Greferendum, Greek Default and Grexit. Lada Ray Predictions

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Greferendum, Greek Default and Grexit. Lada Ray Predictions

(LadaRayLive 16 episode)

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As we know, Greece is in technical default on its 1.5 bln euro payment to the IMF/EU creditors. Experts tell us that this could snowball, with Greece going into default on all its debt, which is over $350 bln. If Greece defaults on its entire debt obligation, it will send huge shocks through the world financial system and will seriously undermine Eurozone and Germany.

This is why Greece’s negotiation position isn’t that hopeless. They have aces up their sleeve. EU can’t afford Greece’s total default, neither can it really afford Grexit. US cannot afford Greek default either, because it can signal the beginning of the end of the whole dollar-based empire.

The national referendum announced by the ruling Syriza party on the future of Greece is to take place on July 5th. Greek PM Tsipras urges people to vote ‘no’ to creditor demands, in order to improve his negotiating position.

My prediction: The Greek referendum will deliver the majority NO vote to austerity and creditor demands.

The fact that creditors didn’t give an extension to Greece so people could vote, instead squeezing the country on June 30th, is very telling. I wonder, what happened to the supposed ‘democracy’ the West is so proud of? How democratic is it to sabotage the Greek national referendum – a true voice of the people?

First, it’s clear double standards: Greece, a member of the EU, is treated as an unloved, unwanted child by the EU and IMF. IMF, of course, represents the interests of the US and EU, where US rules supreme.

At the same time, IMF’s Christine Lagarde tells us that Ukraine, not a member of the EU, will continue receiving IMF loan tranches, even if it defaults on sovereign debt it owes Russia. This is in direct violation of the IMF laws.

So, the West is now in violation of both self-professed cornerstones of its society: democracy and law.

Do you know how empires die? That’s how – they implode on themselves, confused and in denial. We are observing a slow disintegration of the Western (US-EU) empire. This is the time when only the blind and the unscrupulous don’t see that the king is naked.

Second, and most importantly, the difference in position on Ukraine and Greece by the IMF and EU is clearly geopolitical in nature and has absolutely nothing to do with economy. The common denominator in both is the country’s relationship with Russia.

The present Kiev junta in Ukraine is supported because it’s at loggerheads with Russia, yelling and screaming on every corner that Russia attacked them. No one believes that, but this narrative is diligently parroted by the Western MSM, nevertheless.

This has to be expected, if whistleblower journalists from countries such as Ukraine and Germany come out with revelations that they are given the text of what to say in their reports – a text written at the US embassy – and told not to deviate from it. A well-known Kiev journalist Oles’ Buzina was recently killed after the publicly revealed that his publication was forced to print false information based on the US embassy in Kiev script. German whistleblower journalists who have revealed that the entire journalism profession in Germany is sold-out to the US, doing only USA’s bidding, are forced to go into hiding because of threats.

Greece is shunned and squeezed because it dares to have good relations with Russia, speak up against anti-Russian sanctions and participate in Turkish Stream project.

I talked about the geopolitics and economics of Turkish Stream in my previous episode: Macedonia Coup Attempt – War Against Russia & China (LadaRayLive 12).


You know my prediction about Greece: it will exit the EU by 2017. In my original prediction, which you can find in Secret Connection: Russian Gas to Turkey-Greek Election-EU Breakup (LadaRayLive 6) and my FT articles, I said that the reason it will take some time is because the relationship with the EU is so complex that it will take some time to untangle.

We already see that the energy is moving in the direction of Grexit. But it won’t happen yet. Greece and EU will be delaying it for now. The most important mark for Grexit will be the completion of Turkish Stream. Grexit will happen close to that date – this is the date to watch!

Of course, due to the importance of Turkish Stream for so many reasons, it will be sabotaged by the US, EU and Germany. It will be a difficult going, as I said in the previous episode. But it will be done.

From this perspective, it’s more beneficial for Greece and all other parties involved, including Russia, if Greece agrees to certain conditions by creditors and stays low for now. Direct confrontation with the EU will only make them sabotage Turkish Stream more forcefully.

For now, Greek debt will have to be a compromise, where EU will give some and Greece will, too. There is indication that that’s what Greek PM Tsipras is doing.

To conclude: will eventual Grexit cause a domino effect all over the EU? Yes, it would. However, it won’t be fast. I see it as a slow and gradual process, taking years and lots of negotiations.

For the next few years, the make-or-break moments of reckoning to watch are: completion of Nord Stream-2, Turkish Stream, discontinuing of gas transit to EU via Ukraine, and a change of power in Ukraine, accompanied with gradual weakening of the US. The timeline for all this is 2016-2019, with most events taking place between 2017-2019. US weakening will continue after 2019.

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Greferendum, Greek Default and Grexit. Lada Ray Predictions

(LadaRayLive 16 episode)


Putin’s Gambit: Germany To Replace Ukraine as Russian Gas Transiter (LadaRayLive 15)

The Greek Dilemma: Between Russia and EU. PREDICTIONS by Lada Ray

P.S. I’ll be taking a few days off this weekend to meditate and relax (I’ll be checking in for emails and comments). Have a great weekend, all! See you next week!



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  1. Thank you Lada for this great article and have a great weekend! “Keep Calm, Meditate!”

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  2. Your timeline of Greece leaving the Euro sounds realistic. However there are so many black swans over head that can really speed up this process. Look at the news that Puerto Rico is bankrupt and can’t pay back their debt. This news came out of the blue. New events, which seem to be proliferating, can mess up your timeline. It may get to the point that neither the masters of the universe nor the president of Greece will be able to control events. Right now both sides, the Eurocrat dictators and Tsipras seem to be in control but that can change in a heartbeat. Right on the heels of Greece is the bankrupt countries of Spain, Italy and even France which have much larger economies.

    We’re in unchartered waters here. The way the Eurozone was setup is secret and therefore we don’t know if there’s even a mechanism to let a country escape. It’s really an absurd situation and anything can happen. Hold on to your seatbelts.

    Great analysis.

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  3. Destruction will be the legacy of the Confederate States of America known officially as the USA. Chaos and misery is all that seems to give meaning to these deadheads existence Dark Ages is their idea of Paradise.


  4. The common view is that the EU has to be harsh as Spain and Italy would be next, and then the money would become substantial. Not saying that is true, but it is a common view. Just put yourself in the shoes of a mafia loanshark. Also, I think Syriza and Tsipras are trying hard to stay friends with Europe, and not actually lean towards Russia or China much. After all, the destruction of Greece started five years ago, which was before the Turkish Stream seemed possible. The irony is that the EU is eating its own.

    Another angle is that one can argue that the US is trying to destabilize Europe. It isn’t just the Ukraine. Again, not saying this is the case, but it is possible. The free trade deal the US wants would really harm Europe, so that is one example of this attitude. One could make the case that trying to blow up many countries in North Africa and the Middle East is bound to lead to millions of poor refugees, which is a big problem in a struggling Europe. Perhaps good for the US.

    Tsipras and Syriza already had agreed to some pretty lousy terms, but the goal of the EU is to smash them or cause a split in the party. This may be likely at some point as any deal is going to be bad, and be a bitter pill for more leftish parts of Syriza. If you get a deal that is no better than what the parties a year or two could have gotten, the disappointment will build over time.

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  5. I agree with all of you here, and it will be a very “hot”, literally, weekend because the weather has been heating up as well over Europe!

    We will have to see how things unfold, as it could go both sides. The thing is that Tsipras does not want his country in the “sale” so to speak, because in exchange for “loans” they have to sell off all their assets (like we have done long ago, because NL was one of the first countries to be in the EU, thanks to people here who invented this “monstrosity)! But on the other hand he does not want to leave the Eurozone/Euro!

    In Brussels (and probably in the US as well) they are very afraid that Greece will be the first of many more countries to “default”. This morning in our MSM- news: IMF asks NL for €5 billion to “help” Greece! The propaganda is on an all time high to get the Greek to vote YES, and the fact that the Greek government closed the banks, does not help the mindset of the common people!

    It’s a big mess…..


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  6. I had hoped by now that Greece would have made a bid for freedom, like they did in Iceland a few years ago. How disappointing. But, as you say, the situation is more complex, and by hanging in a while longer they are helping to expose the EU for what it really is, a political dictatorship and “New Roman Empire” according to one of the Rothschild family in 1971. Greece might well precipitate the collapse of the house of cards that is the EU. Let’s wish them luck!

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  7. This morning after the referendum confirms your prediction Lada. I also felt that it would be a NO vote. Disappointed to see that Janos Varoufakis has resigned but perhaps this is a ploy to ameliorate the ire of the EU dictators and banksters and buoy up Tspris’s bargaining position.. I am sure Janos will be working on behind the scenes! Thank you Brave Greeks! You have the EU Elites packing it and running everywhere to have meetings to see what they do next. What a joke..not even a game plan! They are so sure of themselves that they cannot see any other possibility but their agenda which is disintegrating before their very eyes and they are still hardline and remorseless. Such pride and arrogance comes before a huge fall…they have just tripped and are about to hit the ground face down. Watching developments with great glee. You might find the following Portal link of interest:
    Great information and supporting links that is further confirmation.

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  8. Lada,

    Sorry to go off topic, but I remember reading another excellent piece from yourself about the Ukrainian media specifically. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it on the site…I was wondering if you could link it please (providing I am not mistaken and that such a blogpost exists)


    • Which article? Title? Date? I have so many. All my Ukraine-related articles are under CATEGORY: Ukraine. Categories are listed on the site’s right-hand bar. Or you can go to ARCHIVES – same bar – and select month if you know it. Thanks.


  9. Off topic, but still in the general mode of turmoil with the US deeply involved.

    An Armenian-Ukrainian from Kharkov in the resistance put together this video to let Armenians realize how legitimate complaints can lead to total disaster.

    We can’t really rule out something ugly happening in Greece. By the way, Lada, I know you don’t see a good aura with Merkel. Here is an interesting piece that goes into how her approach has really led to no reasonable solutions in both Greece and the Ukraine:

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