Who is Stealing IMF Loans to Ukraine?

Latest news re oligarch and criminal Kolomoysky, who is now in the US. http://news.rin.ru/eng/news///126850/

Apparently, Kolomoysky appropriated 1.8 billion dollars from the IMF transfer, which was to hold the Ukrainian economy afloat, and that money were traced to his account in Cyprus. The original article in German: http://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2015/08/28/ukrainischer-oligarch-bereichert-sich-an-iwf-krediten/

Lada says:

Incidentally, the last I’ve heard Kolomoysky is back at his estate in Switzerland.

Ukraine oligarch, country’s raider No. 1 and former governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Kolomoysky holds 3 citizenships: Ukrainian, Israeli and Cyprus. When asked how he could hold 3 citizenships if it was illegal, he replied: “By law, two citizenships are illegal in Ukraine, but not three.”

It’s not surprising Kolomoysky would be implicated in the disappearance of the IMF loans. But there is much more to the story.

Kolomoysky controls the largest, and at this point almost the only, Ukrainian bank left standing: Privat Bank. This bank has the widest network of branches throughout Ukraine, and it is likely the bank through which the IMF loan clearing has been conducted.

However, this is just one of many ways to steal in Ukraine. The rest of the IMF loans and other foreign aid should be easily traced to Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Yarosh, Saakashvili, Nalivaichenko, Avakov and other Ukraine criminals’ offshore accounts.

Of all these, the ousted president of Georgia Saakashvili, who is wanted in his own country on charges of embezzlement and exceeding authority, has found himself a cozy spot as a new governor of Odessa. He also received Ukrainian citizenship, bypassing all imaginable laws.

By some accounts, 90% of the so-called aid from the West is stolen upon entry by Ukraine politicians, oligarchs, nazi militants and the army. For example, when Humvees and armored vehicles from US or UK arrive into Odessa port as part of the Western supplies sent to Ukraine army, one can see them displayed right at the dock with price tags. Anyone can kick the tires, so to speak, and make a purchase on the spot.

Similarly, Ukraine military has been selling tanks and military equipment to Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, pocketing the cash. Last year I wrote how Ukraine military sold to Syrian Assad government heavy weaponry sent to them by the US. Here is the post: Breaking! Kiev Junta Sells US Weapons to Syria.

In other words, Ukraine resembles a feast in the midst of a plague, with everyone scrambling to steal whatever they can, before this Titanic called Ukraine sinks to the bottom.

As to the IMF loan embezzlement, the reason only Kolomoysky is being called out is because he continues being at odds with Poroshenko. Moreover, Saakashvili has been sent by the US and Poroshenko to Odessa in part to break up the old corruption and smuggling rings that were controlled by Kolomoysky. Kolomoysky and his people are obviously fighting this tooth and claw. Now, Kolomoysky also finds himself at odds with the direct agent of the US Saakashvili.

The fact that this news implicates Kolomoysky alone is a sign that the US and EU are behind it. It is a targeted info dump, as we discussed in previous articles. Kolomoysky is being reminded who is the boss. But unlike some other info dumps, it’s not a hoax. It is very likely the real truth.

The fact that only rebellious and hard to keep in line Kolomoysky is implicated, points at the US as the source. The others are still useful to their puppet master. They will be allowed to keep their stolen booty for as long as they behave and keep to the White House party line.

After Poroshenko ousted the former Dnepropetrovsk governor, the wild card called Kolomoysky became a danger to the stability of the Kiev regime. His threats were that he would tear Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kherson, Zaporozhie and other areas of the south-east he controlled, from the rest of Ukraine. He promised to create his own independent state – a sort of alternative Novorossia.

He also threatened to sick on Kiev the ukro-nazi battalions he financed at the time. Obviously, Poroshenko and his Washington bosses couldn’t allow to lose control over the most prized parts of Ukraine’s territory after all the work they had done to create  anti-Russia on Russian borders.

While the fight between oligarchic and racketeering/militant factions in Ukraine is ongoing, all this puppet show is being closely managed from across the ocean. Rebellious Kolomoysky was called on the carpet of the US embassy in Kiev and lo and behold, after just one little chat with the US ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt, he suddenly called off all his threats, apologized to Poroshenko on national television and announced his resignation as governor.

After that, he and his family suddenly left for New York. The interesting twist is that until that moment, Kolomoysky for years was repeatedly denied American visa. Suddenly, it materialized out of thin air.

The reason the US visa was so suddenly and quickly given to Kolomoysky was the need to buy his cooperation and silence. I describe in detail how it all happened, including the deal and conversation between Pyatt and Kolomoysky in ESR 3: OLIGARCH WARS (See the link below).

Why isn’t Kolomoysky being threatened or removed directly? Kolomoysky holds some serious cards, one of them being the fact that he can crash the entire Ukraine’s financial system through Privat Bank. Kolomoysky is far from  finished and it will be interesting to observe his future moves. His at-odds activity will invariably weaken the Kiev junta regime and the US influence in Ukraine. Therefore, it is ultimately positive. This is the fight between spiders in a jar. They will continue stinging and weakening each other, thus preparing the grounds for change in 2016-18, as predicted. See PREDICTIONS for more.

In addition to the above, I am noting another interesting thing.

The fact such info is appearing in the German press sends a positive signal. This targeted info drop is also likely meant for Putin. I am reading it as a signal to Russia from the EU regarding Ukraine. It is also a likely signal to the US.

This info drop, as usual, is multi-prong. Its appearance means that Germany, and by extension all of the EU, is preparing its public opinion for the complete withdrawal of their support for the Kiev junta. It will take a bit longer for that to happen as EU is experiencing tremendous pressure from the US. This pressure is both direct and through US Trojan Horses, the main one being Poland.

Poland itself is beginning to get scared of the monster they so diligently helped create in Ukraine. Suddenly, Poland started recalling who killed thousands of their citizens in Western Ukraine during WWII; that the majority of those who executed and sent Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and Jews to concentration camps in western Ukraine were in fact western Ukraine nazis, not Germans. Now Poles are concerned the descendants of these ukro-nazis will again create havoc on Polish territory. But I wouldn’t be too hopeful that Polish government suddenly regains its reason. Poland is still dreaming of rebuilding its failed medieval empire called Rech Pospolita. They still are a faithful servant of the US, intent on creating a ‘sanitary barrier’ from the Baltic to the Black Sea between Russia and the rest of Europe. Considering that the most important New Silk Road land branch goes through Russia, this means also cutting off China from Europe, therefore, keeping Eurasia divided. Not a wise position to take, which in the future will bring Poland a lot of trouble and lost profit.

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Kolomoysky vs. Poroshenko; how Ukraine oligarchs operate, with testimonials out of the horse’s mouth and real videos of Kolomoysky and his right hand Korban; comparisons between Russian and Ukraine oligarchs and Putin’s role; where ukro-nazis fit into all this; who is really pulling the strings.

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  1. Good to know that in spite of its immense effort and investment the US strategy meets local obstacles that show its weaknesses. Thanks!


  2. Excellent, thorough analysis…. thanks. I believe it would be interesting to be able to find out which corporate entities are involved in some of this, besides just the banks. From what I can see of the larger, world-wide picture, there appears to be a struggle going on between factions of the few actual corporations that hold control over the others, but, the inter-connections and false trails of ownership make it difficult to tell who is fighting with whom. The whole structure is too amorphous to pin down…

    I suppose we’ll find out eventually….



    • I explain very extensively who is fighting whom in Oligarch Wars.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Cool; I’ll get there. I only began following your site a couple weeks ago, & my internet time is inconsistent. But, I’m a big believer in the Jeffersonian principles of democracy, which includes educating the citizenry, so, kudos for that, and thanks…. Gotta know who to keep track of when the time comes to act in some rational way….

        Thanks again.



  3. Can we get a location or Adress this and other olagards are ?. May come in very handy…


  4. Keen, incisive analysis, Lada. You continue to amaze me with your perspicacity. When is your next for pay report to be issued?


    • Thanks for asking. The summer was busy for me but apparently slow for most people. I postponed the reports till fall.

      Next report: ESR5. UKRAINE: NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE? should be out in about 10-12 days, around September 10th.


  5. “This targeted info drop is also likely meant for Putin. I am reading it as a signal to Russia from the EU regarding Ukraine.”

    Indeed, this news was widely publicised on Russian TV in several in-depth reports. So the info drop was definitely noticed.


  6. There is probably another purpose in this info dump. The West probably intends to basically get rid of the Ukrainian oligarchs and replace them with Western corporations. These oligarchs are not useful any more, and actually may want a peace deal with Russia to avoid further destruction of the country. Western corporations, on the other hand, want to see total desperation so that they can buy everything for almost nothing. Russian companies and investors will not be allowed to buy these assets of course.

    So many of the oligarchs may find themselves having to jump through hoops to stay out of jail, and they will gladly sell off what they have to do so.

    I don’t have a refined system of judging people, but my bet is Poroshenko wants peace a lot more than Merkel.


    • That’s an intersting angle, Paul. The attempts to actually sell Ukraine off to the West are ongoing.
      But the interesting thing is that a lot of people, incl. Russia, and Donbass and… Ukr junta too, actually want Western corporations in for now to come in to clean up the mess and to invest. But in the end their ownership would be short-lived and losses pretty big, unless they play ball.
      It’s a long story, but an interesting one. One thing for sure, it’s a trap.
      I think very few people in the world really understand how all that works over there.

      No, I don’t think Poroshenko wants peace. I think he wants war for a variety of reasons, which he almost started. But he couldn’t because Merkel/Hollande just squeezed him in Berlin after pressure from Russia.

      Poroshenko is trapped, actually. And conflicted. On one hand he wants to rub shoulders with elites. We should never underestimate the attraction of the glitter of a high office. On another, he already sees the writing on the wall. He is slippery though, like Saakashvili. He may be able to avoid justice. I hope not.


  7. Without getting into details of who stared what, it seems another Maidan started in Kiev, just as you predicted, and EU is “worried”:


    Feels like having a deja-vu…


  8. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    If only these wealthy oligarch pawns use their power for good and help their own ppl.


  9. Thanks, Lada, for this very interesting analysis.
    Poor Ukrainian people, cheated out of everything, and yet still dreaming of being part of the West, not realising it’ll be nightmares all through.
    So blinded that they give their kids to Azov to be trained in hatred. As Putin said, one can’t think of Ukraine without (shedding) tears. (Meeting with Human Rights Commission.)
    By the way, this afternoon Putin spoke to his special kids at the Sochi School for Gifted Children – named “Sirius”!! ( http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/50208)
    Such profound thoughts he shared with them! Only a part has been translated into English, but I couldn’t wait, and had a google translation. Poor as usual, but the message still comes out. Absolutely magnificent,
    This makes it even more heartbreaking to think that the Ukrainian cousins of these very fortunate Sirian children are being poisoned by Azov monsters…


    • Thanks, RMM, for the good message.
      I was also just yesterday imagining the terrible abyss this poor lost generation of Ukrainians is staring at due to 24 years of manipulation and mismanagement. I was going through some of my sources and the crazy stuff that you see there…
      It will be a very difficult work to rehabilitate all these people. But it will need to be done.


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