New Exclusive Video Earth Shift Report 4. ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS


Intro by Lada Ray

The United States of America undoubtedly has the largest, best equipped and best financed army in the world. USA spends more on military than the rest of the world combined. USA seems to dominate in every type of conventional warfare, be it on land, air, or sea.

Per the accepted global geopolitical theory, world powers are divided into sea, hybrid and land ones. USA today, like the British Empire before it, is the dominant sea power. As is fitting for such super-power, USA’s Navy is the most powerful, and by far the largest, in the world. Until recently, the US Navy, it seemed, owned our planet’s oceans and seas.

Since mid-2000s a rumor circulated that the reason US never attacked Iran from the sea was because they knew Russia could disable the entire US Navy fleet. What mysterious weapon could have been used for such purpose?

While usually Russian defence programs are very secretive, recently, Russia started coming out publicly with more and more breakthrough designs, such as the world’s most advanced Armata tank first presented during the May 9, 2015 Victory Day parade on Red Square.

For a few years now, some Russian politicians have been urging the government to reveal new designs so that the West wouldn’t get any ideas about attacking Russia, like it happened in 1941. The need to make them understand that Russian Army is fully ready to defend the country became especially pressing after the USA and EU’s direct interference in Ukraine, including supplies of weapons, mercenaries and military advisors. As the smell of potential new world war intensified, Russia made a decision to begin showcasing the technology that was kept under wraps all these years.

As my readers and listeners know, I have predicted in the beginning of 2014 that Russia would NOT send any troops to Ukraine, instead ‘gradually remolding the situation in her favor using all quiet and peaceful means at her disposal.’ I said that there would be NO direct confrontation between USA and Russia and that there would be NO hot World War III. I also said back then that the hidden global war would continue raging, be it diplomatically, economically, financially, electronically, or as spy and propaganda war.

This is exactly how the situation has been developing for the past one and a half years. It will continue developing the same way, until the massive EARTH SHIFT we are going through is complete (read more in PREDICTIONS).

Some call it a hybrid war. I call it 4D warfare.

It is beyond the fully incarnated, physical 3D reality. It’s often fought by computer geeks, masterminds, and invisible operators. It can only be gleaned if you know behind which curtain the wizard is hiding.

One of the main reasons the world will NOT go through the physical carnage of another devastating world war is Russian preparedness. This is the best deterrent against any possible aggressor. It falls to Russia, as the Great Balancer of our planet, to become the Sacred Shield and Sword against any global aggression.

As such, Russia always has to be ready. This is why the image of a soldier, protector and Defender of the Motherland, is so important to Russians.

We all recall the strange case of the USS Donald Cook, dubbed ‘Donald Duck,’ which had to urgently retire from the vicinity of the Crimea and the Black Sea after it was buzzed by the mysterious Russian device called KHIBINY, rendering the world’s most sophisticated electronic AEGIS system onboard helpless. What is referred to as KHIBINY is an older Soviet device. If you know about KHIBINY, believe me, you know nothing yet!

In this program we will see for ourselves how target cloning works; how Russian subs confuse and disable attack and spy planes; how a single, ordinary-looking all-terrain vehicle can create an invisible shield to protect the entire city against blanket rocket fire; how to make ballistic missiles explode before they reach target, or better yet, how to prevent them from taking off in the first place, thus rendering any missile system obsolete; how a bullet-proof vest could make the bullet change its trajectory and how a target can vanish from radars.

The program includes Russian Army’s inside footage and, until recently top-secret, demos and live tests; interviews with designers; until recently classified, real names of producers and real names of new Russian weapons, designs of the future, and much, much more!

What appeals to me most is that all designs and weapons you will see are of defensive, or non-offensive, nature. These are not aggressive attack weapons most military documentaries might showcase.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that they all seem straight out of Star Trek or a movie about aliens.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to two episodes. One mentions “an undisclosed conflict several years ago.” Per the narrator, throughout that conflict, the Russian army didn’t lose a single plane or helicopter, despite incessant blanket fire from the adversary’s BUK systems. What conflict are they talking about? And how did they avoid any losses?

KHIBINY and the Donald Cook episode are also mentioned, while some interesting details are revealed.

But why don’t you find out for yourself!

Click to watch this video report!

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Video program stats: Length 40 minutes.
In Russian, with English subtitles. Authored opening article, English translation, English annotations and ESR trademark: COPYRIGHT Lada Ray. CLICK to read full copyright notice!



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  1. I just watched ESR4 and… WOW. This is right out of Star Trek. Imagine what their offensive stuff is like. I’m glad Putin is running this show and not somebody like…. well, you know :). I wonder what was going through the heads of the Joint Chiefs when they watched this. You can bet this information will not filter down to the troops.

    5 STARS

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  2. I also just watched the video. I think this is the best translation work you have ever done, Lada.

    I finally understand why the USA did not invade Crimea and directly attack Syria and Iran. Typically, when the American government attacks, like a violent reptile, it attacks ruthlessly and kills without mercy. Only a greater threat will have deterred the psychopaths that control America

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  3. I would really like to view this video and share on facebook and my Blog, but was not granted access following my donation. Americans are being fed so much disinformation.


    • Hi dear Nancy,

      Paypal is supposed to take you diectly to the report page. If you can’t access the report after you’ve donated: one of the potential problems may be your Pop-up blocker or Adguard, if you have them on. Please make sure you have disabled these on your computer when you donate and access the report.

      I am forwarding the report’s direct link to the email (pathway…) you used for the donation. Please make sure you bookmark the report so you could access it again later. But please note that the video is copyrighted and connot be reposted. However, links to the general ESR page and/or report donation page are very welcome!

      Should you have any other problems – just let us know. Thanks 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on The Way of Love Blog and commented:
    President Putin is releasing information on Russian technology in order to maintain peace. He has not and will not be pushed into attacking anyone, but he will defend Russia if attacked. The only language the secret government understands is that of power. This video reveals the power of Russia to disable weaponry as seen by the US Navy in the Black Sea in the USS Donald Cook incident..

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  5. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Lada, this is an amazing video report!! The best offense is an intelligent defense… and peacekeepers of this day and age speak softly and carry a big stick! The alien tech is outta this world, HA!! 😀

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  6. Thanks for sending me a link to the video, Lada! May this technology bring peace to our planet!


  7. agent provocateur

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.


  8. Mary Carmel News

    Am I missing the video? Or is it a purchase? MC 🙂


  9. Lada,

    This fits perfectly with the information I’ve seen on different sites concerning both the Donald Cook and that Putin is well in the know of much much more.

    Iran has also advanced weapons I think developed by the Keshe Foundation, this tech brought one of the US most advanced drones down some year ago without a scratch on it.

    This is very interesting cause officially the US with Obama and especially John Karry are back peddling from the Iran nuclear issue with one hand but arming the Saudis to the teeth while the Saudis and the Israelis are funding the havoc with ISIS together with other US proxys.

    The Israelis are terrified cause they’ve already tried to nuke Syria without success thanx to Russian and maybe Iran.

    Just let the video and above information sink in and you can easily see the panic surrounding the old world order… everywhere.. !!

    On another note I had to friends to the family visiting during the weekend from Germany (actually former Eastern Germany).

    We discussed the conscious shift just before the fall of the Wall.. and how similar that feeling was with the feeling now just before the visible shift… people could sense it but not see it.. then on a national micro level but this time it is on a global scale macro level..

    We also discussed STRATFOR and a think tank discussion about how the US with all means wanted to prevent the Germans and Russians to come together cause that would be the end of their days.. they where succesfull by creating both WWI-WWII which did split Europe apart and also built the Iron Curtain… keeping Russia from influencing the majority of the West. They actually funded the Bolshevic revolution also which few people know.. so they had Russia by the balls in any case.. but this has drastically changed thanx to Putin seeing through the oligarcs and corruption.

    Will watch the video now.. !

    TY for the subtitles Lada…

    Hugs Ollie

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  10. The video is making a hit with the people in the US … being shared numerous times on facebook! This is Memorial Day weekend in the US. 🙂


  11. The IGNORANCE that the alleged puppet masters have been shoving down peoples throat is eventually biting them back… BIG TIME…what an irony.. and karmic boomerang.. <3<3<3


  12. Nearly 1 month later, this pops up as further confirmation. Recall the 2012 downing, capture and reverse-engineering of US drone, to wit.

    Russian ‘Microwave Cannon’ To Kill Drones Up To 10 km

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