Emails emerge of alleged George Soros involvement in Ukrainian conflict

Not that it’s news to anyone that #Soros’s greedy claws and corrupt mind have been leached onto #Ukraine along with those of his neocon friends #Nuland, #McCain and others, but it’s nice to see a clear, tangible proof in the form of emails.

Ukrainian hacker group #CyberBerkut claims to have emails revealing billionaire George Soros’s close involvement in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia over the past year. In these emails, Soros provides anti-Russian ‘counseling’ and political/financial advice to the Kiev junta and US governments, as well as NATO. He allegedly advises US to provide lethal military hardware to Ukraine and NATO to train Ukraine troops on Romanian territory. He also advises to manipulate the perception of financial stability in the region.



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  1. No surprise to me either Lada. Good to have this confirmation of what we always knew. Thanks for posting.
    In my view his Open Society NGO piggybacks neoliberal ideology on marginal faux human rights issues to manipulate local populations. It is a sophisticated psyop.


  2. I know of very sick stuff Soros is doing,now evidence of thus plea bargain for to Siberia behind very high dark walls with his finger in someone’s belt loop.


  3. The bottom line for me is that Soros is a reptoid and his main purpose is to kill as many of us as he can.


  4. So what is your reading of him? He seems more in the darkness than Merkel.

    In any case, Russia has been aware of him for along time – his groups have been important in all the color revolutions and were a key part in the coup in Kiev. So Russia just has to do whatever it is they have planned for dealing with him.


    • Soros is bad news and pitch dark – not a single, even tiny piece of anything light in his aura and soul. He, as someone correctly commented above, is a full-fledged reptilian of the negative kind. In US, UK and Brussels many of those in power are reptilians. Merkel is a ‘pussy cat’ compared to him.

      P.S. Hope you got my link to ESR4: Alien Tech & New Russian Weapons.



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