The Energy is Shifting! Together, We Have Averted the Worst Outcome!


Dear FuturisTrendcast readers, fans, fellow Earth Shifters, truthtellers, wayshowers, bloggers, alternative media talk show hosts, as well as all wonderful friends!

The global energy is slowly shifting. It’s getting a little quieter and a little more reasonable. This is not to say that we can relax, turn off our computers and go on permanent vacation. But it is a major, major achievement, nevertheless.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that together, we have averted the worst outcome! The absolute worst outcome would have been a global war – the last war for this human civilization. Should the plans of some, who used Ukraine to generate the conflict of unheard of proportions succeed, there would have been no one and nothing left to talk about.

The Earthly clock would be reset and this experiment, together with all of us, would have been shut town. This is speaking in the words of my prophetic mystical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER.

You may recall that in my Feng Shui predictions for 2015, the Year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat), I said that throughout this year, and especially in the second half, we will see a movement towards diplomatic resolution of conflicts, be it in Ukraine, or elsewhere.

Other examples are US and EU signing an agreement with Iran, as well as US making steps towards normalizing relations with Cuba (we are leaving aside the dirty underbelly and the hidden agenda of these events). The surface is a peaceful, diplomatic solution to an old conflict that no one thought could ever be resolved. Similarly, the attempted color revolution in Armenia was resolved peacefully and diplomatically, while attempted color revolutions in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan so far failed to materialize. Exceptional strides were made this year in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, with India and Pakistan (old enemies, both with nuclear arsenals) making up and joining SCO as a tandem.

Meanwhile, the isolation of Russia, pushed by the US, EU and Kiev junta, failed to materialize. Instead, Russia recently hosted a joint SCO/BRICS Summit, a very successful St. Petersburg Business Forum, and signed major deals for the construction of Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream and the New Silk Road.  All these events are rightfully considered breakthrough.

The above clearly indicates that peaceful and cooperative methods are on the rise, despite frantic attempts by the dark forces to ignite a global confrontation.

All this became possible because so many honest people did all they could to shift the reality from that of war, animosity and devastation to that of a more peaceful and reasonable resolution. Some of us told the truth, exposed lies, outed those who were hiding in the shadows together with their dark agendas, revealed the forbidden past – and foretold the future. Others spread the words of truth through social media and personal contact to those, who, being embroiled in the web of MSM and government lies, wouldn’t have otherwise known right from wrong.

Even if you just simply read and listened, and did nothing else, you still helped change the collective psyche of our planet. You helped change the data in the Collective Earth Computer, which represents the collective consciousness of our planet.

As such, we all helped change the future for the better.

As you may recall, one of my major predictions from the very start was that Russia and US would never be in an open war. I also said that a major global war would not occur; I specified that Putin and Russia wouldn’t let that happen. To predict these things, I usually go straight to the energy of the future; in other words, my predictions aren’t based on the present or any past events.

However, to make a favorable future outcome come to fruition, we all had to do our part. It wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t co-create it.

As you all know, for the past one and a half years, I dedicated a lot of time to writing and talking about what was really happening in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and Eurasia in general, dispelling lies, telling the truth, revealing past, present and future – beyond the obvious. And it worked.

We are in the middle of a summer and many are taking vacations. If you are feeling less tense and more at ease, it’s not just the summer mode. It is also because the worst plans of the dark agenda didn’t materialize and the world around us has relaxed a bit.

This is not to say they forgot about their agenda. Not at all! This is Plan B time. Plan B is the insidious and clandestine undermining of the natural desire of people to cooperate and live in peace. (It is also a slow undermining of their ‘enemy.’ The enemy number one, unsurprisingly, is Russia. This will be a clandestine war for the slow wearing out of Russia, as well as China, Europe, Syria, Serbia and every other country and culture on their radar.)

The hot spots for that plan are the same as before. The war in Ukraine is entering its clandestine phase. The most important in this battle becomes the Black Sea/Balkans region, as well as the Middle East and Central Asia.

A special significance is now assigned not to Ukraine as a whole. I will pinpoint the new clandestine geopolitical fault lines, all clustered around the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean, where the secret battle will rage. It is Odessa, along with the northern Black Sea shore (Odessa oblast, Nikolaev, Kherson – so far parts of  Ukraine), plus Pridnestrovie and Moldova, as well as Turkey and the Balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Greece).

Black Sea and Russia

Some of these are the traditionally known hotspots for any conflict of the past. Europe is still not out of the danger zone, although through our collective effort, the danger has lessened. Overall, it will be the battle for the in-between countries, transitional spaces and small, but strategically well-placed states.

The next stage will also be the battle for the hearts and minds of people.

Finally, and most importantly, it is also the ultimate battle between the light and dark agendas. The main work for me, and others like me, will be to do everything in our power to raise the consciousness of people, open their third eye and turn on their vision. Only through that humans will be able to make a leap into the New Earth and new reality. Again, in the words of THE EARTH SHIFTER: this is the only way to open the door to the new, better future for humanity.

For those of us who are Earth Shifters, Earth Keepers and Earth Protectors: the main work now becomes the Earth Shifting work.

I will continue writing on geopolitical matters, focusing on global, cosmic and karmic view of things. We will continue exploring my predictions and the Earth Shift teaching. I still have so much to share!

One of my goals now becomes to connect the past, present and future in one; similarly, to connect the 3D, 4D and 5D realities. We sorely need to develop a whole vision on this planet, as opposed to compartmentalized tunnel vision practiced today.

My job is to help unite spirituality and consciousness with the realities of geopolitics, psychology and history in one comprehensive world view.

For me, all these are one and the same. My mind doesn’t perceive a difference between all of the above. They are parts of the same ONE Universe. For me, all of history, spirituality, today’s reality and future outcomes flow as a continuous ocean of life. Many of my readers do perceive these connections. Unfortunately, I have noticed that some of my readers/listeners are struggling to connect the spiritual with the physical, denying one, while embracing the other.


It is the same as denying you have two arms, accepting only your right one; or accepting yourself for as long as you are working, while denying the need for rest and rejuvenation. The result would be a one-sided, warped reality, which will not benefit your soul and personal growth.

Our entire Universe has a yin-yang structure. This means that the Universe works through contrast. We need light and darkness in order to grow and learn. Through contrast and overcoming adversity the expansion of consciousness occurs.

Through recognizing that light and dark, yin and yang have a place in our existence, we become complete. Through understanding that there is more to life than just physical, we grow and gain peace. In the same way, those spiritual people who deliberately close their eyes to the existence and the necessity of the dark side are stifling their soul growth – something they proclaim as their over-riding goal. If you close your eyes to reality, you stagnate and achieve the opposite of your intention.

Only those of us who dare to see both sides of the yin-yang contrast will achieve the coveted balanced state of consciousness. Such state sees all sides of the human condition, without undue embellishment or denial, while at the same time being focused on truth and light. It is a state of magic and mastery, when one can easily and naturally shift from the mode of hard work to the mode of quiet mediation, or to the mode of active play and adventure. Life is all that. Don’t confine yourself to any artificial cages, be it seeing only the dark side of life, or denying this side exists! We are here to experience life’s adventure in all manifestations!

As one reader (probably meaning it as a compliment) once wrote, “I am not into her mystical stuff, but she is a very good geopolitical analyst.”

Dear readers, geopolitics is one of the important manifestations of Earth cosmic consciousness – the darker side of it. Geopolitics is also the highest manifestation of the collective 3D reality, and probably one of the most complex arts and professions on Earth. Just look how few have over the centuries been able to achieve true success in this profession.

There are tons of politicians, but very, very few true statesmen and stateswomen. One of the reasons is the low-level of collective consciousness on our planet; another – the collective karma of a specific country, which doesn’t allow to produce a true statesperson. In fact it is we, the people, who produce our politicians. The politicians thus produced are our own creation. Said another way, they are the mirror reflection of our psyche, level of consciousness and karma.

In order to fully experience our 3D reality of contrasts, and learn to be our best versions while we are at it, we must have the dark side, along with the side of light. It would have been a very boring world without it, don’t you think?

It is the reason so many people enjoy mysteries and love hearing about geopolitics. There is a strong fascination with adventure and overcoming adversity on our planet. This is because we are prewired to actively seek out challenges in order to overcome them. This is necessary for our development.

In order to expand our consciousness and move forward through that coveted door, into the new era of unheard potential for humanity,’ we need to experience adversity. It is through adversity that we learn our lessons and evolve as conscious beings.


I am preparing the new pieces that will start bridging the gap between our present physical 3D reality and cosmic consciousness.

One of my gifts is to be able to shift quickly and smoothly between a very specific, down-to-earth point of view, to a truly global, and more so, cosmic point of view – thus weaving the tapestry of a complete picture.

In the old days, people who were able to do that were called mystics. You can call me mystical futurist, or, if you prefer, quantum futurist. I have to say, I am partial to both terms.

Pull up your chairs and fasten your seatbelts! Join me in the front row of this exploration!

Wishing you all a very nice Sunday. See you again here on FT next week!


World War Chronology in the new history: WW0 – Napoleon Wars (early 1800s); WWI – 1914-1918; WWII – 1939-1945; WWIII = Cold War – 1948 (aka, 1945) – 1991

(Before the new historic times, there were world wars as well – the latest of them ended Atlantis and reset the Earthly Clock. This reset shadowed (concealed) the human memory and human consciousness.)


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  1. Thank you Lada! This is a very useful article, at least for me! 😉

    And like you wrote, we need to work together to change our collective consiousness, raise our vibration and change the world we live in into one where we all can live in Peace and Harmony! WE are the Ones we have been waiting for, and nobody else will do this for us! WE have to do it OURSELVES!

    Have a great “SUN”day!


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  2. That is good news, Lada. After three World Wars it is time the world come to it’s senses. (The first world War was the 2nd Anglo Boer War (1899 – 1902) which is not recognized as a world war so the Western world can hide the atrocities they committed here, and I am a Boer, not an Afrikaner).

    It is not over yet – what about Nibiru (aka Planet X), which is expected to make it’s appearance soon ?

    It seems that the dark forces ruling the democratic countries have a synchronized plan to be dumped into chaos and conflict, apparently expected for or around 23 September this year. Do you know anything about this ?


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    • There is no global war scheduled for 9/23/15 on the Universal Calendar, as far as I am aware 😉
      Global, or world, wars are usually the events involving the majority of the world, Fannie – not a regional conflict.

      World War Chronology in the new history: WW0 – Napoleon Wars (early 1800s); WWI – 1914-1918; WWII – 1939-1945; WWIII = Cold War – 1948 (aka, 1945) – 1991

      (Before the new historic times, there were world wars – the latest of them ended Atlantis and reset the Earthly Clock)

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  3. What a wonderful message, full of deep instruction and hope. I had already intuited that the Black Sea region was going to go hot. The psychopaths don’t seem to realize that this area is wholly defensible… especially the approaches. One can put a cork in the Bosphorus in a heartbeat. Nobody in, nobody out, except with Putin’s Passport. Thanks for your wisdom and leadership, Lada.

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  4. Thank you so much for this great text, Lada, “The energy is shifting”, and the wonderful ascension painting.

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  5. Some good news for a change 🙂
    What I like about your work Lada is how you combine the mundane and the esoteric.

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  6. Murder,Slavery and Torture seems to all that drives the West or are they too the puppets of even darker forces behind them.


  7. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Yes, the 100th monkey effect for human evolution is exploding. Information, potentialities, plot & counter-plot political/ economic scenarios unfolding at warp speed! As more ppl awaken, collective reality will shift once again. Thank you Lada for providing that comprehensive all-inclusive roadmap.

    Great quote:
    “Only those of us who dare to see both sides of the yin-yang contrast will achieve the coveted balanced state of consciousness. Such state sees all sides of the human condition, without undue embellishment or denial, while at the same time being focused on truth and light. It is a state of magic and mastery, when one can easily and naturally shift from the mode of hard work to the mode of quiet mediation, or to the mode of active play and adventure. Life is all that. Don’t confine yourself to any artificial cages, be it seeing only the dark side of life, or denying this side exists! We are here to experience life’s adventure in all manifestations!”

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  8. Dear Lada,

    “Global, or world, wars are usually the events involving the majority of the world, Fannie – not a regional conflict.”

    The 2nd Anglo-Boer War of (1899 -1902) were a World War fought against the Boers because the English already then conquered 60% of the world in their quest to rule the whole world. They drawed soldiers off all their colonies, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Scotland, Whales, Ireland, India, the Cape Dutch Afrikaner, the Cape Coloureds, and the slaves the English imported – all fought against the Boers. 60% of the world is not a regional conflict. There were even a few individual Russians who fought on the Boer’s side, and Russia supplied ambulances and medical personal to aid the Boers.

    The Boer’s were never more than 30 000, the English forces were around 500 000. The English violated the International Laws of 1898, in which Russia played a part creating, stating that no country may be seized and ruled by another. The Boers were never allowed to regain their sovereignty, instead the English placed the Cape Dutch Afrikaner in charge of the Boer Republics in the “united South Africa”, then called the Union of South Africa (1910) under the English instated Afrikaner general Jan Smuts and general Louis Botha. It is unthinkable that if the Boers were allowed sovereignty that the Cape Colony would have been added to the Boers to form what is today South Africa, since the English were already then trying to conquer and rule the whole world. The Boer Republics were forced in under colonial rule

    During this War, 35 000 of the Boer Children were starved to death in the English-Afrikaner concentration camps. A genocide hidden by the Western world for what they did here.

    The genocide did not end after the War, and is ongoing today. The Afrikaner desperately tries to destroy the Boer and Boer identity so the funding for these Wars can go on. The Boer Republic’s mineral resources is what has funded WW1, as well as WW2 for the English – ALL these wars were the Anglicans/Britons against the Germanic’s. (why ?)

    There will never be world peace as long as the Boer’s are withheld from their Land and sovereignty, because the Zionist English Crown fund their wars mostly from the Boer’s resources. ALL the democratic countries are bankrupt, where else do they get the funding to continue these wars ? It is funded from the Boer Republics resources. Even the plutonium that were used in the Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic bombs (WW2) were supplied by the Afrikaners to the Americans. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and SA are still English Crown colonies, the zionist English Crown are using the USA military for their wars.

    There will never be world peace as long as the Boer’s are withheld from sovereignty in their Republics. This should be important to you because the War against Russia is funded from here, the forgotten Boer Republics. Please pay attention to this.

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    • Dear Fannie, I see how important it is for you and your people. Not to diminish the suffering of your people at all, do realize that we have globally agreed terms based on very clear criteria.

      In such terms, a world war is a war fought: 1. On more than one continent and on global scale, including land and high seas; 2. Involving not just colonies of one power, but MANY sovereign countries and normally ALL biggest global powers of the day via DIRECT combat; 3. Conquests of vast territories – usually also on more than one continent – and definitely conquests of multiple countries; 4. Very large armies and overwelmingly large global casualties that leave a deep scar on human existence for a long time; 5. Last but not least: as a result of world war, the geopolitical, social and economic structure of the ENTIRE world ALWAYS CHANGES.

      As a result of WWII the world was divided on the Nato and Warsaw Pact blocks with the accompanying division on 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries; also the Cold War began; dollar was introduced as world reserve currency; the world was divided into spheres of influence of 2 Superpowers, and much more.

      WWI ended the existence of 3 global empires and introduced the alterantive to capitalism – socialism and USSR. WWI also was the precursor for fascism.

      You may be interested to learn that as a result of the USSR’s defeat of German fascism, the USSR influence over the 2nd and 3rd world countries grew exponentially. Supported by the USSR during Cold War, this led to the end of colonialism in 1950s, when UK and others had to withraw from their former colonies. As a result, the structure of the human world changed entirely.

      The armies involved in world wars usually number in millions of people, not thousands (20 million or by some accounts, as many as 40 million soldiers fought in WWII). The magnitude of suffering and destruction also numbers in millions, or even tens of millions (100 million died in WWII, incl. 27 mln Russia/USSR citizens, 13 mln Germans, nearly 40 mln Chinese).

      The Boer war you are describing is awful. Western colonialism is one of the most shameful pages in human history. What you describe is called a colonial war.
      There will be price to pay and karma to contend with for colonialism – and it’s already happening. However, the Boer war is still one of the many colonial wars of the era, when UK and other Western Europe countries went to other continents to conquer, loot and turn into slaves the un-suspecting populations.

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    • Reminder re your deleted comment: Please always check BLOG RULES before posting comments. Comments not in compliance with BLOG RULES will be deleted.

      Thank you

      FT admin


  9. Fantastic article Lada. An incredible perspective and analysis. Our minds are collective and we must constantly remember this.

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  10. Reblogged this on The EveryDay Concerned Citizen and commented:
    Such a lovely and reassuring post I have to reblog this. Thank you. Lada, for pulling it all together! And for giving us such welcome news!

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  11. Lada, I felt it too these past weeks! There is some sort of calmness, level-headedness coming about. European MP delegations to Crimea; Europe finally waking up a bit and wanting to decide what to do on its own… Though the attempts to disturb this trend are still there, like the Crimean-Tatar “Congress” in Ankara.
    And you are right that we should not relax just yet, if ever. As J.K.Rowling said it through Dumbledore: “It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated.”


  12. Just to share this with ya’ll.
    Things are changing, and that the usa and eu is signing agreements with Iran, and normalizing relations with Cuba, is not a positive signal rather the other way around, the usa has no choice at this point, but to act as a good Samaritan to show the world they are the good guys. Beware of their true intentions, first, the Iran scenario, the usa would do anything to prevent the Russian Federation to have the monopoly over eastern Europe on natural gas, second the usa last resource is to give Iran a push thinking that Iran will be the major supplier of natural gas to Europe and Asia with the condition that the usa is the only one that controls this infrastructure, and believing that Iran will betrayed his protector The Russian Federation? It will never happen.
    The Cuba Issue, very simple The Most Powerful Country in the World The Russian Federation, offered Cuba not only the latest arms technology supply…see, why the usa is “friendly” with Cuba. Also Cubans will never trust the usa and much less betray the only most powerful friend they always have had. All of this is to me great news too.

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  13. I get what Gus is saying, and I feel he’s accurate. Downrange, Americans are going to have to realize that since they allowed themselves to be hoodwinked and failed to even try to take back their government, that there will be consequences. Aggressor nations may attack America, or she may just rot in place. Mother Nature may take a hand in a hard way and a war would thus be moot. Whatever way this timeline plays out, it’s my opinion that Americans, missing the wake-up call, are going to pay a huge price. The dominoes are about to fall… economically, politically, geologically and/or from off-planet. Not a prophecy, just an opinion.

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  14. Lada, some sad heads-up. Today is one year since the massacre near Dmitrovka, where journalist Andrei Stenin was killed along with tens of other civilians. I have translated from Russian an extensive article, which reconstructs the events, based on the survivors’ testimonies:

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  15. Hi Lada, I have been reading your blog for a long time now and this is my first comment. First of all many thanks from all of us to you for taking time out and writing some excellent and extremely informative articles and also the videos. I’m sure I speak for all of us that we are all very grateful. There are many blogs out there, but yes I have to admit your predictions are correct. I have two questions if you don’t mind. 1: A big question, but who actually “runs the world” (west), is it freemasons, illuminati, a “certain” ethno-religious group (if you know who I mean) bankers or others? I am really confused. 2. Above you mentioned that before this current era on the planet there was a major global war connected to Atlantis. So Atlantis was real? What happened? Thanks in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Shaf, and thanks.
      Yours are some very big questions, which unfortunately I cannot answer briefly. But I can guarantee that I will have replies to some of these questions in various upcoming articles and reports. Incidentally, the upcoming NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE Earth Shift Report will address in part question number one re. ethno-religious group, banksters and such.

      As to Atlantis, yes it existed. What happened was that Atlantis was destroyed as a result of global war, the proportions of which we have not seen, as accumulated karma caught on to it.

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    • The Boer prophet G A Watermeyer wrote a book on Atlantis.

      Short quote from it:

      The Great Awakening

      The wisdom-woven years have slept
      deep slumber in the ocean-cleft.

      Beauty and Truth and Love,
      arise oh white-winged Dove
      and bear the Twig unto the shore,
      and built your nest upon the shore,
      when from the ocean’s womb again
      the new earth rises to the rain
      of heaven and the blessed sun…
      Afar, afar a light is seen
      moving to ever-brightening day,
      and words are wave-born things, that mean
      a motion merging from the clay
      of bonded consciousness, a birth
      of things sublime upon this earth.


  16. Aha, thanks for your reply regarding Atlantis.


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