Evil Empire Strikes Again: US Pressures Greece to block Russian Syria-bound Aid Planes

I just thought this episode was so telling.

The Evil Empire in action… again. Greek government says US has been putting pressure on them to block Russian Syria-bound aid planes from flying through Greek airspace. Greece refused.

According to the US, Russia ‘is stepping up its aid to Syrian government and that’s DESTABILIZING and counterproductive’!! In the US opinion it’s so much more productive to bomb…

All this is rich coming from the country that has for years blatantly disregarded international law to destabilize the entire Middle East, and to blow up Ukraine; who IS STEPPING UP its military aid to the oppressive nazi regime in Kiev in order to support anti-Russia they have created on Russian borders.

That’s rich coming from the country that did everything to weaken and destabilize both Russian and EU economies via arm-twisting, anti-Russian sanctions and attacks on the ruble and EU bonds.

That’s just way too rich coming from the country that created and trained Al Qaeda and because of whose actions the Al Qaeda successor ISIL, whom Syrian government forces are fighting, exists in the first place.


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  1. “According to the US, Russia ‘is stepping up its aid to Syrian government and that’s DESTABILIZING and counterproductive’”
    The hypocrisy is extremely thick.

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  2. wow

    there is also a disinformation campain thats going around saying

    that iran and russia will give up on syria to trade with turkey

    which i doubt


  3. The high-jacked state of Bulgaria gave in to US pressure (just like with South Stream) and closed its airspace for transit of humanitarian relief cargo to Syria.


  4. PS: And “high-jacked” is not my term – I have some Bulgarian acquaintances, who watch dejectedly their country’s actions, saying they can’t do anything about it as Bulgaria is high-jacked.

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    • I know exactly what you mean about Bulgaria. I hear the same from Bulgarians; and from Hungary, Slovakia, Macedonia and Serbia. Not to mention Moldova and Ukraine.


    • PSS: To be factually correct, Bulgaria finally relented and let the humanitarian aid through its airspace.

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    • And America, too. But they were corrupted from within, which means a system is in place there with well entrenched beneficiaries that can only be defeated by external pressure.

      It simply amazes me that so many people cannot put two and two together anymore. ISIS in all its viciousness is paraded around by the media. I don’t watch their videos, and the Japanese media do not torture us with the images, but it sounds like most people have seen it. Yet the enemies of ISIS, the Assad goverment, Iran and Russia are decried vociferously. Even a cursory look at the situation should tip off people that the media version does not add up. The pathocrats are getting bolder and bolder in their lies. They have so much power now that no one can stop them.

      No one, that is, except that dastardly Putin!

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  5. Newsflash: Nudelman’s favourite boy in Ukraine Yatsenjuk does not seem to be as comical as before but rather sinister. According to statements given by members of the terrorist organisation UNA, who are questioned by Russian Prosecutor’s Office, Yatsenjuk was among those Ukrainians who fought on the side of terrorists in Chechenija in Russia in the 90s, and was directly involved in torture and execution of Russian soldiers, who were captured by the bandit groups. Yatsenjuk fought in Chechenia twice between 1994 and 1995, as part of the punisher battalion “Argo”.


    Not surprising. Yarosh and Tjagnibok have the same bloody Chechen trail behind them, and they all floated up to power in Ukraine with the help of the same “friends” from across the ocean, who organised the Chechen terrorists as well.

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    • Something positive for a change – how we need it!

      Thought you’d like to know (you may already): Musical KIVIN has finally posted in HD on YT. This time in new location in Kaliningrad oblast’s Svetlogorsk after it was moved from Latvia last year, following the Novaya Volna festival scandal with visa denials for Russian artists. KVN wanted to keep it on the Baltic coast.
      I could do with some good laughs 😉

      Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taw_YhGGBvo

      Never been to Kaliningrad (former Königsberg), should put it on my bucket list to visit.

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    • One more episode thought you and others would like to know:

      World Rythmic Gymnastics championship in Stuttgart, DE: organizers ‘accidentally’ mixed up the Russian anthem at the award ceremony. Russian girls 1st and 2nd, Ukrainian 3rd. Just a few days before the same anthem ‘mixup’ happened at world wrestling champinonship in LA, and before that, with hockey and synchronized swimming award ceremony. What a coincidence!

      But look what happens next:

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  6. Well, it has been clear for quite some time that peace in the US/NATO/Western definition means everyone else agreeing to what the West wants. So the West wants Assad gone, and thus any attempt for him to stay is against “peace”. Such is the world these days. On the bright side, the extreme demands of the West force many to get off the fence and decide whether they want to join the West or fight it.

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  7. The latest in the parade of anti-Russian Syria-centered hoaxes: Someone broke into a social-network account of a wife of a naval officer serving in Sevastopol. The site is a pre-natal one, where the woman was sharing the experience with her ongoing pregnancy. She never posted anything related to her husband’s work there. And then came a post, telling that her husband is off to danger to remote Syria. This post was picked-up, making headlines, while her account got deleted. I watched the interview with the officer in question, who is (big surprise) still in Sevastopol, and I admire his restraint in commenting the outrageous incident that targeted his family.

    Also, as Patricia noted in a comment above, even IF this was not a hoax, what were we meant to think reading this news? That “bad Russia” sends its troops to fight against “good ISIS”, which destroys Syria?

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