Greferendum Domino Effect? Revolution Coming? The Future of Europe and Eurasia?

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In response to my latest article Greferendum, Greek Default and Grexit. Lada Ray Predictions,

Noeline says: 

This morning after the referendum confirms your prediction Lada. I also felt that it would be a NO vote. Disappointed to see that Janos Varoufakis has resigned but perhaps this is a ploy to ameliorate the ire of the EU dictators and banksters and buoy up Tspris’s bargaining position. I am sure Janos will be working on behind the scenes! Thank you Brave Greeks! You have the EU Elites packing it and running everywhere to have meetings to see what they do next. What a joke..not even a game plan! They are so sure of themselves that they cannot see any other possibility but their agenda which is disintegrating before their very eyes and they are still hardline and remorseless. Such pride and arrogance comes before a huge fall…they have just tripped and are about to hit the ground face down.

Ask Lada 3 

Greferendum Domino Effect? Revolution Coming? The Future of Europe and Eurasia?

Yes, unfortunately, the resignation of Varoufakis is political maneuvering. I like the guy a lot, he has gumption. But he is too ‘radical’ – read: clear-minded and mission-driven – for EU, which they perceive as lack of compromise. He scares them.

Essentially, EU negotiators demanded that he leaves, citing the impossibility of talking with him. Varoufakis is a very influential and charismatic presence in Greece, and Alexis Tsipras’ strongest ally. After his resignation the immediate EU speculation is that Tsipras won’t survive in power that much longer. I heard a German analyst today predicting that Tsipras government won’t survive for two weeks. Well, EU bureaucrats and banksters are itching to unseat the new Greek government. I wrote at length why that is in:

However, I don’t believe these people are that easy to unseat. It’s certainly a wishful thinking of some. Greferendum showed what people really think.

That said, Greece can’t avoid talking to the EU because they are running out of cash and banks are on the verge of collapse. Since so far Greece is fully integrated into the EU system, it can’t be helped. None of the measures EU proposes will work, but Greece will have no choice but to prolong the agony, until 1-2 years from now the tight rope will finally snap and Greece will have to leave the EU. As I said in the above-linked articles, Grexit will be linked to the completion of Turkish Stream and other cooperative agreements with Russia.


This is to answer a doubtful comment to the same post by another reader:

Could Grexit happen sooner than 2017? I actually said it would be ‘by 2017,’ which means it could happen in 2016, although doubtful. Sure, there could be accelerating events, which will make the situation fluctuate, but they are not likely to influence the final outcome – and that’s mildly put.

My prediction remains the same (as usual, I don’t deviate from my predictions and they as a rule always come true, including dates and numbers). Sure, I am still only human, but I think my track record speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, some prefer to argue with me about my predictions. It happened in 2012 and 2014. Every time, I simply suggest people wait till the event or outcome predicted takes place.

So far, I don’t recall ever being wrong and those who argue with me being right. The thing is: I don’t look at what MSM says or politicians do – I capture the prevailing quantum (cosmic) energy leading to the event and determine its likelihood on quantum plane, not on 3D plane. But this it a topic for another discussion, which we may have eventually.

Many readers understand what I am talking about when I tell them things like that. However, those few who don’t want to hear about cosmic energy and quantum stuff, preferring only things they can touch and see with their own eyes, I have a solution for you. Simply look at my tangible, for all to see, predictions track record. You can go to PREDICTIONS for that, although the list is incomplete (a more complete and organized version may appear one day, time allowing, on Then you can decide who and what you should listen to and believe.


Back to Greece:

EU demands someone they can talk to – a compromise figure. The newly appointed finance minister is just that. He went to school in London, so he knows their mentality. He is also considered a quiet technocrat, as opposed to the flamboyant, politically outspoken charmer, Varoufakis, who rides his motorcycle around Athens and wears a t-shirt to EU meetings. That said, the new finance minister is also a long-time member of Syriza, so don’t expect him to deviate from the party line. He is just a compromise to satisfy EU elites, utterly scandalized by Varoufakis’ unorthodox behavior.

In previous articles/videos, which you can find in the above-referenced links, I explained that Greece will find itself under a long-term attack from US and EU due to its anti-EU revolt, its support for Russia and Turkish Stream. This is just the beginning, so hold on to your seatbelts! Greece has no choice but to maneuver its way between the Scylla and Charybdis of these difficult times, the same way as we all have no choice but to go through the developing Earth Shift.

It’s working out exactly as predicted in Greferendum, Greek Default and Grexit. Lada Ray Predictions and previous vids/articles. For now, Greece will have to compromise with EU and vice versa. This posturing will continue for a year or two, until Grexit and EU exodus by other countries… unless EU changes, which I don’t foresee as they are too tightly integrated into the US-EU political-financial-military matrix.


An illustration of how this matrix works:

Last week, Finland denied visas to Russian Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin and a number of the Russian Duma deputies, basically the top elected politicians in the country. They were scheduled to attend a session of the OSCE in Helsinki. The reason given for the visa denial is that these people are under sanctions due to ‘Russia’s annexation of Crimea.’ The scandal is huge and growing, with many in Russia demanding return sanctions against Finland.  Finland, which prides itself in its democracy – again, when it’s convenient – acted illegally. The thing is that Naryshkin and others cannot be banned from attending international forums in any country in their official capacity as Duma speaker and deputies. The ban only applies to their private trips. By banning entire Russian delegation, EU effectively shuts the mouth of those who have a dissenting opinion, so, god forbid, Europeans wouldn’t hear it.

But there is much more to the story. Finland was a part of the Russian Empire for centuries. Finns themselves seceded from Sweden, which they felt mistreated them. They asked for protection by and admission into the Russian Empire. It was accepted and became an autonomous province of the Russian Empire until 1917 revolution. Lenin gave legal independence to Finland as a thank you for giving him asylum when he was hiding from Russian authorities. Just imagine how de-facto independent of the Russian authorities the Finns were if they could hide Lenin on their territory while he was preparing a revolution to overthrow the tsar’s regime, and no one could touch him! There is a deeper story behind that, which I’ll tell some other time.

You decide how to classify Finland after all this, if – apparently, as a sign of gratitude – it first sided with Hitler, when many Finns became fascists and joined the Nazi party. Later, Finland became one of the US/EU forposts from whose territory the clandestine undermining of the USSR and Russia was conducted. Meanwhile, Finland pretended to be a good trading partner for Russia, capitalizing on the lucrative Russian market, while essentially serving as one of the mainstays of Russophobia in the West. Finland often served as an intermediary for other Western countries in Russian trade, due to its favorable geographic position. This lasted until Russia’s return sanctions last year hit Finnish imports to Russia.

Now, under US and EU pressure, Finland denies visas to Russian people’s representatives under the pretext of the Crimean vote for independence and further reunification with Russia. Just consider the double-faced hypocrisy of this step in light of Finland’s own history!

Why did I tell this story? To serve as an illustration of some points and predictions I will make below.


National referendum as the only truly democratic voice of the people:

It all started with Crimea, and before Crimea, with Pridnestrovie. The breakway Pridnestrovie (former part of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic within the USSR) referendum of 2006 result: 98% voted for full independence from Moldova (Moldavia) and re-integration with Russia. Moldova has never been an independent state since it acquired ‘independence’ from the USSR. Instead, it promptly fell under the Romanian dictate.

Since the beginning, the most developed part of Moldova, Pridnestrovie said no, and seceded. It had more than one referendum, the two latest of which were in 2006 (98% for reunification with Russia) and 2014 snap referendum with the same result – but the paperwork from that referendum was taken away by Moldova officials from the First Deputy PM of Russia Rogozin while he was flying through the capital of Moldova Kishinev (Chisinau)! His plane was detained, too, and he had to take a commercial flight back to Moscow. Yes, it’s that out of control!

The Gagauzia autonomy within Moldova also had a referendum in February 2014, in which 97% voted against EU, for Customs Union and closer ties with Russia. See my video about Pridnestrovie and Gagauzia, explaining much more:

Pridnestrovie vs Moldova: Eurasian Union vs EU (LadaRayLive 2)

(More articles about Moldova, Pridnestrovie and Gagauzia available on this site – to find them, type keywords in ‘Search.’)

Because of the land-locked status of Pridnestrovie, which is now in a very difficult blockade from Ukraine and Moldova sides, with close participation by Romania, Russia was unable to honor the results of that referendum – for now! Soon, I am planning a piece about Pridnestrovie and Odessa, and the important for all of us processes that take place there.

In today’s world, a national referendum is the only fully legal and truly democratic voice of the people on important issues. Meanwhile, the West – US and EU – stubbornly and blindly ignore results of national referendums in places like Pridnestrovie, Crimea and Donbass, demonstrating their utter contempt for the same principles of law and democracy they had been touting as the only principles by which to live. Of course, this was their position when it was convenient for them. The moment the shoe is on another foot – out the window all these principles go.

Hypocrisy? Double standards? Are they simply stupid and don’t understand? Oh no, it’s so much worse! There are pathologically sociopathic liars and criminals in power in the EU and US, who feel their long-standing feeding grounds threatened by the awakening power of the people.

Despite crazy resistance of these dark forces, the referendum movement has no signs of abating. In fact it continues gaining momentum! Greferendum and potential Grexit is already sending shocks through the entire EU system.


Meanwhile in Austria: several days ago, Austrian citizens submitted a petition to exit the EU, with 260,000 signatures. This petition forced the EU exit debate in the Austrian parliament, sending new shockwaves through the already shaken system. Spain, Italy, Portugal and some other countries are watching what’s happening in Greece carefully. There may be attempts to exit by Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Hungary, and possibly others, such as Cyprus ( – not yet). Leftist (Podemos), anti-EU government may come to power in Spain this autumn. A resurgence of popularity of leftist, anti-EU, pro-sovereignty forces is happening in Europe, including Germany itself (Die Linke), where leftist tradition has always been strong, but always suppressed by US/German/EU elites.

Incidentally, these leftist movements are traditionally pro-Russian and anti-American, which opens a completely new, deeper can of worms.


Revolution vs. Evolution. Predictions for the future of Europe and Eurasia

There are only two ways of reforming something that doesn’t work any more. Route number 1: peacefully, through wisdom, course correction and mutual understanding. But for that, you need both sides cooperating. Route number 2: if one side is refusing the see the other side’s point of view – the next step is revolution.

The classic definition of a revolution coined by Vladimir Lenin is: “Revolution is when elites won’t and the masses can’t.” In other words, when elites won’t see the opposing point of view and won’t change, while the people can’t continue living like this.

And that’s the way EU is going. I know some of my readers feel sorry about my predictions that EU will have to split up, at least parts of the EU. They shouldn’t. The EU has become a rotten to the core, subservient to the darkest elements the Anglo-American and globalist bankster elites, destructive force.

If the Union of European states is to be reborn, it has to be a mutually respectful, cooperative union, unlike today’s system, based more on predatory profit, hatred and superiority complex. But even that won’t work long-term.

You all know my position on this, and this is my prediction:

In order to be viable, it has to be a Union of all of Eurasia, not Europe. Eurasia is one continent. (Very long ago, during Vedic times, all of it was called Assia – but that is a fascinating story for a different post, or rather a book!)

Enough warring with each other! It’s time for the people of Eurasia to make peace and cooperate. This is the plan of Russia and China, realised through the New Silk Road and Russian energy deals.

At first, it has to be a free trade zone of what is now some parts of the EU, Russia (with Eurasian Union), China, and probably India and a few other Asian countries. The Middle East (parts of it are a part of Eurasian continent) and other relevant areas will have to join later.

Sure, European states should have their own union of some sort, but not exclusively, and they certainly should not punish and bully their members, like they did with Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, France and Greece, for joining projects outside their union.

Ironically, it is Germany that is now showing the way by joining projects outside of the EU successfully, such as Nord Stream. But Germany, in the usual divide and conquer manner, doesn’t want others to benefit from similar lucrative projects, actively blocking other countries. Germany’s hand was in part in Ukraine coup – to tear Ukraine from Russia; it’s now trying to prevent Greece’s Turkish Stream participation. Austria and Hungary, which signed up for both South Stream and Turkish Stream, are also unhappy with Germany’s selfish attitude towards Russian gas projects. This possessively imperial behavior generates a growing clash between haves and have-nots in the EU, and soon this clash between Germany and everyone else will be impossible to hide.

Any exclusive union between European states (basically only Western Europe and parts of Central Europe) alone will be stillborn. Why? Because what is today incorrectly considered ‘Europe’ is just a small part of the continent of Europe, and Europe as a continent in reality is a small part of Eurasia. Any limitations will create artificial barriers and stifle mutually beneficial development of all of Eurasia and the entire Planet Earth.

Therefore, there will always be conflict, with some wanting to look east and others west. Western/Central/Eastern Europe will always be torn between siding with US on one hand and with Russia on another.

EU has to abandon its arrogance towards anyone who isn’t as prosperous as they are at this particular point in human development. Just mere 5-10 centuries ago, this wasn’t the case at all. At that time, EU was a poor, warring hell hole, while the Golden Age was taking place in Russia, Middle East, India and China. Europeans have to remember that the reason they are this prosperous is because for the past several centuries they colonized and robbed blind the populations of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and lately, the population of Russia and Ukraine.

Things always change in our 3D world. They will change again; in fact, the change – EARTH SHIFT – is happening now.

The present day refugee flood into the EU from Africa, Asia, but especially Middle East, is payback for previous misdeeds. Regardless of all the indignation of Europeans, it’s the universal law of karma at work. This law never fails. As the refrain for my novelette CATHARSIS (Legend of the Lemurians) goes, “Karma can be a beautiful maiden …or a bitch.”

Europeans, as well as Americans, need to humble down very significantly in order to achieve an evolutionary leap to the new era of cooperative and multi-polar world. If they, or their elites elected by the European and American people, refuse to do so, there will be revolution – and it will be devastating.

There is still time to make a more or less peaceful transition, but time is running out.


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  1. Wow Lada.

    For the first time i am reading your conviction about the coming revolution, You mostly spoke of peaceful and painful transitions before, if i am correct. But today you are almost convinced that there is going to be a revolution sooner or later. Hope your first predictions about peaceful transitions happen over time. We cannot and shouldn’t play by banker elite rules of war.

    Thank you again for your service to humanity.


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    • I wouldn’t call it ‘conviction.’ I would call it a warning. And this is not the first time I am warning EU, however, the closer they get to point of no return, the more vocal my warnings become.

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  2. Referendums sound nice, but where do you draw the lines? The borders are frequently wrong, and powerful interests sometimes want to keep them that way. And it isn’t just the West. The Ukraine had bad borders in my view, but it was in Russia’s interests to keep it in one piece. Not sure about Transdenistria. I got the feeling that Russia liked having it in a state of limbo to prevent the EU from coming in. It goes without saying that the West only likes referendums when they would go a certain way. So independence for regions that would harm Russia or China at the moment. You would know far better than most of us here, but it sure seems like the USSR wanted as many bad borders as possible.

    If a European-Eurasian loose union were to be created, how would the problems of minority regions be dealt with? Typically, the strong shaft the weak. This then draws in neighbors and outsiders.

    As for Finland, what do you feel was the cause of the Finnish-Soviet War?

    Finally, one can make the case that the big reason for the turmoils of the last century or so are do to the power balance. If the world returned to a situation where, say, France did not have that much more technology and money than Thailand, you wouldn’t have a colonial situation of France pushing around Thailand. Indeed, it seems unfortunate, but one of the ideas behind the EU was for various countries, such as France and Britain, to join together and save money to plunder Africa or the Middle East. They were envious of the US. So they want to treat Greece the way the US would treat Honduras. This spirit has shown itself more and more over recent years.

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    • The cause of the Finnish-Soviet war was a provocation from the Finnish side, which, Starikov believes, was caused by Germans without Finns’ knowledge, when relations were already problematic. Germany did in the day in the Baltics what US is doing today in Ukraine: heating up animosities to create anti-Russia(s). Were there problems and nationalistic/fascist moods in Finland? Of course, based both on legitimate grievances and on simple idiocy. They exist everywhere. The question is who and why uses such moods to their own benefit in order to unseat or undermine an opponent. Finnish war was a ridiculous thing from all points of view. It only benefitted Germany, who wanted to test Russian/USSR preparedness for war and create precedent so Finland would side with Hitler. On the other hand, Finland, as I described, had all the reasons to be grateful to the USSR and to Russia. This is as far as I will go into this for the lack of time, although there is much more to the story. Suggest you read Starikov. I am not 100% with him, but about 85-90% agree.

      As to the rest. You can make the case for, or against, just about anything in our polarized 3D world, Paul. Most ‘cases’ are worthless as they just muddy waters. The way I always try to think and write is to clarify things: to bring the truth, clarity, shine the light on things.
      The question isn’t what case can be made. The real question is qui bono and what is the truth; said another way: what is the outcome, why and where does it take us? From there, we need to ask ourselves: is this the outcome/result we want? If not, what do we need to do differently in order to change the outcome to the desired one?

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    • P.S. You are asking the wrong question about Finland. The right question to ask: why did Finland deny Russian visas? Answer: because US told them so, with EU leadership agreeing. This has been confirmed – not my supposition. As I said, Finland, by doing so, badly damages yet again a very lucrative (almost preferred nation status) existing trade relationship with Russia. Why would they do so? Because, like in the case of Ukraine, and all of EU, they are subordinate to the US and do their bidding. That’s how easy it’s for puppetiers to make a country commit economic self-mutilation, if not suicide. Repeat of Hitler’s times.

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    • “If a European-Eurasian loose union were to be created, how would the problems of minority regions be dealt with? Typically, the strong shaft the weak. This then draws in neighbors and outsiders. ”

      In this case, the Russian Federation model can be used, where the autonomies (or union members) have a great deal of self-governance, and “tolerance” is not an empty word, but something that applies to all.

      By the way, Finland within Russian Empire even minted their own money, with the Finnish coat of arms superimposed onto the Russian double-headed eagle.

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      • Judging by Paul’s comment, I’m afraid there are so many layers upon layers of lies and propaganda in the West about Finland within Russian Empire, etc, that people simply can’t sift through them. It’s mindboggling.

        I am not even talking about relations with minorities within USSR/Russia. USSR, for instance, was always in favor of minorities, robbing Russians of some of their rights and prosperity to give to minorities.

        The result of WWII, when Finland lost some of its territories to Russia – well, there was hardly anyone to blame for it other than themselves, as attested by other readers as well. Siding with Hitler, and that’s after first being accepted into the Russian Empire and then given independence by Lenin as one of his very first acts after 1917 Revolution!

        Dear readers, Finland had unheard of privileges and was de-facto independent within Russian Empire. If you hear anything different, know that it was all propaganda instilled by Germany and surrounding countries to divide and conquer. Later, this propaganda was carried on like a torch by the Anglo-American MSM.

        Too bad Finns fall for it every time – poor things. Now they are played the same way by Anglo-American elites, whose (just like Hitler Germany’s) goal is to undermine Russia. Once you understand this, everything will fall into place!

        To understand why they need to undermine Russia, read PREDICTIONS page on top bar and my articles where I explain about our yin-yang 3D world of contrasts and Russia’s role as The Great Balancer. This takes us beyond rational and mundane, into mystical and cosmic matters.

        There is more on that coming. Also, stay tuned for my piece about The Truth About Who Really Ruled the USSR.

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  3. It’s the Americas Lada Latin- Mesoamerica are the Western European pseudo-geographic terms like Western Hemisphere to lie to their ignorant over schooled undereducated subjects and cannon fodder.

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  4. I agree with everything you wrote in your article above Lada! It cannot be any other way, the way of cooperation and mutual respect! If revolution needs to come, then so be it, but of course I hope the tide can be turned peacefully! But we certainly cannot go on like this any longer! Greece shows us the way, the power of the people, from the cradle of Democracy! Oh, and don’t forget, the outcome of the Dutch referendum in 2005, on the EU constitution, was NO and “they” choose to ignore it. But the people of NL did not forget!

    Yanis Varoufakis is my HERO! He is the only person so far to have put “the finger on the sore spot”, so to speak! That is why he had to step down, in Brussels they know he is right, but they are afraid of their cosy positions, power and easy money!

    Below is an interview (one of many on YT) with a German talk show host in which he explains how Greece was duped into this “lending pool” of death and destruction and what needs to be done to change all this for Greece and for the rest of the EU! I do hope he is working behind the scenes, so that his vision is not “Lost in Translation”!

    I thought it was quite funny that Brussels expected the new Greek FM would come up with new proposals so soon, (12 hrs) after his installation, how stupid! And what would be different? Greece is with her back against the wall…

    We will see what happens next! Interesting times we live in!


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  5. Dear Lada…so happy to inspire you. Your article is enlightened. It is true the EU is now between a rock and a hard place and the Euroskeptics in the EU Parliament are in the ascendancy and in good voice this morning putting Juncker in his rightful place in all of this. Migration plaguing Europe now is indeed colonial karma at work. We are seeing a huge leap in consciousness as people are waking up and seeing the morass they have been plunged into by a few elites. Their trust in their governments has been misplaced. Someone wrote this morning that if Juncker thinks the Greferendum a circus that he is the ringmaster! The next weeks will be a revelation to these psychopaths as their bubble bursts. I seem to be full of cliches today and cannot escape them. ” Socrates says, as he did in Phaedrus, that people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves. Plato also alluded to the fact that understanding ‘thyself,’ would have a greater yielded factor of understanding the nature of a human being” – Great Greeks. I plagiarized this from Wikipedia as I could not say it better. Expansion of consciousness requires going within away from the illusion of the maddening crowd and propaganda and realising that we are eternal beings having another lifestream for the experience of it. My awakening began with reading “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” when I was 26. This followed with a collection of every Lobsang Rampa book that I could get my hands on…some 36 in total …that gave me the realisation that I had at least had a past Tibetan Buddhist lifestream. I realised that I created my own reality with Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain and had been doing it all my life. Anything was indeed possible for me and this I truly believe to this day. I am now 70 and created my own blog “Ascension Corner” and a Yahoo Group “Ascension Corner” in 2009 and still maintain it every day, which as you also know takes a great deal of time and effort to collect and disseminate. I am so grateful for my privileged life and experiences everyday. Gratitude is a necessary component for any abundant life. I am no longer a materially wealthy woman but truly believe it is not a necessary component of living an abundant, spiritually aware and purposeful life and I know myself very well indeed. Thank you for all you do to enhance our collective abundant future civilisation.

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    • Excellent points, i agree with Socrates assessment that people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves. I’ll check out your blog Ascension Corner, thanks for sharing your views!


  6. Lada, I read that Gazprom is freezing construction of one lines for the Turkish Stream, and that the whole TS is now under a big question mark, that preference would be given to North Stream 2. What’s your take on that?

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    • This is a political ploy to encourage some and to talk some sense into others, if you know what I mean. It all depends on political will and resistance of each party. Competition – just re-read my original article, it’s all in there.
      Cheers 🙂

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  7. Good article as always,

    Very interesting about Finland.. I live in Sweden so I know some of the back story. The whole western financial scam is about to bust open.. and the EU has to split there is no other way.. I wrote about this here ..

    When Banks are starting to charge negative interest rates you know it’s close! There are rumors about Banks about to seize peoples bank accounts soon by laws written recently all over EU… I don’t know about this but I would say if this is done.. well the better off are we cause this will force the averge Joe to swallow some of the quantum leaps we are jumping in our evolution right now.. Iceland showed us the way some years ago but most igonored it with Greece doing something similar I hope.. it’s totally different..

    The ignorance and arogance by the EU technocrats and some leaders is PERFECT cause it just displays the doubles standard and exposes who they really are.. the people have voted basta!

    In the meanwhile it’s rather quiet in China as always.. yes some stocks plummeted so what? The US are saber rattling over the Sprattley’s but only cause their puppet masters say they have to.. cause everybody with half a brain knows that that country is flat out broken and have been for awhile..

    It’s mind boggling to think that we signed up for this.. adventure.. !

    Hugs Ollie..

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  8. Thanks for a great and very accurate article, Lada. The Finns really got to regret the cooperation with the nazis during WW2 when the war turned and the germans burned off northern Finland when leaving. Now as then the start was a political provocation but people seem to forget doing the same mistakes over again. As Karelia was on both sides of the border at the time of WW2 the city of Viborg was a multilingual trade center. All this was destroyed by geopolitics. People are still only remembering the sovjet repression following the war and not recognizing that the same kind of politics is now implemented from Brussells and weaponized by Nato. My mother, a refugee from then Finnish Karelia cannot see this change, just like thousands of Finns.

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    • Thanks for the testimonial. The point I was making I hope did come across, and the point you are confirming, was that Finland unfortunately never was independent, not under Sweden, not under Russia, not under Hitler, nor now under EU/US dictate. This is how small countries become geopolitical toys in the hands of large powers. This is why the new multipolar cooperative world structure China/Russia/BRICS are building is the only answer as the next step of human evolution. That’s why Finland is foolishly stepping on the same rake over and over, while supporting the dark, reactive US/EU agenda. Finland has the privilege and rare opportunity to serve as a bridge between the old and the new, due to geographic location and established trade relations with Russia. Instead they are still living in the past and brewing in their resentments, most of which are just silly or one-sided.

      P.S. Incidentally, forgot to add to my article’s predictions: by mid-2020s current borders won’t matter as much as it will be a completely different world and relations.

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  9. I have during the past years seen Finland in the shadow of the late Sovjet like Cuba shadowed by USA. They just made different decisions to survive with some dignity. It’s possible Finnish politicians& adminstration are being blackmailed by the Pentagon managed Microsoft. They bought up parts of Nokia a few years ago and are now closing up the production. Modern global warfare on economical decisions.

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    • There is blackmail, threats and huge arm-twisting involved, as with all other EU countries, incl. Germany – by the US. I did say that in the article. Also, MSM and political class are largely US Manchurian Candidates (= puppets). I talked about all this in many previous articles.

      But enough is enough. The truth has to come out and people have to open their eyes.

      Sure, there is a lot of pressure, always was. But this happens largely, because too many in Finland are blind and complicit. It’s human and crowd psychology: unenlightened human emotions, anger, fear, resentment are so easy to play by those who know what buttons to push and are unscrupulous enough to push them!

      I know of recent facts when Finnish organizations and citizens invite lecturers from Russia to hear the Russian side of the story, and government shuts down the venue to prevent them from speaking. Happened recently to Starikov, the analyst I mentioned in previous comments. There are too many glaring illegal and anti-democtratic actions by the Finnish authorities, unfortunately. No one is forcing them to shut down speakers’ venues – they do it of their own volition.

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  10. It seems I need to make a comment so as to follow any further posts within this particular thread. I enjoy reading the comments; also. TY

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  11. Added new paragraph to the article’s final predictions.
    Re. EU members joining projects outside the EU:

    Ironically, it is Germany that is now showing the way by joining projects outside of the EU successfully, such as Nord Stream. But Germany, in the usual divide and conquer manner, doesn’t want others to benefit from similar lucrative projects, actively blocking other countries. Germany’s hand was in part in Ukraine coup – to tear Ukraine from Russia; it’s now trying to prevent Greece’s Turkish Stream participation. Austria and Hungary, which signed up for both South Stream and Turkish Stream, are also unhappy with Germany’s selfish attitude towards Russian gas projects. This possessively imperial behavior generates a growing clash between haves and have-nots in the EU, and soon this clash between Germany and everyone else will be impossible to hide.

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  12. At least there are some in OCSE who still have clear vision:

    Finland’s denying visas to Russian lawmakers undermines OSCE’s principles — OSCE chairman

    “The OSCE core role as a platform for dialogue was undermined by the denial of visas to some members of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. It is contrary to the spirit of Helsinki,” Dacic said.

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  13. I think Finland will be one of the first countries to make bilateral treaties with Russia. With many years of border exchanges and mutual markets they are eager to start business again. The greeks did the starter and EU should not be a military alliance managed from Washington but a trade union for promoting trade deals. The Nato strategy for the nordic countries has been a kind of soft marketing to engage both Sweden & Finland into the military alliance. The latest secretary generals of Nato have both been from the area, all combined with information and local propaganda from MSM. The unbalanced opinion is also a demographic problem with elder people not being able to follow bloggers and information outside their usual media. It is a slow change but more people have today more understanding of the actual situation than just a year ago. Seems older swedes are the last to understand, finnish bloggers, even elder people have been used to propaganda during the years of finlandization during the sovjet era. Though they still have problems to understand the shift from the socialist years to modern Russia.

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    • Business people do want that, and yes, long-term my predictions is that Finland WILL serve as that bridge I wrote about. It’s the political/MSM elites that are beholden to you know whose interests, basically keeping business interests and citizens hostage. Can’t last forever. Either they change soon or there will be revolt everywhere in EU. And it’s coming – which will be a great surprise to the US. 😉

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    • Add Norway to that MSM propaganda galore. Saw yesterday in a Norwegian tabloid a hit-piece on Putin, where Russians were presented as a miserable, pitiful, oppressed lot under the dictate of “da evil Putin” who allegedly sends those poor Russians to a war they don’t want. And the authour of the article was a 20-something “journalist”. It was disgusting…
      Well, the only truth in that article was that Russians don’t want war, and that’s why Russia/Putin stayed out of the Ukrainian conflict, but that’s something no one bothers to mention. If the reality does not match the desired state, report a different “reality”.

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  14. Lada,

    Thanks for the info on the Finnish-Soviet war. I really knew/know nothing about it. Just part of the radicalization and lead-up to WWII, obviously instigated by the usual suspects. But what historical grievances might have been involved were outside my ken. Maybe it is just nationalism. No matter how nice and decent the Russian Empire or USSR were, some groups wanted their own country. And now Finland is just a colony.

    The reason I brought up the borders of the USSR was not to be anti-Russian. I know that Russia subsidized the other regions. But intentionally mixing cultures and leaving things up to Moscow had all kinds of side effects, which we are seeing today. It seems to me that the borders needed to be straightened out before letting the USSR go away. Besides the Ukrainian mess, many other regions could have been straightened out under Soviet rule and they weren’t. A big Armenian area is next door in Georgia. Georgia had Abkhazia and half of Ossetia. Ethnic Russians were stranded all over the place and are now discriminated against. This is a big deal. I read a comment from someone in the Crimea who said he basically had a bad view of Russia for the last 23 years. They betrayed all the Russians before, and didn’t care about them at all for 23 years. Now they might lose their base, and they talk about the Russian World and a Russian Spring. He thought that this was a big cause of all the Nazis inside the Ukraine who come from the historically Russian part of the Ukraine. Anger and a feeling of betrayal. Obviously, I have no idea, never having even visited that part of the world.

    So we need to look at the recent past to not make the same mistakes. Many intelligent and well-meaning people downplay or even try to ignore or suppress nationalism, but it is a real motivation for many people. For better or for worse. In my view, it isn’t so simple as “a bad guy from far away came here and gave them cookies to kill their cousins”. With the collapse of Communism and the spirit of internationalism in it, people needed something to believe in. The corrupt oligarchs could offer nothing, and the fallback position was an ugly kind of nationalism, not just in the Ukraine, but also in countries such as Georgia. We all need positive visions and models. This is true of so many things, whether in our personal lives or with big things, such as the EU.

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  15. Lada, I don’t share your enthusiasm for Varoufakis. I’m leery of him. Not once have I heard him advocate for Greece to leave the euro and get back their own currency. Not once. He simply wants debt reduction but to have Greece stay with the euro. That’s untenable. That’s no solution. You can’t have freedom, independence and sovereignty as a nation if you can’t issue your own currency and where you’re at the mercy of a foreign central bank. Case closed, end of story. So I understand that maybe Greece, like you say, has to make compromises until the point where they can leave both the euro and the EU. But he doesn’t even acknowledge an independent currency as a long term solution. He may be, as F. William Engdahl has stated, a trojan horse for the EU. I don’t even look at his style, i.e. the way he dresses or his motorcycle. Nigel Farage, who looks conservative with a suit and tie, makes much more sense and I completely agree with him where he just made an impassioned speech in front of the European Parliament with Tsipras listening in. Farage, who is a UK representative to the European Parliament, told Tsipras that he should default, get out of the EU and go back to their own currency where they could devalue it and make things like tourism very cheap for foreigners to raise money for Greece.

    Sure it would be very painful for Greece to go back to their own currency but they’re in a depression now anyways. Compromising with the devil by staying with the euro is no solution. It’s much better to make a clean break. By the way you’re right about being integrated into the EU. So Greece could stay in the EU for the time being and leave the Euro. Iceland is doing great now with their own currency after they went for a few years with agony.

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    I found this article about Finland this morning, it might be of interest to some of you who read German, but if you don’t, google “Finland leaving eurozone” and you will find a lot of articles, some from 2012 but also recent ones about how they feel about the EU and the Greece drama!



  17. Lada, it looks like Tsipras and the Greek government has had to cave in completely to the Troika this time. There really is no compromise that you speak of at all (maybe a few tiny crumbs) and Tsipras is pushing for the parliament to give their blessing to proposals that just a few days ago the Greek population overwhelming voted against. This must create be creating disillusionment on the part of the Greek population. Here is a party, which the population had such hope for, basically agreeing to a bailout like Pasok and the other neo liberal party did when they were in power. When Tsipras made the remark that the people voted against austerity but not to leave the Eurozone he was correct mostly. However what really troubles me about Tsipras is that he never has ever done an education campaign on why we have to leave the Euro or at the least have a parallel currency. He appears to be wholeheartedly in favor of the Euro even though this negates Greece every having true sovereignty and independence. So he favors Greece staying as a debt-slave to the EU but wants to be treated humanely. Tsipras wants the slave master to at least treat the slave nicely. This last sentence really bothers me about him. So here are three possibilities.

    1. Tsipras is extremely ignorant and naive about economics and really believes that staying with the Euro is best for Greece.
    2. Tsipras is not naive and understands that Greece will have to go back to the drachma at some point but right now doesn’t have the population on his side on this matter and is teaching the population through the referendum process valuable lessons.
    3. Tsipras and most of the Syriza leadership is bought off by Soros or other Anglo-American organizations in another disinformation campaign to divert the Greek population into a dead end where Syriza just becomes another neo liberal organization.

    I could believe number 2 if there was some proof that Tsipras favors their own currency. Of these three possibilities my heart tells me that number 3 is the winner. If this is the case then all of these months of “hostile negotiations” between the Greek government and the Troika was all Kabuki theatre and again the population will suffer even more from this scam. In the end all of the months of these phony talks and putting the Greek population through agony with long lines at the ATM and extreme shortages was all for naught and they just could have signed off on another slavery bailout from the beginning.

    Lada what you do think and which of the above propositions do you agree with.

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    • Gary, there are a lot of political games going on. Don’t believe all politicians say – read between the lines. It will be a complex game for the foreseeable future. This is actually the point: not to give away your hand.

      If you don’t want to believe my predictions – your business, as I said in the article. Simply wait for the outcome and then tell me how you feel at that point.

      I won’t dig any deeper into this because what you are talking about is pure speculation and worse – it’s not predictions or even analysis.


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  18. Hi Lada,

    Yes it’s true that it’s speculation. You’re right I don’t know the ins and outs of the political games being played and probably nobody does except the participants. I don’t question your timeline. It seems realistic but of course there are a number of black swans in the air that could change that timeline. Whatever deal that’s worked out won’t make a bit of difference in the long run. Greece can not and should not pay that odious debt and so we’ll revisit this crisis again and again until the Greek public is utterly convinced that they must leave the euro and the EU. Maybe by then other shoes will have dropped (Italy, Spain, France, etc.) so that the tip of the spear in this euro crisis will no longer be Greece anyways.

    Thanks for your great analysis. We’ll just have to sit back and see the fallout.


  19. Hi Lada, I’m writing this entry as the news has come out that Tsipras has completely capitulated to the Troika ultimatum. This “deal” is even more ruthless than the one that 61% of the people voted against. This ultimatum is simply horrific for the Greek people. If this doesn’t cause the 61% in Greece to go insane with rage against both Tsipras and the Troika I don’t know what will. My friend, who is very knowledgeable in history, states that children in the future will read about the referendum in their history books. Europe will never be the same after this. I agree. I think this referendum has lit a fuse that will lead to the explosion of the euro and possibly the EU. The referendum has exposed the Troika as a hideous and vile group of tyrannical and psychopathic creatures who are really insane, especially that imperialist German thug named Schauble. I think I’m getting sick to my stomach just looking at him along with Lagarde, Merkel, Juncker, etc. They think by sadistically beating Greece into the ground they will scare the people of Italy, France and Spain. They’re wrong. Tsipras, who will go down as just a footnote in history and as another in the long line of opportunist politicians, will teach the other people in Europe some valuable lessons. The two lessons are that you must get out of that prison called the Euro/EU and you don’t negotiate with insane psychopaths. Tsipras had no intention of leading the Greek people out of prison. He only wanted to plead with the warden for a little better conditions. He got nothing.

    I now better understand your target date of 1-2 years for Greece breaking out of their prison. It makes sense. The situation in 1-2 years will be so unbearable and hideous for the Greeks that there will be a consensus by most that enough is enough. Even former Troika stooges in the government and the population will come around to the idea that they have to have their own currency and join up with the Eurasian project.

    Thanks for all you are doing. Great work on your part.

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    • Glad you understand ;).

      It’ll be challenging, brutal and confusing times, and not just for Greece. Everyone will be trying to save and protect their OWN. But out of mayhem the new system will eventually emerge.

      Tsipras has disappointed a lot of people, and he is very concerned about his career right now. But also how to keep the country afloat. He isn’t all you see on the surface. I don’t envy him.



  20. hello lada ray

    i think tsipras plays the role of a triple agent

    he is for the people but for the trokia but for the people


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