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 Stats: This report is the size and scope of a small book: 19,500 words, 42 print pages; plus 3 videos

Report contains: in-depth historic, sociological and geopolitical analysis; rare video interviews and latest intel with Lada’s authored translation; personal stories growing up in Ukraine and Russia; juicy inside scoop and new predictions, plus a substantial Reference section.

Report Description

Ukraine’s most powerful oligarchs, their fortunes and more
Spiders in a jar – the Ukraine mafia
The difference between Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs
Inside story: Putin and Russian oligarchs: Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, Prokhorov, Abramovich
How the Kiev oligarchic junta differs from German Nazis
Poroshenko vs Kolomoysky – who won, who lost?
Jewish oligarch “Benya” Kolomoysky and his right-hand man Korban: video admissions to die for
USSR collapse: aftermath, consequences and manipulation
My personal stories growing up in Ukraine and Russia
Who is really pulling the strings?
What is Kolomoysky doing in the US?
Agony of the regime: latest Ukraine killings
US, EU, Ukraine, Novorossia, Donbass, Russian world – what is coming? New predictions
To top it all off! Real source of her russophobia: Victoria Nuland’s adventures in 1982 Soviet Odessa

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  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Congrats on releasing your groundbreaking report Lada! I’m really looking forward to reading the in-depth scoop behind who’s really pulling the strings in Ukraine. I know it’ll be explosive, especially telling is video of the prank phone call – a drunken, loose-lipped oligarch Kolomoysky admitting his criminal role/ activities. Washington payoffs, murder, staged coups and Victoria Nuland! Classic!! 🙂

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  2. Looking forward to reading this report, but it will have to wait until the end of the month! Thank you Lada, for all your hard work!

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  3. I am still reading your report, which is a trove of information.

    I want to contribute with one curious observation. During the recent wave of monument-felling, when several monuments to Lenin were toppled, they were first painted in Ukrainian blue-and-yellow colours. And during toppling there was a scene, when one of the participants was waving an American flag. This image truly underlines the denial of history and the present occupied state of the Ukraine, referenced in two of the quotes from your report:
    “…before Lenin decided to create a separate Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922”
    “The SBU building is notorious for the fact that next to the Ukrainians flag on top of it there is the American flag. The top floor of the building is occupied by the US and NATO advisers, and Ukrainians aren’t allowed there.”

    About Abramovich and Chukotka. You write: “The Chukotka peninsula is one of the easternmost Russian territories, which has been neglected for the past 25 years. There is no oil or gas there and there is a lot of wilderness.” However, according to the Wikipedia article and to some archived articles from AiF, Chukotka is rich in natural resources, such as gold ore, oil and gas, among others, with a total worth of about one trillion dollars. Ill-sayers imply that Abramovich got a lion’s share of that. However, to get to those resources and to make them profitable, a large investment into the infrastructure is first needed, and that’s where the positive conclusions from your report come in. You are spot on in your analysis, as usual. 🙂


    • Thanks, Nemo. I should have qualified that there are no ‘easily accessible natural resources that can be profitted from right away in Chukotka; therefore no big investors came in, like in the nearby Sakhalin.’ I might add that later.
      Cheers and enjoy!


    • Watching documentary “The President” yesterday, and the account of the state Russia was in when Putin got it from Yeltsin, and the resistance Putin had to overcome from oligarchs, before he managed to reign them in, I kept hearing the words of this report. You are truly well-informed.

      Btw, may I suggest that you make Bitcoin donations for ESRs possible?


      • Thanks, Nemo. The story of the oligarch resistance and how they threatened Putin was supposed to be a part of my Putin Enigma ESR – I’ve known it since forever. Shoot, they beat me to it! Just kidding 😉 It’s fine anyway – the more people learn about it the better. But many more Putin stories to come that will be real revelations!

        I want to create the BTC donation button. Have that on my list, I know I promised since last year to my readers. My tech guru/helper has been traveling on business. As soon as he’s back, I’ll get on his case about the Bitcoin button.


    • One more resonating fragment from the interview with Putin in the recently-aired documentary. In your report you write:”What Stratfor’s (shadow CIA) George Friedman says, that ‘US doesn’t want to destroy Russia but just wound it a little,’ is very disgusting as is, but it is BS nevertheless, meant to lull Russians into a false sense of security. US aims to destroy Russia as a country, if Russia gives it this chance.”

      In the interview Putin said, that he was told by many worlds leaders that at the turn of the century it was understood that Russia was finished as a single state, and the only question that remained was of the consequences (of the partitioning).


  4. This report is full of lots of material that you won’t find elsewhere. From a revealing story about Victoria Nuland in Odessa as an exchange student, to how Putin pressures oligarchs to make amends for some of their crimes, to a discussion of how the oligarch Kholomoisky was led into a long series of fake Skype calls. Good stuff.

    The Ukrainian crisis has the elements of so many things, but perhaps not so much material in English talks about the psychological angle. There are scars from how the USSR ended. Then the people were thrown into an environment with corrupt oligarchs and practically Western control. A tragic situation came out of what could have been done so much better.

    But this report is primarily about the oligarchs. Who they are and what makes them tick. Not a pretty sight, but Lada manages to make a discussion of these snakes and sharks interesting. As she says, they are now spiders in a jar. And the whole society is sinking. Let us hope that her predictions for a gradual recovery of most of the country in the next few years come true. So far, she has been pretty accurate in seeing how things would play out.

    Definitely worth reading.


  5. I want to commend you Lada on a remarkable report. The donation I made was well worth it. I encourage all of your readers to donate whatever they can to read it. If the situation in Ukraine regarding the oligarchs wasn’t so serious and outright murderous it could be comical. You’re right about it being an insane asylum. All of these oligarchs are completely useless human beings and they have zero to offer their nation. They just steal, rob the nation of its resources and sell out to the US. They grovel before power and money. They are truly disgusting human beings. They are the worst of the worst. I always had an intuition that no matter how bad the Russian oligarchs were they were cub scouts in comparison to their Ukrainian ilk. Now your report really proved what I felt. It’s very heartwarming to know that most of the Russian oligarchs who got Soviet industry and resources on pennies for the dollar have actually redeemed themselves by behaving like Russian patriots. But I agree completely with you regarding the Ukrainian version. There’s no hope for them. They’ll have to be defeated and their booty taken away from them and given to the people.

    A wise friend of mine told me of a universal law or principle. It goes like this. A force overcoming resistance creates light. An incandescent light bulb lights up because the wire inside of the vacuum has resistance so that when electrical current flows through it light is produced. Friction causes sparks. Likewise when people encounter resistance and struggle they become mature human beings and light up spiritually. If children are given everything even into their adulthood, then they become spoiled and don’t grow emotionally and spiritually. Because they don’t encounter resistance to overcome their growth is stilted. Everything is done for them. Likewise nations behave like individuals. Following this logic and inspired by your report here are a very very short generalities of four nations.

    Ukraine – After World War II Ukraine was the favorite child of the USSR and was given preferential treatment. Because of this the people became lazy, spoiled and had this feeling of entitlement. In fact Kruschev gave Ukraine the Crimea which was always Russian. The Ukrainians didn’t have to overcome adversity and challenge and thus no resistance>light. They are now facing extreme poverty, a completely ruined economy and slavery to the US. But now they will have to overcome adversity and by struggling will become a shining light, throw out the US and become again a member of the Russian family.

    Russia – By overcoming the terrible decade of the ’90’s when the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia now under President Putin has made a comeback all on their own and is a shining light for the whole world. Ukraine is the exact opposite of Russia at the present time. Ukraine as you said is the dark shadow of Russia’s light. Russia is resisting the US/EU/Nato on many fronts including military, currency warfare, sanctions and information war and thus their light is getting brighter and brighter as they resist and succeed.

    China – Similar to Russia they overcame extreme hardship under Mao and the cultural revolution of the 1960’s and their light is shining like Russia’s.

    United States – It is a spoiled child in the extreme, basically pathological. The leading elite are used to getting their way internationally and despise any nation that offers resistance. Instead of accepting resistance and light they destroy any country that gets in their way. Thus they bring darkness. It is the direct opposite of Russia. The ruling financial elite doesn’t have to struggle but instead they steal the wealth of the whole nation. In addition to this the people, especially the young generation, are infused with a sense of entitlement. Ukraine presently is what the US will become.

    Thank you again for a very illuminating research report. I’m looking forward to you next ones.


  6. Lada, just letting you know about another translation that I finished, and which you may find useful in your future posts. The article contains a very poignant map of Ukraine pertaining to Lenin’s present to Ukraine of 1922.


  7. Lada, the fragment about Vicky explains so much about the nature of this petty-minded person. Interestingly, even before reading this I felt that the best fictional character representing her, is Rowling’s depiction of Dolores Umbridge. I wonder what childhood experience formed other such women in power: Condolessa Rice, Madelein Albright, Hillary Clinton, Grete Faremo (the last one is from the Norwegian political landscape).

    I would urge you to publish this tidbit as a separate open article, so that it reaches the widest possible audience. And, after all, it is not so much about the oligarch wars, as about the forces forming of the US’ foreign policy…


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