Hoaxes, Hoaxes: Sevastopol Officer in Syria and BBC Moon Landing Hoax Doc. Plus, Must Watch Russian Films

Several interesting updates from a friend of FuturisTrendcast, Nemo, which deserve our attention:


The latest in the parade of anti-Russian Syria-centered hoaxes: Someone broke into a social-network account of a wife of a naval officer serving in Sevastopol. The site is a pre-natal one, where the woman was sharing the experience with her ongoing pregnancy. She never posted anything related to her husband’s work there. And then came a post, telling that her husband is off to danger to remote Syria. This post was picked-up, making headlines, while her account got deleted. I watched the interview with the officer in question, who is (big surprise) still in Sevastopol, and I admire his restraint in commenting the outrageous incident that targeted his family.

Also, as Patricia noted in a comment above, even IF this was not a hoax, what were we meant to think reading this news? That “bad Russia” sends its troops to fight against “good ISIS”, which destroys Syria?

More: Evil Empire Strikes Again: US Pressures Greece to block Russian Syria-bound Aid Planes. Also more good info in the comment section.

Though I am unsure if it can be ascribed to BBC, the following documentary covers all the aspects of the Moon landing hoax and brings a lot of interesting historical footage.

Lada’s two cents:

Yes, I have seen this documentary a while back. It is from BBC.

Much more interesting stuff in: 500th Soyuz Launch: Russia, USA, China, Fake Moon Landing, Space Travel and Aquarian Age. Don’t miss the comments, where I answer a lot of cutting edge questions.

Must see Russian movies

Lada, I discovered a wonderful trilogy of films with Georgij Zhzhenov (Георгий Жжёнов). The films are Путь в «Сатурн» (Way into “Saturn”), Конец «Сатурна» (The End of “Saturn”), and Бой после победы (The Battle after the Victory). They are from 1968 and 1972.

The first two films are about integration of a Soviet intelligence officer into German sub-division of Abwehr, “Saturn”, which was preparing saboteurs that were sent out against Soviet union during WWII. But it is the third film that completely fascinated me. WWII ends and the German officers are taken prisoner in the American zone, the Soviet intelligence officer is among them. He is about to disclose himself and return home, but suddenly the German officers are pulled from the POW camp and are formed into a division working on creation of saboteurs on the Soviet-controlled territory, as well as Baltics and Ukraine, by the American friends. And the Soviet officers continues to be undercover collecting information and trying to prevent a large sabotage operation on the day when Berlin is divided. The film is much more nuanced than what I describe here, with both Germans and Americans having fleshed-out human characters.

There is one scene that caught my attention, when one of the Soviet generals in the centre says that, god knows, they did everything in their power to keep Berlin united. That’s in the film from 1972.

Lada, this film is something worth writing an extended article about, as it uncannily seems to echo the events of this year – rather the current result of something that began in 1945.

I found only short fragments of the third film on YouTube, while the first two can be found in full. None of them are, alas, translated.

The fragment below shows the opening and the first minutes of the film, when the retreating German convoy with documents carrying “Saturn’s” archives, learns about Germany’s capitulation.

Video: Бой после победы.trailer

Also, found this movie:

“We Are From the Future” (Мы из будущего) in two parts on Rutube:

Lada’s two cents:

Thanks for all the great comments, Nemo. The Saturn trilogy sounds very promising.

I had posted WE ARE FROM THE FUTURE on the Rus Films page once, as one of the recommended movies. But it got deleted from YT, so I had to remove the link. Thanks for these new links. Thank goodness for Rutube. 😉

Incidentally, part 2 of this film is – surprise!! – about Banderovtsi ukro-nazis and the stark prediction that there is a danger of them taking over Ukraine. This is the theme as far as I know, since I didn’t see part 2. But I can attest that part 1 is great. At the time part 2 came out in late 2000s, it drew a lot of criticism. The author was blamed for being anti-Ukrainian and accused of prejudice against Ukraine.

Fast-forward just a few short years to 2014 – and what do we have? The movie’s prediction comes true completely; Bandera ukro-nazis take over Ukraine, the whole nine yards. The mentality turnaround of Russia’s young generation, as well as the rise of patriotism and remembrance of the ancestral roots is also a big theme in the film. Don’t know about part 3 (didn’t know it existed), but parts 1 and 2 are intensely prophetic.

My synopsis from the FT’s Russian Films page:

Time Travel/Adventure: We Are From the Future

Rating 4.5 stars. Newer Russian movie, 2008. A fantastic story of time travel by 4 young men, who don’t care about their country’s past and its heroes, and who make money by digging up and selling to foreigners its memory: they find WWII era battlefields and scavenge any trophies they can find.

(The image of the young not caring about their country’s past is deeply symbolic. We can see this condition manifesting in its worst form today in Ukraine.)

During one such treasure hunt, the four young men dig out a war trench, but instead of returning home with valuables, they find themselves in the middle of a real WWII battle, where they first become German prisoners, and later Russian prisoners. Russians eventually believe that they aren’t the enemy, but they have to learn the hard way what their ancestors had to go through during the war.

In the end, they make it back into their time, having learned their lessons – as very different men.

Lots more highly recommended Rus movies on Russian Films page

I explain more about the Moon landing hoax, the logic behind it, how it was done and why it was discontinued; the truth about Appollo 13, and what Russia was doing at the time, in COMMENTS.

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  1. Speculative fiction novels, films are where truth is more freely told. My most favorite science fiction were what if stories and novels unfortunately when historians speculate about the past or alternative history they fall flat on their faces no real imagination.


  2. The only thing to keep in mind is that fake videos don’t prove that an event is fake. If you were the President of the US, would you risk showing actual footage of a trip to the Moon? That would be risky, if not crazy. The logical thing to do would be to use fake stuff whenever possible, whether for a terrorist event or, really, any big PR thing.

    Not saying that we went to the Moon, just that people should be careful in assuming something based on photographic evidence. As an example, some have now found evidence that actors may have been used in the Oklahoma City bombing. This makes sense for those planning the attack as they wanted good and controlled photos to put on the cover of Time magazine. But the event was still real, though the numbers might have been exaggerated.


    • Why would it be “risky, if not crazy” showing the real footage of a trip to the Moon?

      Why did Russians show the real live footage of the first man’s flight into Space, first woman in Space, and first Space walk? How was that different? Why was that not risky to show? Why do they show to crowds of laymen launches from Cape Canaveral? Why do they show live launches from Baikonur and ISS live footage?

      I could go on and on demonstrating that US never was to the Moon, oh I don’t know, in two dozen different ways. I just find the conclusion so obvious that to me it’s not very interesting.

      However, since we keep returning to it, here are a few examples: Russians were the pioneers and undeniably first in Space, US lagging behind. Yet suddenly, by 1968, they had a complete, fool-proof, iron-clad Moon landing program, having skipped some of the prior steps. And just a few short years later, that amazing, iron-clad program, the pride of the Western world that helped them win Cold War just goes pooff and disappears altogether? No know-how, no technology left whatsoever. The US shuttle program discontinued because of too many accidents; new programs aren’t working either; US buys rocket engines from Russia even now, despite sanctions because they have no choice. To the point that Americnas have to hitch a ride to the ISS on Russian rockets.

      And that’s at the time that the US won Cold War, becoming sole superpower since 1990-91. The lame excuse of budget cuts? Why, if you have practically unlimited resources because of petrodollar? Why stop if you can continue reminding the world you really are sole superpower?

      Russian Space program is still fully up and running, developing and developing – and that’s despite the collapse of the USSR. US has shut down much of its manned programs. Why, if they were so mega-successful? Who throws out such treasured tech, if it really existed?

      In 1968-69, at the same time US declared they went to the Moon, Russia SHELVED it’s manned Moon landing program, sticking to robots, called Lunokhod. Do you know why? Because they found out that there was no possibility of the Moon landing at the time. They knew their technology wasn’t good enough yet. And that’s people who just rocketed first into Space!

      Incidentally, they recently found one of the old Russian Lunokhod’s on the Moon and it still works! So, where did all that US has left on the Moon go? Where is the US flag, those bags of trash they supposedly left there (no kidding, this was actually on the US Moon landing poster I once bought before I knew the truth – threw it out after)? Where is everything?

      If Russians couldn’t do it, how would US have done it? Aliens gave them tech? Why on earth would they do that? What for?
      But suppose they did. What, just for 3-4 years, and then they took all the knowledge away again so not a trace of know-how is left? And notice, people who were there are still alive. Things like that do not disappear when witnesses are still alive. That is, if it really happened.

      The only conclusion: Humans didn’t have the necessary technology at the time!

      It’s so much more logical to assume that US was always a leader in all things Hollywood, unlike in all things Space (this was always Russia’s domain) – and that’s the advantage they used to pull the wool over eveyone’s eyes. This is the only thing that makes sense.

      I’ll tell you more:
      The only real trip was Apollo 13. It was orchestrated to fail so to give an excuse to discontinue the fake Lunar program. There was a very good reason to discontinue the program that year because Russian tracking and detection devices were getting too good. It was feared they’d be able to tell that no real Moon landing would occur when it was being announced. So US staged a big Apollo 13 show to get out. All Hollywood production.

      Not to mention the obvious things like the radiation belt, which is part of the humans’ sequester on Earth. In 1969 US possessed no tech to survive it, and I seriously doubt they do now. Russia now has the necessary tech, but it’s not 100%, they are still working on it.

      This is just one way out of many to arrive at the conclusion based on simple human logic. There are so many other ways of demonstrating the same (see my article for more). So much more that could be said, but enough for now.

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      • Very good analysis Lada, i have to agree with your assessment. At least US had Hollywood during the golden age of film, it was somewhat believable at the time. Now these false flag ISIS beheadings, Charlie Hebdo, Sandy Hook shootings look ridiculous.

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    • Paul, I have to disagree with you there, and agree with Lada: there is no reason to broadcast a pre-recorded footage of a would-be historical event – that is just a way of showing disrespect and distrust to the people performing a historical feat.

      Leonov’s spacewalk was broadcast live, and TV sending was cut short only when it became apparent that Leonov has trouble returning into the ship. By the way, found the following first spacewalk recording, in colour:

      As for the documentary in the post, it’s not so much about a faked recording of the Earth as if from a distance half-way to the Moon, but the timestamp of _when_ this recording was performed – when the crew _should have been_ half-way to the Moon.

      Van Allen radiation belt: I don’t think it will be lifted as it’s a feature of earth’s physics, but it can be overcome by proper shielding with lead and, possibly, water. But to achieve such shielding, a vessel needs to be constructed in the orbit as such weight cannot be lifted from Earth in one go. Isn’t it the goal of the next Russian space station – to provide a platform for assembly and launch of spaceships from orbit?

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      • Nemo, radiation belt won’t be ‘lifted.’ It’s not about ‘lifting radiation.’
        It’s about human consciousness. When human consciousness reaches 5D radiation becomes a non-issue. It actually becomes a non-issue in higher-4D (as opposed to the lower-4D). Till then, humans have confined themselves to Earth.

        But yes, it can be overcome with proper shielding for as long as humans are still in 3D. And yes, that’s why Russians are building a new Space station, to serve as a stepping stone. I did talk about that a bit in the previous Moon landing article.

        Distrust and disrespect is one thing. But of more importance is that the pre-recorded historic event of this magnitude, announced to the world and broadcast as if it were live, would create distrust of massive proportions to the country, thus damaging US reputation forever, as happened in this case.

        Anyone in the post of the president of the US, if the thing did take place, would have understood that and wouldn’t have taken that kind of responsibility because when the hoax did come out this would have been damaging to his country and his personal legacy. And we know how much US presidents value their ‘legacy.’

        Therefore, the only way this would have happened would be because the whole thing was a production, not the real event.

        And it was a production specifically because US was scrambling and could not catch on to the USSR in the Space race. USSR was mega-popular in many countries, especially all of the 3rd world. But Europe was also leaning towards Russia and US were risking losing countries ranging from Italy and Greece to France.

        People now have a completely wrong impression of what really went on in the 50s-70s. US could have lost terrribly to the USSR. Europe, like today was a big stake. US was in fact losing, which would have meant the end of US as superpower. This was the situation until the Moon landing hoax actually fooled people for a while.

        Of course, at the same time Nixon got off the gold standard, creating petrodollar. Later, mostly under Reagan, debt-based economy was created, completing the process of pulling the wool over the planet’s population’s eyes.

        USSR was beating the US in real economy. But USSR, with its real economy, couldn’t compete with the monetized fake economy.

        Space race at the time was indicative of how advanced a superpower was. The Moon landing hoax was masterminded by the US in order to create an illusion they were ahead of the USSR. This helped them advance, if not win, the PR war.

        I might write a full article about all this to help people see the connections.

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  3. Lada and readers, thanks for this very interesting discussion. Indeed it would be great to have more articles on this, as it provides an insightful perspective on those past decades. The world without internet was so much easier to be manipulated…although it still is mostly manipulated we at least have some “windows” on the internet that allow us to see some parts of reality.


  4. Rada, you are good, very good!


  5. One other bit of circumstantial evidence that struck me in that BBC documentary – the footage of the press conference with the astronauts. Take a look at it 23:37 and onwards, and concentrate not on the words (about the absence of stars in the images and astronauts not remembering seeing stars), but rather on the faces. Notice the looks they exchange, the down-turned corners of their mouths. There is not spark, no aura of joy of achieving something monumental.

    Now, contrast it with the press conference with Yuri Gagarin after his first flight:

    Don’t listen to the audio, mute it. Just watch the faces.

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    • Oh yes, they were very uncomfortable. It was palpable how scared and unsure they were answering that question. The lie is obvious. I didn’t calibrate kinesiologically, but if I did, it would be near 0=death.

      And the faces in general are an interesting study. Don’t get me started about the face reading – faces are all wrong. People with faces like that could never become first people on the Moon. Look at Gagarin’s face, or Tereshkova’s face – first woman in Space. Or look at faces of contemporary cosmonauts and astronauts. They have a very different look, aura and feel to them.

      These faces that are all wrong struck me as such a very long time ago, even before I knew about face reading, calibrations, or any of the truths we are revealing these days.

      Meanwhile, with Gagarin, you can see the confidence, kind of matter of fact satisfaction with the job well done. Totally different feel.

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  6. Lada,

    My point was not that the US went to the Moon, but that we should not rely on photographic evidence for things. Governments lie about important things. We still don’t know where and when many of the important oceanic voyages went three or four hundred years ago. If a government finds something important, such as gold or a key factor for navigation, they will protect it at any cost. Maybe the Soviet government was different from other European governments; I don’t know. But showing someone walking in space did not risk giving away especially important info. In the US, everything is classified. Russia and the Soviets seem to have been more open.

    My father worked in space stuff, and NASA was the PR branch of the space program. The actual program is in the military. The trillions of dollars the US government has stolen has gone into things like underground and under-ocean bases, underground high-speed trains, and a space program, which I suspect is largely, if not entirely, unmanned. I have assumed that Russia has similar programs, but perhaps they don’t.

    One thing you might want to discuss is the resilient rumors that the Soviets and Americans actually worked together, both before and after the US supposedly went to the Moon. Many say there were three or so joint missions that were secret.

    So, to answer your question about why it would be risky to broadcast it live, the answer is that they would have had a high probability of having a disaster, which would have ruined President Nixon’s image and the image of the US. As you have said, the US was working on a PR war against the Soviets. A live broadcast would have risked that image. This is assuming it was somewhat possible in the first place. As you and others have discussed, it is entirely likely that humans are unable to leave the Earth.


    • US was going to the Moon AND preparing to fail at it? No country spends that kind of resources with so many people involved and prepares to fail. People are usually driven, fired up, enthusiastic. They were preparing to make history, remember? Also, again, look at the video of Gagarin’s press conference Nemo posted. look at the faces. Then compare them to faces of Armstrong and others in the BBC doc. You can read everything on those faces. Sorry, the logic that US was afraid they would fail doesn’t hold water. But the logic that it was a deliberately organized hoax in order to fool the entire planet and gain unfair advantage, does.

      Russia always tried to cooperate with US in Space, since as early as 1960s. Some cosmonauts have always been close friends with their US counterparts. This is a very different culture and reality than most people live in. Cosmonauts, like many scientists, dream of uniting the planet in cooperation. They are used to no borders. They think of the planet as a whole, like I do.
      They think they can show an example of cooperating in Space and everyone on Earth would follow.

      There were lots of joint Russia-US missions. I did write about it before.
      No one made any secret of those, on the contrary, they were always trumpeted in the hopes that Space cooperation could influence other layers of society and friendship could begin.
      I don’t know what secret missions you’re talking about. Prob another hoax someone’s spreading?

      A couple of my relatives worked for Roscosmos too. Russia has plenty of military-related programs, but they are very secret, and believe me, we won’t find out about them, unless Russia decides to open the veil. Usually they’d do it only when it’s necessary to send a message.

      The US military Space program was (is?) Star Wars and some later branchouts, as far as I know. But MOST of it is, again, PR and make-believe. USSR got fooled once about the real capacity of the US military Space program, grave mistake that contributed to the end of the USSR.
      Russia has learned its lesson – to never trust US PR. Long and very interesting/educational story, maybe I’ll talk about it one day.
      But ever since, US has fallen further and further back. Must be karma. 😉


  7. The logic that the US would fail was the cover story, not the reality. “The lie is different at every level” is quite important when dealing with deep stories and lies, such as, say, 9/11. The Apollo on TV was a movie. But you have thousands of workers and political people and others who need to be deceived. That was my point there. The story has to be consistent in order to convince people of the required lie.

    As for the trillions of dollars in secret military spending, we do not know what they have achieved, but my bet is that both the US and Russia are far more advanced than what we imagine. Having relatives, friends, and former bosses who have worked in some of this, my bet is that they are several decades ahead of what most people think is the future. If the media say that something may be possible in twenty or thirty years, there is a good chance that both the US and Russia are already doing it. Star Wars was more of a PR thing, which is why most people have heard the term. The actual programs and ideas are classified, though we can guess things like the kinetic weapons (“God Rods”) that some speculate might have been used in Tianjin, China during that big explosion. I am also pretty sure there a tremendous number of things floating in the high atmosphere that are part of the space program.

    The reason for speculating on a possible joint US-USSR space program is that many argue that this is one of the many things JFK did that got him killed. He was a big supporter of that, or so they say. And many argue that various missions, such as unmanned missions to Mars, were joint projects. I have no idea, but wouldn’t be surprised if there were such missions. As you have mentioned, the USSR had very good scientists, and both countries might have wanted to save money.

    By the way, currently, there is almost no official US space program – which may mean they finally have a good one. They are, after all, servants of dark forces, and must deceive as part of their moral code.


    • Got it. See what you mean. Don’t know about JFK, I kind of don’t buy ‘he was a noble guy’ theory… And for some very good reasons. Haven’t remote viewed or calibrated what really went on in those days. Maybe I should to put it to rest.

      But overall, I think as usual you and I pretty much talk about the same, but from different angles.

      I’m sure some weapons are being tested all the time, like the Tianjin explosion you mentioned (a series of those strange things in China do sound like an attempted intimidation and sabotage from the US), the disappeared Malaysia plane and the shot down plane in France.

      Tell you more: Russian satellites that suddenly failed in the past few years were also in line with that (I wrote about it last year). Same with failed US rockets in the past year, as Russians returned the favor. This I did look at energetically, and therefore, I’m confident about this bit.

      However I do not SEE (and I don’t mean based on what’s available in the news or alt press) a very good, hidden or visible, Space program in the US right now. And the program isn’t there not for the lack of trying. I think they try very hard but can’t get it off the ground.

      I haven’t done a targeted remote viewing or calibration work with that. Maybe in the future, if there is time and interest. But just focusing briefly on the general energy, it is the way I’ve described. US is waning and energy is being withdrawn. Not that this will happen overnight. There will be attempts to do this and that, but with less and less success.

      Cooperating is very important in Space projects. That would have been best for all. But the energy is moving in the opposite direction at this time. US has destroyed any trust that remained with their actions in Ukraine and post-Soviet space. The latest news: they attempted a maidan in the Russian city of Kostroma on Volga. Fancy that! Failed of course.

      Your last sentence rings so true, lol. 😉


  8. Nemo,

    The people who run the US and Britain have been big believers in image being more important than reality for a long time. Even if something is real, they want a better video or photo to use for the brainwashing that follows an event. Having said that, I don’t think the Apollo videos were real or that people went there at that time on separate missions.

    As for the idea of showing disrespect, well, these guys at the top are barely human. They don’t care if billions are killed or have their lives destroyed. Do you really think they think the way you and I might? Have you ever met and talked to one of these big shots? They are colder than cold, and plastic as well. All business – psychopathic business. They are so away from being human that they even lie when it would be better from their point of view to tell the truth. They can’t bring themselves to tell the truth no matter what.


  9. A few updates and alerts:

    The Nation published a large article about US foreign military bases. It’s a must-read – the number of bases and the amount spent by the tax-payers is mind-boggling:

    From Ukraine: A sinister, yet very real danger is lurking there. Already back in 2008 Ukraine was experiencing shortage of vaccines, but last year, after Ukraine stopped buying vaccines from Russia and cannot afford much more expensive vaccines from the West, the situation has deteriorated to a critical level – there are basically no vaccines left in the country, with only 10-20%% of children receiving the necessary vaccination. According to a high-standing Ukrainian health official, the situation is worse than in some African states. Meanwhile, only during last year 200000 Ukrainian refugees (mostly children) received free vaccination in Russia. While in Western-Ukraine, in Transcarpathia, there were registered two cases of children falling ill with Polio!


  10. Nemo ,

    Vaccines , childhood vaccines in particular , and much of big pharma blockbuster programs including statins & antidepressants , may also be viewed as money- making hoaxes using tactics of scare- mongering . Supporting this view on childhood vaccines is the research and personal experience of Tetyana Obukhanych (born in Ukraine) :

    dr. tetyana obukhanych (ph.d. in immunology from rockefeller univ. , formerly on research faculty at stanford univ.) . this elite young researcher (born in ukraine) and mother has kept her child vaccine free . her research has led to the conclusion that vaccines offer only short- term and partial immunity , and do more harm than good by distorting the development of the child’ s immune system into a permanently hypervigilant , Th2 status . she thinks it best to rely on immune boosting products in mother’ s milk for as long as practical , until the child can contract the childhood illnesses (which are generally mild) , which lead to lifelong , natural immunity .

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h66beBrEpk (speaking at a forum)

    http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2014/07/10/tetanus-shot-how-do-we-know-that-it-works-by-tetyana-obukhanych-phd/ ( -why tetanus vaccine can’ t conceivably work! )

    Click to access H.98~Dr.%20Tetyana%20Obukhanych~Written%20Comments~4-22-2015.pdf

    Vaccines , statins , antidepressants , polio , h.i.v. hoaxes (naming the big ones) do not relate to military , aerospace , geopolitical manipulations . don’ t even think ” mind kontrol “; arriving at this thread after viewing a video from ANNA news on the ” plane that never crashed ” .

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB2-Ra1SPqE&feature=youtu.be ,
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hhmi-f-UbE (linked by futurist trendcast) , &
    (which contradicts the ANNA account . is Kolomoiski giving a limited hangout to cover
    for more powerful evil- doers than he , who orchestrated a more sinister PR event ?)

    Lada , I was touched by your blog photos of Cornell Plantations , which are dear in my (distant , but not fading) memory .


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