilots, with little flight training and often no gunnery training, suffered high casualty rates thus exacerbating the problem.” – (
      “By the beginning of September the incidence of casualties became so serious that a fresh squadron would become depleted and exhausted before any of the resting and reforming squadrons was ready to take its place. Fighter pilots were no longer being produced in numbers sufficient to fill the gaps in the fighting ranks.” (
      The arrival of foreign squadrons (1 Canadian, 2 Polish and 1 Czech) helped a little, but what really saved Britain was that the Germans were discouraged by their unexpected losses, which led them to think they had underestimated the Brits – or overestimated their own strength. Seeing he could not “immediately establish his “air superiority” on this front, Hitler decided to “postpone” “Operation Sea Lion” and instead, redeploy all his forces to the eastern front, where where he was being “mauled and broken and slaughtered and manhandled by the strength of the Russian Soviet Armies.”
      In the words of Dowding: “Serious as were our difficulties, …those of the enemy were worse, and by the end of October the Germans abandoned their attempts to wear down the Fighter Command, and the country was delivered from the threat of immediate invasion.” (
      Saved in extremis by Russia’s immense courage and immenser sacrifice…
      And to think that those puny successors of Churchill and company will not be at Red Square on May 9th and will instead be barking at Russia’s door like a pack of rabid mongrels…

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  6. I would like to add one more movie to your great list. It was a film, part of a series called Why We Fight, commissioned by the US War Department. It was directed by the great director Frank Capra who directed classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The film I’m talking about is called The Battle of Russia. I would put this film even ahead of your recommended World War II picks. It’s absolutely remarkable for its facts and it’s truly heroic depiction of the Soviet war effort. It blew me away when I first saw it in the 1970’s. I was stunned that the US War Dept. would treat the Soviet Union with such respect and awe! Imagine the film begins with quotations from the US Joint Chief of Staff and major generals calling the victory of the Soviet army over Nazi Germany as the greatest triumph in the history of the world. The movie time stops just after the victory of Stalingrad. The movie always leaves me in tears. Frank Capra does that to me in all his films. Hollywood used to make movies like that back then! You have to see this film.

    I always suspected that FDR was killed. I guess the US elites even in the ’40’s knew how to make an assassination look like a natural one. They also killed Chavez of Venezuela. The death of Stalin reminds me of the death of Saddam Hussein and Kaddafi. Both either took their nations off of the dollar or were developing the gold dinar. As soon as they were replaced the dollar got used again. So Stalin had a gold backed currency as a trade note. That’s really fascinating. I’ll send that information to Jim Willie. And as soon as Stalin was killed Kruschev accepted the dollar as the reserve currency. I see a trend here. I hope Putin has impeccable security. He could learn a lot from Fidel Castro who suspecting the US would try to poison him brought his own chickens in his entourage to New York in I believe 1961 during his visit to the UN. By the way Castro is a survivor of countless poisoning attempts.

    The ups and downs of the Soviet Union/Russia during the last 100 years shows the tenacity of the people of Russia and their leaders. They always persevere and come out stronger much to the dismay of their western enemies. Don’t worry Lada Russia will come out on top with the US getting its comeuppance. As you know that’s called karma and the US has a lot of karmic debt to pay off for all the wars, death, and misery its leaders have caused in the world.

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  7. Thank you Lada, for this excellent history lesson! I’m really appalled by the fact that so much of history got distorted and so many people don’t know the true stories anymore…..they must have done this for eons, so who knows what is true or false? Real history must have been kept somewhere (in Russia maybe?), so it must come out someday how we all have been deceived…. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    • Real history has been preserved – or you could say it was hidden away from the prying eyes until people are ready to re-discover it – in Russian language and Russian legends, although that was attempted to be distorted as well. Lore and languages of other cultures also contain the hidden truths – for those who know where to look.

      Russians are doing a lot of work on restoring it. I have my own work and ideas on that and I am planning on sharing them with my readers when time allows. Stories I could tell you… Wish there was more time in a day.

      Also, a lot of real history is kept in the Vatican vaults. These were the books and scrolls stolen during the re-writes 1000-300 years ago and locked up. One day these will come to light as well.

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  8. First of all, thank you, Lada, for writing this enlightening article. I didn’t even know that those films existed! You article is also very right in showing the swings in the tidal waves of propaganda…

    There is a post-war Soviet film from 1949: “Rendezvous at Elba” (Встреча на Эльбе), which, though showing good relations at the individual level between the US and Soviet commanders, at the same time shows CIA machination against the USSR and the start of discord.

    Regarding films and propaganda. Hollywood released one such “pearl” – “Number 44”. The film is a collection of all thinkable stereotypes, prejudices, black myths about USSR, mixed on a lot of violence. “Central Partnership” that was to release the film in Russia today, decided to withhold the release. One of the participants of the preview of the final version said that he previously thought the rock bottom [for such B-movies] was reached, but then suddenly someone knocked from below. In their statement, the release company said it would not be morally defensible to release such a film in Russian before the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

    About re-writing of history, it’s not only European history that gets heavily re-written. Paul Craig Roberts published newly an article “The Power of Lies”, which shows how exactly the same rewriting was done for the early history of USA.

    Back to WWII. Lada, it’s a good initiative to publish a series of articles commemorating it and the Victory. In my blog, I added two more translations from Argumenty i Fakty. One article is titled ‘WWII Veteran Stanislav Lapin: “I had my own score with Hitler”’ and recounts the memories of a still-living veteran. The other is ‘“Sophie” against Canaris. She fought for USSR, but became Hero of Russia’ and is about a Crimean Tatar, who fought as a Soviet intelligence resident in German-occupied Crimea. Both articles can be found under the following category:

    I am also working on a translation of an article titled “Ungrateful Europe. What would have happened if we fought Hitler back only to our borders”

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  9. Lada, I am seconding Shashidhar’s request on some insight into the relations with India. The news coming from Russia on that front are somewhat ambiguous. India is still presented as a partner, especially with the upcoming nuclear power plant construction, but then there are reports about India finalising military contracts with France. The situation is a bit confusing.

    Regarding Stalin. I am yet to see a compelling defence of his actions. My family – as families of millions of Russians – was touched by repressions. My grandmother, her sister, brother and mother ended up in forced labour camps in Far East on false accusations and were rehabilitated only after Stalin’s death, some posthumously. If Stalin didn’t die when he did, I would not exist to write these lines now… I can understand some of justification, when it comes to the beginning of the war – it is plausible that Beria, having responsibility for external intelligence, could prevent the reports about the imminent German invasion from reaching Stalin. But the millions of lives lost in Gulag… According to some sources, 25% of just ethnic Russians perished during those years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Nemo. I am not the one to justify Stalin. I am just presenting a balanced and truthful account of events as they unfolded, and the connections many do not see, but I do.
      My family was also touched by repressions and my family was also divided by the 1917 revolution, with part of the family of noble origin emigrating, as I explained once of twice. The story of Jade and Alexei in my thriller GOLD TRAIN is inspired by my family history.

      I don’t like talking about that. But I can clearly see both sides of the issue.
      That, however, doesn’t mean that I should not be telling the truth I see. Peace and reconciliation is what’s needed right now, not further division.

      As to the numbers of the repressed, you know they are a hoax, right? According to many Russian researchers, the numbers from 1922 to 1941 were under 650,000 executed and dead from repressions. Still a lot, but 1/4 of Russians – c’mon!

      The above number includes the real enemies of Russia, spies, and those who, as we know now, almost succeeded in executing anti-govt coups, such as Tukhachevsky. The number also includes the original executors, who executed or sent innocents to gulag. Those later became the repressed after they exceeded their authority. One such zealot was Yagoda. And this number also includes those who perished innocently due to the ill will or zeal of the wrong people in power, or by the neighbors’ hearsay.

      I hope you know that the blown up numbers of supposed millions who perished in gulag come from Solzhenitsyn, who had no access to any statistics and who had only anecdotal evidence. Therefore, he couldn’t have know the real numbers. He was basing it on interviewing a number of former inmates. I believe it was under 100. His numbers long since were proven sensationalized. Come think of it, he never said 1/4 of Russians or 20mln of Russians… I believe he was talking about 1 or 2 million, which is also inflated. Incidentally, I personally like Solzhenitsyn, as I also mentioned once or twice, and he later understood how he was used by the Western propaganda. Did you hear my story on that?

      Solzhenitsyn’s numbers were further inflated by the same Western and anti-Russian propaganda I talk about. This is exactly what I mean: manipulation that is so easy to fall for, especially, if you are EMOTIONALLY INVESTED, like Solzhenitsyn and like you. This is the same as Ukraine saying 20 mln Ukrainians died from Golodomor. Statistically impossible as there would have been no 45 mln, or even 10mln, Ukrainians left today. I grew up in Ukraine and I NEVER met a single person who died or whose family suffered from Golodomor. Never! I knew 1000s of people. I knew tons of people whose relatives died in WWII (27 mln died in USSR), I knew a couple whose families suffered from represssions (645k). Not one from Golodomor!!

      Therefore, the Russian numbers of 20,000 people dead from Golodomor are correct and only in a few areas of central Ukraine, which were purely agricultural. Just turn thousands into millions – and voila, you have evil Russians trying to kill off the poor Ukrainians. In truth, the majority of dead from Golodomor were in Russian Povolzhie, not in Ukraine! Do you get my drift? It’s called manipulation (Read my article about that and a comment by the woman from Povolzhie!)

      Normally I do not write about this, as I find it quite depresssing and tedious. I trust the research of those who are considered an authority, such as Nikolay Starikov or Katasonov, who are on my recommended analyst list. They say the number was under $650k from 1922 till 1941 and for very different reasons, as I said before. Well before the info about repressions became available to lay people and it became trendy to talk about that – since I was 18, my friend was telling me a similar story. I wasn’t that interested, but he was into it. His grandfather was one of those who died in gulag and he was obsessed with finding out how and why. In the 1980s he regualarly went to the Odessa central library and read transcripts of all 1937-39 trials. All these materials were available publicly in newspapers and court records of that time! And trials were held publicly in 1937-39 in the presence of foreign journalists. None of that was a secret.

      These are the facts I know to be true. I am neutral on this issue, moreover, I actually don’t like to talk about it. I don’t want to hear things like ‘you are defending Stalin.’ I am for truth and for balancing the scale that has become so lopsided that it’s impossible to look at what is happening in the world without cringing. My goal is to help rebalance the scale of justice in the world through revealing the truth.

      And of all people you should know how Russia was and is being maligned due to a very long and very vicious propaganda war. They lie about everything. Why on earth do you think they would be telling the truth about this?
      Did Stalin have a choice to try traitors or not to try them, when Russia/USSR was surrounded by enemies whose goal #1 was to sabotage and destroy the country? Just think about it. It was a war that was even more brutal than today. Was Stalin the right person for that time? I don’t know. I would prefer a different person. But there was no one else.

      I don’t really like talking about Stalin, as too many people do not want to hear the truth. I understand why emotionally they are averse, but everyone has to understand that unless we actually look the entire truth in the eye, not just parts of it we like, we won’t move forward.

      I have too many other topics I am much more interested in writing about. I suggest you actually listen to Starikov videos on YT and read his books. Unlike other readers you have an advantage of knowing Russian. I actually want to close this topic on my blog as I find it tiring and depressing. It’s up to you to discover the truth for yourself.

      Re. Beria. Again, I know for a fact that Beria had nothing to do with hiding Hitler’s invasion plans. Don’t you know the story? Stalin himself didn’t want to believe Hitler would invade despite tons of intel from Germany and Japan. People sacrificed their lives to send messages to Stalin with the date of invasion. The names of those heroes who sacrificed their lives are well known, such as Richard Zorge. This is common knowledge.

      The reason Stalin didn’t believe all that intel was that he couldn’t imagine Hitler being so stupid as to attack Russia because it was geopolitical suicide. I guess he had a higher regard for Hitler than I do.

      My parents also hated Beria and blamed him for a lot of things – I heard it when I was little. But later I understood the truth. Beria was set up by Khrushchev (was there the truth to accusations I don’t know – perhaps some). But I suggest you listen to/read Starikov, who specializes in all this.

      Thanks and best of luck.

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    • I agree that India is sending conflicting messages. I did write about that a few times on dif occasions. It is due to US pressure. Brazil is also on the hit list. I might be able to say more in future.

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    • Lada, thank you for a long and detailed reply. I honestly didn’t mean to cause you distress and my question about Stalin was of a general kind, not implying that you are defending him.
      There is a lot of talk in Russia about Stalin’s role and how he should be rehabilitated, and I wondered how much of it is based on new historical knowledge, and how much comes from wishful thinking, from people creating an icon.
      It is easy to fall for sensationalist numbers – 25% cropped up in an article in AiF, and as they allow all kinds of opinions, there may creep in some disinformation in the otherwise credible materials (It’s an irony that while in the West they cry that Russia has no freedom of press, Russian newpapers print materials with opposing polarities on one and the same page and no one bats an eye – something not to be found in Western MSM press). Your reasoning for the 650K number is solid, and I do trust your judgement. I actually didn’t know that the point of origin for these inflated numbers came from Solzhenicyn (I did know of his disillusionment with the Western outlooks for Russia), so this part of your reply was a revelation for me.
      That line about Beria is actually my own hypothesis. I knew that the information of impeding invasion was coming in a steady stream of sources, and I could not imagine that Stalin would not heed those warnings, so my assumption was that someone would sabotage the information flow reaching him. Your explanation makes more sense.


      • No prob, Nemo 🙂
        Russian debate about Stalin is in part due to the burning societal need to rebalance the scale in favor of truth and justice, as the scale has been too lopsided by all the historic lies and propaganda. And that regretfully applies to Russians maligning themselves even more than to any Western interferences.
        In another part, the rehabilitation of Stalin talk is due to the anger and knee jerk reaction to all the vicious lies and anti-Rus propaganda. Out of spite, so to speak. This is dangerous as it may go too far in the opposite direction. Injustice and lies coming towards Russia from West and Ukraine (which is a knife in Russia’s back) begets return anger and injustice in some more immature souls. In this regard it is so great and lucky (but it’s actually predestined) that Russia has Putin, who never loses his head and is the master balancer.


  10. Thank you Lada, I pray to god that india back moves quickly to it natural allies. I remember my parents praising the russian grains during couple of wars with neighbour and also russia helping by pulling back the chinese during their aggression and egypt blocking the suez canal during reclaiming of goa.

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  11. Thank you for writing this.

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  12. Oh dear Lada, you are so right! The truth is essential. We as humanity cannot heal until we have all of the facts before us. When we have the truth we can sort everything out together, clear the air and heal our common wounds. From that place of healing it will b possible to move on to better relationships and a brighter future. Thank you so much for your contributions to the truth-telling.


  13. A heads-up about a relevant article. Especially Paul will find it interesting, as he raised the issue of the lack of Russian “soft power”:

    A quote:
    – With an ambassador like Zurabov we don’t even need any enemies!
    – The work of any embassy and of any ambassador is subject to a number of limitations. One step to the side — and there is a scandal. Plus, there is a huge problem with professional personnel in the country. And not just in the field of diplomacy. Somehow we exhausted the stocks — very few strong people with a strong pivot remain in the government service.
    It is hard to overestimate the role of NGOs. Color-coded revolutions are a clear example, which are warmed up primarily by the American non-governmental organizations. This happened in Ukraine as well. Unfortunately, effectively no attention was devoted to creating and supporting such organizations that would act in our interests. And if they would work, then they could replace ten embassies and ten ambassadors, even very smart ones. Now the situation started to change, following a direct order from the president. Hopefully, the subordinates won’t wash out this development.


  14. Lada,

    I know that Stalin and his time may not be a particularly enjoyable topic for you, but it is really vital for understanding the current image problem for Russia. Sad as it may be, many decent people today are waking up to the fact they have been lied to, but are then falling into a pro-Nazi position. Those who like the Nazis make the effort to get their views out there – and much of what they say is true. If Russia and Russians take the approach they did in the Ukraine over the last 23 years, don’t be surprised if the result is not so good. People can’t read minds, and they are easily fooled.

    The current discussions in the Ukraine or Europe about how tough it is to figure out which was worse, the Nazis or Soviets, comes from this. It can’t be avoided. And a lot of folks who feel that Germany has been shafted over the last century and that the British Empire was rotten end up coming to a positive view of the Nazis. The Nazis before WWII accomplished amazing things.

    Not that much of Starikov’s work is available in English. I read his “Nationalization of the Rouble”, but that was about it.

    Not trying to depress you. But somebody has to get the Russian or Soviet side of various arguments out to the English-speaking world. The current state of the infowar is really dangerous. Russia is waiting for the horse to grow up before putting on the saddle. It is hard to ride fast if the war is over before the horse is grown. If things like the situation in the Eastern Ukraine spread, it will be too late for educational and propaganda work. Nobody can listen to enemy propaganda during wartime. Granted, the odds of the mess going into Poland or Moldova are still low, but the US an always hire a provocateur.


    • Shocked to hear people can’t read minds, Paul. Had no idea. 😉 Sorry, just couldn’t resist a joke to lighten up the mood.
      You’re right of course. I do what I can and people can read a lot on my blog/listen to my YT channel.
      I can’t deal with vicious trolls though, rearing their ugly heads every time I mention Stalin, USSR, golodomor, or something to do with Poland, Romania, etc. Those are the worst.

      Starikov is the designated driver… um.. truth-teller on that – I am the Earth Shift and consciousness shift gal. 😉
      Being a powerful empath I feel energy very deeply. I have to stay within good energy as much as possible.
      But not to worry – lots more info is coming – I am way too responsible for my own good. 😉


  15. Lada, nother heads-up, which you are probably aware about. RTR will be showing a film-interview “The President”, dedicated to the 15th anniversary since Putin took office for the first time:
    I watched the previews that are aired now, and even the small fragments are true eye-openers. I am sure this film will add a lot of new materials to your upcoming “The Putin Enigma” Earth Shift Report.


  16. I was going to write a light-hearted piece today, but… Some shocking news came to my attention:

    Ukrainian historian Oles Buzina was killed for the truth about Ukrainian history
    In Memory Of a Kievan

    Who was Oles Buzina? Not the warrior, not the official opposition activist, not the leader of public opinion, not a dissident. Oles Buzina was a fierce destroyer of myths. He despised and denounced everything far-fetched and unnatural. When he presented to the Ukrainian readers Taras Shevchenko, taken off a pedestal, the Ukrainian nationalists hated him. Oles was beaten, he himself said that he suffered for Shevchenko. Bruised, sad but not angry, he continued to write, speak and talk about unpleasant truth to the Ukrainian nationalists. He had that right – he was a little Russian [Malo-Russian], of that lovely healthy breed, which is close to Russians, and all civilized people.


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