Newest Defection: High-ranking Ukrainian Officer Says Ukraine Army Used Banned Mines in E.Ukraine

According to Kiev’s official data, as voiced by the Attorney General of Ukraine, since last year, eight thousand Ukraine military defected to the side of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics: five thousand policemen and three thousand combat personnel.

I previously wrote about high-profile defections from Ukraine. This is the latest. This high-ranking officer of the National Guard says he was given unlawful orders to install internationally banned land mines in E. Ukraine. When he refused and blew the whistle, he was fired and had to flee the country.

This new revelation is likely to open a floodgate of investigations into the inhumane and illegal practices of the Kiev junta in E. Ukraine. And this is just the beginning!

The newest revelations will do a lot to withdraw the EU support for the Kiev junta. After EU support is gone, it will be harder and harder for the US to justify theirs.


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  1. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    We wish the differences to be settled peacefully, but the problems are of greater depth than most people know. The body of humanity is stricken with a near-morbid infection of the entire body. The fever will break, there will be recovery, and the health to follow must be carefully watched.

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  2. Hopefully another nail in the coffin of NATO the sooner it goes the safer the World will be.

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  3. just goes to show who the real aggresser is



    • James, the ultimate aggressor is Washington and her bankster masters. Kiev is just a tool of the USSA, a whore to be ridden hard and then discarded like a used condom. My apologies, Lada, but this is truly what I believe is the fate of the Ukraine under her USSA masters.


      • Don’t apologize. It is true, I wrote/spoke about that a long time ago in 2014. I just called it a ‘used up lemon to be thrown out,’ but everyone has their own metaphors. 😉


  4. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more surreal, they did:

    The occupational forces of NATO congratulated Ukraine with the Independence Day by doing the UPA (UIA) call. UPA was a paramilitary (read:terrorist) force that collaborated with Nazi German forces during WWII and which tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of Poles, Russians, Rusins, Jews and other nationalities that live in what is now Western Ukraine.

    Thus NATO acknowledges its continuity to the Nazi Germany, which is not surprising, given the large number of Nazi war criminals, who found sanctuary in USA and Canada and who continued doing what they did before, but for the new masters.

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