US dentist kills beloved African #LionCecil: Zimbabwe asks to extradite lion killer

While we, the normal people, admire the beauty of such an amazing creature as a lion, marveling at the miracle of life on our beautiful planet, others go around destroying and mutilating this fragile beauty! And for what? Not because they are hungry, not because someone made them do it, not because they have crying children to feed. NO! It is done for sport, for trophies, for ego, or for enrichment! And this can never be tolerated!

Please see new post on Lada Ray Blog and sign petition to extradite the killer!

US dentist Walter Palmer killed the southern African country’s most celebrated lion, Cecil. The American trophy hunter lured the lion out of a lion sanctuary at a national park and tracked him down. Palmer paid $50,000 to his accomplices for the pleasure of killing!

Extradite that SOB as soon as possible to face the music!

Most importantly, stop outrageous African safaris (or any other illegal hunts), in which innocent, beautiful and rare animals, who are the precious gift of our Mother Earth, are hunted down by spoiled, bored out of their minds rich scum from the US and other fat countries!!!

I signed the petition – please sign it too! Details, video and link to White House Petition in this post:

US dentist kills beloved African #LionCecil: Zimbabwe asks to extradite lion killer


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  1. Let us be thankful this idiot is just filthy rich and kills just so called animals. Just imagine if this arrogant greed head had the power to indulge in worst lust there would no limits to their crimes and could better cover their misdeeds.


  2. Although the senseless murder of this noble animal is an outrage, the ongoing murder of innocents in the Gaza by the psychopathic Israeli government goes ignored by the mainstream. This hypocracy is sickening!


    • What about the ongoing war and murder of the people of Donbass, looting, torture and murders all over Ukraine, coupled with the ongoing destruction of Ukraine as a country? All executed by the Kiev junta, and directly orchestrated by the US in order to weaken Russia. Is that hypocrisy okay?

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      • Not at all! In fact it further emphasizes my point that our current society has lost all sense of moral balance and can be easily lead by the nose to whatever misdirection the psychopaths in charge wish to direct us.

        Although it appears to be headed in the wrong direction, I’m very optimistic for our future as long as people such as you, Lada, continue to report the truth. After all, the first step in change is recognizing that we have a problem that needs to be addressed. Our future is evolving from the heavy negative influences of the past to the compassionate understanding that all of us human beings have a piece of the creator-source within us and therein lies the foundation of our future well being and success.

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  3. Breaks my heart hearing this barbarity, this is very sad case of ignorance and too much money. Pppl with low consciousness believe that their power/ strength relies upon external actions, like killing “the king of the jungle”, it fills their ego with pride, and a delusional sense of power.
    This dentist’s action raised awareness of illegal hunting and animal abuse, hopefully this will deter others from doing the same in the future.
    The dentist deserves what he get. Signed petition, spreading the word!


  4. The rampant psychopathy infecting humanity is being revealed every day. Here’s another- look deep into her eyes, tell me what do you see…

    American huntress sparks fury posting selfie w/ dead giraffe in South Africa


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