500th Soyuz Launch: Russia, USA, China, Fake Moon Landing, Space Travel and Aquarian Age

Historic 500th manned Soyuz rocket has been launched from the iconic Soviet Baikonur Cosmodrom in Kazakhstan. The rocket is delivering three cosmonauts to the ISS. The flying workhorse called Soyuz remains the world’s only dependable vehicle for the international crews to get to the ISS. 

Russia recently announced it would be pulling out of the ISS project around 2020, also withdrawing the Russian space module and its equipment contributions to the ISS. The official reason for withdrawal is the ISS orbiting too far to the south, thus preventing the observation of the majority of the central and northern Russian territories.

Russia is also building a new Cosmodrom Vostochny on its own territory, in the Far East. While historic Baikonur was obviously built by Russians, after the USSR split-up it had become a part of Kazakhstan. Diversification will ensure a better control over the Russian Space Program and important launches.

The ISS was built and launched at the time when USSR was already surrendering its international positions, thus allowing US to push through the orbit covering the entire North American continent, while missing most of Russia.

Before the ISS, international crews used for years the old Russian Space station called MIR (mir means ‘world’ and also ‘peace’) that was eventually retired. The present one-sided and unfavorable to Russia situation will change when Russia builds its new station. The ISS is aging, and after the Russian module withdrawal it will be less capable of carrying significant crews.

In the 2020s the situation may revert to those times when MIR was the only international Space station in town. The new Russian station is also being designed with the idea to serve as a launch pad for future journeys to the Moon and other planets. I mean the real journeys, not the Hollywood-produced imaginary ones from the late 1960s – early 1970s.

There is still some doubt that humanity is ready for the real trips to the Moon and Mars. But if anyone on Earth is more prepared and ‘wired’ to do it than others, it’s Russia.

The reason is esoteric. Astrology tells us why. Russia as a country is ruled by the sign of Aquarius whose ruling planet is Uranus. Aquarius is responsible for the psychology of the global village, friendship and cooperation; energy and electricity; world-wide web; revolutionary changes; humanity and humanitarianism and… Outer Space, including any Space programs developed by humans. This is why Russian Space program continues being the best.

The US has been scrambling for years to find a substitute for the Russian Soyuz to deliver its astronauts to the ISS. After the cancellation of its own manned Space program and retirement of its last vehicle which proved unreliable, NASA ‘outsourced’ it to ‘private’ companies. However, so far, trials have been unsuccessful, with rockets exploding on lift-off.

First off, I want to tell you all what I see based on remote viewing and various secondary data. The so-called ‘private space companies’ are still financed secretly by the state, out of US taxpayer’s pocket. The percentage of private investments is very low. By calling it ‘private R&D’ US government avoids getting public scrutiny of how the money is spent.

Secondly, Space exploration is the kind of enterprise that requires a whole-hearted participation by the State. Only State can possibly push through, adequately finance and sustain for a long period of time such huge undertaking. As the US debt continues exploding and the dollar dominance is reaching the end of its cycle, it becomes more and more impossible for the American State to get involved. It will be even more difficult going forward.

That said, there is an indication of a new ‘Space race’ developing. It’s nothing like the Space race of the 1960s-70s between USSR and USA, which caused USA to fake Moon landings using its proficiency in Hollywood propaganda. This race is subtler and involves three parties.

Russia and China have their separate Mars programs. Russia has recently finished its live (camera-recorded) volunteer-based 6-month Mars flight simulation. China is doing something similar and USA has started an experiment as well.

As I said, it’s not clear at this point when exactly humans will be ready (or rather allowed after, and IF, the humanity’s sequester is over) to travel bodily to other planets. But Mars flight simulations are interesting and revealing at the very least.

Some people may ask me why waste so much money on Space exploration? Wouldn’t this money be better used on Earth? Several years ago we have officially entered the Aquarian Age. The next 2000 years will be centered around Cosmos, if humanity survives its darkness and finds its way back to its light. We are presently at the time of the Galactic dawn, so the signs are hopeful. I talk about that in my book THE EARTH SHIFTER.

The Aquarian Age will, among other things, be the time of the discovery of other worlds and understanding of the human place within its galactic family. Therefore, it’s natural to want to learn as much as possible about Space.

In geopolitical terms the renewed interest in Space exploration is indicative of the emergence of the new super-powers. It is something that happens every time super-powers need to compete and assert themselves. Only three countries at this time are capable of financing, staffing and sustaining a complete space program. These are: USA, China and Russia.

In the stock market we use a term ‘leading indicator’ applied to certain data or events that predict a near future change in market conditions. I have found that Space exploration programs of various countries are a very accurate leading indicator of where each country is heading.

China is coming late to the table and asserting itself as a new super-power. Based on its very successful, but still developing Space program, China is definitely on the rise and is very serious about it.

USA’s Space program is waning. NASA is not what it used to be, private companies aren’t living up to expectations (I could have predicted that – wait, I did predict that) and financing is drying up. This mirrors the general situation of the USA as a waning super-power.

What NASA and US Space program in general is going through as we speak, resembles the situation in the 1980s Russian Space program. By 1991 USSR collapsed. In other words, my leading indicator would have predicted it accurately.

Today’s Russia is a different story. My Space Exploration Leading Indicator says that Russia has partially preserved the USSR’s Space program heritage, but not all of it. At this point, Russia is rebuilding the full program and making steps towards its further expansion. Despite certain setbacks, Russia asserts itself as a leader in Space exploration, which will become even more apparent in 2020s.

This mirrors what’s happening on Earth: 1. Putin being the most popular politician on the planet; 2. Edgar Cayce, the Ringing Cedars’ Anastasia, Baba Vanga, and other prophets’ predictions that Russia would lead humanity into the new era.

I can say one thing for sure: Russia, when the time comes, will be ready and willing to share its discoveries and seats to Mars with others. Every country’s talents are best utilized in cooperation. USA, just like any other country, should learn to utilize its many talents for the good of all.

USA’s fake Moon landings aren’t the main topic of this post. But as a sidenote, in case someone has an issue with this, I’ll say a few words. The fact that the landings were fake is provable on many various levels. You can find lots of videos on YouTube demonstrating the point. My fave was the Hollywood prop rock used in the landing footage with the letter ‘C’ that someone forgot to turn over. But I won’t go through those proofs here. I have plenty of my own.

The fact that Americans have never actually landed on the Moon is provable not only visually, scientifically and logically, but also metaphysically.

Remote viewing, Akashic Records, clairvoyant/ claircognizant and empathic methods – all show the same picture.

As an example, here is my Quantum Calibration of the Moon landing.

We are calibrating the truth of a the following statements:

Contemporary humans HAVE landed bodily on the Moon: the truth of this statement calibrates at: 4 (near death) – NO truth in this statement!

Americans had been to the Moon in person: 4 (also near death) – NO truth to this statement.

US used Hollywood to fake Moon landings: the truth of this statement calibrates at 980 – absolute truth, (high enlightenment).

My Quantum Calibrations are explained here.


The world doesn’t consists of just physical matter or just geopolitics. While, important to us all, the 3D human world is just a tiny speck in the endless Cosmic time-space continuum. Humanity is now learning about the greater Universe surrounding us.

P.S. I sincerely hope my dear American readers take my Moon landing story the right way. Please don’t be offended at the truth.

Peace to all



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  1. Whether I agree with all you write or not, I enjoy what you have to present. Some of it, I have to admit, we need to know, but that works for both sides. No person or nation is anywhere near perfect; with maturity of emotions, we can benefit through communication. That is an obvious principle, buy little applied.

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  2. Lada:

    Check this out. Whistleblowers are coming forward regarding the US secret space programs, which have been developed by corporations unacknowledged and hidden from the people.

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  3. There is a possibility the USA landed on the Moon but what did they really find there, It interesting that Orion looks too much like Apollo and the rocket looks like a Titan III on steroids. There are rumors of aircraft experiments dating to the eighteen nineties of heaver than aircrafts conducted in secret by corporate interests. Are there forces that want to turn Earth into a planetary version of the society depicted in the anime Akame Ga Kill streaming on Toonami currently.


    • Rumors, or hoaxes and info dumps? Why are they spread and by whom? Think about it…


      • Lada Ray, in response to your reply of 8:38 P.M., I will continue to do so. Please do the same with your good country.


        • I think we have ‘failure to communicate’ as they would have said in one good, old American movie. 😉
          I say everything I need to say on my blog, Twitter an YT Channel for the benefit of any country and person out there.
          My ‘good country’ is Planet Earth, dear. 🙂
          I try to speak on her behalf, delivering her messages.

          Trick question: If world-famous pianist Valentina Lisitsa speaks up for Donbass, a brave act for which she has been banned from playing in Canada and in part in Holland, which country is her ‘good country?’
          Russia? Donbass? Nope. She has never even been to Russia. Born and bred in Odessa, still a part of Ukraine as of this writing. Presently, she is a US citizen, living in the US.
          It’s possible to actually not live in a country you are speaking up for because your built-in sense of fairness and justice calls for it.
          Think about it…

          Best wishes

          One last thing: you seem to think everyone’s in the same boat. Nope. It’s a one-way street. It’s US that needs to learn to cooperate with others, not the other way around. After global balance is restored and it again becomes a two-way street, then we can start debating how everyone’s less than perfect. For now the issue No 1, 2, 3, 4… and 10 is US and its bullying behavior. Aggressor and victim don’t have equal responsibility to stop violence. Donbass and Kiev don’t have equal responsibility to stop Donbass dombings -it’s Kiev’s sole responsibility. Russia, China and US don’t have equal responsibility to stop US aggressive behavior – US alone has this responsibility.

          Cheers, dear

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  4. I really appreciate your perspective, Lada! Really really busy right now, but I want to make sure you know I like what you are doing.

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  5. NASA has of late looks like a band of idiots nickeled and dimed to death. By the usual band of no nothings we call our Congress. But it is strange that our aircraft and spacecraft technology is stuck in the late fifties through sixties for over half a century. There seems to be a plan to set the World back to the DARK AGES but this time planetary.


    • Yes, there are forces that want that. But it won’t work, unless humans themselves take the wrong turn. As usual, it’s the struggle between light and dark, but in a complicated way. 😉


  6. Lada, we are finding there is a lot we don’t know about the Space programs …. the TV landing on the Moon many are now thinking was fake. We have several whistleblowers who are indicating mind boggling stories. For example: http://exopolitics.org/secret-mars-colonies-trade-with-up-to-900-extraterrestrial-civilizations/ I don’t know, but I would think Russia would also be involved. Another fascinating article: http://exopolitics.org/sun-is-a-portal-for-hyperdimensional-space-travel-based-on-sacred-geometry/

    There’s so much the people of the world don’t know is going on!


    • People don’t know only because their consciousness level doesn’t allow this knowledge to penetrate their mind. However, from where I sit, those who think they do know are just as confused. When human consciousness reaches the level at which true knowledge can be perceived, then necessary info will make it into mainstream consciousness. Right now some awakening is taking place, but too much of what you and others have linked is either sensationalistic or hoaxes/ info dumps. Sorry.

      Of course there are also differences in perceptions and angles of view. So, some of it may be taking place, but it is explained very crudely from 3D perspective, that’s why it doesn’t sound real. Reminds me of one Hollywood movie with Tom Cruise about an invasion from Mars – couldn’t suspend disbelief for one second of it. It was that unconvincing.

      I can tell you that a lot of what is described in these links is either wishful thinking or taken out of context, or hoaxes.
      1. Humanity is for now sequestered on Earth – I talked about that before. So humans DON’T travel to other planets yet.
      2. Interdimensional journeys exist and for that you don’t need any portals in the Sun, lol.
      It is done through spiritual means. For beings 6D and above it is a normal way of living.

      Sorry, but from my perspective all that sounds a little naive and 3D-contrived.

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  7. Thanks, Lada. Very insightful and lifting. So many challlenges in several fronts at the same time for Russia and China, hope wisdom & light stay on their side !


  8. American reader in New Mexico, here. I am not offended by the truth and If Americans didn’t walk on the Moon it’s only a continuation of many Big Lies that we did. It’s what we do best on an official level: lie, cheat, plunder and kill. I worry about Americans flying off to other planets. If we would do to outer space what we do so well in places like Ukraine, maybe we should just stay home and let more reasonable countries go there. I hope it doesn’t take a mushroom cloud to get America’s attention. I’m sharing this blog with every intelligent person I know. I’m your huckleberry marketeer.

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  9. A very interesting article. The info about the fake moon landings appeared on the web some years ago, so it appears fairly obvious if they can’t get there now, how did they do it in 1969?
    There are some websites with stories that the US obtained secret technological information far in advance of what is available today, after the Roswell crash in the late 40’s. Supposedly they have been able to send people to other planets, just like they did in the Star Trek movies!
    Even Obama, when he was a young man called Barry Sotero is said to have gone to a colony on Mars by this means!
    There is so much stuff on the web, what can you believe?
    I do believe though, your note about the US as a fading superpower might well be true. The karmic consequences of it’s overseas policies must be truly immense. Payback time is inevitable.


  10. Thanks Lada for the sound post ,as always . The internet is a wonderful tool to reach out to each other regardless of where one resides . Unfortunately it is also used as dis-info tool , to keep people off balance . I like to say ,take what resonates well with you and chuck the rest .
    I am sure that this would test very well using kinesiology .
    Best regards to all .


    • Summit, you hit the nail on the head. Listen to your heart and shoose what feels true to your heart, or your higher self, as I have replied to another reader.

      In the article, I already tested kinesiologically, as you may have noticed. My system is called Quantum Calibrations (with Chi Kinesiology).


      • Lada, I have actually been quite impressed with kinesiology. Dr. Mercola has a practitioner among his staff who used it to identify my and my husband’s food intolerances, and I ran into a variant of it in Ulan Ude. The latter impressed me so much that I learned to speak Russian with the hopes of going there to study it. If a person doesn’t try it out to see what it does, it would look like another scam. It does not make sense in the 3-D world of Newtonian physics that the atheists and lots of agnostics tend to think of as “everything.” (Not to say the religious are much better–they tend never to question the view being fed to them.)

        So this is how you do it…!


        • Yes, kinesiology is a big part of it. I call my brand of it Chi Kinesiology.
          It’s on my banner and I explained it before on several occasions. You can also read about it on LadaRay.info.
          Look at the Quantum Calibration Reading banner – it says at the bottom (with Chi Kinesiology). Click on links at botto of any article and go to definitions where it’s all explained.


  11. I could highly recommend Kim Stanley Robinson’s “Mars” trilogy. Not only does he describe a way to settle Mars in a realistic way, but what’s more interesting, he describes the underlying politics both on Earth and between Earth and the newly-established Mars colony as drifts more towards self-governing.
    A similar concept is aired in Terry Prattchett’s and Stephen Baxter’s “Long Earth” series.
    As science fiction writers often pave a way forward for humanity (and not just when it comes to technology), I can’t help but think that these works pave a way for the evolution of the American society.


  12. On a different topic: Putin is going to USA to attend the UN General Assembly. It’s like travelling into a wasp’s nest for him. I hope there don’t come any false flags (DNR leadership fears some foul play from Kiev on that day) or, worse, assassination attempts.

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  13. Hi Lada. Good article. Thank you. A few thoughts.

    “Some people may ask me why waste so much money on Space exploration? Wouldn’t this money be better used on Earth?”

    This kind of question has always puzzled me too. It presumes there is a lack of money on the Earth; which of course there isn’t, nor can ever be. What there is a lack of on the Earth is rational and humane economics and governance (meaning cooperative social organisation). Greed and idiocy are the ruling themes on Earth.

    People generally (especially university educated economists and media hacks) have a completely false notion of money and economy, based on capitalist myths of scarcity and (so-called) free markets. Until humanity can get beyond capitalism, or the dominance of greed and fear, we will be confined to this planet and solar system. Only a mature species which has put its own house in order will have the vision and creative focus to truly venture to the stars. Until then our attempts will be limited and halting.

    I believe that the phoney privatisation of the USA space program is part of the neoliberal agenda, which envisions the complete privatisation, not just of physical capital, but also of noospheric or knowledge capital. This is why intellectual property rights are so central to the new phoney trade deals being negotiated in secret.

    All the best Lada

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  14. The “C”-rock alone could have been a coincidence – human brain searching for patterns. But when this is taken in conjunction with everything else…


  15. Lada, you are a true anchor of sanity in this day and age of hoaxes and disinfo. I have tried to absorb several stories of humans traveling and colonizing Mars, and the Secret Space Program, but no matter how much I try to apply logic, it just does not ring true. I may just be too old to absorb this “secret” stuff. Thanks to Nemo for the video about the moon landing. I needed a good laugh. Keep up the good work Lada.

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    • I was hoping someone would write a comment mentioning sanity and logic here. Common sense is so precious. Got worried for a moment it disappeared altogether.
      Now I can finally breathe easier into the weekend – it does exist! 😉

      Thanks, Barb 🙂


    • 🙂 I tend to listen politely to everything these days. We’ve been fed so much disinfo that people are beginning to question everything that has ever been taught to them at school! I’ve encountered flat-Earthers recently. This is something you can go out on a boat and test for yourself, and how else do I account for my mother calling us regularly at 4:00 a.m.? Some of this skepticism is the traditional hostility of fundamentalists toward science, but some of it is that the “science” that is being fed to us via mainstream is anything but scientific, having prostituted itself to the power mongers. Some things you can test for yourself, and it’s a good idea to try, and other things, you do have to go with your feeling.


      • It’s a Global Shift, Patricia.
        Some people sense injustices and that things are changing, but they don’t have enough common sense or experience to tell a hoax or a lie from the truth. So, they start rebelling against everything, disbelieving everything, while hanging on to conspiracy theories, no matter how outlandish. I feel really sorry for such people.

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  16. A completely unrelated comment, pertaining 9/11. It was the second part of the following interview with historian Webster Tarpley that caught my attention. That of how 9/11 could have been a stepping stone to creating a point of instability at Russia’s “soft underbelly”. This happened in 2014 anyway, through other means – Ukraine.

    Lada, please approve it only if you think that what I link to is not simply a wild speculation – it does not seems so to me, but I have no way of checking the sources that Tarpley is talking about.


    • I generally approve of Tarpley, so no worries. His links are welcome here; even if they are speculations, he usually has a good seed of truth hidden in his stuff.
      The fact that US has been long working on creating instability for Russia (especially), China and EU by destabilizing the soft underbelly of the Middle East is well known for years.


  17. I completely agree with you that the moon landings were a hoax. According to Jay Weidner, who himself is a film director, Stanley Kubrick was called upon to create realistic looking footage using the techniques he mastered in making 2001: Space Odyssey and other films. Because of this bargain with the devil he was subsequently allowed complete freedom to make movies how he saw fit.

    No humans will be able to travel conventionally outside of Earth’s orbit because of the Van Allen radiation belt. Any human who goes through this belt will be a goner. The supposedly thin walled spaceship of the Apollo astronauts would have offered no protection whatsoever again this radiation. An interesting question therefore arises. Was this radiation belt put there on purpose by a very advanced civilization in order to keep humans in until the time that the earth population will have advanced enough both peacefully and spiritually where the belt could be gotten rid of.

    What do you think of my theory.


    • Yes, the radiation belt is part of what we call the ‘sequester.’ Humans, after their consciousness descended from 5D to 3D were confined to the Earthly orbit until they mature again spiritually. The defining features of the human 3D descencion became violence, lack of compassion, fear and greed.

      Excellent question, Gary. 🙂
      (Should do an article on that.)

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  18. I’d like to hear more about the descent from 5D to 3D. That’s fascinating. Maybe the story of Adam and Eve and paradise alludes to this. I never take the Bible literally but allegorically. Hope you can do a report on this one day. Have you heard of the Law of One. It talks about densities instead of dimensions but they are really the same thing.


    • I plan to, Gary. Absolutely correct: stories of Adam and Eve and the Holy Grail are messages for future generations. Sort of allegorical reminders of what happened and what to look for. But human consciousness has to allign with the message. So far it hasn’t.

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  19. Though I am unsure if it can be ascribed to BBC, the following documentary covers all the aspects of the Moon landing hoax and brings a lot of interesting historical footage.


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