LRL 11. Germans Are Coming to Crimea (in German w. English/Russian subs)

This post is part of my 70 YEARS OF THE GREAT VICTORY MARATHON

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LadaRayLive 11. Germans Are Coming to Crimea (in German w. English/Russian subs) – my authored English translation.

Some in Germany are awake…and singing. Two spunky German retirees didn’t believe Western MSM and decided to see for themselves what’s really going on in Crimea. ‘Around Crimea in 20 days’ cycling tour and a cool song that went viral, were born. The tour (May 9 – 29, 2015) is planned to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII over fascism, which will be celebrated on May 9 everywhere in Russia and many other countries. It will be celebrated with a great parade in Sevastopol, where our German friends will begin their tour. Want to join? You are invited – more in the video.


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  1. What a great video, love it! Good song too!

    Ich wünsche euch beiden eine gute Reise!



  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    *WOW* this is so awesome, thanks for translating Lada! 😀


  3. Dieses ist oberste satire! Ich liebe es!
    (This is satire supreme! I love it!)

    But meanwhile, back on the Siberia ranch, big trouble is flaming up thanks to the climate engineering psychos hiding in the shadows:

    Formerly Frozen Siberia Is Exploding Into Flames

    Siberia Is Already Experiencing Mid-Summer Temperatures And Major Wildfires


  4. Finally, it is people like you who are awakening us and people who want to find out the truth and not believe the news MSM throws at as I hope people like you lead us into the new light of humanity.


  5. Thanks Les, this is serious stuff. I wonder, Lada, what you think of all this. What is happening in Siberia and who or what is behind it? I looked at California too, the drought there is thought to be man made in order to “prepare” the state for GMO’s. Is there no stopping these people?


    • I think that HAARP and chemtrails are a very serious health and climate disturbance danger, but awareness of that is too low in society for a meaningful action/protest. GMO is better because humans can touch it, so they can relate better. HAARP is too nebulous for many to grasp.

      That’s why we can only try and protect ourselves individually.

      But not all this weather anomaly is from humans. There is also a disturbance in the Mother Earth – she is unhappy how humans are treating her and planet’s wildlife, and she is protesting. This is a very grave issue indeed. It’s very open-ended and it may end badly if humans don’t wake up on time.

      This is my warning and prediction.

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