Canada Represents a Reservoir of Support for Ukrainian Nazis

Hi Lada: Just found a disturbing article on Canada & Ukraine Neo-Nazis. It covers a number of facts which were totally unknown to me. Needless to say, I am not impressed with the actions the Canadian gvt is taking in my name, and on behalf of Canadians!! The picture is now crystal clear.

Blessings! Johanna

Canada Represents a Reservoir of Support for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

Lada says:

Sadly, Canada has been one of the main sources of support for ukro-nazis, who in the 20th century were exclusively concentrated in western Ukraine (Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Rovno oblasts – usually referred to together as Galichina and Volin’).

Do you want to know where else the Ukrainian Bandera-nazis concentrated after WWII?

The answer is connected to the following questions. Why is Canada so hands-on about a country located half the world away? What’s in it for Canada?

We had discussed it in previous articles, but it’s worth repeating. There is a huge, and I mean huge, population of western Ukraine nazis in Canada. There is one in the USA, but much smaller, especially on per capita basis. For the small population of Canada, ukro-nazis constitute a significant percentage capable of influencing the country’s policies.

There are three main factors defining the interference of Canada in Ukraine:

1. Hitler allies – Bandera and Shukhevich followers from western Ukraine, who escaped from the Nuremberg Tribunal after their defeat in WWII, were given asylum in Canada. These mass murderers and their heirs settled down, bought land and became Canadian citizens. They had been planning their revenge on Russia ever since.

2. Canada’s elites are pro-US neocons and NWO supporters. They are working as one unit with the US; in fact, they are a department of the US government, thus turning Canada into USA’s 51st state.

US and Canada governments are happy to unleash ukro-nazis of Canada and Ukraine on the unsuspecting country, allowing them to fulfil their long-cherished revenge plans against Russia. The overriding goal of the US is to hurt Russia in any way possible and ukro-nazis are perfect for this role.

But who is using whom? US, Canada and ukro-nazis all use each other for their own ugly motives.

3. Canada shale gas interests hoped, a hope all but evaporated by now, that they could have a lucrative fracking business in Ukraine. This point is connected to Nos. 1 and 2. The shale gas and oil interests in Canada often belong to western Ukrainians, and they work closely with US shale gas interests and US government.

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After Ukraine became ‘independent’ in 1991, a systematic resettlement of western Ukrainians from Volyn’ and Galichina began. They often settled, hugging lucrative real estate, in the most well-to-do cities of Ukraine, such as Odessa and Kiev. Another way of diluting the population with ukro-nazi ideas was to accept to colleges mostly western Ukrainians. The majority of Ukraine colleges are concentrated in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov.

These young and aggressive people from western Ukraine became the foundation for the Kiev euro-maidan and citizen intimidation around the country. For example, half of the Russian-speaking Odessa student population is from Ukrainian-speaking western Ukraine. When I say Ukrainian-speaking, we are talking very mixed and far from the true literary Ukrainian.

It came to the point that Odessans regularly complain they get passed for college acceptance, despite better grades, in favor of someone from Galichina. Odessa is one of the most international cities in the world, where 70 different nationalities have always lived in peace and cooperation. Odessa and the surrounding areas have no concept of nationalism. Therefore, if locals complain, the problem has become overwhelming. Odessa has a very large student population and since last year, these ‘students’ from western Ukraine became the force that intimidated citizens and burned people alive on Kulikovo Polie. The western Ukraine student population of Kiev is even larger, which explains how so many warm bodies were found for the euro-maidan.

It has finally dawned on the residents of Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov that they are experiencing a full-scale invasion of people alien to them, with alien ideals, nourished and supported by alien forces from across the Atlantic. Locals had no chance against these younger, well-financed, well-trained and very aggressive specimens. Not only that, it is now becoming more and more clear that the invasion and takeover of Kiev and South and East of Ukraine was pre-meditated and well-planed.

Let me tell you something that has become clear to me some time ago: this was in the making for many years. The process began after Gorbachev came to power in 1985, but it picked up speed in the 1990s, and especially, 2000s. The 2004 ‘orange revolution’ was planned by the US and ‘orange revolutionaries’ Yushenko, Poroshenko and Timoshenko to be the dividing point between the past and the present. The peaceful ‘orange coup’ was organized to unseat what US perceived as Yanukovich’s pro-Russian regime. It must be what passes for pro-Russian in Ukraine.

However, they were unable to hold on to power; Yanukovich again won elections in 2008.

In fact, Yanukovich was never pro-Russian – he was pro-his-own-profit and pro-oligarch. His money and the money of his children that they managed to steal from the country was mostly held in the West. Same is true for his oligarch buddies. This made Yanukovich and oligarchs dependent, if not subservient, to the West. By threatening their assets, the West was able to manipulate them into signing the EU association agreement, until Yanukovich unexpectedly hit the back pedal.

There is no way around that conclusion, however you slice it. Yanukovich was never pro-Russian and he was just tolerated by Russians since in the land of the blind one-eyed man is king. But Yanukovich was pragmatic enough to see when he was going to lose no matter what.

He was the one who dragged the country towards EU association; he was the one who allowed further spread of ukro-nazi ideas and heroisation of Bandera and Shukhevich. The one thing he did right was refusing to sign the EU association agreement when he realised he was being set up. Yanukovich was groomed for the role of a fall guy when he rightly refused to sign the kind of agreement that would destroy the country’s economy. He was supposed to go down the same way as Gaddafi.

That’s when the signal for the years-in-the-making violent coup was given. Violence was necessary to get the population of the country into a state of fear and shock. The second reason for extreme violence and blatantly illegal transfer of power to the Kiev junta was needed to provoke Russia into interfering militarily, after which Russia would have been painted as aggressor, all of West’s economic relations with Russia would be cut off, Russia would be isolated not only by Western Europe, and especially Germany, but also from her usual allies, such as the BRICS, SCO and Customs Union (Belarus and Kazakhstan). Finally, an anti-Russian coalition could be built and WWIII against Russia could be declared. This was the plan, which depending on circumstances was supposed to be executed partially or fully.

There were a number of forces that worked in tight cooperation and coordination on this plan. Among them were: USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Brussels EU elites, Lithuania and other Baltics, Romania; various Kiev stooges and direct CIA/State Dept agents, such as Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klichko, Nalivaichenko; Ukraine oligarchs, such as Kolomoysky; and of course ukro-nazis, such as the ‘right sector’, ‘svoboda’ and others.

The plan never came to fruition due to the wise actions by Putin and Russia. My readers will recall that I predicted that Russia would under NO circumstances send troops to Ukraine, and instead, would slowly remold the situation in her favor using peaceful and quiet means. See PREDICTIONS. This is exactly what has been happening. I also wrote about that and more in:  Striking Geopolitical Similarities: Georgian War – Beijing2008 and Ukraine – Sochi2014.

I understand how Johanna feels. Canada used to pride itself for being a country that kept its independent and neutral stance despite pressure from the big neighbor to the south. It’s disturbing to find out how deep they have their claws into Ukraine and how tightly they work with the US.

It’s natural for most people to give other humans the benefit of the doubt. Most of us don’t think like villains do; we want to believe in the goodness of mankind.

The problem is that when we see, hear and speak no evil, those evil forces we don’t want to see, do despicable things behind our backs. Bad things happen when good people are silent.

This is why the truth is the most important commodity at this time. All their hideous and ugly deeds have to come to light so people know how our reality is being manipulated.

We have known for a while that Ukrainians were subverted systematically through Soros history books, which re-wrote history for children right in front of their parents’ eyes. It was, and continues being done, through Western-trained and sponsored MSM. Another thing that has come to my attention is this: it turns out that Ukraine colleges and schools are full of teachers from Canada, the majority of whom are former western Ukrainians from the pro-Bandera stock. They arrive for one purpose only: to re-program the kids.

Has it worked? In some areas it has, temporarily and partially. However, people are awakening. Odessa and Kiev had multi-thousand rallies to protest against violence and to commemorate the May 2, 2014 burning of people on Kulikovo Polie. People showed up despite intimidation and danger of personal attacks. This made me very happy. Odessa didn’t die on May 2, 2014. It’s just waiting for the right moment to act! So is Kiev.

Videos of May 2, 2015 protests:

Kiev, 5,000 protesters came out with slogans, “Kiev remembers Odessa” and pictures of the Kulikovo Polie victims and recently killed journalists/politicians, asking: “Who is next?” People chant: ‘gan’ba,’ which means ‘shame.’ Link: Киев помнит об Одессе! Не простим!

Odessa: May 2 rally on Kulikovo Polie. People had to go through a very stringent security procedure. Guards confiscated Georgievskaya Lentochkas (traditional Russian Bands of St. George) now banned in Ukraine. ‘There is a dangerous quantity of invaders per square meter.’ Invasion of the Russian Hero-City Odessa 2014-2015 (background song: ‘Odessa, My Beloved City’). Link: Оккупация русского города-героя Одессы. People chant: ‘fascists.’ Slogan: ‘Poroshenko out.’ Someone actually sneaked this slogan in – they were taking them away at the entrance to the square. Thousands showed up for the rally. The troops you see in the footage were shipped in beforehand from western Ukraine. The burned down House of the Unions on Kulikovo Polie still hasn’t been rebuilt.

Related: RT reporter Paula Slier forced to flee Ukraine after death threats.

In the end, all the efforts and billions spent for the subversion of Ukraine will come to naught. Recall my timeline for the major shift in Ukraine: 2016-2018 (more in PREDICTIONS). Big changes are coming – and not only in that part of the world. Get ready!

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  1. Thanks Lada! This historic perspective makes Canada’s backing of the illuminati gangster, Putro Puppet Porkoshenko regime much clearer.

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  2. Hi Lada,

    a most interesting and incisive report. I agree that eventually what is left of the Ukraine will turn towards Russia, since the US and EU will have nothing to offer other than war and debt slavery.

    When are you publishing your next in-depth earth shifter reports? Oligarch wars was very insightful, and I am really looking forward to your next report, Game of Rubles.



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  3. You are a multi-national treasure. Think how stupid people would be without this. Now they have a true choice of what to think. No excuses of ignorance.

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  4. Thank you Lada, excellent article! Harper was here in NL for the May 5 Freedom Day Celebrations, sitting next to queen Maxima front row at the Freedom-concert last night…..I was wondering what he was doing up there, but of course a lot of Canadians helped free the Netherlands in WWII….nevertheless it seems that NL is giving to much credit to this person…not looking further “than their noses are long” as we say in Dutch!

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  5. This has surely to stoked outrage of all related banksters and ukro-gangsters. Small wonder why they are building up for ‘something big’.
    “Donetsk Republic Nationalizes Banks, Draws Ire Of NATO and World Banking Cartel”

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  6. Our Crime Minister Harper is only looking for votes in the up and coming election.I do hope he goes down .It will take some time to undo the damage he has done to our country .


  7. The West, especially the US and Canada, have taken in a large number of anti-Communist or anti-Russian immigrants. They were groomed for going back and taking over, which is what happened in the Ukraine, and somewhat happened in other countries.

    In addition, propaganda and mind control have made tremendous strides since WWII. But I suspect a big problem in the Ukraine that is fairly serious in the West as well is that decent people feel it is helpless. Good people get shot or set up, and the scum rises to the top. So people in Novorossiya stayed out of politics or cultural affairs, and all that was left was the professionals of the Soros type. And there was no outside force creating decent or pro-Russian politicians or groups.

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    • Perfect summary, Paul. Exactly what happened.
      Another thing that happened is that stronger leaders and better thinkers left that artificial country giving up on it, as discussed in Oligarch Wars. They were leaving for the past 25 years, moving to Moscow or to US and EU, or even Pridnestrovie. Those who were still left by 2013 were chased out or killed by 2015. Who is left? Good question…
      At the same time, sometimes it’s necessary to let the masses experience hardship and see for themselves what happens if they give up and if they expect someone else to solve their problems. This is what tests the true spirit of the people and makes them wake up.

      Ukraine will be the most interesting case study of this decade and beyond; it’ll help teach the rest of humans what to do and what to never do. By mid-20s there will be no country called Ukraine – it will be called something else. And people there will start breathing easier. They will recall their roots and completely change direction. Ironically, they will have US, Canada, EU and Poland to thank for their awakening because in 3D reality some people can only understand the good by comparing it to the bad – by contrast.

      You know, the usually pretty valuable real estate in Odessa fell in value by 2-3 times since maidan. And tourists from Russia, US and Israel stopped coming. They are only expecting western Ukraine tourists this year, who are the only ones to have money to spend from Western grants, payoffs and ATO ops/robbing Donbass.
      Irony? Disaster -and the price for being asleep for the past 20 odd years.


  8. Thank you so much Lada for more historical background.

    I am just seeing your reply now. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction!
    Of course none of these facts ever come up in our mainstream media or history books.
    As you say, thankfully truth is having its own momentum and we will see more and more unveiled.

    On another subject, I am currently reading a book which is part of the series ‘Ringing Cedars’ and it constantly reminds me of your writing. Have a look at page 161:

    it goes into the ancient history of the VedicRus and how it was totally erased from history by the Roman Church and their mercenaries. And it also goes into how Moscow is much, much older than what history tells us. Fortunately the author gives us several references, well the little bit that has not been destroyed.

    Thanks again Lada!

    Click to access Book_7_The_Energy_Of_Life.pdf


  9. Speaking of Waffen SS Nazis living in Canada and Ottawa’s selective listening!!

    Russia seeks extradition of alleged Nazi war criminal living in Quebec

    Russian authorities are asking Canada to extradite an alleged war criminal of Ukrainian ancestry who’s lived here for more than 60 years, a request that appears designed to embarrass Ottawa while relations with Moscow remain frosty over President Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.

    On Friday, the Harper government refused to address the request and instead immediately shifted the topic back to to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

    Jewish groups have long urged the deportation of Mr. Katriuk, a former member of a Ukrainian battalion of the Waffen SS, the elite Nazi troops, and they increased their demands for action in recent years after new scholarly research that appears to tie him to a 1943 massacre of villagers in Belarus, a former Soviet republic.


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