Direct Line With Vladimir Putin – Live Annual Q&A

For those who may be interested. Full video of the traditional annual all-Russia (and abroad) Q&A, which took place on April 16, 2015: Direct Line with Vladimir Putin. This time it lasted 4 hours. President of Russia received a record 3 million questions and answered 74 of them.

Go here to read English transcript

Full video in Russian:

With English voice over: Putin annual Q&A session 2015 (FULL VIDEO)

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  1. Here is a true leader and he makes Obama, the West and the Japanese look like the sociopathic fools they are. I love listening to a real man, one who speaks with the welfare of the people of Mother Russia foremost in his mind. Like Lada says, the winds have shifted to the east. It’s a cyclic event the west is arrogant enough to try and stop. We are blest to be here in this time/space to witness and assist, even in the smallest way. Nobody messes with Mother and gets away with it.

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  2. I have had the sad pleasure of reading the main regional newspaper (Sydsvenskan) here in south Sweden for the last two months now.
    Almost every day the paper writes about Russia and Putin. Sometimes the articles are just negatively biased, but most of the time they are outright hostile towards Putin and the Kremlin.
    The day of Putin’s Q&A the paper wrote that “today Putin will hold his annual propaganda spectacle,… and from the millions of questions asked only those will be selected that fit into Putin’s propaganda program”.
    Some days after the Q&A the paper discredited Putin by ridiculing his statements that “Russia is not to blame for the bad relations with the west – the US is”. The paper equates his statement with the obvious lie that “there are no Russian troops in the Ukraine”, and the logical conclusion for the reader to make is that you can not believe a word of what Putin is saying!
    The paper loves almost full page book reviews by famous experts on Russia such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Bill Browder and Kalle Kniivilä! These books are revived as being the sad plain truth about Russia, without any critical questioning of the content.
    I can not imagine how the Swedish people could learn the truth about Russia as the propaganda and mentality against Russia in now no better than during the hight of the cold war. Whatever Putin says, the Swedish people will not take it seriously!


  3. Actually I have tried to get family members to read your blog. But as you are Russia, and even worse so, pro-Russian, you must be part of the Putin propaganda machine… Thus we have a Catch 22!


    • Emil, you can assure your relatives that I have not lived in Russia since the break-up of the USSR. I have lived in the US and worked on Wall Street for years. I have also lived in the EU and Hong Kong.
      I am not a Russian citizen – I am in fact citizen of the world.
      So, they really have nothing to worry about, lol 😉

      P.S. See my bio.


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