Russia Strikes ISIL (ISIS) Positions in Syria. What does it mean?

I have expected an interesting and unexpected move by Putin and Russia during this UN General Assembly – and here it is!

Russian jets strike ISIL positions in Syria – see video links below.

This bold move is happening while UNGA is still in session and right after Putin’s meeting with Obama, and Lavrov’s with Kerry, as well as many other meetings on the sidelines of the UN. This is happening as Russian FM Sergey Lavrov presides over the UN Security Council meeting: Video; and as Russia assumes the rotating chairmanship of the Security Council.

The Soviet of the Federation Chamber of the Russian Duma voted unanimously for the strikes, authorizing the Russian President Vladimir Putin to use Russian troops abroad. This happened at 8 am Moscow time on September 30, 2015, following the official request by Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Syrian government.

I will give you several of my initial observations related to this huge news.

1. The build-up of certain Russian military advisors and hardware has been occurring in Syria for some time. One of the latest was the news of the flagship of the Black Sea Crimean Fleet Moskva leaving to Syria to participate in the Mediterranean drills. As you may know, ‘drills’ is the new-speak for: ‘we want to send our troops but don’t want to do it openly.’ As we know, the US has been regularly conducting such fake drills in Central Europe, the Baltics and Ukraine.

As it appears, Russia has played the US. They didn’t see it coming. Well, I am a very well bred lady, so I wouldn’t know, but some may call it a humiliating middle finger in the direction of you know who. Diplomatically, when such event happens during, or right after, a visit of the leader of Russia to the US and his talks with the US leader, it is a slap in the face.

I do understand how Russia feels after what US has done in Ukraine. And let’s recall — the mess of euro-maidan, the ousting of Yanukovich, the ukro-nazi regime takeover — all that happened during the Sochi Olympics, when Russia was looking the other way and in order to spoil Russia’s moment.

Besides, retaliation seems the only thing that gets through to the US. Sure, Syria to the US is nowhere near what Ukraine means to Russia, but it’s a start.

2. Russia has timed these strikes to the 70th UNGA session. First, it definitely means that there was enough agreement and support for the Russian intervention from various countries at the UN.

Second, and very importantly, it was timed so that when accusations from the US come up (as they have already), Russian highest officials would be at the UN to address them publicly head on. This is why in part, Sergey Lavrov is presiding today over the UN Security Council. His presence alone will help stop any lies in their tracks.

And third, I feel that Russia is reminding everyone who and why was at the source of the UN. It was Russia/USSR that primarily defeated fascism in WWII at the expense of 27 million lives.

3. It has to be noted that US, Israel and France have been bombing Syria for a while, portraying it as strikes against ISIL, while accusations abound that they hit empty targets, or worse, civilian population and government positions. Saudis and Egypt are bombing Yemen without any consent of the UN.

The new ‘fashion’ of freely bombing other countries has been introduced by the US and EU during their invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, disregarding any international laws or UN objections.

4. Of course, US and its EU/NATO allies have been invading and bombing countries regularly.

Russia for many, many years has NOT done any military operations outside its borders, except the four-day war with Georgia, which was a response to Georgia’s aggression against S. Ossetia, resulting in the deaths of eight Russian UN-mandated peacekeepers, thus forcing Russia to respond.

This, therefore, is the first (if you don’t count the former Soviet Republic of Georgia’s brief peace-keeping operation in August 2008) case of Russian interference in a foreign conflict.

It is important to remember that while US, UK, France, Turkey and Israel have never been invited to Syria, Russia is acting upon a direct invitation and plea for help of the Syrian government. The staggering difference should be understood fully.

Russia is the ONLY legitimate foreign presence in Syria!

5. Some have been worried that Syria may become a new Afghanistan for Russia. As we know, Afghanistan ended in 1989 in the Soviet troops withdrawal, followed by the collapse of the USSR. When Brezhnev first went into Afghanistan in 1980 it was also done after an official invitation and multiple pleas for help by the Afghan government. US was secretly training Taliban and Al Qaeda to fight the Russian-leaning Afghan government, in order to lure the USSR into Afghanistan. These fears of the repeat of the past problems are understandable, but unfounded.

Putin isn’t Gorbachev, who made a lot of mistakes; present day Russia isn’t the old USSR. I can predict with absolute confidence that nothing similar to the Soviet Afghanistan business will take place here. This story is very different.

6. I think this is the right move at the right time. While Russia is working on scaling down the violence in Ukraine, brokering the continuing ceasefire, as Donbass is getting back on its feet and the US/EU-sponsored Kiev junta is slowly losing its positions, it is the right time to make a stand on Syria, in order to help normalize the situation. This again makes Russia a significant, or even leading, player in the Middle East, capable of resolving issues that USA, the self-appointed world policeman, cannot.

But it does something else much closer to home. It reminds the Kiev junta not to mess with Russia.


On that note, some important announcements:

In fact, I have some very important intel, which you won’t find anywhere else. I will release this intel about Syria, Russia, USA, Israel and what their real game is as an upcoming new Earth Shift Report. First, I will be releasing Earth Shift Report 5. Ukraine: New Khazarian Khaganate? It is coming in a few days. The ESR about Syria, Russia, USA and Israel will be the follow-up to Khazarian Khaganate. There are more surprise ESRs coming in the next two months!

Stay tuned for these new releases! 

Go to Earth Shift Report page for all report links!



Videos with more details about the Russian ISIL strikes:

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  1. Wonderful synopsis, thanks, Lada. McCain and Josh Earnest, Obama’s roll-out liar-for-hire were doing their best this morning beating up Russia and making fools of themselves in the process. Looking forward to the upcoming ESR.

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  2. As a mayor of Chicago said of his city police. The police weren’t there to prevent disorder they were there preserve disorder.

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  3. Although October 15th isn’t here, I forgive you. Wonderful work and enjoy reading your information. Although I do regularly watch RT news, this is just a bonus to read.

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  4. Thanks Lada. I hope you’ll appreciate the article below
    (a pity the Englisch subtitling under Putin’s speech is missing)


  5. Is the Jig UP?

    “There are just so many things we can focus at on one given time, so let’s sift through some issues.. that have been hot in the news as of late..

    Things are really ramping up concerning this raging info-war… you have to mind the timing … of all these events.. and then start to think!

    Conincidences? Not likely.. ;)”


    • Good article.
      “The Swedish media outlet Aftonbladet quickly blamed him for bombing Syria. Who are they working for? Cause this is exactly what the U.S. and allies have been done.. for months now instead of targeting DEASH.. irony don’t you think?”

      I was thinking along these lines. Where does the loyalty of Western MSM lie? From the reports you’d read in the press, it looks like with ISIS…

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  6. I don’t know what’s happening in the US right now, but in Japan it is full propaganda mode. They’ve trundled out their maps, showing that Russia attacked not ISIS, but the “good guys”–little enclaves of them in the midst of ISIS territory. Oh, and of course, Putin killed children. In Japan, it’s been CIA talk all along. Putin’s UN speech was never shown, onlyy bits of Xi’s speech and Obama’s ranting. The news twisted what Xi was saying, fanning Japanese fears of an “invasion.” You can see Japanese public perceptions being crafted for US convenience.

    I am praying Putin’s strategy works. He had to know from the start that it would be used for propaganda by the empire.

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  7. Lada I was waiting for this report from you…:-) This is check mate to the wanna be president, and you know whom I am referring to…wwwwwooooooooohooooooo!!!

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  8. It’s quite telling that the bogus reports in the Western MSM about Russia allegedly striking civilian targets appeared BEFORE Russian planes were even in the air. 🙂

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  9. As targets go, the U.S. knows how to do hospitals, non-combatants, women and children really well (Doctors Without Borders).

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  10. Exactey Paleohipppy. And of course the US enounced to start its own investigation. But fortunately Doctors Without Borders is calling for an INDEPENDENT investigation.

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  11. I wrote the following short post on a political sub-forum that I follow. I think it can be of interest here too:

    Today is the 5th day of Russian aerial assistance to the Syrian army in their common fight against Islamic terrorists of ISIS.

    Today’s results are: 3 stores of munitions and 4 command bases of the terrorists have been destroyed.

    Below is an article containing several videos, as Russian military operates in full transparency.

    Yesterday another ISIS command centre was destroyed, which several groups of terrorists laid down weapons and surrendered to the Syrian authorities. Several other groups abandoned their positions and started escaping North in the direction of Turkey and Europe (the choice of direction is thought-provoking).

    And the day before yesterday a camouflaged munitions and explosives factory used by ISIS was destroyed.

    Now, stating the obvious, if the American goal of bombing Syria for the past year was to eradicate terrorists, you’d expect USA celebrating such advances. But no. The goal was always, as Obama stated, to overthrow yet another legitimate government in the Middle East.

    Russia’s progress is so spectacular so far, that USA is in full panic mode. Chief of Pentagon Carter said today that Pentagon will do everything it can (including military force) to oppose Russia in its fight with terrorism in Syria. (Remember how USA supplied Taliban with Stingers, which lead to slowing down and then negating an initially successful Soviet fight against Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan?)

    Also, NATO is calling for an extraordinary meeting, while the chief of NATO issues a warning, saying that Russian actions in Syria puts it at odds with NATO.

    In other words, both NATO and USA have openly and officially stated their allegiance with and support of the Islamic terrorists of ISIS. That’s the only way to interpret such statements.

    Meanwhile, Russian military ship “Cesar Kunikov” entered Mediterranean sea with a shipment of munitions and supplies to the Syrian army.

    Russia also sends humanitarian / medical / refugee camping aid to Syria. Its aim is to allow Syrians, who were displaced by ISIS, to stay in Syria and not flee the country, with the goal of rebuilding the country once ISIS is defeated.

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    • How very very telling! How will the spinmeisters spin this one? I saw an initial attempt to spin this against Russia the other day when the TV dredged up how Khomeini declared the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, with no mention of the huge split between the Sunni (ISIS) and the Shia (Iran), nor of the differences between the fundamentalisits and moderates in these two major sects. In other words, it looked like an attempt to formulate an attack on Russia for supporting Iran=ISIS. Is that desperate or what?

      In America, the “Shiites” used to be “the bad guys,” but then we went into Iraq and got rid of the Sunni government, encouraging the Shiites to take over. (Of course, prior to then, anyone with their eyes open knew that America had lied to embark on a war of conquest, and we were also beginning to reexamine what we’d been told about Iran as well.

      The only way Japan’s anti-CIA media faction (underfunded and non-prime time) can put forth the truth in Japan is indirectly. There was no hiding the attack on the hospital in Afghanistan. The control over the media has not gotten that bad yet. When you juxtapose the Afghanistan attack with what Russia is being accused on in Syria, there is really no comparison. The intelligent are all asking, “Why is America not held to the same standard?”

      I reckon we should anticipate another attempt at a false flag, this time in Syria. But how will they spin America’s support for ISIS? Covert support just will not be enough in this case. In Afghanistan, no one was looking, no one had heard of the Taliban, and we hadn’t been traumatized by video images of beheadings and destruction of cultural treasures nor by tales of incredible cruelty. The more fire America spits, the more its pants catch fire.

      I had a very vivid dream of Vladimir Vladimirovich this morning. He was wandering around Japan, and I was out driving a really primitive go-cart sort of vehicle (weird–I don’t know what it signifies yet). So I gave him a lift, and after some initial small talk, he asked me to talk about myself. “Kak Vy zhivodye?” (It was really nice to get some Russian practice!)

      I told him things with me were fine, but previously I had been very sad and lonely. I said that sometimes it is important to be free, and then you have to be lonely for a while, so that you can accomplish what you need.

      I didn’t have a chance to tell him that his speech before the UN was brilliant and inspirational, but I suppose lots of folks are telling him that.

      Again, the juxtaposition of a breath of fresh honest strategic decisiveness with 45 minutes of scripted bloviating was truly spectacular, and it’s a shame the Japanese have not been allowed to hear his speech. If Obama feels whipped, I pity him. I note he used some pretty harsh words toward Hysterily et al. the other day, when they treid to egg him into attacking Russia.

      Trump, for all his very real problems, is the only candidate making any sense whatsoever. But I’m wandering all over the place with my mind racing ahead. I intend to write in “Snowden/Manning” on my absentee ballot, if possible, a year from now.

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      • Trump and Bernie Sanders equally criticize TPP. Sanders – democrat, but really self-proclaimed socialist, is experiencing a huge surge in popularity. He just had a record primary rally of 25K people – beat Bill Clinton, who had 20K. Very interesting developments. Both of these men’s unconventional for either Dems of Libs off-the-charts popularity denotes a rebellion in both parties. Will talk more about it in due time.

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      • Thank you for the extensive reply, Patricia. It seems that there is a spin on ISIS already in the making. On the same political sub-forum there was a comment: “War is not the solution of any problem. Syria Govt should sit with the Opposition to resolve the issues peacefully.”

        To which I replied:

        This, got me to take a close look at how MSM portraits Russian assistance in fighting terrorists in the region. The conclusion is: MSM is in overdrive mode, rebranding “ISIS, the bad ruthless, head-chopping terrorists, whom USA was right to bomb for the past year” into “ISIS, the good helpless opposition, whom Russia has no right to touch.”

        Other short news items that have “accidentally” slipped the Western MSM attention:

        – On the second day of Russian operations, the president of Iraq voiced an opinion that he’d welcome Russian help in his country, combating ISIS.

        – Yesterday, the vice-president of Afghanistan was in Russia, and during talks with the head of Chechen Republic aired an idea that Russia would be welcome to help combat terrorists in his country.

        Both Iraq and Afghanistan are presumably example of success of the American interventionalism. Russia will hardly go into Afghanistan – it would be a political suicide for any president, because Afghanistan for Russia bears the same negative connotation as Vietnam (and Iraq and Afghanistan) for USA. As for Iraq, Russia has no ambition acting as a world policeman – it solves a very specific problem in Syria, a problem that can potentially threaten Russian borders.

        – While I am on the topic of Afghanistan, USA bombed a hospital belonging to Doctors without Borders, burning several children alive…

        – Syrian ambassador to Russia said yesterday that Russian military acts in close cooperation with Syrian authorities and that no opposition is harmed in the process.

        – Washington grudgingly confirmed this, saying that Russia does not bomb opposition outposts (but this tiny truth gets drowned in the hurricane of lies in the MSM)

        The situation with the opposition is somewhat similar to that in Ukraine in February 2014. When Yanukovich came to an agreement with the opposition, guaranteed by EU top-brass, USA saw fit to side with the Ukrainian Nazis and conduct a coup d’etat on the next day. The same in Syria now. As it seems that opposition and Assad may come to some sort of agreement, USA desperately needs a new “opposition”, even if that means ISIS.

        – Syrian minister of information noted that since Russian anti-terrorist bombings started, the leaders of ISIS were very vocal in cursing Russia, something, which was not the case when USA announced about its intentions to and started their bombings a year ago.

        – Syrian special forces intercepted a convoy with arms and munitions that was en route to ISIS today.

        – And finally, Turkey is outraged with Russia’s actions. Turkey as a front for NATO, was hoping to create a no-fly zone over Syria (like in Lybia, with the same expected outcome) so as not to allow Syrian government forces conduct aerial raids against terrorists of ISIS.

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    • The official US is doing all cardinal misstakes you can ask for… ! They cry Wolf over Russias attacks of ISIS in Syria while bombing a hospital in Afghanistan on their request???

      The Russians are actually jump starting a much larger process.. underway.. with our conscious shift.. being the target..

      One would think that the US would shut up with the USS Donald Cook incident in the Black Sea.. last Novemer but NO..

      Putin has several black belts in Martial Arts.. he is not doing one single move without knowing the outcome.. of his actions.. 😉

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      • Ollie, I don’t think there are any duels between Israeli and Russian airforces in Syria. There is an agreement between them not to clash. I’ll reveal all about it in my upcoming Earth Shift Report on Syria.

        The info in your link appears to be an info dump with manipulated facts. I find, regrettably, people who initially spread these things in English even if they are alterantive media, generally don’t know the realities on the ground and are either after sensationalism or wittingly or unwittingly serving the dark agenda. Then others may repost not knowing what the truth is. That’s why it’s so important to stick to the very few trustworthy sources.

        For more search FT for my recent piece: Learn to Tell a Hoax from Info Dump.

        Cheers 🙂

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  12. Dear Lada, I just found this and I was wondering if you could verify it’s authenticity! It is about Mr. Putin talking to reporters in the US after the UN summit, but it seems that this video is banned in the US, so I don’t know if you can see it:

    Very, very interresting if real!


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    • Christa, I saw this on Zen Gardner too, and it is authentic, but commenters are saying it is from a year earlier in Sochi, not after the UN summit. That was also a historically important talk. In Japan, at least we can see this. And I don’t think any of Putin’s speeches are banned in Japan, they are just not translated and presented to the public.

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      • Yes Patricia, it seems to be from the Valdai meeting in October of last year, thanks for pointing this out and apparently TheEventChronicles acknowledged it as well! But even then Mr. P. was right on!


  13. Just wondering how the US will spin it’s latest debacle. The bombing of MSF hospital in Afghanistan.

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    • By diverting attention to something else. Out of news – out of minds.

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    • P.S. They already tried to divert attention with spreading the hoax of Russia hitting civilian targets in Syria. Why do you think that appeared, even before Russia started bombing ISIS? But it didn’t work that well for them – no one bought it. So, back to the drawing board: a new false flag, or hoax/info dump, or new provocation in Ukraine, Syria or Moldova. So many options… but it’s getting harder and harder to make the world believe it.

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    • The latest is that the hospital was hit as retaliation and to silence Doctors Without Borders, who were opposed to TPP, which US just signed with Asian countries.

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      • Payback for daring to complain about the Corp-Fascism Global looting plans. Why am I not surprise at your answer.

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      • This would challenge my theory that DWB is a CIA cutout for gathering intel, The motive of TPP is too thin for me, though.

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        • TPP is USA’s last chance to hang on for the ongoing shift and to avoid being thrown overboard while the shift to the East becomes a reality. Not so thin a motive after all. More like a shockingly aggresive episode and a warning to others not to get in the way. DWB must know something. They did do a big job trying to discredit TPP by appealing to the fear that cheaper generic drugs would be unavailable. Big Pharma comes to mind…

          Didn’t look into this in more detail due to concentrating on other important matters, but of all possibilities, this one sounds more plausible than any.

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        • I was also tentatively of that same opinion about DWB, especially since about a month ago, DNR stopped their operation in the republic citing some suspicious behaviour uncovered by LNR. But this all might just be the fog of infowar… Over to Lada to bring some clarity into this.

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  14. So much to go off-topic with here but I’m afraid Lada will rap my knuckles :).

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  15. Lada TY,

    Your’e right the Israel vs Russia makes little sense since they recently met interesting dumps though..

    Hugs Ollie


  16. After yesterday’s statement by Poroshenko (known Washington’s puppet in Ukraine) that Ukraine should collect info about Russian fighter pilots working in Syria and pass it on to ISIS, I feel like giving up on the madhouse, called human politics…

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    • Yes, I’ve heard all of their crazy statements, like sending Ukraine troops to help ISIS take revenge on Russia. What do you want from the insane asylum called Ukraine. Some Ukrainians now say they are embarrassed they are of Ukrainian descent.

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    • Junta is feeling the nearing end and is going totally crazy. Syria just showed what Russia CAN do, if it really wants to, and also that US/EU/others won’t move a muscle.

      Junta’s hysterics shows their fear. Unfortunately I won’t put it past these idiots to really do something stupid like passing intel to ISIS, not that they know much.

      Of course, this may also be a direct order from Poroh’s bosses to try to provoke Russia. They are still trying to provoke Russia to send troops to Ukraine; these kinds of idiotic statements may be designed to trigger Russia’s response. But it won’t happen how they are hoping. It is their desperation talking.

      Junta and Poroh are proving again and again their nazi, ultra-fascist nature. I don’t know what more proof anyone needs.

      I’m more concerned about terrorist acts in Russia as revenge. We are dealing with some crazy manics here, who don’t mind taking lives. The latest: there was an explosion in St Petersburg, looks like no victims. Second bomb was found and disarmed before causing damage.

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  17. The UK-USA-EU better known as NATO turned Ukraine into a insane asylum or playground run by murdering bullies.


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