This story sounds horribly Machiavellian – An Impending Global Monetary Reset?!

Some interesting new info from Maddie Walsh @ 1EarthUnited blog. This info is worth keeping in mind, and if you receive any ‘FREE present’ from the government in the form of a microchip or tiny supercomputer, just say: thanks, but no thanks.
There is no way to enforce this if people opt out. Keep that in mind, everyone.

Another good example is smartphone, which makes it easy to spy on you. Just don’t use it. Instead, how about a simple and perhaps not as sexy looking cell phone that still does the job and helps keep your privacy?


I received a video email from a financial advisory service that made my jaw drop. If true, then the economic ramifications for our future would be staggering! There’s talk of a government sponsored “gold-chipped supercomputer” giveaway which would impact every person in the world who uses money, which means all of us.

This video explains how the US gov’t would provide every citizen with a free penny sized supercomputer that would never need charging or maintenance, it would “protect” you from cyber-attacks, hacking, identity theft of your financial accounts and cyber-terrorism. Uncle Sam plans to spend $33 billion on this project, first rolling out at the largest financial centers like NY, TX, CA, FL, CO, DC by Dec. 2015, then other states would follow. Countries in the Western world would be mandated to comply as they are launching their own gold-chip programs. This includes Europe, Australia, Canada, also Japan, Indonesia…

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  1. Yes,

    this made my jaw drop too; they will try and revenue everyone into debt-slavery version 2.0 (a.k.a. windows 10:)) by creating a dragne via these gold chips, global collateral accounts such as SwissIndo et. etc. while we are building an alternative exchange of barter, hours, lets, crypto and any and all remedies;

    Time for action; no more indulgences; we all have to go to ground; we are doing workshops every weekend and for kids during the week; in peace, bt

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  2. About a hour of psycho babel carny barker Spendgali Lada what is the Russian version there’s a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.


  3. it seems like another way to just keep tabs on people

    of course there are ways around it i believe

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  4. I sent this off to a few friends who are paying attention to these trends. The first one, in Wyoming, said, “My new American Express card has a “GOLD Chip”, which I have not “ACTIVATED”, The letter has a number to call, but I have not called it yet for information.
    The Chip readers are supposed to be Activated by Oct. First (our Store already has
    one)! In my searching I can find no “Gold Chip Computer” for sale or FREE.
    DO NOT bet on it!!”
    The second one, from Britain, is more skeptical: “The hype doesn’t seem to be sure if it’s talking about a gold chip or a “gold chip supercomputer” – what the hell is that??? It makes no sense to me. However, listening to the hype, which I have not heard before, it sound just like something bad dressed up to look like something very tasty, so you may well be right that this is now the juncture when cash gets dumped and the people with the real supercomputers get to control all our money – aka the cashless economy. This year! Welcome to the end of your so-called “freedom”.”
    The third, blogger Rice Farmer, also said it looked like a scam or perhaps a way to prosecute the war on cash, but he also said: “Prosecuting the war on cash is going to be far more difficult than they think. First, there are highly cash-oriented societies like Japan. Getting everyone on board is going to be hard. Second, the world’s underground economy ― which of course operates on cash ― simply won’t be included. But governments can’t cut the underground economy out of the picture because it’s so damn big, and growing bigger every day. It accounts for like half the economy in some countries. Third, none of this electronic crap will work without electricity, which could ― and often does ― disappear suddenly. And that problem is only going to get worse.”

    All in all, I expect this to be a short-term misery at most, and the roll out will merely be reported to have “gone without a hitch” if we ever hear about it again.


  5. The real economic story is coming out of the Russia/China actions which already have created a new economic system now in the process of replacing the US war enforcement of the single currency Dollar system.

    Around 170 nations are becoming part of this system. Little noticed stories like this this latest one: “Djibouti reportedly ordered the US to vacate the Obock military base so that it can be turned over the People’s Liberation Army. According to US-based magazine CounterPunch, the announcement was made in May, a day after US secretary of state John Kerry visited the country” show just one more rejection by one more country of our Wall Street military-financial system. Kerry made some typical threats and empty promises of financial help and went home. Like hundreds of other nations on Earth China had already delivered waves of “…investment in Djibouti that includes a US$3 billion rail project to connect the country with the capital of neighboring Ethiopi, Addis Ababa, and US$400 million in investments to modernize the country’s undersized port.” See the foreign policy difference?

    Under the new system, each nation is encouraged to keep their own currency, accepted in trade by the BRICS, AIIP, EaEU, SCO system nations. A solid value system is being placed under international trade.

    That standard will first be the Yuan, replacing the hyperinflated Dollar system backed by overprinting of money by Japan, UK, US, EU central banks, to cover part of over $1Quadrillion TBTF bank issued Securities Derivatives. Then the Gold/Silver/Production Value system will return being the real “reset” that the Dollar is facing. (Ironically, a US Constitution financial system, will end up being enforced by Russia, China, et al.)

    The nations of the Earth have broken out of the banking, war/intelligence machine financial system by doing trades and loans outside a Dollar system. Of course a cashless society controlled by Nazi US, EU government systems is one way of trying to keep things going for the banks a few more weeks but, in the words of Bill Gross, “This is all ending”. Dr. James Willie has as good a handle on these events as any, but thousands of news articles deal with coming events which will include (1) devaluation of, then (2) nonacceptance in international trade of the US Dollar and its Treasuries and other Securities. The oil-bank connected Texas elite are savvy to what is coming, creating its new Gold Vault and moving (if they can get it back) its $Billion in gold from NYC, preparing to leave the Union if US Military is used against their citizens in the coming time to enforce any kind of banking nonsense there.

    All the thrashing around by the US banks and military in the 70 wars and coups of the last 70 years will stop. The TBTF banks have done everything they could and will do everything they can, to stay afloat. Can’t blame them for trying. (It must be so embarrassing for bankers who have established the standard for “smart” to be soon exposed as, even after having power to print money, treasuries and derivatives greater than all the money in the Universe, still made financial bets taking them down into insolvency. The term banker will become synonymous with everything stupidly criminal.) A 70 year review of 1945-Present History is probably required to really get what I’m saying.

    While Truman/Churchill got the US, (UK, Holland, France, Switzerland, et al) back on its earlier Nazi war path 70 years ago, August 1945, (Atom bomb drops, Korean War, a Russia excluding, US dominating, Bretton-Woods financial system, Cold War, etc.), resistance inside the US Government almost evaporated after JFK’s death,(i.e., Johnson, in 1965, taking us off a Silver Standard that Kennedy had launched, Nixon-Connally, in 1971 taking us off the Gold Standard, earlier launched by Western nations, Republican Bush puppets in Congress joined with a bank puppet Clinton Presidency, in 1999, when Glass-Steagall was voided) the US controlled world financial system has been about keeping the bank, government, corporate and private citizen debt associated with the Dollar afloat.

    The “reset” (of the Dollar against Gold) was agreed to take place in 2014. The US went to war in Ukraine (and against Russia/China financially) instead.

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  6. In my opinion that video is a phishing scam


  7. Be alert!

    The world needs more lerts!


    gigoid, the dubious


  8. Financial advisory services and many others profit from public fear and panic, but that does not mean they are wrong. What they warn us about may or may not come true today, and the motives of some terrorizing propagandists may be to herd us into the stockyards. However, warnings about chipping of any kind need to be heard. The plot is beyond Machiavellian, it is Luciferian/Satanic. In the chip will be the mark of the beast, and the goal is eternity in hell for all.

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    • Thanks for this additional info, yes i believe this is the chip they’re referring to. But rather than banks implementing this on their credit cards, it’s supposed to be sent directly to every household in America courtesy of the gov’t. This sounds eerily like a conspiracy to eliminate cash, if the gov’t dictates that all financial transactions going forward must be “recorded” thru our personal “gold chip” card (for our protection), then they have total control over your money! Think IRS- keeping track of every nickle & dime we earn and taxing it! You can be tracked “chipped” so no more privacy or personal freedom. This is certainly unconstitutional and a form of financial slavery.
      The litmus test is: can we voluntarily opt-out of this program or will we be penalized for non-compliance? Can you spell Fascism!

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  9. Two, maybe unrelated, thoughts:
    1. Norway, for example, is moving rapidly to a cashless society. You are forced to use cards or smartphone to perform many financial transactions. If you don’t you get penalised by extra fees.
    2. Did anyone wonder why Windows 10 is given away for “free” by Microsoft?

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    • Great point, something to think about! In this Orwellian world, you don’t get something for nothing, esp from the gov’t. Anything “free” comes with strings, there’s talk that MS was coerced by US gov’t to comply and create backdoors, keyloggers, spyware, encryption protocols that NSA has access to. In Microsoft’s EULA, you must agree to a controversial clause in order to activate Windows 10. The cause states that you agree that Microsoft has the right to download your PRIVATE FOLDERS (steal) and turn it over to law enforcement without your consent or knowledge! Can you still trust these corporations? What good is “free” if we lose our freedoms! Watch this:

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      • So well put! 😉

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        • the creepy thing is these nsa people inflitrate world of war craft and other pc games people play

          good thing you can hide your identity

          at one time google tryed to force its users to disclose there identity boy it got shoot down quiek

          indeed spying should never operate out side of the law

          google + could dissovle soon its very unpopular i like the old youtube


  10. Rice Farmer just sent me this link.
    The more the global economy seizes up because citizens just don’t have money and are trying to hang onto what little they can get so they have something for emergencies, the more desperate the bankers will become in their efforts to keep the economy moving. By banning cash, they aim to catch deep-pocketed scofflaws, but most of those will be able to pay for a means to escape with their assets. The result is the banks will try to get blood from a gnat. We’ve seen asset forfeiture (with the proceeds going to police, fortifying their armaments) and the foreclosure scam in the US. Also, America’s war-mongering boils down to this.

    Lada, do you think there is another way for the bankers out of this predicament?

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    • “Interesting times”, understatement of the year. The very few who rule the very many, that is, all the rest, want to kill almost all of all of the rest. Again, the psychopathic crazies have gotten out of the basement, and they have money, and they have guns. They also have much of our government, industrial corporations, and news, general information, and entertainment media. I would also mention our health care, education, and food supply of today, but I don’t want wake anybody up.

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  11. A little more information from my friend Tony, from Britain but living in Japan, referring back to the video Maddie shared with us. He sent this off to Rice Farmer, without including me (that happens):

    Hi all,

    Sure plenty of questions, but remember the money all comes from us, the
    people who are doing real work in the real economy.

    Supercomputer, power from the air – yes all highly suspect and seems to show
    that the writer did not know a lot about what he was writing about.

    However, today, I see this:

    It may be hard getting people away from paper money and the underground
    economy, but what if the money system collapses and the paper becomes almost
    instantly worthless? WTI crude oil is now at $38.6/barrel!! It feels like
    the economy is ceasing to function correctly. Just like the leopard-skin
    pill-box hat that balances on the owner’s head like a mattress balancing on
    a bottle of wine, it’s about to topple over. If the author (Ian Gordon) can
    be believed, we’ve reached the end of the road in the debt cycle and the
    whole caboosh is about to go arse upwards. So, what’re these cashless
    economy gold-chip cards supposed to do? Provide everyone with the essentials
    they need to live while controlling their wealth? Not because TPTB are nice
    people, but because they fear a severe sociopolitical backlash that will
    sweep them out of power and into history’s garbage bin (where they already
    should have been some time back). Looks like we all got to live in
    interesting times.

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