Not everyone’s asleep in the US: 70 Years of the Great Victory Florida-Washington DC Road Rally

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Russian: В американском штате Флорида стартовал автопробег, посвященный 70-летию Победы в Великой Отечественной войне и 70-летию встречи советских и американских войск на Эльбе. Участники намерены доехать до Вашингтона, преодолев около 3,2 тыс. км. В семи городах будет роздано около 7 тыс. георгиевских ленточек. Одним из участников пробега стал 84-летний ветеран Великой Отечественной войны Алексей Фарфел.

English: The road rally dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory and to the 70th anniversary of the meeting of the Soviet and American troops on Elba, started in Florida. The goal is to reach Washington DC, a distance of 3,200 km. Seven thousand Georgievskaya Lentochkas (Georgievskaya Bands) will be given away in 7 cities. One of the participants is 84-year-old vet Alexei Farfel.

The symbolic little black and yellow (orange) striped Georgievskaya Band, originates from the coloring of a tiger and denotes courage and memory:

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  1. Excellent. I am heartened to see that some of our people are stepping up to do something that is, LOL, so very American (!) yet honoring of the 70th anniversary of these two great events in our collective history. What a wonderful idea to make gifts of the Georgievskaya Lentochkas! They will make beautiful mementos. (I would love to have one!)

    That they are holding this road rally on their own initiative brings additional well-deserved shame upon the heads of our U.S. government representatives who have refused to make the trip overseas to represent our nation at the festivities to be held there. Every day I become increasingly appalled at the inhuman behavior of the heinous organism that passes itself off as my country’s government.

    I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to RT for showing the news of the rally from Florida to Washington, D.C. to our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world. I am so glad to know they are seeing that we have some good and decent people here as well, not just hideous warmongering politicians and greedy bankers.

    And I thank you also dear Lada, for bringing this news to our attention. Seeing it makes my Heart feel so much better! ;o) XOXO

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  2. Not everyone seems to be asleep in the EU either:

    and on a lighter note, I found this hilarious!

    Of course Putin had a had in that one…….NOT!



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