The Neglected Russian Gift to the American People, Geopolitics of the Middle East and Putin

First, let me introduce you to this post on the Way of the Love BlogTHIS IS ABSOLUTELY APPALLING & AMERICANS, YOU NEED TO TAKE NOTE! In it, Nancy says:

tear-drop-monument NJ 9 11

“Russia, President Putin, and her people constructed this beautiful 100 ft. teardrop monument in memory of those killed on 9/11… shipped it to America in huge segments … the artist came too to oversee its compilation and erection … the Russian people paid for it out of private funds.

The Zionist controlled US media gives the beautiful memorial, dedicated by Putin, a total silent treatment. The monument is barely known, even among local residents of Bayonne [where it is located]! … The base of the monument is surrounded by a marble wall with the names of the 3000 victims engraved in alphabetical order.” IT WAS GIFT FROM RUSSIA ON THE 5TH ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11, THUS 2004, & AMERICANS STILL DON’T KNOW IT EXISTS!!!!!!


teardropgiftsign 9 11

Thanks, Nancy, for posting this, and for caring. I can add a few facts and thoughts. 

The monument was constructed by Zurab Tsereteli. He is most known for the gigantic sculpture of Peter the Great standing on his ship on Moscow’s Moskva River embankment, also installed in the early 2000s. It is located across from the iconic Christ the Savior Cathedral, rebuilt in the 1990s. Christ the Savior is the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Here is the photo of the embankment, including both the giant Peter statue and the beautiful cathedral. moscow-river

Tsereteli is known for his gigantic works. Many at the time argued that the giant Peter statue, dwarfing nearby structures, was too huge and therefore would disrupt the carefully preserved historic skyline. However, after years of argument it has become a well-recognized integral part of Moscow. Something similar once happened to the Eiffel Tower.

Living and working between NYC and NJ, I knew about the sculpture being sent to the US as a gift. The problems started right away. New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani didn’t want to accept the gift, saying there was no place to put it. Some were saying the monument was ugly. I am looking at it and I am very sensitive to any ugliness or falsehood. I do not see anything objectionable in it. I actually think it’s very appropriate for the occasion. However, the debates went on and finally they decided to place it on the NJ side’s river bank, overlooking Manhattan. As Nancy pointed out, the place is such that it’s absolutely hidden from view from any roads and it’s not marked on any maps. Most of NJ is gentrified and very expensive, except a few depressed slums, industrial and highly polluted areas. The city of Bayonne is one of those areas, polluted since early industrial age. The impression was that they hid the monument in a place where they knew no one would go, on a piece of land that was basically worthless (well, they did clean it up a little to install the monument).

I would venture to say that the US attitude at the time towards the Russian people’s sincere gift was one of those last straws that eventually broke the camel’s back. Such attitude convinced even the most naive Russians that there was no way of reasoning with the US.

Incidentally, after 9/11, Putin was the first head of state who called Bush to express his condolences for the loss of life. Very few remember this, but that was the time when Putin was trumpeted in the US media is something akin to the messiah of Russia and American elites’ best friend. Keep reading to find out why it was and what happened next.

At the time, I worked at one of Smith Barney’s branches in NJ. I had a lot of clients and friends who were directly or indirectly touched by the 9/11 tragedy. For us it wasn’t just something in the news – we lived it, and my memory is still vivid.

As a matter of fact, the morning of 9/11 I was supposed meet with a client, whose office was in the former Century 21 building (those who are familiar with pre-9/11 New York would know what I am talking about). It was a building directly across the street from the Twin Towers. I was supposed to meet with her at 9 am. She cancelled the day before, saying she needed to fix some problems at home. She didn’t show for work and I didn’t take the Path Train, which terminated in the basement of the Twin Towers. We both avoided a very close brush with 9/11.

I remember how after the tragedy we all felt sorrowful and indignant at the nonsensical loss of life and destruction in the heart of New York, where till then we all felt safe.

For years, I couldn’t look in the direction where Twin Towers used to be. Walking anywhere in Manhattan where before I’d have a view of the towers, I would purposefully look the other way. Only once I went to the vicinity of Ground Zero. Despite all the usual surrounding noise and Manhattan’s frantic traffic, the place was filled with eerie energetic silence. The energy there was dark and dense with sorrow, as if all life was sucked out of it. I never since went back and told my client that we could meet anywhere else but there.

The place has since been re-built, but I still avoid it. There is nothing for me there; nothing is left of the place I remember. To give you an idea, the calibration of the 9/11 Ground Zero area is presently: 85 – grief.

At the time, for work I still watched CNBC and followed other financial MSM. After Putin came out with his condolences, CNBC hosts were saying, ‘This guy is just brilliant, he doesn’t miss a beat.’ Putin was en vogue on Wall Street and those who pulled the strings actually thought they had just acquired one more willing American vassal.

I know for a fact that Putin and Russians felt very sincere sympathy towards the American people after 9/11, having perceived it as a real terrorist attack. As usual for Russians, they attempted to establish a bridge based on common interests – fighting terrorism.

Russia at the time just started recovering after the tragic and debilitating civil war in Chechnya, which only Putin was able to turn around. It was well-known that Al Qaeda and imported Islamic extremists were behind most terrorist acts Russia went through at the time. They honestly thought that Russia and US could be allies in fighting the mushrooming global terrorism. Putin tried to extend a hand and make a sincere gesture.

Of course, Russian leadership knew that US was in fact behind the creation and financing of these Islamic extremist organizations that infiltrated Caucasus to wreak havoc. But it was hoped at the time that since US also suffered a terrorist attack, it would influence the US leadership to change their mind against continuing to vilify Russia; that it would redirect bylateral relations towards cooperating in the fight against Islamic terrorism.

This goal was partially achieved. After 9/11 and sympathetic Russian response, US had no choice but to stop trumpeting Chechen terrorists as freedom fighters, and began labeling them as terrorists.

As a result of the US support withdrawal, terrorist acts in Caucasus and elsewhere in Russia slowly diminished and almost disapeared in time. This essentially confirmed for everyone how much such extremist organizations rely on US support. It also confirmed that without US support they couldn’t exist in the magnitude we are observing now.

Of course, later it came out that the whole 9/11 thing was an inside job created in order to drag the populations of US, UK and the West into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If US was able to sneak in Afghanistan invasion when the world was still in shock over 9/11, the Iraq caused huge resistance all over the world. The US went in anyway, thus completely destroying the international relations checks and balances of the past 50+ years. It went into Iraq over the objections of the UN, Security Council veto, and protests of its own allies.

The entire plan for the Middle East blitzkrieg takeover, akin to the German Nazi Plan Barbarossa, included 7 countries. If you recall, I once posted a video of how US Gen. Wesley Clark revealed this plan in 2007. I also had a later video with the same Gen. Clark being very tight-lipped when asked about it. I remember thinking at the time that they got to him. I recently heard the same Gen. Clark saying just the opposite of what he used to say. Perhaps, Gen. Clark got his price.

Both videos are here: Vladimir Putin’s Message: Part 2

What were the 7 countries US was supposed to invade to ensure its continuing world dominance? These included: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Sudan.

The Middle East was sent the message: either submit and stay obedient slaves of the US, or you will be conquered. However, not all went according to plan. Some of the obedient Western vassals, such as France and Germany, became squeamish, so the ‘coalition of the willing’ turned out a little skimpy.

But most importantly, there was the factor of Russia and Putin. Putin played it perfectly, by being a good boy the West would love… until his power in the country consolidated, and Russia got strong enough.

People often ask me how and why did they let Putin come to power and stay in power, if he was such a threat to them? The answer in short: they simply didn’t see it coming. This was the brilliance of Putin and those who brought him to power – they counted on the outward appearances being such as to fool their adversaries, until it was time for Putin to act.

Those who aren’t very profound thinkers mistook that for Putin being part of NWO. This hoax had been circulating till very recently, until I dispelled it in IS PUTIN PART OF NWO?

This is the answer in short. The long and much deeper answer is coming in the THE PUTIN ENIGMA.


THE PUTIN ENIGMA Earth Shift Report is coming later in the year (Sorry everyone for the delay. It takes a long time to mastermind and write any Earth Shift Report. It’s partially done. I will finish it as soon as I have a long enough stretch of time to do so).


The Middle East was and continues being one of the two most important geopolitical pressure points of our planet, the other one being the Black Sea/Ukraine/Eastern Mediterranean area. Both fault lines are located next to each other, overlapping and interacting closely.

While the Middle East is mainly about oil, containing of China and Russia, and creating as much chaos as possible on the planet, the Black Sea-Eastern Mediterranean stretch is about the dominion over Europe, attempting to weaken and destroy Russia and Russia’s allies, preventing China from building the New Silk Road, as well as European gas and oil arteries.

The fight over lifelines (the old trade routes are now the pipelines) going through these same areas is very old. Both pressure points are about the life or death of the dollar-based system and about who will control Eurasia. Because, as we know, he who controls Eurasia, controls the world.

I said this before and I’ll say it again: This is why it is absolutely crucial for Eurasia to unite. It is only because of petty resentments and divisions that they are able to manipulate people into wars. People cannot be manipulated when they calibrate on the level 200 or better. Manipulation becomes a non-issue when anger, jealousy and resentment in human relations are discarded, being replaced with cooperation, good will, acceptance and reason.


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  1. Russia has been good to the United States since our Revolutionary War, except for the Communist period-Lada, you may disagree with that part, I know. Today, it seems, Russia and the United States are changing places as we are be led down, away from our principles, and Russia is able to somewhat take them up in its return to Christianity. Much in your country’s past reveals much suffering of its people, let us hope that suffering doesn’t return and be the New World Disorder, more chaos out of chaos, for whoever is left of 7 billion people.


    • what principles?…

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      • Keeping in mind that we are in a world with very flawed human beings, matters are relative. For our principles, I would go to general Judeo-Christian values, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Amendments, the Federalist Papers, and writings of Thomas Paine for a start. Oliver Cromwell tried to establish a tripartite democracy in the previous century but couldn’t keep it. King George III deserves some recognition for driving us into a democratic republic. Part of our principles included George Washington’s sound advice not to get involved in foreign entanglements. That warning should have been heeded with World War I; if European nations want to kill each other, stay away.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Way of Love Blog and commented:
    Lada Ray, a Russian who was living and working in New York City at the time of 9/11 adds information to my Teardrop Monument blog.

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  3. Unfortunately Asia-Africa-Americas have been dealing with a criminal enterprise called Europe. Who besides being fools enjoy rapine and murder for kicks and don’t even care about their own people or immediate families it’s ME ME ME.


  4. Lada: As much as I enjoy your writings, I find some of your comments toward the people of the United States insulting. We are not our government any more than the good people of Russia were all Bolsheviks. Many don’t realize what’s happening even now and, as you’ve stated, are under the influence of mind control. I’ve only known for a few years and am sickened by what I’ve discovered. So when you ask, “What principles?” you cut to the bone. Is that really your intent? I don’t want to think so… Regarding the beautiful memorial from the Russian people, you are right; many don’t know about it due to our controlled media. When we take back our country I believe Russia’s gift will be given the recognition it deserves. I am thrilled that Russia is rebuilding and am grateful for her leadership on the world stage. It gives me hope that someday the U.S. Republic can rise again.


    • I insulted American people? I think you are confused. That said, sorry, I tell the truth about whatever I write, including Russia, Ukraine, Wall Street, etc. My advice as someone who knows Americans very well is to take a deep breath and develop a more humble attitude towards the truth about your country, especially when you yourself admit it’s true.

      Also, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t put the words in my mouth.

      As to the question, it was a very simple question I have asked since I wouldn’t have put it the way he did. When you get offended at such simple question, imagining in it things that weren’t there, it tells us very clearly what YOU yourself think of your country and American people – not me.

      Wishing you all the best on your chosen path. Peace

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  5. Thanks to both Lada and Nancy for pointing this out! What a beautiful monument this is!

    Just by coincidence I came across an article about the monument on another blog but I will put the link up to the original article, written by John Craven from the Daily Mail in November of 2012, that tells the story of his search to find the monument:

    Such a pity the people of the USA don’t know about this so lets share this far and wide!


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  6. Sadly, so many Americans have no idea that they have NEVER lived under the Constitution for the original American Republic … that our government was hijacked and we have lived in the Corporation of the United States of America following the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. ( Due to this lack of knowledge about the government under which we live, many assume our government and news media tell us the truth.

    I am intuitively feeling that the discovery of the hidden Teardrop Monument is actually bringing about a major awakening to the truth. Today, I am feeling the teardrop is transforming into tears of JOY that finally Americans have an undeniable example of how truth is hidden from them. A 100 ft. monument standing on American soil cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory!” Once more, thanks Russia!

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  7. Great find, Nancy. I must say that I didn’t even know about this monument’s existence, until I read about it here.

    Lada, funny you should mention Eiffel Tower within this article. Because it brings forth memories of another gift, from another people – the statue of Liberty from the French, where architect Gustave Eiffel was behind both constructions.

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    • Two monuments not far from each other – and such different destinies.

      Talk about double standards…

      Liked by 1 person

    • I believe that quite soon, once the hysteria and animosity disperse, this monument will take it’s rightful place in the minds of the American people, on par with the Statue of Liberty. I also have a feeling that the Teardrop will represent something more than commemoration of those fallen in the demolition of the Twin Towers. Maybe this is what those, who try to hide the elephant in the room are afraid of?

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  8. It is likely that the Middle East is going to settle down, except for Turkey. The Iranian nuclear deal is likely to make Iran relatively pro-Western. This way, the US can redeploy its forces to oppose Russia and China. To me, Russia and China made mistakes in supporting the harsh sanctions and taking the Iranians’ money and not delivering the S-300 system. So Iranians don’t have a particularly fond feeling towards them.

    So the West has a new game plan, or so many argue. And that is my guess, but who knows? You may want to write about it. I would expect the Black Sea to be a new theater of war and struggle. Good to see peace come to Syria, but not good to see the West find new places to go after. And Russia is likely target number one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You bring up a lot of interesting and controversial issues, Paul. This probably does warrant a post. I’ll try to answer all that in a new post, maybe even later today.


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  9. Geoffrey West did a segment on this article and more on tonight’s (8/21) Cosmic Vision News: Thank you, Geoffrey! Geoffrey is a Canadian, living in Sweden.

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  10. Thank you so much for telling us about this, Lada.
    This monument is more than magnificen, it’s overwhelming.
    Not only Americans do not seem to know about its existence, also a lot of European people do not know. I’ll blog it on a special moment, i.e. on Sept. 11th.



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