Russian hero cop rams into incoming car to save children’s lives

A Russian police officer risked his own life to prevent a road accident that put dozens of children in danger. He ran his patrol car into a vehicle, speeding head on into a convoy of children’s buses. READ MORE:

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  1. real hero’s in life


  2. It beats the stories of what police in the West have been making the news with attacks on the citizens their suppose to protect and serve. He protected and served as was he duty to do above and beyond risking his life in the process.


    • Yes, indeed.
      And there is also the story of that 15yr-old Siberian girl who disarmed a knife-wielding man on a rampage, after he’d wounded several guys. She just used her martial skills – she’s been on three-year training – and not only yanked the knife from him, but she three him down and held him there until the police came…
      If a girl of 15 can do it, so should any properly trained policeman – so long as he is normal, and not neurotic as they seem to be in the US.


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