ISIL (ISIS) Destroys Priceless Cultural Heritage. Refugee Invasion of Europe. Middle East Predictions

The contents of the first video below is chilling. To me, the most gruesome part is the senseless and brutal destruction of local and worldwide heritage that IS (ISIL/ISIS) brings with them. They already destroyed the ancient cities of Palmyra and Nimrod. Some of the cities mercilessly destroyed and looted to the bone are UNESCO World Heritage sites, whose museums house priceless historic treasures of global significance.

But note what kind of cars and SUVs these armed to their teeth thugs are driving!

We all know who created these forces, deliberately, or just out of sheer stupidity: those who invaded and bombed Afghanistan and Iraq, who later destroyed Libya and who now is trying to destroy Syria. Those who in the ’70s trained Al Qaeda and Taliban to escalate tensions and lure the USSR into Afghanistan. Al Qaeda and others morphed into the so-called Islamic State (IS, aka ISIL), also financed and protected by the same Western forces.

Now we all have to pay the price for what they have done…



To answer a recent remark/question by a reader, whether the Middle East is calming down and the geopolitical battleground is being moved to the Black Sea area.

Can’t say anything comforting, sorry.

Yes, the geopolitical ground zero is spreading to the entire Black Sea – Eastern Mediterranean area, but there is no calming down of the Middle East at all. I predict further escalation of the Middle East tensions and further destructions and spreading of IS. We are nowhere near the end. The situation in the Middle East will continue spiraling out of control and it will be very difficult to calm it down for years. There are too many unresolved issues that will continue coming up as more and more truth and injustices are revealed. The injustices and truth have been suppressed in the Middle East for too long. The whole huge region is simply sizzling and cooking in controversy and painfully bleeding sores. It is very far from the end – it’s just the beginning.

It’ll only end after the very deep-seated internal problems of the Middle East have been resolved.

People of the no man’s land:

One of the problems is the refugee crisis, when hundreds of thousands from Syria, Libya and other countries of the Middle East try to reach EU. The most recent scandal is on the border of Greece and Macedonia. After thousands of refugees attempted to cross by trains from Greece to Macedonia as the most convenient bridge to the rest of the EU, Macedonia deployed army and police to the border to prevent that (so much for the EU policy of open borders). Similar situation recently happened at the la Manche tunnel connecting UK and France.

Presently, crowds of refugees are camping out on the border between Greece and Macedonia. Videos:

We are at a point when EU has no idea how to handle the crisis they helped generate.

The heads of the EU are proposing the following. Why not relocate 100,000 of no man’s land refugees from Greece to…. Ukraine. I’m not kidding, this is the official proposal on the table!

These refugees from Africa are hard-working people, say the authors of the proposal. There are many abandoned or decaying villages in central and western Ukraine. Why not resettle these refugees in those villages, they will rebuild the villages and work the land. Everyone will be happy. Ukraine is trying to join EU, why don’t they start showing their loyalty by helping out and alleviating the EU burden. We are talking about Ukraine here, the country in pre-default state and in the middle of a civil war!


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    Appreciate your information and opinions.


  2. Unfortunately do the indigenous people of the Americas have to pay for the sin-crimes of Western Europeans. Like they been paying for the last five hundred years is there on justice or mercy in this Universe.

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  3. Just added this comment for those who still think that the Middle East is getting better despite facts and my predictions:

    ISIL spreading over several states and destroying world heritage; Kurds readying to create their own state also over several states and fighting with the rest; armed militias roaming around; shia vs suni fights all over; Yemen war, Saudi bombings of Yemen; recent chemical attack in Syria and the country being destroyed; Saudis/US trying to unseat Assad; refugees flood EU; US authorizes air strikes on Syria govt forces, threatening to escalate conflict further; various bands/Al Qaeda/ISIL/drugs infiltrating into Central Asia and Caucasus from Afghanistan; Turkey on fire, fighting ISIL on one front, Kurds on another and Assad on third; recent bombing in Tunisia that destroyed the country’s tourism industry, etc, etc.

    This isn’t indicative of improvement; it’s indicative of escalation.

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    • agreed

      but things would be worse right now if the iran deal never took place

      take egypt for example if morsi was still in power the middle east would be on fire

      but al im saying is things would be worse than it is now

      we can only hope things get better

      as far as the eu refugee crisis goes it was italy and france that got fooled into destroying libya

      hillary clinton is largly along with mccian are responsible for most of what is happeing in ukraine and the middle east

      i pray that niether jeb bush or hillary becomes president


    • well said lada

      resolutions of problems that we desire to sovle are not simple more needs to be done

      i look forward to your putin enigma cant wait 🙂

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  4. I don’t remember how I phrased things, but the idea was that the West has cut a deal with Iran. So Iran will largely win in Syria; KSA will largely win in Yemen. Iran will become somewhat pro-West, and the US/NATO will redeploy to fight Russia and China. Turkey will likely have lots of turmoil. This is not peace in the world, but struggles moving around, with the Black Sea being a likely candidate for trouble. ISIS will either be killed or moved to fight Russia in Central Asia or the Caucasus. Apologies if I made it sound like a great deal.

    Of course, this is just one reading of the recent peace deal with Iran. Unfortunately, there are differences among various groups that have no resolution, so some will lose. I am actually a pessimist when it comes to a large area from Northern Africa to Central Asia. Too many sensitive areas that could be blown up too easily. But Iran may do well, and Syria may go from hell to limbo.


    • This is a reply to several different people at once, who are all skeptical about my Middle East predictions, it seems.

      I don’t think it’s about pessimism or optimism – these are emotions. It’s also not about speculation or comforting someone – sorry, can’t do that here.

      I give facts and predictions as I see the future energy unfolding.

      Again, what is long-term? What is short-term? We need to have the same view of these terms. This response is actually for several different people’s comments on the issue. Not all of those comments were published, but people can still read my replies here.

      It is important for everyone to understand that this is some old unresolved karma at work in the Middle East. You can’t just sweep it under the rug any more because we are at the time of the global karma resolution. This means that a different situation (peace, calm, good relations) will emerge in the Middle East only after karma is resolved. People also have to understand correctly what karma means – and it’s not punishmment. Perhaps, some time later I’ll explain how it really works.

      Bottom line, if people get depressed when I say things like: it will get worse before it gets better, this is emotions talking (replying to various comments here). While we are all human, we still have to keep the right perspective. I try to give this perspective. Sure, some day, in some distant future things will change in the ME. But for a while, the escalation will be occurring.

      As to believing in the bright future – absolutely, everyone should, believe with all your heart! This is very good for anyone!
      But that was not what this article was about and that’s not how I do things – I tell the truth and share my vision, which usually comes true. If you don’t accept it, not my problem.

      Yes, Iran is nice, and diplomatic efforts are continuing in Syria, and Iran is helping out Issad. So? Did this bring any more peace so far? There are much more powerful forces out there that will only escalate hybrid conflicts elsewhere in ME. While it improves in one place, it gets worse somewhere else – until KARMA is resolved. THIS is the right perspective. And so far, let’s face it, Middle Easterners instead of resolving karma prefer to plunge deeper into madness.

      Nope, won’t happen for a while, but may be localized to certain countries. Most likely, Iran, China and Russia will learn to control ME near their borders, that’s all.

      All this requires and much longer explanation than I am able to provide here, because I see people aren’t accepting what I say. Pity, too bad. One day everyone will get it.


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    • this is what therry masson not sure if i spelled it right

      thats what he thinks will happen

      that things in the middel east will come down some what and move isis else where

      but russia and iran are still allys

      russia and iran agree on many things such as enegy syria and dealing with terrorism in the caucaus

      turkey is supporting seperatism in east china

      thank god for a russian-chinese alliance who knows how things would get out of control in central asia

      the main goal of sorros and zibnew is to break up eurasia

      but europe is starting to see and feel the bad choices that is made on ukraine and the middle east and the anti russian sanctions


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